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12:00 AM
lol, or coming back to find that your tower was completely infested with roaches
I never thought to just write a macro :/
I wouldn't have known how back then
ohh yea the "cleaning staff decided to fuck off" mode
think I was ten or eleven years old
I knew how but I was not smart enough to think to do it
12:01 AM
I had so many 'patch' elevators
Poor planning
I was too busy going "hurr hurr hurr... look... all of my elevators stop on floor 69"
... but only the service ones
Floor 69? Penthouse indeed!
get it? get it?
or renaming people
I loved that
12:02 AM
@SomeKittens Roger
LOVED that game
i still think a canvas sim tower clone is totally doable
I'm surprised there isn't a tablet version already
@monners There sorta is. Tons of Farmville knockoffs in SimTower form
12:03 AM
you know you all held your families hi scores on that
@rlemon Balls of Steel
@m59 m59 has 2222 reputation, earned 0 rep today, asked 8 questions, gave 127 answers. avg. rep/post: 16.45. Badges: 0g 4s 13b
@rlemon Ohh, I did that in RCT.
Drowning people was the most fun though
12:11 AM
@monners monners has 334 reputation, earned 0 rep today, asked 9 questions, gave 22 answers. avg. rep/post: 10.77. Badges: 0g 2s 9b
yay, my rep is 2222. Meaningless coincidence that interests me.
Not anymore!
12:24 AM
Ho! Let's Go!
@Qantas94Heavy Qantas 94 Heavy has 4113 reputation, earned -1 rep today, asked 10 questions, gave 142 answers. avg. rep/post: 27.05. Badges: 4g 13s 30b
ok I have a doubt and need an advice about logging in with facebook and google on my app.
let's say I have logged in with facebook, so my app authenticates, but also store some user info on my server.
and I loggoff from my app, but my app doesn't delete the user data, since it wants to keep track of its user.
next time I loggin with google. But there is already a facebook user registered for me..
how should I manage that?
any ideas?
should I check the email?
The more I look at other developers' stylesheets...
12:31 AM
@rogcg Email's a good check
Here's a gem:
Contractor thinks: "I need to change the alignment of that label on this single page of a large application. How oh how will I target it. I know! `label { margin: 0 10px 0 0; }`.
Yeah, that couldn't possibly affect anything else..."
I checked how SO does that, and it's by email.
It never ceases to amaze me how many devs forget about the C in CSS
Solving a given problem is easy. Solving a given problem in a large network of complex paths is really hard
12:45 AM
@monners And that leads to Nazism, kids!
@SomeKittens Don't look at me, I voted for the other guy.
.dictator { float: right; }
.dictator { position: absolute; }
.freedom { display: none; }
1:05 AM
1:21 AM
HUSH! The NSA may be watching!
Heh.. NOT using git just bit me right in the ass.
Evening guys! Thanks for your help yesterday. Have a problem that's bugging me today, the code I have works in JSFiddle but not when placed into a file...
I have referenced all the external files the same and everything and am lost :(
Strange really as it works in JSFiddle and i don't get it.
@rlemon This has to happen
.dictator.arm {transform: rotate(120deg)}
Everyone may stop making jokes with code now
1:35 AM
.german { humor: none; }
hahah it's kept me amused
@ChrisP sounds like you're not referencing external files in the proper order, then
Could be!
but when you compare...

