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9:01 AM
@BenFortune I've never seen this before
Like, after you click the "Add to cart" you get sent to a new page where it asks you to confirm placing it in the cart
As if that was a critical operation
Are you sure you want to Enter stage 0?
@OliverSalzburg It does sound stupid, maybe you're getting an AB test?
@MadaraUchiha Too late. And it was German Amazon
It only happened on the first product as well. So, not repeatable apparently
And I keep buying the same crap every month and I never do the Pantry thing. It's just laughing in my face
Every time I think, this will be the last month where I live on energy drinks and ramen
And MDN has a new favicon
if it was an AB test, make sure to make the page fail in hundreds of ways to screw with the engineers
throw all the errors and send tons of random requests to the server
@towc that's not nice :/
9:14 AM
I'm not nice, so that explains that
As jesus or someone else said: threat people how you treat your plants
Hmm, i guess whoever said it wasn't that wise
I just fertilized a plant with my own blood. Plants deserve more
I think I overfertilized my ginkos :(
Hi, Good after noon all!
@vijayaganth Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
9:25 AM
did you just assume my timezone?
also, hi :)
I identify as living in UTC
nope, i just forgot the time because of my work
i am new to chat
local storage is not working in mobile secure browser (incognito window)
9:29 AM
@vijayaganth You already have an answer.
1 message moved to Trash can
@svgcoding Please don't post unformatted code - hit Ctrl+K before sending, use up-arrow to edit messages, and see the faq. For posting large code blocks, use a paste site like gist.github.com, hastebin.com, pastie.org or a demo site like jsbin.com
When you get a chance can you debug the preload image I'm using. It's not working.

I tried both of these.

  var preloadImg = new Image;
  preloadImg.src = "https://i.imgur.com/ZjSHH2P.jpg";

