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4:00 PM
Yes, but why are you confused ?
This might be correct: stackoverflow.com/a/17838818/561731 No?
@Zirak some, yes. But more in my head. Side node : how can one not love those colors ?
@dievardump because it was completely incorrect.
@FlorianMargaine a simple solution to your problem
circular link list :P
after each week move ahead
if person is absent
swap him with the next one until he becomes present
@dystroy That's...wow
4:01 PM
@Darkyen I think this is Zirak solution
If I remember well what I read
hmm woot wow we think similar Z !
Yeah, I proposed a double-ended queue
@Zirak nearly same :-( okay i wont post my answer :D lol
or should i :? might aswell just post
@dievardump why requestAnimationFrame should be a sub module?
4:03 PM
@Loktar your article is in html5 weekly
Apparently I'm hiring writers now for work. Which is what I dislike so much about this job. I end up doing the most random shit. Plus I such at writing, so it won't take much to impress me.
@anvoz because you need to create module to separate your code. requestAnimFrame is a module by itself, so make it a module. You want to separate your code, no ?
@FlorianMargaine Which one?
@FlorianMargaine I predicted it:P every demo article he writes they could use
also @FlorianMargaine you made me change my lunch. The pasta I was going to eat is now dinner and I went to the grocers to get some fresh bread and cheese.
@Zirak yeah the volcano is fun
@Jhawinsss on david walsh blog
@rlemon hahaha
4:06 PM
@Jhawinsss The pinned one, I assume
@Graduate Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
@dievardump I think it is too short to make a new module. Maybe put it in helper module too?
@anvoz There is no short module.
Look at npm
@Zirak Oh..
When you see modules with manifest bigger than the actual code
4:07 PM
@anvoz here is a module of mine on npm: github.com/Ralt/or do you still think your module is too short?
@FlorianMargaine I was looking for this link... tschhhh
Yeah :D
Just saw that in HTML5weekly :
> Replicating the DOOM Screen Melt Effect with JavaScript and Canvas
> http://davidwalsh.name/canvas-effect
I did not see it
4:09 PM
@anvoz here is another module of mine on npm github.com/Ralt/delegation do you still think your module is too short?
I read it twice
6 mins ago, by Florian Margaine
@Loktar your article is in html5 weekly
One of the few articles on canvas that I could understand the first read through.
A: Find out who's going to buy the croissants

DarkyenFor your condition, I honestly see no algorithm being pseudo random and fair at the same time, Instead you can have an order or shuffle the order after complete traversal of data everytime. I'd use a link-list for this case Have a class for storing employee data and have an attribute for field....

lol why are there so many answers
4:11 PM
watching now ^
@Esailija because drama
15 answers, shouldn't it be community wiki?
@dievardump @FlorianMargaine thanks. Seems like I'm going to separate 1 into 10 files now.
@anvoz yeah ;)
:-( no voteups for my answer ?
what u want me to do ... write a node.js code their :? lol
4:16 PM
Edited @FlorianMargaine, looks boring...
A: Algorithm that is able to determine fairly whose turn it is to do something

Ryan KinalI'd like to suggest an analog solution. Find a dart board, or a piece of cork-board Pin employee pictures to the board Throw a dart at the board - whoever gets hit buys that week Remove that employee's picture from the board After a certain number of weeks, removed employees get re-added to the...

And not hard to read...
Office manager just gave me this ^
4:18 PM
A lighter with backwards text on it?
@Jhawinsss I think you're now on my "people to harass by saying they are physically interesting" list.
Apparently she was at this place over the weekend on vacation haha.
@Jhawinsss You look like such a geek.
4:19 PM
@dievardump Why ? Because of his gigantic right hand ? EDIT : left, I'm stupid
@dievardump I don't know what that means....?
Q: a child theme not de-registering a patent javascript file

Scott HerbertWe're currently rolling out a number (>100) of wordpress sites where we're using a custom child theme and a holding page plugin. Most of our clients use IE8 as their browser (corporate policy) and unfortunately their appears to be a conflict between the holding page plugin and an external javasc...

@Jhawinsss Ask @rlemon, he knows.
@Zirak Haven't had hair this short in 6 months. Used to look like a skater punk/geek cross-breed.
@Jhawinsss it's notoriously known around that dievardump is more attracted by men than women.
4:21 PM
Whatever turns you on.
Nah I'm more attracted by what I think attractive than not.
@dievardump @FlorianMargaine how about I still keep requestAnimationFrame and short helper functions in a same module for a better performance?
@FlorianMargaine mate... why dont u just use splitwise ... seriously ?
@anvoz at the end of the day, all your modules will be in the same file (in production you MUST regroup all your files into one)
@dievardump that sounds like a dangerous list
4:22 PM
Close this one as not constructive ?
Q: What other languages support Go's style of interfacing without explicit declaration?