http://jsfiddle.net/cuJVP/ which works



Which sadly doesn't.... I am lost :(
is this usage for preload ok in audio objects ?
 myAudio = new Audio('/0.ogg');
 myAudio.preload = 'auto';
 myAudio.addEventListener('ended', function() {
 this.currentTime = 0;
 }, false);
the jplayer doesn't seem to initialise in the one hosted on my site :( the player buttons load but the waveform doesn't and audio loads in a new window
1:41 AM
Iunno what to tell ya doode
i didn't understand if its but seems failed though.
No problem, thanks for your help....Though I am surprised it doesn't appear to be working
@phenomnomnominal Like the dozen other projects this room has attempted...
@SomeKittens everyone would get behind that though!
It's an awesome idea, just not sure about it...
what about that chat system idea?
1:47 AM
@mikedidthis thanks for the star on my githup repo :)
2:02 AM
Problem is one person needs to do 95% of the work... Then the room will be interested
I have a <div> that expands and grows as more events happen. How do I make sure if it hits the bottom of the screen, it truncates the "last" message as another comes in? (I don't want the page to scroll, it should fit nicely on any screen)
I'm having trouble finding the right keywords for google
Hi guys
Does anyone know how to remove a curve or axis in Mathbox.js?
@rlemon ...in criticizing said code
2:15 AM
!!tell Derek朕會功夫 sandbox
@Derek朕會功夫 You know, there was this funny idea once upon a time that people were supposed to test out commands and "play" in the sandbox
@CapricaSix thanks for the suggestion
By the way, does anyone know the answer to my question...?
8 messages moved to Trash can
@rlemon Point taken.
Why some of the images have high pixels but just 1++ k size? how they convert to small size without break the quality of the image?
2:48 AM
!!tell SomeKittens placekitten.com
@monners Command placekitten.com does not exist.
@monners That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
!!pizza 400 400
2:51 AM
@rlemon: enough pizza, I think you've stuffed yourself a few times over with the amount of pizza you've made.
  |   |

!!pizza 50 50
2:53 AM
pizza i've made?
but i don't make that many pizzas
!!/hang b
  |   |
  |   O
Q: Hello Please help me to write my essay

creative creativeHello Please help me to write my essay , it's about : What Are The Positive and Negative Effects Of Computers On children and youth ? I'm not native english speaker and want someone to help me please

!!/hang s
  |   |
  |   O
b, s
2:53 AM
^ "please write my essay for me"
!!/hang t
  |   |
  |   O
  |   |
b, s, t
hmm, that guy can't live without jquery gist.github.com/jeremywiebe/…
@NaN If only there was some way to get an element by its id
3:02 AM
!!/hang g
  |   |
  |   O/
  |   |
b, g, s, t
Are media queries supported in all modern browsers? (and older versions?)
Strike that, found it
!!/hang r
  |   |
  |   O
  |   |
a, e, i, n, o, r, sfsfsvss
!!hang g
3:16 AM
@SomeKittens g was already submitted
no it wasn't.
!!/hang g
  |   |
  |   O
alerting, g
!!hang e
@SomeKittens e was already submitted
3:18 AM
!!hang unbecomingness
@Shea That didn't make much sense. Maybe you meant: hang, dante
@Shea Correct! The word is unbecomingness.
in Sandbox, 1 min ago, by Caprica Six
  |   |
  |   O
  |   |
a, alerting, e, g, i, o, u
Maybe the command parser should automatically handle message routing?
I mean, if it were at the bot level, rather than the plugin/command level, each plugin/command might be made possible to have a new instance for each room
Is there any reason anyone can think of why :before { content: "content"; } wouldn't work on an input (type=button)?
3:43 AM
@rlemon Are you working on this? It had just occurred to me that I already have this 80% done, in regards to a different issue.
@monners is content compatible with the pseudo class?
i had to use it as well but either url or content didn't work
thats odd
Ugh, no input love
Great, gonna have to wrap this bitch in a span
The words no developer wants to hear?
3:53 AM
"Does it work in IE7?"
I stand corrected
4:23 AM
@Shmiddty "Does it work in IE6?" (source)
4:55 AM
@monners @Shmiddty "Does it work in IE5?" (source) (source)
@monners That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
@SomeKittens !!s/9/5/ (source)
Aw, you turned the sex position into boring office hours...
nexus 7 or ipad mini
as a gift for my nephew in china
he is 11
he lives in a village
it is a mountainous region
4:58 AM
and a good case
say ur tribute to sachin
5:16 AM
@sTACKoVERFLOW Who is this person?
The longer you get into the game, the more you can see the day status and timer spread apart =/ if you know how to fix that, I would love to hear it.
5:35 AM
I don't get it :S
@monners do u know Donald Bradman
The dead cricketer?
And I believe you meant Sir Donald Bradman
@monners That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
@sTACKoVERFLOW Why do you ask?
5:41 AM
i was asking if u know the most wonderful crickter frm ur country
so is the Sachin
Oh, you mean Shane Warne, nah
master Blaster Sachin tendulkar
Cricket is a strange sport for damaged people
hahahha love that xkcd cartoon
What this lol
5:48 AM
5:49 AM
@AndrewJackson die
You killed me! Try my !!die alias (!!kill), if I am interfering with another bot.
Please help
Q: Laravel 4 and Angular JS and Twitter Bootstrap 3 Pagination