<img src="https://i.imgur.com/ZjSHH2P.jpg" style="display: none;">
@svgcoding Can you stop vamping please
@svgcoding what's your budget?
I'm not. I'm asking if someone can debug it.
9:36 AM
I think this has gone far enough.
it definitely has
@svgcoding You've been here for over a day, you've been mostly wasting your time and ours
@MadaraUchiha I'm counting 3
@svgcoding no
9:37 AM
I'm using the correct code.
It should be working.
if you can't debug your own code, then you should not have written in the first place
If it's not working, then it's not the correct code.
You're right.
Probably so.
You've been completely ignoring the advice me and other people in this room have given you.
100% Correct.
9:38 AM
Until you read the advice you were already given, research on your own and improve, you are no longer welcome to ask questions in this room.
I took your advice and am using the correct code.
If you continue to ask the same questions, you will be kicked from the room.
@svgcoding You did not. You still use an inline onclick handler. You still use inline styles. You've done nothing from what we've told you.
You take the advice you think is relevant, and ignore the rest.
That's because it's going on blogger.
You can't put complicated code on there.
Sounds like you need a better platform.
Regardless, I've stopped caring. I've listened and watched for more than a day. No more.
Like what do you suggest?
9:40 AM
Blogger is not denying use of event listeners
Research the alternatives yourself. There are plenty.
Room owners, FYI the conversation above this message.
I'm off to catch a bus. Available through ping. Toodles~
See ya later.
> I'm not vamping, I just want someone else to do my work for me
9:44 AM
Not true.
@Ben Fortune i received the answer
@vijayaganth That's what I said
but ...they are telling there is no way to get local storage in mobile device @BenFortune
@vijayaganth There's your answer.
I have stored locally on mobile
It was glorious
9:48 AM
iPad's don't run Android. — Ben Fortune 1 min ago
@BenFortune lol
When you change a version of a dependency in your package.json, what is the correct command to use to rebuild the package-lock.json?
woo. I earn more than the average salary, according to SO.
you're VP of Engineering... can't say I'm surprised
@OliverSalzburg npm update?
9:52 AM
@ApoorvJoshi Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
@GNi33 I would feel better if there wasn't a question mark there :P
Is it?
@GNi33 ... that's fair
@OliverSalzburg yeah. You can also only update that certain package if you don't want to update any other dependencies with it
I'm new to the package-lock.json business
9:53 AM
the lock file will be updated then of course
what's this package-lock.json business?
@FlorianMargaine npm5 lockfile
isn't it the npm-shrinkwrap.json?
it doesn't really make sense to update the lock file without actually update the dependency itself
@FlorianMargaine No, they have that on top now
9:54 AM
@GNi33 It actually does when you're using linked modules
Because the actual installation of the module will break your entire installation in that case
sounds like a lot of fun
> One key detail about package-lock.json is that it cannot be published, and it will be ignored if found in any place other than the toplevel package. It shares a format with npm-shrinkwrap.json, which is essentially the same file, but allows publication. This is not recommended unless deploying a CLI tool or otherwise using the publication process for producing production packages.
9:55 AM
And updating the lockfile can cause npm to think linked modules are actually bundled dependencies, which will corrupt the lockfile and break all future installations
I don't understand the difference
@FlorianMargaine I think shrinkwrap doesn't go as far as the lockfile. But I'm hardly an expert and I'm currently only battling problems resulting from this new approach
But I never shrinkwrapped packages either. So I'm especially clueless on the difference
9:57 AM
ok, got the difference
libraries that you install can use the shrinkwrap so that they can define a list of hardcoded deps versions
@BenFortune, That answer is not satisfied for me!
@vijayaganth Tough shit, complain to Apple.
10:17 AM
@BenFortune you don't understand, this has to work!
something something client requirements
and did you not stop to think about the investors?
10:34 AM
@KendallFrey @Loktar @FlorianMargaine
The reMarkable tablet just arrived
11:01 AM
fucking wednesday frog
Man these guys are really getting it. Once you have authenticated anywhere, you can generate simple 5-minute passwords to unlock additional devices. What a pleasure to set up
11:20 AM
so, I might actually make my uni application about twatter
Man, even their desktop and mobile apps just work right out of the box
On launch day
Color me impressed!
What in the world is a remarkable tablet
I don't think I wrote anything on my university applications, just sent my transcript
Oh that looks neat
$879 CAD
Hah, good joke
That's quite the hefty sum
Wonder how it compares to things like the rocketbook
11:28 AM
I have a normal tablet with a pen that I used for all my university notes
Dell venue 8, full windows 10
Gosh, that website. That has to be a recent startup.
It's actually fantastic, I have no idea why they don't make them anymore
That $22 USB cable though
@Cereal Woah, that's quite the jump in price since I preordered it (1 year ago)
Hai team
11:30 AM
@OliverSalzburg How much was yours?
I paid 379USD
Guys i gonna learn Angular 4
+ import tax and VAT (~100EUR)
is i need to learn first Angular 2?
i know little bit in Angular 1
11:31 AM
Any expect ppl advice me
@GNi33 said no for me?
@KendallFrey ur rocket is cool I want one too
The name dinesh rings a bell
@dinesh yes. You can just start out with angular 4
@KamilSolecki You mean my lego rocket or my pants rocket ;)
Oh ok dude
11:33 AM
@Cereal Silicon Valley?
Or you mean something else
Never saw it, he's not from chat either
No idea what I'm thinking of
@Cereal ?
you're thinking of India. The country
@dinesh Just make sure to start with 4.0 and work your way upwards, point-release by point-release
OK @OliverSalzburg i just start to learn
11:35 AM
@KendallFrey If I tell you that in chat, people might think im werid
@Cereal i came here after too long..
@KamilSolecki too late for that
I took a bunch of pictures of it with the intent of making a guide explaining the Apollo mission, since the set seems to be designed pretty much for that
Everything separates into stages
damn, nice
I'm terrible at making art though
11:43 AM
Are we still talking about pants rockets? O_o
@KendallFrey what kind of art?
PS visualisations?
I did little doodles for flames and maneuvres, minute physics style
why not push the 'art' to a digital form?
as in, post-processing
That would be a completely different style
I don't have a photo studio, just a cell phone camera
11:59 AM
Cell phone camera + white paper and some light
no light :(
I used the flash because the shadows were so bad
Im Queer
wait no, I'm just here
I'm not gay
@KendallFrey are you also single?
because I could use a marriage right about now
knock knock, I like cock
Have you heard the news? I'm into dudes.
whoa, is it the national closet day or something
@KendallFrey enjoy your stardom
@KendallFrey expecially boiled with a pinch of salt
@KendallFrey so, I guess both your rockets get to reach Uranus now?
Great, now I'm gonna have to explain those stars later out of context to non-Tomska-subscribers
so, I just ovened this pizza that smelled and tasted like salted poop
12:15 PM
cease and desist
@towc And you know that because...
how do you fuck up pizza?
also wtf does "ovened" mean
@KendallFrey before you ask, yes.
@Dr.Sam one more troll message and you're out
12:16 PM
well, there was some pizza attached to the paper, and that also tasted like salted poop, so I don't think I screwed up by ovening it
@KendallFrey it's when the second law of thermodynamics and lambdas love each other very much
@Dr.Sam everyone with an italic name is snooping :)
so, I ended up eating 6/8ths of it, then threw the rest
@KendallFrey Smashing someone over the head with an oven
I'm so regretting it
@OliverSalzburg oh I don't follow WWE :P
12:17 PM
don't have any fruit lying around to get the taste off
never throw out pizza, you'll need it later
@ssube even salt poop pizza?
you don't drink much, so it might not apply to you
god dammit
12:19 PM
spelling, it's the rule now
can you trash that message too
it's giving me a headache
just look at all the messages of this guy
if he comes back I'll use my bulk command
uses the room list tho
there hasn't been a single one across chatrooms that made even remotely sense
yesterday, by Dr.Sam
well... i m learning camel
12:20 PM
what is camel
a framework?
the animals?
Caml, probably
12:21 PM
yeah, so do you learn camels then xD
Wasn't there a discussion about camels with this guy sometime over the weekend?
!!giphy camel
or OCaml
12:22 PM
spamming retry resets timer
He was probably kicked.
omg, I have a wednesday with no meetings :D
Speaking of which, @rlemon @Zirak is cap throttle-proof?
@ssube awesome my dude
@KamilSolecki ofc not
12:23 PM
cap is a regular user account
Yeh but I mean code-wise
no, she just retries until it goes away
what have you tried and what issues are you running into?
@ssube When you bunyan, which logger API do you use usually? I'm wondering whether I should go with (dataHash, message) or put the message as msg into the hash directly. I like neither and I keep confusing the API :P
12:25 PM
try something before asking us
I've tried asking a question on SO
@OliverSalzburg I use (hash, message) with a few filters bound to particular hash field-names to deserialize a few things or extract relevant fields.
you're the fucking unfunniest troll I've ever seen
@ssube I'm not using filters at all. Should I?
@OliverSalzburg totally optional. I have a bunch of objects that hold references to the DI container, which creates a circular ref, so I need them.
12:27 PM
Awesome. Thanks
I made a ton of changes yesterday, adding additional logging details, using (message, dataHash)
Which, of course, is not what I wanted
@GNi33 indeed
lol yeah, that signature always confuses me
there was a troll some days ago that made me laugh actually
can't remember the name
but was kicked many times
how do you get the value of opacity for an element?
12:32 PM
getComputedStyle( Element ).opacity
What he said.
$('#' + eID).css("style", "opacity").value
css only gives you the css, as you might expect
12:33 PM
@jAndy typing on mobile is slow
@littlepootis I think not him
@OliverSalzburg "adding logging details"
but maybe
@jAndy thx
last time I added logging details, the logs became about 2GB per day :D
12:34 PM
then you didn't really add details
I basically added every detail
because it helped a lot
and there were issues on production that didnt happen on test
I'm just working on being able to track individual requests throughout our entire system. That and profiling
Two things one should really think about before building a distributed system
12:39 PM
what are you guys' opinions on having logic in FE vs BE
for stuff that could go in either
if you have enough time, implement it on both
or if it's something that can only be done once, depends on how much load the server is under vs how much load the client is under
I'm having a great dillema
the client is not under load
12:41 PM
Windows 10 or Windows 7 for new machine
Inb4 linux
it's probably a a little faster to do on client
but the pro for doing it in the BE is that we can use the same logic for, say, a mobile app
whereas it's a little tricker to use the same typescript codebase in mobile
though not impossible
Why would you use an outdated OS?
I'd go windows XP
12:43 PM
@BenFortune My points agains are that I really don't like interacting with Win10
how about a partly shared codebase of certain things that can be used by both desktop, mobile, or even server?
on the other part, win10 has some nice features (like linux kernel)

