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12:00 AM
i do
Someone ping me!
That's definitely what it's for.
Don't do it!
Yeah, it seems like it
Nobody ever do it.
12:00 AM
Ooh, a hard refresh did it
:D i just got the new Attila - album
Time for some Top Gear. I just can't focus enough to actually work on this :/
@GNi33 Ooh, how is it?
12:03 AM
ridiculous :D
I came across them once when I was really into heavier music
How is IE 10 faster?
I don't get it
Well, how would I call it. Party - Deathcore with stupid lyrics I guess
but it's fun to listen to, gotta give them that
I'll check it out the next time I'm in a mood for some deathcore
For now, Gives You Hell
"Middle Fingers Up" is actually extremely catchy :D
Haha, got to give that a listen
12:05 AM
but tomorrow I should get the new Adept - album
really looking forward to it, brilliant album
@GNi33 The lyrics kind of spoiled the song for me. I'd like an instrumental version, though
well, don't expect any good lyrics in a Attila song
downright stupid, but what the hell, that's not what this band is for :D
@Amaan Dunno, maybe for the same reason this is faster? jsperf.com/my-filter/4
@GNi33 are you a Gaslight Anthem fan?
hm, haven't really listened to them
I'm sure I've heard some songs a while ago though, just can't remember exactly right now
12:11 AM
they're an absolutely killer band
not exactly heavy, but just fucking amazing
!!/youtube gaslight anthem
most popular song?
I'm pretty sure they've been on some compilation I've been listening to pretty much
Um probably the 59 sound
Unless it's newer, in which case probably '45'
but damn, "Handwritten" does sound good
12:14 AM
yeah its a stunning album
yep. gotta give them a "closer" listen
sounds awesome so far
the vocalist is amazing
That dude's sideburns could kill a horse.
Also, everyone here should listen to Streetlight Manifesto
!!/youtube somewhere in between streelight
So this kid I know (knew) stole this chick I know's car last night, had a police chase that that went by my apartment and then drove the car through the building at our local BMV.
Going 70mph.
12:20 AM
Streetlight Manifesto \o/
good times, such good times
I'll have to throw Mad Caddies in then
@Jhawinsss wtf?
!!urban bmv
@SomeKittens No definition found for bmv
!!define bmv
@Jhawinsss My pocket dictionary just isn't good enough for you.
Bureau of Motor Vehicles.
12:24 AM
Same as DMV...
But Indiana is stupid.
What the hell is the bottom one referencing? i.imgur.com/zK3NZol.jpg
i have no idea
Crop the logo, search that
12:38 AM
Not worth it... I'm not horny.
12:52 AM
!!youtube goldfinger superman
!!youtube 99 red balloons goldfinger
!!youtube goldfinger san simeon
^^All about the importance of debugging.
12:53 AM
@SomeKittens How about a blog system. As suggested on the blog :P
The comment/auth system is already done. Because I built an intranet system for my current job and I can re-use most of it. I wish the Intranet system was public because then I could use it as part of my portfolio. But if I re-use it then I can.
I'll have to find a way to re-use our bookkeeping/accounting system I wrote. That one I'm proud of.
But really, how proud can I be of something written in PHP.
1:03 AM
I'm talking to myself :(
that's actually a pretty good idea
reusing code is awesome, better than writing more.
I think instead of re-using it I'll re-write a lot of it. I've learned a ton since I wrote them a few months ago. I'm working on a custom CMS right now for my current employer.
We need to move everything to DB format instead of static HTML.
Also smart. I'm leaps and bounds ahead of anything on my GitHub.
I haven't checked yours out yet. Will do soon. Time for a bonfire though. Later man
1:10 AM
I'll be on until 9:45PST
please help, I don't understand why this lineheight is being disregarded..
shouldn't the class declaration trump the input declaration ?
As far as I know, you're right...
I think .reveal-modal input trumps .modal-title-val by one.
class and type > class
1:27 AM
hmm dunno why then, will just use id to save time i guess - thanks
@SomeKittens Same here
My GitHub actually makes me look bad
Things I have learned today: Mentioning my GitHub account gets me stars.
mention it again, too lazy to search
Also, OSX doesn't come with wget and that makes me sad.
I'd really thought that this would get a lot more stars than this
1:48 AM
@Amaan Nice
The first once's more impressive, but the second one looks like it's a bit more interesting to play
Yeah, I made the first one in like an hour trying to get it in to the JS13k competition after the deadline
Starred and Forked
I wanna check that one out tonight
The code is horrible.
It's from the time where I didn't really think writing good code mattered at all
Either everyone likes me or is just hoping for followbacks.
@all I still like you, but I've stopped following people on GitHub because 98% of my feed is work-related, so I never pay attention to it anymore.
Things I learn from XKCD: There's a better chance that a randomly-selected person published a scholarly article on sneezing that day than murdered someone. Good to know, I guess.