iDevocEdit: I need a pagination in my Laravel 4 - Angular JS application which is structured using twitter bootstrap 3. You may suggest the angularui-bootstrap pagination. But I am not planning to use this right now. I need to explore and utilize the features of Laravel pagination with angular.js. I h...

!!tell AndrewJackson sandbox
@AndrewJackson You know, there was this funny idea once upon a time that people were supposed to test out commands and "play" in the sandbox
5:51 AM
Wait is that a bot?
@RUJordan Where do you think I just came from?
!!tell RUJordan duh
-shrug- should prolly still play in the sandbox ;)
AndrewJackson is the backup for Caprica
@RUJordan Wow... don't be annoying
I came here to show you all something
5:54 AM
@Shea well?
Chill dude O.o
Fuse is short today. Sorry
I'll lighten up
i face a https problem in my wp admin panel.. anyone can help me about this...
Feels degrading to be told something I already know, though
@Shea Are you gonna share this thing or what?
Answer damnit! I need them!
5:56 AM
Are you gonna scroll up?
@AndrewJackson live
@Shea And on this day, you shall paint eggs for a giant bunny.
5:56 AM
5:57 AM
@AndrewJackson die
Oh, that's what you were showing
A loop
5:57 AM
!!forget hibot
@SomeKittens Command hibot forgotten.
I guess
Should be fixed
@Shea how?
I just finished a task, there's 15 minutes left of the working day. Motivation level to start something new? Zero.
5:58 AM
I was thinking I'd start with finding a way to recognize who definitely is a bot, and who definitely isn't. Then ignore the bots.
Maybe with recognizing patterns, but there's certainly flaws in simply ignoring bots
i show this type of error when i give http .. 403 Forbidden Error Page

If you arrived here due to a search or clicking on a link click your Browser's back button to return to the previous page. Thank you. but when i give https then show great
!!welcome CoolBoy
@CoolBoy Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
@AndrewJackson die
Didn't I kill you already?
I thought you did
@AndrewJackson !!die
6:01 AM
I gotta ask, why Andrew Jackson? lol
@CoolBoy So what's the problem?
Andrew Jackson is a pseudonym I use
!!google Andrew Jackson
I knew that name was familiar
6:04 AM
@monners i want to login http ... but i can't
@CoolBoy You're on a wordpress site, right?
type in your url followed by /wp-admin
e.g., www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin
i do it but when i give this then 403 Forbidden Error Page