I need an autocomplete plugin which will work like `select` e.g. `<option value="original value">visible value</option>`, does anyone know which plugin I should use.
@KamilSolecki You'll get used to it. Nobody really uses Windows because they like it
12:44 PM
I saw someone do that at one of the last jobs I had. My current go-to directory scheme is frontend,backend,shared now. If you do an app, might just add a native directory and still used the shared
so you can simply import with ../shared/stuff, or use a webpack plugin to make it become something like @stuff
so you implement universally and then just pick one of the places to fetch it
although that wasn't your question
I'll back up slowly
it can only be "shared" if the back-end is in node
if that was the case I would not be asking
@BenFortune yeh I guess. I was leaning towards it all the time, I just needed motivation to fortify my decision
I use windows 10 because games
if you want to backup a couchdb database, you do this by replication exclusively? Or is there actually a physical .database file which you can copy and store?
12:50 PM
@Mosho are there any that don't support 7? Ive never had that problem
I mean as opposed to linux
oh, thats why im going with windows ofc
this was more of 10 vs 7 thing
but I guess its settled
never heard of anyone asking that
that's like asking iphone 4 vs iphone 6
why is it a question
ill have to remove that lock screen from win 10 tho
it infuriates me
then you should chill
12:54 PM
Could not install the app on the device, read the error above for
Make sure you have an Android emulator running or a device connec
set up your Android development environment: can any one tell me what is the issue ?
morning everyone

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