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8:01 PM
did someone beat you to desk pissing?
Thanks a lot @ssube <(^_^<) thats what I was looking for
ewww why are your hands on your head?
or why do you have a face on your belly?
oh god
are those pubes on the bottom and erect nipples on top?
who says it's a face
8:03 PM
you can't just ask people why they're horrible mutants
unsollicited nudes are disgusting :/
especially if the person is fat
you post creepshots of your plants, so
Hey, dont make fun of me for being a depressing cripple
@ssube as long as they don't find out
what happens when they do?
8:05 PM
well, the main model already attempted suicide
and had 2 babies. They didn't live long. I had to suppress them
she'll probably not take it well
and despite the appearences, I care for her emotions
@KamilSolecki I think it went really well. There were obviously parts I didn’t know, like I forgot the 4th layer of the TCP model and I blanked on explaining how restructuring worked
container garden?
But we went over my games code because react, and the hiring manager busted out laughing when I opened my server code because of my comments..
He lost it, thought it was so funny
the fact you had code to go over alone
too well commented? or too commented?
8:08 PM
I forgot that was there
that's such a huge plus
that you walked in and said "here's what I can do"?
they know you're not bullshitting
congrats and good luck @ster
I aced the math portion too, where I took a table of input output KWh and wrote a conversion function to determine how much battery is left in a charge
8:10 PM
@SterlingArcher at first I was like "woop woop" then noticed you weren't actually talking about maths
I’m against 5 other people, and he said I was the only one so far (out of 3?) to properly explain how tcp works
but congrats :)
I overstidied on the math, I was expecting factorials and trig lol
@SterlingArcher Everyone knows the internet is a series of tubes
alien technology
8:11 PM
Lol but brb at the auto parts store now
@SterlingArcher didn't a few people tell you that you never use math irl? :P
life is math
I do :(
there's no such thing as physics
physics is more of a construct than maths
there, I said it
But what do you mean?
8:12 PM
@KevinB and javascript does a lot of malloc'ing, but you never see that part
physics doesn't exist, proceeds to give a characteristic of physics
maths exist because it lives in an abstract context. Physics is just our best known model of the context we live in, and we all accept it's just a model
@HatterisMad Martians don't exist. Martians come from Mars.
how could you walk without math
@KendallFrey then who came to give me candy every night?
8:14 PM
being from Mars is a defining characteristic of Martians, being a construct is not a defining characteristic of math or physics that I know of
@KevinB I learned to walk when I was a toddler, long before I knew anything about math.
@KevinB without math and without seeing math are different
@towc how about, physics is what we model it to be, just like science, it is continuously changing as our understanding and capabilities to interpret do.
@towc A bad man. A very bad man.
we're trying to model reality
8:14 PM
noooooo! Mr Aliendude!
@HatterisMad sure. But do we agree it's less real than maths?
I saw a movie about aliens a few months ago that you might like
@towc Nuh-uh
@towc how would one construct be less real than another?
some parts of maths are set in stone until we define new axioms, and that's completely up to us
@towc uhh... in what manner are you arbitrarily comparing them
8:16 PM
all you have to do is inject malwars into any alien ship to take them all down
Physics is "more real" in the sense that it's more connected to our experience of reality.
@Webster you mean rootkits?
just shine a lazer at them
@KendallFrey potatoh potahto
water melts them
8:16 PM
@Webster Jeff Goldblum has been at that for a long time
this room is cool, a little philosophy, a little bullying, a little programming, a little bs
tonight there will be ksp
but when physicists tell me maths doesn't exist, I think this is a decent argument. Maths is everywhere (?) to stay. Physics is a thing that sure is useful and practical, but arguably less real than maths
How though
@Webster there's no BS here. Only humans, lemons, and cyborgs
8:18 PM
how is physics less real than math when it's made out of math, described in similar ways, etc?
@towc as usual you use your opinion as a backing argument instead of providing context as to how you reached your conclusion. This is often why you are considered a troll.
You mean the fact that math describes physical things and non-physical things alike?
if 2 + 2 = 4, is 4 less real than 2?
combining math doesn't make it less real and physics is just a lot of math
@KendallFrey do you agree that the axioms of physics are openly known to not be known?
Are there axioms of physics?
8:20 PM
currently it's just the best possible axioms to fit the universe we live in
well, "axioms"
You mean a TOE?
I'll have to google that
the physical world is (hopefully) real. Math and physics and models made from measurements, they are in our head. Real? tbd.
theory of everything
8:21 PM
@Webster Reality is real by definition.
reality is subjective to the senss of the observer
the act of observatio changes the observed
you can perceive something differently without it being different
Nah, reality is objective, experience is subjective
so we don't really know whats real
simply for the fact that we don't know what the smallest possible particles/information-carriers are, it means everything else is just the best approximation we need to rely on
8:22 PM
can someone add "armchair philosophy" to room tags
we can make very good guesses based on what we all perceive and how
@towc We don't even know if they're small
and that's fine. If there's no such thing as the smallest information carrier, and there's no such thing as a unified rule for figuring out how they'll behave the further down (or up) we go, then it means that physics will forever and always be a model, an approximation, a human construct
while maths is there regardless of how deep humans dive into it
@Zirak that's good
8:24 PM
@towc Some would disagree
Also, are you suggesting the same isn't true of physics?
the axioms of maths are for us to define, and they're not wrong because we can just declare a new branch of maths at any time, and everything before it will be absolutely valid no matter if we find a smaller particle or not
we can count the stars and measure trees but are there really numbers used in nature?
@KendallFrey well, are the "rules of the universe" the same as physics?
I see physics as the human interpretation of that
I also see how you might say the same about maths
just because you don't understand the rules fully yet doesn't change them
If you mean physics as a study, and math as a transcendent concept, then yeah it doesn't make sense to compare them.
8:26 PM
@Webster don't you see that big-ass 4 floating in the sky?
Math is also a study, physics is also a transcendent concept
yeah, that makes it a lot less compelling. And I'd completely agree if you compare them both as a transcendent concept. When you consider both as a study, though, my point holds, with some modifications, maybe
I think