If you arrived here due to a search or clicking on a link click your Browser's back button to return to the previous page. Thank you. then show this error
!!choose troll or stupid
@monners Neither
@CoolBoy You're not giving us nearly enough information to help you
What URL are you trying to access?
2 days ago, by Shea
@CoolBoy check the htaccess
try adding www. to the start of your URL
Holy crap that's a messed up website
What language is that, Punjab?
@monners but if i give www in wp admin setting then my ssl certificate not show
bcz my ssl certificate valid by projuktichowa.com
Well that's a configuration issue that's beyond my WordPress knowledge
@Shea lol.. 2 days ago..
6:15 AM
Might be a DNS config issue also
That's apparently a nginx server, and not Apache
@Shea i check htaccess file but i don't find any worng
But I can't look at that site any longer, my eyes are starting to bleed
'configuration issue' -- oh dear
@FizzyTea Well that's constructive
but feel free to jump in, no one else's trying to help
6:17 AM
'configuration issue' === I've written my own really really crap programming language
@FizzyTea Is that directed at me or the site?
The site
Oh. you can see how what you said could have been interpreted otherwise...
Well shit.. it's past 1am again.
6:19 AM
anyone can help me?
@RUJordan it's always past 1am of some day
@CoolBoy apparently not
@JanDvorak it's gonna be another rough morning. This calls for coffee
I'm goin' home. Peace peeps
Peace, man
6:20 AM
@RUJordan I recommend sleeping for a while anyways
I spent all day figuring out if our domain was 508 compliant and all I learned was that 508 is very... opinionated? "Does this site appear to be.."
> Appear.
@JanDvorak aye, I'll be off in a minute.
how can i say hii to a user using Bot
!!tell thelit help welcome
@thelit welcome: Welcomes a user. /welcome user
I also found out people don't check their work before submitting it to me. I was told to add a pie chart to a jQuery slider.. and the pie chart added up to 104%.
6:23 AM
thanks Jan :)
@TheLittleNaruto but it's illegal to greet users who won't have spoken yet
yes, i'll take care of that
@TheLittleNaruto Bot has a grammatical ability filter so im not sure thats possible
Like, federal prison illegal.
@FizzyTea *that's
@RUJordan no. like, suspension-illegal
6:24 AM
But Jan did that, can you see ?
yeah i was being ironic, after a fashion!
I'll never make you laugh :(
I thought it might be illustrative somehow.
this bot is coolest. She is like a toy for me. :P
Well, have a great night y'all. :)
6:26 AM
@TheLittleNaruto Oh no. What will she be forbidden from doing next?
Good night @RUJordan
@JanDvorak secret :P
@JanDvorak time to learn another word in czech
6:54 AM
!!learn !!something "test"
@Shea Illegal /learn object; see /help learn
@Shea Command !!something learned
@Shea That didn't make much sense. Maybe you meant: !!something
7:08 AM
@BenjaminGruenbaum test
7:39 AM
@JanDvorak "Jak se máš?" The pronunciation of "Jak" is completely different , it's like i-ak.
@TheLittleNaruto I already told you, nobody cares.
@TheLittleNaruto rather, it's pronounced just like the english word "yak"
@JanDvorak Yes. right. it is. So is that actual pronunciation of "J" in czech or , it's in Jak only?
@TheLittleNaruto Yep. Czech pronounces the way it writes
except for foreign words
@JanDvorak I think I have to first learn pronunciation of each letters.
7:45 AM
@TheLittleNaruto they're pronounced just like in the phonetic alphabet, I think
@JanDvorak I found this will it be helpful ?? or do you have any good link ?
@TheLittleNaruto I'd recommend a proper keyboard layout
I've created my own layout
Dvorak + Alt-Ctrl for diacritics
Ohh! that's cool, can you share with me ? @JanDvorak
@TheLittleNaruto hold on. I'll upload to github
7:52 AM
@JanDvorak Sure, I'll be waiting :)
Which version? x86/amd64/ia64 installer or the klc file?
how do i suppose to know that ?
do you have Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator?
I don't have any creator installed. 32 bit sys, windows 7 installed
then, do you have a 64bit, or a 32bit system?
7:56 AM
32 bits
I answered a 'closure/loop' question yesterday out of pity for OP and it got a lot of upvotes. I don't really get why.
@BenjaminGruenbaum bikeshed effect?

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