2:19 AM
@SomeKittens These posts are awesome
I actually do want to start saying that instead
2:52 AM
when using typeof on an object that may or may not exist.. is the result object or undefined considered a string ?
How can I get the value of something returned from a function call using apply?
        var testSuite = jake.Task['test'];
	var results = testSuite.invoke.apply(testSuite, arguments);
results is undefined
@Dave Can you do a type of type of @Dave
@Dave yes
lol good point !
@SomeKittens thanks
I answered first blam
2:54 AM
try .call rather than .apply?
Mark me as answer pl0x
!!> typeof {}
@SomeKittens "object"
^^^ Note the quotes
ah i see :)
2:55 AM
twitch.tv/no63datsik @Loktar @rlemon
@Datsik Is that you?
oh wait, you changed your name again.
first launch
taking forever to get into a game
@SomeKittens here we go!
@rlemon Your Steam's worth $1.16k! mysteamgauge.com/search?username=rlemon
You've played more than me :p
Oh, right, you used to leave Terraria open all weekend
3:03 AM
You mother fuckers better be watching me
y n0t
Because it's time for bed
I gotta up my bit rate
it's terrible and so choppy
@SomeKittens Looking better?
Trying to figure out why our test suite's crashing
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3:34 AM
@Datsik Eh.
@Datsik you have the worlds worst taste in music.
@phenomnomnominal yeah well, you're never gonna release your fucking webpage so I punish myself
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@Datsik some of us actually have lives?
Oh really? I never knew that
Now add me on facebook you big gay, so you can see the exciting life I lead
3:43 AM
Man I thought we were bros
3:55 AM
@Xcritics @Ganct stop changing your name :v
4:15 AM
@Datsik you have dumb names
and a stoopid face
4:28 AM
wish localtunnel would work for widows
4:42 AM
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4:56 AM
@SomeKittens MacPorts is one of the best things I've found for OSX. Almost everything you could ever need is there.
what do yall think :->
My OSX installation at work is the closest to linux I've seen so far, it just takes forever to get back all of the things that Apple deleted for no reason.
of the skeleton
wish the designer gives me sexyness soon so that i can make and put it in :->
Looks pretty sleek.
afk for a smoke
4:58 AM
k :-)
question, if 0 is often considered to be used for false... why is 0 !== false? is 0 by default an int and not a bool ?
I didn't know that happened with !==/===, but there are problems with != and == because the latter two coerce values. If 0 !== false, I'm stumped
well 0 is a number according to typeof. yet 0 has no value it is surely by definition in number data type... nothing. so im surprised it doesnt just default to boolean
Google's JS closure set on simple will change true to !0 and false to 0...
but !0 is !== 1 right?
5:10 AM
(!0!==1) is true
not zero is not a number, therefore not equal to one (which is a number)
Why not just use a bool and completely avoid all of this?
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!0 and 1 are shorter to type, and when you compress the file-size is smaller
@Jhawinsss json returns strings so its just simpler to convert "0" to int
Oh, json. Nevermind.
5:13 AM
@FlorianMargaine: Rep whore :P
is there a reason its strings data is that more easily compressible so it lowers data total ?
Nonetheless I like the question (besides the part that it doesn't fit that well on SO of course). Croissants are certainly one of the better things coming from france :p
and wine
unless you buy cheap.
5:31 AM
@Dave Sorry? 0 is very much a number, a very very important number, just like any other.
===, the strict equality operator, ensures that you're comparing vespas to vespas: A 0 is a number, false is a boolean. The former is a number, the latter is the notion of "not true".
Having 0 be a boolean would be very confusing indeed.
@Dave What's 1-1? False?
5:53 AM
@ThiefMaster <3
If I hadn't so many personal software in progress I really would have started making one last night for this croissant problem. I have it completely in my head.
Why did Andrew Barber close the question on his own? I thought moderators didn't do that.
6:11 AM
This isn't so rare. I wish they wouldn't do it. But here, it's hard to argue against that closing...
Haha. Looks like I can vote to reopen my own question.
With two answers in yesterday's newsletter, I'm already at 160 rep right now even before I start looking at questions.
6:26 AM
Go on that fiddle, zoom out your browser to 25% and look at the content area. See how its no longer in the middle? How would I make it in the middle?
@TheGuyWhoCouldn'tTalkToTheGirl There's not a lot of people here at this hour, you might have more chance in a few hours. But don't ask more than twice the same question.
@dystroy Okay, thank you.
I'm wondering how many lines of dots before the "put in trash" message becomes shorter.
6:39 AM
Uhm, okay.
6:49 AM
Q: how to compress js files?