They're both the study of something real, are they not?
What's the best way to find out what the border radius of an image is?
we don't need to change the whole of maths for everything to be accurate if we make new discoveries of non-emergent behaviour, which don't really exist in maths, as they're the axioms we define for it
8:28 PM
@svgcoding getComputedStyle
@KendallFrey well, how about you consider both the study of the transcendental concept?
I like to think of maths as an abstract all-purpose API
but that probably makes little to no sense
Math is broader than physics, for sure
@ssube So, like if I put an svg in that has a border radius, it'll tell me what it is?
8:30 PM
don't know what you mean. Can you post an example?
been trying to resolve an issue, and it ended up not being an issue, but instead my type definitions were outdated
@svgcoding Have you tried it? What happened?
well, my point is that maths, as a study, is completely defined by rules anyone can set for it I guess, unlike physics, where it's defined by experimentation (fetching data from a black box to try to reverse-engineer it?)
people don't set the rules
8:31 PM
btw @KendallFrey @ssube svgcoding has been disallowed to ask questions without showing research by either sterling or madara, and for good reasons
This is the svg with a border radius: jsfiddle.net/1rz0xxw3
@towc yep, read the pin
@towc I would argue that every truth that can be derived using math is already true without humans having to enumerate the axioms that prove it. Just like physics.
@towc I'm aware
yet you're both still allowing him to vamp?
8:32 PM
2 mins ago, by ssube
don't know what you mean. Can you post an example?
I'm confused now.
It's not the same question as before. I moved on.
@svgcoding based on that SVG, you'd have to do math on the outer line
@ssube well, before that you gave him an answer to a perfectly googleable question. I'm not here to argue about that, but ya know
which should not be too hard
not hard, or too hard?
8:33 PM
@towc I usually don't mind giving people answers that are essentially a keyword for them to look up
not too hard
it's just spline math
@svgcoding I'm not asking them to kick you
obviously you might run into paths that doesn't have a well defined corner radius
or multiple corners with different radii
@KendallFrey if you consider them both as the transcendent concepts, sure
If you want to find the curvature of a path, sounds like a problem for calculus
@svgcoding I would start with the docs on how the d attribute works, break that down into coordinates, and then replicate the math that the browser is doing
8:35 PM
How come inspector in firefox doesn't tell you this, and should it?
Just dropped $75 on tools and cleaning supplies for the bike and forgot the soap and bucket 😂
Right now calculus is my hammer looking for a nail.
by all
@SterlingArcher you can do mine too while you are at it
It tells you everything else.
8:36 PM
Not everything
border radius of an svg, shouldn't be that complicated, or is it?
it is
Does this make any sense?
    Type '() => Element | "Loading..."' is not assignable to type '{ (): string | number | false | Element | Element[]; (): false | Element; }'.
      Type 'Element | "Loading..."' is not assignable to type 'false | Element'.
        Type '"Loading..."' is not assignable to type 'false | Element'.
you're not talking about border radius in the box sense
you're talking about the radius of a particular corner
or, for a path, set of corners
8:37 PM
oh fuck someone put white text on a yellow background
a function that returns either a string or an element, isn't assignable to a type that can return a string or a number or false or an element or an element array
@KendallFrey d(x^y^x^y^x^y...)/dx
Lmao buy the soap and a bucket and I’ll clean your bike hatter
@KevinB where are those signatures coming from?
actually, that's really simple
8:37 PM
I think you can & two function types and end up with something like that
@SterlingArcher deal
man, I forgot my simple derivation rules again 😒 (chain rule?)
and a function that only ever returns Element would satisfy it
it's my render method
of a react component
Also you have to bring the bike here
8:38 PM
oh, you have a returned string leaking then, maybe?
I’ll lube you chain too baby ;)
i don't understadn why it's complaining abotu this one, and not the dozen others i have doing the same thing
@SterlingArcher oh well hell thats way too much work
right, but, returning strings is valid
i'm purposely returning a string
8:39 PM
here's a less simple one: d(x^y^x^x^y^y^x^x^x^x^y^y^y^y... doubling each time)/dx @KendallFrey
where is the () => Element | false signature coming from?
goddamn towc why do you hate me
that one I actually have no clue how to solve, but it seems like one of the things that maybe has a really elegant solution for a certain domain
hmm.... i don't know
8:40 PM
actually, it's interesting enough to see what that converges for
seems i might have something duplicated in my types? how is that possible
@KevinB interfaces with the same name merge silently
@KevinB why do you have 2 call signatures
it's a feature/"feature"
I think another interface leaked in at some point with a semi-conflicting-but-just-legal-enough call signature
@towc Though probably slightly more intriguing is ∂/∂x <that>
8:41 PM
that should be an error tbh
and then also ∂/∂y
i'm not following
@KendallFrey because of the cooler characters?
that's exactly what I wrote
@Mosho they each have a few return types, but both have Element in common
maybe not in a notation you're used to?
8:41 PM
so I'm thinking the compiler decided that was ok
@ssube doesn't matter, that's invalid
but only render()s that return Element work now
what would fit that interface?
@towc It's a partial derivative
8:42 PM
it should be invalid to declare
because only the return type varies
but if the compiler decides to merge two interfaces at some point
@KendallFrey wait wut. are d and meaning different things?
those signatures don't conflict
but it's not two interfaces
8:42 PM
I have a render method that either returns an element or a string, which should fit an interface that requires the function to return one of those types. but it seems to be hitting an interface somewhere that doesn't allow a string
@towc ∂ is just the partial derivative version
I need to brush up on a lot of terms
they basically mean the same thing, but are used in different concepts
having an interface with 2 declarations for different properties doesn't compile
partial just means on a single variable, right?
8:43 PM
can you just f12 and chase the types up until you find that signature?
In this case you have two variables, so two partial derivatives
2 declarations for call signatures shouldn't compile either
{ (): string | number | false | Element | Element[]; (): false | Element; }
oh, I meant that then
if it was somehow merged it would just show (): false | Element
pretty sure
8:44 PM
well, if I end up actually getting another interview at cambridge or imperial, I'm screwed again
or well, will mean I'll have to do some studying
@ssube yeah, compiles but it shouldn't
the code compiles and runs just fine, typescript is just complaining in ways i don't understand. console is empty
interface Foo {
    (): string | number | false | Element | Element[];
    (): false | Element;