Karl Damgaard AsmussenI am a reasonably experiences hobby programmer, and I have good familiarity with C++, D, Java, C# and others. With the exception of Go, almost every language requires me to explicitly state that I am implementing an interface. This is borderline ridiculous, since we today have compilers for lang...

@GNi33 You say that because you know you're on it.
@dievardump It'll be very interesting if I was on it.
hell yeah
@Zirak You're not listed anywhere, for the time being.
@Zirak Well, with your mustache and big, oddly round, yellow head...
4:24 PM
half heart broken, half relieved
Arrrg I wish I had known about this: html5report.com/conference/newyork
@RyanKinal I find his bulbous yellow head to be very sexually appealing.
@Jhawinsss I knew somebody had to
@dievardump yes, all of them will be in a same file in production. But requestAnimationFrame is better than Namespace.Helper.requestAnimationFrame?
@RyanKinal Just for you. i.imgur.com/u3cORKs.jpg
4:27 PM
lol, thanks
@anvoz you do not need namespacing. just use requirejs
Also, I just had this mental image of @dievardump walking up to people, getting creepily close, and whispering "YOU ARE PHYSICALLY INTERESTING"
whispering in caps?
@FlorianMargaine r(equest)a(nimation)f(rame) ? :p
4:28 PM
It's a very intense whisper
@RyanKinal I do that.
@dievardump not with me
@FlorianMargaine I never saw you
@dievardump ah, yeah, hence my deleting
4:29 PM
@FlorianMargaine wow nice!
I left the chat on purpose so I could work on my blog
@dievardump I'm fat
not totally done
but looks a fuckload better imo
@FlorianMargaine and so ?
@Loktar WOW
gotta add images and fix the title on the left
4:30 PM
Change the typo
@Loktar Nice design
really, great
Please change the typo
But... frames, eh?
4:30 PM
I didnt do the whole design
I just modified one
@RyanKinal yeah I dont like that part
Im thinking of removing it
and making the bar on the left extend the whole page
Typo makes 50% of the work. Change the typo
@FlorianMargaine The worst kind...
giving room for more articles to appear
@dievardump where the typo??
All the title on the left should be in caps, with a nice typo it would be a killer
typo is french
it's typography in english :)
4:31 PM
I used Roboto
font is "police" in french
I love that font :(
@dievardump I was gonna say, typo's are a bad thing.
@rlemon No Overly Attached Girlfriend on LemonMeme?
!!choose "Wake up early to catch the bus with good seats and free WiFi" "Sleep in and get regular bus"
4:32 PM
@SomeKittens Wake up early to catch the bus with good seats and free WiFi
^ fail
^ uberfail
sleep in dude
sleep > bus wifi
bus wifi > all things when it's a 13hours bus ride next to a man with a 40cm knife in his effing jacket saying "Your computer looks good"
Lunch > All (right now, at least)
4:36 PM
oh nice, there's some Leah Verou - drama going on again
@dievardump Never ridden on a bus, but I imagine having wifi would be awesome. I'm assuming power outlets too?
Wake up early === 8:15
I had to get to work at 8 this morning :(
@Jhawinsss Yes.
I had to be at work by noon, but as early as 9 if I wanted.
4:37 PM
I got here at 11:50.
I kinda get to work whenever I get to work... which is usually somewhere between 8:30 and 9:00
That sounds like a cheesy job
@RyanKinal Same here.
@KendallFrey Me?
I cannot find any real live examples of websites that use Node.js on their webpage and I can actually see it without registering and entering some special page with some chat or something. One fellow man told about rapgenius.com, that they use node.js. Any example of real live websites when I can see the advantage of using node.js?
4:38 PM
excepr rapganius.com
I don't like my job am looking for a better opportunity.
@Derfder it's not on the front end that you will see the advantage of node.js...
@Derfder If you look at the Front Page of NodeJS.org, you'll see at least 4.
4:40 PM
@KendallFrey I'm now supposedly hiring writers. As if I know anything about creative writing. But I'm also I guess the distribution manager and our only developer. It's a weird small-business mess.
@dievardump where in France are you from?
In our company X, we have 1 developer (me) who subcontracts for company Y, one tech support who does the same thing, and two sales people.
Small-business mess indeed
@minitech :(
@Jhawinsss Lyon
You know France ?
Sounds annoying. I want to be a part of a team.
4:42 PM
Lyon is the 3rd biggest city of France
@Jhawinsss Come join us. Where do you live?
@dievardump Lyon is in like south-eastern france, right?
@KendallFrey Indiana, around Fort Wayne. Who do you work for?
Exactly. More just East but yes
In our company, we have one developer/architect/cto/vp, one designer/developer/ceo/president, and one sales-guy/secretary
Amazing city, nice and clean
eaglebusinesssoftware.com in PA. You wouldn't be the first remote worker.
Do you know C#? That's pretty much a prereq
@dievardump I was all buddy buddy a girl named Mariné who came to my town for a month or so from Nancy France. So I learned a little French, and some about France itself. But not too much.
you probably meant Marine
and Nancy is where my to-be wife grew up
it's cold over there
^^ Probably. I don't know where accute's belong and where they don't ha.
4:46 PM
so you just put it to sound like french? :D
English + Accents = French
dàmn, I'm sooo gonna sound frénch.
@KendallFrey Ah, well I don't know much C# at all. I'm looking for a Junior position somewhere as a Web Dev, but I'm only 18 and don't have that much professional experience. I'm working on my Git.
@FlorianMargaine Honestly I thought that's how it was in her name haha.
Yeah, we probably don't have room for a web dev who doesn't do C# :(
4:48 PM
@Jhawinsss Where are you from ?
@SomeKittens hmm and everybody told that there is no frontend example.
At the present we need JS, and the future is going toward C#
@RyanKinal drag and drop bro!
@Derfder I could write exactly the same website frontend using anything but nodejs.
@relez Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
4:48 PM
but chat is the obvious thing. Any more compicated app except games like snake etc.?
@Derfder You'll note that Node.JS is entirely server-side.
@KendallFrey I assumed not :P. It's all good. Ideally I would like to move to the SF Bay for a few years, so I'm keeping my eyes open over there.
(Except for webkit-node, but let's not get enmeshed in trivialities)
@rlemon But... but.... laaaaaazy...
@dievardump Indiana in the USA.
4:49 PM
@Derfder what about npmjs.org ?
Oh I almost stopped in Indianapolis
When I was traveling north America
@FlorianMargaine what's so unique there?
(my 13hours bus ride was between Pittsburgh and Chicago)
packaging system website for node.js
@Derfder Nothing. What's so unique in other stacks websites?
4:50 PM
what subpage has some exciting functionality?
you don't understand
I do. You don't.
I have a brother there, I'm going down this weekend to park cars for race day (free $100 and beer!). But I live about 130mi. north of Indy.
@SomeKittens I don't understand (source)
Q: How to use RequireJS build profile + r.js in a multi-page project