sanjay rathodPlease refer - http://web.guru99.com/perl-subroutines/ I am calling the file http://code.guru99.com/perl/perl.js inside the corresponding wordpress post. The file is 750KB in size I am using WP Super cache but it does not cache or compress this file (maybe since it’s called in the post section)...

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@JanDvorak 2
@Zirak oh. Thanks
Regarding last feed : it's a multipost, also posted in meta and SO
1 dot line => 1 "moved to trash" => status quo
2 dot lines => 1 "moved to trash" => 1 message less
7:02 AM
I think I'll be watching this guy for a while and collecting and interlinking his multiposts — Jan Dvorak 3 mins ago
Hum... I received a mail which crashes thunderbird on all my computers when I try to open it. It might have a very big attachment that I need. What robust mail client would you suggest (linux) ?
Gmail's new design thing is very annoying
@dystroy gmail/chrome?
@JanDvorak not a gmail adress
@dystroy You can try a command-line client. Arch has a nice compilation of some: wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/List_of_Applications#Console_5
(they're of course not specific to Arch, it's just that the Arch wiki is really good)
I heard a lot about mutt, it seems good
7:14 AM
would be cool to have a filter on listcommands
!!listcommands cat*
@cx IndexError: index out of range
!!listcommands 1
@cx rimshot, fools, hal9000, oregon, botnet, cake, rtd, cool, vengeance, iso8601, onthisday, echo, iddqd, adventure2, cont, punch, goback2work, sparta, backaway, adventure3, regexes_suck, dammit, continuereading, findanother, giveup, adventure4, your_mom_uses_ie, anytrouble, pickup, sayok, throwthebeetle, letme, continuewalking, adventure5, pythonis4noobs, weep, stupid, purchase, swipe, scream, bringthebox, walkon, run, dash, spank, ln, meaw, heybabe, protip, slidepoop (page 1/3)
I raised that before, but it was deemed unnecessary.
7:18 AM
@Zirak Thanks. Sorry I didn't answer sooner but Thunderbird has this bad habit of bringing Chromium with him when it crashes down (and I don't like that).
hehe, that's quite allright. btw, I might be visiting France in late September.
at least alphabetical order :p
eh, they're pseudo-alphabetical. I tried keeping the useful commands in the 1st page, but /learn messed it up. What does bother me is that built-in commands are pushed to the last pages.
@Zirak If you come to Lyon, you'll win free beer|wine|coffee|tablier de sapeur
Well, my intention is to visit Italy, travel there. But my sister wants to give me a The Wall concert ticket (!!!!!), which'll be in 21/9 in Paris. So I thought of going to Paris, and move down to Italy, invade it from the north.
Where was Florian from again?
7:23 AM
Lyon is right between Paris and Italy. Florian isn't far, he's in Grenoble
!!gimmeakitten < broken
Can anybody help me?
Q: Ignore all fields (keys) into Mongo find

John ツFrom documentation find() is defined like bellow: db.collection.find(query, projection) where the projection is an object that specifies the fields to return using projection operators. To return all fields in the matching document, omit this parameter. My question is that if there i...

@dystroy mutt
or emacs
@Zirak grenoble is here google.com/maps/…
Lyon is slightly on the left
Neat, that actually plots nicely: maps.google.com/…
I imagine there's a train, and if not, I'll just have to endure the overbearing pressure of French scenery
yep by train
7:29 AM
Going from Paris to Lyon or Grenoble by train is fast and efficient.
if you can bear smelly ppl, nah jk
@Zirak thought it might interest you btw reddit.com/r/lisp/comments/1ixld7/little_lisp_interpreter
@cx he's the smelly one
@dystroy and cheap if you take your tickets early
@Zirak France really has a lot of very pretty roads but the autostrada between Paris and Lyon (or anywhere) isn't nice
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7:31 AM
@FlorianMargaine .split(/\s+/); oh my
French autostrada are pretty nice O_o
yes if you like jams
@Zirak yeah, it's pretty basic
7:34 AM
Is there a room to send insightful comments to ?
@Zirak LOL
Crazy fake old guy
@dievardump Will you be in France come the end of September?
@Zirak I should be in London. But we never know
7:49 AM
@Zirak Will you tell them what your name is when you meet them? :p
I'll be wearing a furry costume.
Which I'll buy especially for the occasion, because I don't own one. Not even one.
> Complex, structured Javascript - you know a closure from an anonymous function!
@dievardump That looks like an opportunity to teach them a few things... But the interview might be awkward
That's what I thought
"Closure" somehow turned into a magical word
"Scope" just isn't cool enough
7:54 AM
A few years ago, not a lot, closures were very mysterious for most coders
they are not funny to debug though, or it's me
Do you have examples of things that are funny to debug ?

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