const foo: Foo = () => document.getElementById('0');
const bar: Foo = () => 'nope';
it shouldn't be legal
I'm just getting over the flu, and I haven't eaten in like 4 days; It's been just water and gatorade... I'm craving red meat so bad, and I'm never craving red meat
but it does exactly what I'd sort-of-expect
8:45 PM
holy shit dugger don't die
try this lol
here, have my red meat
interface Wat {
    (): string

interface Wat {
    (): boolean

const wat: Wat = () => true;
totally bugging out
if says boolean not assignable to string
@towc I don't eat meat that's been tainted by inferior view libraries like vuejs
but if you do () => ''
8:45 PM
programming interviews are the only ones I know where you're called on to perform and demonstrate what you know.
it says string not assignable to boolean
@ndugger harsh, but fairi
Hi @ndugger
I ran into that irl once
8:46 PM
also fairy
but just refactored around it
@KendallFrey kys
is it Kevin's lucky day to file a TS bug?
also, you mean vue libraries like vuejs?
doing a clean install, need to look over my yarn.lock too
8:47 PM
@towc you're bad
@Webster marketing too, I guess
@Webster porn
Good catch.
as that old lady keeps telling me
@KendallFrey classic :)
8:47 PM
hmmm.. wat.
it's not my fault plants keep falling on her head
  version "16.0.7"
  resolved "https://registry.yarnpkg.com/@types/react/-/react-16.0.7.tgz#f85b6c33c988a1631e2f32fedae71ec6d9718a0d"

