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12:02 AM
@MoathHowari I don't think you've quite addressed the reason it was closed.
@SomeKittens i dont understand why !
@MoathHowari Do you know why it was closed?
@SomeKittens i edited it and added more details
could you vote to reopen it
i appreciate that
12:04 AM
What's the end of the sentence???
@MoathHowari The question is still at it's core, asking for a tool recommendation, which is why it's closed.
!!color #4957f9
12:05 AM
It used to say "You know you can't do that, Tom."
But I figured that was stealing the best easter egg ever.
!!color abcdef
@monners Drop the hash.
It isn't perfect yet.
12:06 AM
That's actually a rather nice blue.
!!color 4957f9
My blue > your blue
If the hash is incorrect, why is Cap6 still trying to figure it out?
Oh god, I've killed her!
@SomeKittens thank you ill try to edit it and make it more clear
!!color ffe680
12:08 AM
!!color ffe680,555,111,333
@Jhawinsss southouse.tk/colors.php?color=ffe680, 555, 111, 333#.png
@Jhawinsss southouse.tk/colors.php?color=ffe680, 555,111,333#.png
Q: Logging touch events in Mobile Safari

Jordan PagelsI'm currently working on a web-app targeting desktop browsers and mobile Safari. In the process of debugging (pseudo)hover interactions on iOS, I'm running into some interesting things with classes being added, removed, and then re-added when I don't believe they should be. My question is, does ...

12:14 AM
@SomeKittens first shitty addition to GitHub github.com/Jhawins/Colors
Not going to get me a job. But I've never really used GitHub at all, just familiarizing myself. Plus version control is oh so nice.
@Jhawinsss o/ gotta start somewhere
@Bbvarghe Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
I am pretty new JS and I was wondering what I need to start learning?
!!color poop
12:18 AM
Hell yeah.
!!color decafbad
@cx Did you mean:
!!color defec8
12:21 AM
@Jhawinsss Reading your PHP WHY ARE WE YELLING
I always do all caps for comments... Lol
It's not as bad as MySQL statements ;P
12:22 AM
!!color b00b1e
!!color beaded
!!color defaced
12:24 AM
Ok, I'm done
!!color ham"ah
@SomeKittens Ooh... Good thought.
!!color $hammah
12:33 AM
ooh, possibly
!!color hammah\
@SomeKittens I think I'll use if (typeof($color) != number) { //show the same text as when typeof is NULL, eliminating the need for the if(is_null($color)`
But will hexadecimal values still say they're a number?
Of course I'm a pretty poor pentester, so don't take my word on things.
12:35 AM
Never tried it...
Of course they won't.. Shit.
Well the outcome after rgbFromHex() will have to be numbers. But in an array... I'll think of something after this smoke.
Q: JavaScript code doesn't work

Nikola LošićHTML CODE <html> <head> <title>Price List </title> </head> <body> <h1> PRICELIST </h1> <form id="formSearch"> <div> <label for="searchBox"> Search products here: </label> <input type="text" placeholder="Type text here to search product" id="searchBox"> </div> <div id="buttons"> <button id="g...

Q: can't find error in my code?

Nikola LošićI am making a simple search code. I can't find error. The error message says Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier on javascript line 40 (target=document.getElementById("outputPlace"). Do not look at the button, I have not added event listener to it yet. I just want that when I press ent...

