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1:02 PM
Those are great to get your feet wet.
Not too powerful but powerful enough.
@Ani Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
@BenjaminGruenbaum Sometimes, c# disappoints me
System.Tuple for instance, or System.Func. They're pretty damn hardcoded - you have a very well defined max.
Which looks like a case of "we got bored of writing constructors"
@Zirak Tuple is actually designed to allow for sub-tuples, allowing you to expand it infinitely. But you shouldn't be using complex tuples anyway. Nor should you be passing more than 8 arguments to a function.
It's less of a case of boredom, and more of a case of "Where to stop?" Where would you have stopped?
I'm never going to come close to the limit - but the fact that it exists is a bit annoying
The fact that there was a need to stop is what disappointed me
1:15 PM
It's not possible to make an unlimited number of generic type parameters.
That's the disappointing bit
It is possible to make a practically unlimited number of fields in a class, or parameters in a function. hint hint
@Zirak Tuples are useful for anonymous objects, which are like JS object literals but immutable.
Yeah, the generic type parameter limit is probably it. You can use a non-generic version but it sucks.
@BenjaminGruenbaum C# anonymous objects are even better :)
@KendallFrey They're just tuples :)
1:29 PM
No, they're not...
They're new types!
See what they compile to :)
hi! how can I share a variable between two different <script></script> on the same file? I tried to do it with window.xxx, but it doesn't work... any idea?
window.xxx works, but chances are you shouldn't use it.
@BenjaminGruenbaum what do you mean with the chances?
@acasanovas you should avoid polluting the global space
1:37 PM
Ok remade my Wheel of fortune game prototypically: jsfiddle.net/maniator/XP9Qv Is it any better than my old code? jsfiddle.net/maniator/H5LKy
And how can I improve it?
I need to put a space between the description and the map.bluewingholidays.com/who-we-are/a .i try putting margins but i can't do that right ?
No prompts please, modals.
@BenjaminGruenbaum Do you have a small (preferably libraryless) modal script?
Nice !
1:41 PM
@rlemon codepen plox
@Neal fancybox
it is going to be the explosions for space invaders
@FlorianMargaine doesnt that require jQuery? (or am I wrong?)
it requires jquery.
1:42 PM
ohh god, ohh god, I forgot timeouts run in the background
if you have that open in a background tab , just close it
@FlorianMargaine I am trying to go libraryless :-)
don't even view it
@BenjaminGruenbaum The compiler generates types for them. They aren't Tuples
@JanDvorak but I want to set a value on object that I created on a previous script, I mean, I did a php post,and on it I want to add an element to the first one object without create it again
@rlemon I would do:
var size, props = { vx: 0, vy: 0, decay: .01 };
props.vx = Math.random() * 4 - 2;
props.vy = Math.random() * 4 - 2;
Simple way to save object creation
1:44 PM
@acasanovas there's a difference between "different scripts" and "different pages"
you can't share objects across pages
@JanDvorak, humm can I show you an example on pastebin?
@acasanovas do. Not sure if I disconnect soon, however
@dievardump thanks, didn't think of that
Interesting CSS question :
Q: How to color the asterix first character in a p tag

PedroKTFCI thought this would be easy using the ::first-letter pseudo element but it doesn't work! I have <p>* Required Fields</p> and I want the * to be red! Any ideas? Note I can't change the html. http://jsfiddle.net/3ducS/

Is that even possible ?
heh, almost 100 upvotes
1:47 PM
@JanDvorak haha don't worry, just a minute
A: How to color the asterix first character in a p tag