AndyPerlitchI am currently learning requirejs fundamentals and have some questions regarding a build profile, main files, and use of requirejs with multi-page projects. My project's directory structure is as follows: httpdocs_siteroot/ app/ php files... media/ css/ css f...

This thing is awesome
4:51 PM
France is number 1 on my overseas travel list though, for sure.
@Derfder the backend can be written in nodejs, php, perl, python, C++, haskell, lisp, whatever you want, you will always be able to do exactly the same thing in another language
I want to see some app that is like e.g. an editor and uses node.js for realtime stuff. not some php open-close-open-close...
is there something noticable written in node.js
websockets can be used in PHP too
i know
but it's cumbersome solution
would this suit you as an answer? remoteprez.margaine.com
4:54 PM
Smoke time
@Derfder So, you're looking for something that, from the client-side, is obviously written in Node on the server-side?
a few suggestions. instead of darts you use a bow and arrow, collect all employees in a field, the person who bought last weeks points the arrow as straight up as possible and fires. Everyone runs, whoever gets hit buys the croissants (as an added bonus, they also get mon-thurs off to recover the devastating arrow wound). — rlemon 12 secs ago
Ooh, adding the possibility of manslaughter definitely ups the fun value! — Ryan Kinal 12 secs ago
@RyanKinal Just post this as the background image:
@Jhawinsss France is not that awesome. EVERYWHERE needs to be visited. I still can't understand why people had to make frontiers and just say "it's my land, you need my allowance to enter it". This is insane. The world belongs to the world.
4:56 PM
@dievardump Agreed
@dievardump no it doesn't. My land is my land, and my shotgun will tell you so!
Make it repeat, too, all the cool kids do that.
@RyanKinal something like cloud9 IDE en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cloud9_IDE something that looks good and works good.
or well ;D
Orwell ;D
4:58 PM
@rlemon Don't know if you're playing basic Texan guy or not.

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