CV recorded.
waits three hours then just posts the same shit again
12:49 AM
1:00 AM
can some one see why my array's value won't get passed to the end result: jsfiddle.net/y8CfJ/7
@Dave Protip: the Tidy Up button is awesome
oh thats neat
pardon the pun
@phenomnomnominal what's this about you co-hosting a bootcamp?
@Dave The code gets executed async, so when it runs, i is 1
1:09 AM
well no cos the result is showing undefined.
array[1] is undefined...
where are you reading array[1] ?
isn't array = [1] setting position 0 as value 1
line 30
yes, but after the for loop, i gets incremented to 1
and there is no position 1 in the array
no it doesn't i just console.log i
it says 0 for me
if it started as 1 it would not even being because i have i < array.length
if i was 1 and array.length was 1 it wouldn't begin my timer at all
I didn't say it started at 1, I said it ended at 1
1:12 AM
but surely it won't go through due to my less than check ?
so ill have to put i++ in the loop before the end instead of in the for loop setup
no, the scope of a variable in javascript is the function it was declared in
oh so itll change anyway in my timer
so standard practice for async code in a for loop is to declare another function
1:16 AM
var j = i; could do it
jsfiddle.net/y8CfJ/14 - That uses an IIFE (Immediately invoked function expression) to create a new scope for that variable
jsfiddle.net/y8CfJ/15 Though I would generally prefer to name the function generator because it usually looks cleaner
ah okay :)thanks
using a new variable won't help - either you declare it in the original function, in which case you have the same problem with it as you do with the other variable
or you declare it in the asynchronously called function, where you are still assigning it the new value of i anyway
1:22 AM
oh ok
working now thanks :)
no problem
1:34 AM
hai al
Mai Engrish is |3roken 2Dai
@SomeKittens there's a local internship programme, i'm teaching kids js
@phenomnomnominal \o/ That's something I've always wanted to do.
yeah it's gonna be fun, we're simplifying down the angular tutorials, doing a bit of html & css as well
1st-3rd year uni students
i got three kickass internships through the programme, about time to give something back
!!google treat stomachache
1:46 AM
> skip foods that are spicy
Spicy foods give me the will to live
Speaking of spicy
@phenomnomnominal Awesome. Go create some killer lessons!
2:02 AM
Yeah it's only a couple of hours long, gonna be hard to cram it all in
But the session filled up in 3 hours so they're obviously keen for it
What songs do you listen to while you are working?
@RowanK. Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
Ministry of Sound Annuals
Guys, if you want to be serious about module pattern, which one would you recommend between YUI vs jQuery + RequireJS?
Hey guys, quick question. I am trying to click a button when a page loads. So I find what makes it open: $.sc_chat.open_chatbox(); so how do I activate it I suppose 25 ms after page load?
2:10 AM
It seems like YUI can be module pattern framework by itself, if I am right
hi guys
what do you want
@phenomnomnominal can you help?
$(function () {
    setTimeout(function () {
    }, 25);
I need a bit help i am looking for something where i can ask user for the prmission in popup like i want to post on users wall so when then will submit the form automatically link will post on there walls so i want to this same as alrt box work
2:13 AM
@BrandonGelfand add event listener to that particular document or object when .ready(function(){
//add events here
so when then will click on submit alrt box will popup and say we will post on your wall then they click on ok and form will submit
@BrandonGelfand Oh hey, haven't seen you for a while.
Hey @SomeKittens!
How's life?
Sorry I am trying to not take shortcuts around coding so I started back with the basics
Working my way up the right way, lol
I am good though, school is tiring but I am working on something for my school district
2:16 AM
anybody answer my question please!
how have u been @SomeKittens
Life's pretty crazy, I moved to SF to work for a startup
Wow, thats cool. I still am working on my idea, practicing HTML and CSS by working on it
hopefully can get to php in a little bit
@SomeKittens how would you simulate a click through a class? like div.sc-chat-header
@Bert Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
@BrandonGelfand You want to simulate a click on every div.sc-chat-header?
2:29 AM
there is only one, idk why it was made using a class and not an ID
but it was
Pure JS?
No, uses PHP in other parts of the script