meda<style> p::first-letter { color: red; } </style>

It is not a letter. It is a character.
it's literally a copy of his fiddle
@OptimusPrime Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
@FlorianMargaine Did you see they they were talking about removing your rep on this question ?
1:50 PM
@dystroy yeah saw that
@JanDvorak http://pastebin.com/C3iDUQkq
the editor = new EpicEditor(window.opts); it's really without window on opts, sorry
@dystroy which question is that?
Every characters before the second letters will be red
@eazimmerman Look at the questions florian asked
@Loktar @FlorianMargaine yes..
Just surprised to see you
although I prefer G1 optimus
1:53 PM
@dystroy Nice question!
alright need to think of another random demo for the day
/me thinks
@acasanovas I don't think you should place anything after the body
@Loktar ...
@acasanovas where does the post lead? Don't leave out this part
not the whole game, but the buildings and exploding chunks out of it would be cool
1:54 PM
@JanDvorak but If I put before the body, the javascript the item will not yet have created
eh idk, I've seen a lot of scorched earth clones
they is easy
@rlemon Holy crap, I remember that game.
@acasanovas try the end of body
Like, that exact game.
the better ones have flowing terrain
which is way better
1:55 PM
@RyanKinal :D
I KNOW! awesome classic
@acasanovas I think the real problem is the presence of the literal </script> in your PHP code
@Loktar but did you ever play the gorillas version?
of course
I modified it too
it was el poo poo though compared to scorched earth
@acasanovas change that to <\/script> and try again
well... pfft. it was hours of fun on my commodore
1:56 PM
@BenjaminGruenbaum I gave an answer
it wasnt on the commodore..
@JanDvorak let me try, all you said me! :D
Artillery duel was
all old pcs I call commodore
but thats long ago
wow dude
1:57 PM
its' something I shouldn't do when talking to people who know better
thats like calling all old consoles ataris
or nintendos
Could anyone help me fix my math for the wheel? jsfiddle.net/maniator/XP9Qv
jeeze dad.
lol, well when you are talking to people who don't know better and just know the name 'commodore' === old ass pc.
Worms 2 though
thats my fav artillery game
This is not a bug !!!!!!!!
@Neal ... which math?
too bad Team 17 never really changed the gameplay after
> Punctuation (i.e, characters defined in Unicode [UNICODE] in the "open" (Ps), "close" (Pe), "initial" (Pi). "final" (Pf) and "other" (Po) punctuation classes), that precedes or follows the first letter should be included, as in:
1:58 PM
@RyanKinal The wheel. It is off by a little bit..
in Python, 4 mins ago, by Jon Clements
user image
@Neal Ah
@RyanKinal yep...
I am not really sure how to fix it.
@JanDvorak I putted before the </body> and I changed the echo "<\/script>\r\n";, but It's still withou working, directly it dosn't shows me the alert right now
@Loktar oh god, oh god. can we join to make a worms2 - canvas - port? or remake? or an even more amazing version... can we, room, can we?
2:00 PM
@acasanovas change the other </script> too
the cool thing about worms are the animated worms!
@acasanovas and watch the PHP error log
the gameplay is dead simple to make
but worms man.. they had such cool animations
and the voices
imagine what we could do with the basic gameplay
2:01 PM
@GNi33 worms.javascriptroom.com ! :-P
@BausTheBig Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
@JanDvorak how can I see that?
yeah, that would be so amazing :D
@dystroy what about coloring the text with a graident that stops right after the first letter? Would that work?
@GNi33 ^_^ It can be reality :-P
2:02 PM
who's in?
@acasanovas the PHP log? That is dependent on your hosting. At worst, you could enable displaying errors
Why is PHP being discussed here? :-P
@JanDvorak haha, I'm using the worst way
@Loktar I made a VB clone (shitty) in grade 11
@Loktar we'll find someone good to do awesome graphics for us, I'll promise :D
2:03 PM
@GNi33 lol
didn't know how to make 'graphics' so I had 2px bitmaps on the screen and I changed their colours depending on land states.
it was horribly slow and blocky.. but I got like an 80 on it
@acasanovas The PHP log is often appended to the Apache error log.
@BenjaminGruenbaum That's a nice idea but it might be painful to do. You should try. I was thinking about the new filters myself but I'm not good at those CSS things.
good prototypes have to look like utter crap
@dystroy I'm at work or I would've tried instead of asked you about it:P
2:05 PM
Try looking for /var/log/apache2/error_log
@JanDvorak now It's like that: http://pastebin.com/mpRHQuq5
@Michael TY!
@acasanovas np :)
@GNi33 ive been listening to a day to remember since yesterday
lol thanks a lot
hehe, amazing, right? :P
whats awesome is I pay for google music, so get all of teh songs
2:07 PM
I like to use the tail command to view new log messages as they arrive: tail -f error_log
right now I'm just waiting for the new album to finally come out
@GNi33 yeah I had all of their albums except ADTR
been listening to it
there where months during the last year where I listened to nothing but ADTR
so I need a little break from em right now :D
fav band at the moment for sure
but i want this goddamn album to come out, FFS
a tweet from Jeremy said, they started mixing it in March
2:08 PM
I hate waiting so long man
thats like escape the fate
took forever for their recent one to release
my girlfriend stopped mentioning ADTR because I get insta-pissed about the new album :D
@JanDvorak I added the body part. The log it's empty every thing seams be okay... pastebin.com/pKzc56Pr
@Loktar did you hear any of the 2 songs they released that will be on the album?
"Violence" and "Right back at it again"
2:10 PM
/me listens
Right back at it again is so amazing
had it on repeat for weeks
im listening to it now
haha wtf, who the hell thought it would be a good idea to have a Grand Prix in Russia in mid October!? :D
money, it's all about the money
Well, I get that but October?
2:15 PM
people.mozilla.org/~mclaypotch/terraingen.html y u write such confusing effing code man!
@JanDvorak now it's showing me: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'importFile' of undefined
@GNi33 The layout looks interesting though.
@rlemon thats pretty cool reminds me of my js1k terrain entry
yea but reading the source is not fun :P
looks like a js1k entry
lol one day youll get terrain dude!
actually Ill do that today
port over my js1k entry as a demo
2:18 PM
I hope so.. if you do do it, comment the living shit out of the diamond square implementation :P
I prob wont even use ds
@OctavianDamiean hm, looks good, some pretty high-speed sections in there, huh?
how else do you do it?
but yeah, october is a little weird
the tuts I look up for game dev suggested diamond square so i've been assuming it is the best
2:19 PM
@rlemon theres tons of ways man
but still, I prefer MotoGP over F1 :D
most people dont even use diamond square
a lot use perlin
perlin easier? faster? before I go googling it
idk, I think diamond square is easy
:( :P
2:21 PM
@Loktar terrain is "just"making next point y plus/minus a value according to current point one?
@dievardump basically
and diamond square just does it based on halves
so take 2 points, and the point between those 2 points is avg'ed
so you start with the 2 furthest points, then the center is avged
now you have 3 points, so you do that again, take the 2 points between those 3 anchor points and avg
repeat repeat repeat
Firefox OS knows HTML5: https://vine.co/v/hKJEruQrPXD (via @potch)
thats the 2d implementation
2:22 PM
I got that
midpoint only took a week :/
hey, anyone can help me with that: pastebin.com/pKzc56Pr on the Php post, I can't read the previous head script values, it's returning me: "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'importFile' of undefined". @JanDvorak guess he's gone haha
3d implementation is take all 4 points, the center point is an avg of the 4
now you have 4 squares, take the center of those 4 and avg by the corners
repeat repeat repeat
fuck... i'll have to try that...
you just made (in two sentences) a bunch of tuts make a lot more sense.
@Loktar I don't understand that
(just made me visualize it)
2:24 PM
no love for me ?
@Loktar \o did u fixed it btw ?
@Darkyen I do love ya !
@dievardump Loktar showed me this: gameprogrammer.com/fractal.html#midpoint
was super helpful
@Derfder Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
ah yeah @rlemon posted it
2:25 PM
Oh yeah
make sense
@Chucky Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
thats a really good breakdown of how its done
@Loktar did u fix ur doom slider ?
But... first center point will always be the highest ?
@Darkyen what was wrong with it?
2:26 PM
I know this is a little off topic but I can't find anywhere else where it's more applicable and I'm starting to get desperate.
@dievardump not necessarily
you see your 4 corners
so they could be lower/higher
and the mid is just the avg basically
<p:commandButton value="Submit" update=":form:categoryTable"
<p:resetInput target="newCategoryDialog" />