  version "16.0.10"
  resolved "https://registry.yarnpkg.com/@types/react/-/react-16.0.10.tgz#a24b630f5f1f170866a148a147d4fc8636ea88e0"
@KamilSolecki marketing? Nobody in marketing knows what the hell they're doing. It's just all social media shitposts these days
@KevinB I've gotten that with chai a few times thanks to a plugin with weird deps
@ssube looks like it's doing & between all return types
8:48 PM
@ndugger unless it's not a shit marketing company
@KamilSolecki all marketing is shit
I just change it to "@types/react@*": and the 16.0.10 version stuff
so number & string is obviously empty
why does my yarn.lock have two lines for that
this isn't the first time i've had that problem
something i've removed still being in the lock, or something i've updated ending up duplicated
8:49 PM
@Mosho yeah, which isn't surprising. I am curious why it accepts multiple call signatures with the same argument list and different return types.
there are 2 ways to fix it:
1) fix it
2) switch to a superior dialect and view system
please pin my video
What would you guys say is an acceptable % of bugs that you get assigned that aren't reproducible from the steps?
@ndugger asmr porn is even more interesting than that
@ndugger why does that have 4 million views
can we get hit by an asteroid already
it's time
8:51 PM
is that badger?
anyone know where I can get a piboy advance kit?
@KendallFrey I think the question in this sentence is missing
ban towc
ndugger, maaan i'm eating rn :(
8:51 PM
@ndugger oh gosh, I didn't even think of that
@KamilSolecki I don't.
but it makes sense
@towc No, it's black noodles
So even more racist
those noodles look like worms
8:52 PM
those worms look like noodles
I don't understand, it's a youtube channel of very loudly chewing?
vuejs is bad
@Mosho What part of "ASMR mukbang" do you not understand?
8:53 PM
@KendallFrey all of it
What's a mukbang?
Mukbang (from Korean: 먹방; meokbang; lit. "eating broadcasting") is an online audiovisual broadcast in which a host eats large quantities of food while interacting with their audience. Usually done through an internet webcast (such streaming platforms include Afreeca), mukbang became popular in South Korea in the 2010s. Foods ranging from pizza to noodles are consumed in front of a camera for an internet audience (who pay or not, depending on which platform one is watching). In each broadcast, a host will often interact with their viewers through online chatrooms. With the rising popularity of these...
the fuck
fetishes have gotten weird
8:54 PM
oh god, I should do that, and make sure to catch on fire or explode something every time
@towc towctobasic?
@towc you're thinking of jackass
how does she have 200k subscribers jesus
she's a really good chewer
have you not seen that?
she's got a purty mouth
8:55 PM
a full re-install with a clean lock file fixed the issue
no she doesn't
is there no porn for someone into acne?
im a big fan of epic mealtime
@towc course there is
@Webster ever tried regular ordinary swedish mealtime?
8:56 PM
theres all the pimple popping porn
this is by far the worst thing I've seen on the internet
@KendallFrey where do I apply?
i like swedish meatballs
I thought I could watch some nasty stuff
but I can't last 5 seconds of that chewing
8:57 PM
@RaisingAgent y tho
pornhub gives 12 results for "acne"
not a lot, but should be enough to last a couple of days
gotta check that out 0.o
holy fuck it does
8:58 PM
posted on October 11, 2017 by Myles Borins

Notable Changes deps: update npm to 5.4.2 #15600 upgrade libuv to 1.15.0 #15745 update V8 to 6.1.534.42 15393 dgram: support for setting dgram socket buffer size #13623 fs: add support O_DSYNC file open constant #15451 util: deprecate obj.inspect for custom inspection #15631 tools, build: there is a fancy new macOS installer #15179 Added new collaborators bmeurer - Benedikt Meurer kf

@Shmiddty people watch it, he has like 300 views on every video
@RaisingAgent y tho
do you ever?
that's the sort of thing you're better off not knowing
8:58 PM
He had a channel called "Jon Eats Carrots", but it got banned from youtube
carrot abuse?
poor carrots
unrelatedly, who wants to watch me chew some basil?
@towc he didn't carrot all
@towc zero
@Shmiddty a bit stretched, but I'll giggle
8:59 PM
that's what she said

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