I mean, JS or jQuery?
It looks like there might be some jQuery
I am not positive though
I know a lot is AJAX
wait AJAX is jQuery, nvm
sorry yes jQuery
AJAX is not jQuery, but jQuery does AJAX
2:37 AM
Ok, got it.. So what can I do to click the class 100ms after the page is ready??
This is the site I am editing: genxtec.com/chatsupport I am trying to simulate a click on the orange button
@BrandonGelfand Trigger a click event: api.jquery.com/trigger
I kind of hate my current layout (the new one today)
so am thinking of going with a super simple one
@Brian Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
@SomeKittens I don't really know jQuery...
@Loktar I like it
2:43 AM
vs the one I have right now?
@BrandonGelfand Triggering's much more difficult without.
my wife says the current one is boring
Uh, either
damn lol
$('#foo').on('click', function() {
Is foo like the ID ?
2:45 AM
@BrandonGelfand Yes
$('div.sc-chat-header').on('load', function() {
I think thats wrong...
@BrandonGelfand $('.sc-chat-header')
no need for div
is the rest right?
not quite
ready would be better maybe?
2:53 AM
$('.sc-chat-header').on('load', function() {
    $(this).click();// Get the jQuery object of the current DOM Objects, then click them
what is "this"?
really complicated.
Its not working...
@SomeKittens ...
Why are you trying to simulate the click?
Cause I am putting it in an iframe and the users keep leaving the page because they think there is no chat box cause its at the bottom and they don't scroll
3:03 AM
Hm.. Sounds more like a UI/UX issue fixed through proper design.
No, I have tried everything
I edited the css but then it doesn't fit in the box
hi! is there anyone to help me out on jquery.
jsfiddle.net/WrpzN what i'm doing wrong here
I'm creating a tab container but not working as expected.
attr returns a string, so ti doesn't have a fadeIn function
You need to select the element with that id: $($(this).attr("href")).fadeIn(250);
3:37 AM
@Dennis Thank you very much.
@Dennis but I didn't know the difference between $(this).attr("href").fadeIn(250); and $($(this).attr("href")).fadeIn(250); could you explain this, please.
@Dennis @C-Link that's stupid
@gezzuzz Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
3:54 AM
offline now?
friggin dota.... :P
was lagging me to bad
my internet is shit
fuck you
4:17 AM
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!!convert 8 GBP USD
@SomeKittens 12.2064USD
4:32 AM
> The royal baby, George Alexander Louis, was born at 8 Pounds.
England makes even less sense.
4:59 AM
Though my I am average in english, I created a site using blogger. here is the link nullisfalse.blogspot.in
^ any suggestions?
@Mr_Green More cowbell
It's not responsive
and any other fallbacks?
anyone here an INTP?
Close, ENTP
@m59 I am
/me heads to bed
I forget which part means that I'd rather be on stackoverflow chat discussing javascript ideas rather than writing code I already know how to do =D
but yeah, here I am.
@Loktar night, dude
I think that's INTP altogether.
5:23 AM
I just remember INTP's live most of their lives in their heads
Yerp. Or talking about what came from it.
My wife is probably going to kill me in my sleep any day now.
She says she loves me though, so maybe we're cool =D
@Zirak wrong chat?? or are you responding to something from forever ago??
whaaat, I'm confused.
@m59 See the little arrow to the left of the message? Click it.
Ohhh, I see the reply thing.
Yep, got it.
Tired, dude.
5:27 AM
Did you know I have tickets to "The Wall" in Paris?
The Monument?
Btw, you can make that element in angularjs. @Zirak
Awww, I lied. Html doesn't support camelCase.
You don't really need angularjs to do that
Well, obviously you could duplicate the behavior, haha.
You know what I mean, make it do something and what not.
1 min ago, by Zirak
You don't really need angularjs to do that
lolzzzz, I knowwwww
angularjs is just js after all.
But it's purty.
5:34 AM
Q: Creating content for iOS/Android app without using PDF

DixitI have an app the display list of files and its content on iOS and Android. Currently I use PDF files to show this content on iOS using iOS-WebView which worked fine. and now as I'm getting finished with Android application, I have realised that It's hard to get support for pdf files on android s...

@Dixit Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
@CapricaSix thanks :)
DOOM source code...interesting naming convention. github.com/id-Software/DOOM/blob/master/linuxdoom-1.10/f_wipe.c
The new standard: underscore_cursewordCamelCase
5:59 AM

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