My resetInput just isn't working no matter which thing I try to reset
> The diamond step: Taking a square of four points, generate a random value at the square midpoint, where the two diagonals meet. The midpoint value is calculated by averaging the four corner values, plus a random amount. This gives you diamonds when you have multiple squares arranged in a grid.
@Loktar try colsize = 1
@Loktar so do you first fill the 2d array with a base value and modify from it?
2:26 PM
Is there any Node.js hosting in Czech rep. or Austria or Germany? I am looking for something, but it seems that there is nothing in Czech republic.
@Darkyen ooh yeah
^ add a bit of random as well
and if so, how do you determine the base value? random?
no the array is empty
you just need to seed the 4 corners
@rlemon its recursive
with whatever values you want/need
2:27 PM
@Darkyen that doesn't really answer my Q
first time u run for the extreme vertices
you find the midpoint
change the value
and call this function again
for each quadrant formed
@Loktar ok, makes sense. I was thinking how the initial midpoint was seeded but setting the 4 corners makes more sense than setting EVERYTHING then re-setting through the iterations.
2:28 PM
for perlin you just reduce the randomness value and make smaller squares ... perlin as far as i understand is just a technique
I was happy a gamedev used my example
not a proper algorithm or maybe it is
who used it?
where where! :P
ill have to find the link
was an html5 game pretty cool
2:29 PM
he gave me props on it too
why is it laggy ?
do i need to rescale the images myself for the resolution properly ?
Can I just say something that can hurt ?
@Loktar I love how the only comments on the david walsh post are people complaining about your model mixup
> Yea, this is pretty cool I suppose.. but that mofo got his hardware ref wrong. Lynch him!
@dievardump sure
2:31 PM
yeah was my fault though no biggy
was pretty funny actually
> We are inspired by Mozilla and the mission for a Free and Open Web.
I have an evil plan. Tomorrow I'll ask a question about wine. The next day Florian asks one about Foie gras. In a few weeks, John Skeet will regret he's not French.
I do not love you anymore.
what can i do
2:32 PM
Dance for me
the web is filled with apple art :P
also, void wipe_shittyColMajorXform
try finding proper vector art for firefox... its hard
Apple is bad and you should feel bad
@Darkyen I don't think perlin noise is fractal, but interpolated
2:33 PM
@dievardump apple is not bad
@KendallFrey Perlin is rather a technique
An apple not, Apple for sure.
> Jason Brown's blog post Terrain Generation with Canvas and JavaScript was really helpful during development.
@dievardump Apple is purely business oriented people, from their perspective what they do is good. For us they suck, but their build quality and neatness is unparallel
y/w bro
though i wanted to use
2:34 PM
> Perlin noise is ... a type of gradient noise
Nexus and Surface and Mac Pro but i couldn't find surface and nexus as proper art :P
@KendallFrey suits more
If Austin Powers were the Share and Open your Sources spirit, Apple would have been The Dr. Evil
@Loktar haha
show off :->
thats so old actually
2:36 PM
yea.. well... I got mentioned in Jason Browns pen! and Simons book! yea... puts on sunglasses and sits back
getting mentioned in simons book was awesome
I get that in the mail today actually
Nice !
Ill have to take a pic with the book opened to that page with a thumbs up maybe
Maybe I mentioned me as "The other great Simon " ?
@Darkyen lol
thats awesome @Darkyen
love it
whats ?
the picture
2:39 PM
Hum... look at those edits. Is that spam or legit ?
He sure seems to love NuGet...
@dystroy looks sorta legit?
Should any wiki, even when only 10 lines, receive 4 additional lines referring to a specific install solution ?
I love that when I write all my HTML, 90% of my CSS, I open the page and 95% of things are how they should be
I never had so many downvotes
2:44 PM
croissants' effect
damn I love croissants man
best thing to come out of France EVAR
Business Model Discussion:
2:45 PM
arg. So I have another idea for a demo, could be neat.. but I need to stop putting off working on the blog
@FlorianMargaine but also lots of upvotes
haha plus I need to write an overhead game for work, fun fun
For *WhatWhenAndWhere* first off its a re-thought social network which is ad free, and still free. the business model so far relies on donations, but i think making the site getting some temperature and then putting on indiegogo or kickstarter would be fine? no ?

Or shall i just make some rich people pay ?

Or shall i just make product and try finding investors in India ?
> Uncaught TypeError: Object #<CanvasRenderingContext2D> has no method 'beingPath'
every fucking time
If you never been in France, you never bought real French croissants. You can not know how it taste.
2:49 PM
@FlorianMargaine A gang of irate mods ?
@dievardump And more than 80% bakeries don't even make good croissants, even in France.
@dievardump well the imitations taste amazing so I cant even imagine a real fresh French one.
Just the non-MONSATO flour gives it a high new level
@FlorianMargaine because you got a lot of rep too fast for some taste (as seems to be part of the sentiment in meta)
2:51 PM
@the americans: have you ever eaten a "Schnitzel"? and if so, do they really POUR SAUCE OVER THE POOR THING?!?
holy crap what a question.
@dystroy oh that...
@GNi33 some places do (in canada) however it is best served with a slice of lemon if you ask me
@GNi33 I saw a German really amazed by the quality of some Schnitzel in a Christmas Market in Vancouver City
if I'd be in america, order a schnitzel and some douche would pour anything over it.... he'd better be a fast runner, a damn fast one
2:52 PM
It starts to be harsh...
Q: Dealing with "Find out who's going to buy the croissants"

Mark BoothOn Stack Overflow at the moment, there is a popular question which is currently high in the Hot Questions feed: Find out who's going to buy the croissants So far it has been closed twice (once by the community and a moderator and once by a moderator alone) but re-opened twice by the community. I...

@dievardump depends of what part of Germany he was from
but yeah, a kind of good Schnitzel isn't really hard to make, a really good Schnitzel takes some skill though
> like a populist attempt to farm reputation than a serious question.
Is he serious?
Q: Value on wheel for wheel of fortune

NealI have an image of a wheel of fortune wheel and I am trying to make so that when it spins it displays the correct amount for what it was spun to. I have the following code: http://jsfiddle.net/maniator/rR67s/ Many times it is correct, and other time is is wrong. For example I spun this: And...

@FlorianMargaine Congrats, you're famous
@Zirak ^_^
2:54 PM
I'll postpone a few days my plan to ask a question about wine...
@dievardump too much
Wonder how this exact question is asked once a week with exactly the same answer and takes ages to be closed stackoverflow.com/q/17837105/1331430

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