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12:00 AM
Wow nice
user image
@rlemon @KamilSolecki @Loktar
Nice man, grats!
is that a set?
out of stock ;(
12:02 AM
yeah haha I refreshed the page pretty much every day for like half a year
Came back in stock last week, was gone again within a couple days
i'll call my lego guy
not sure how he gets the sets
You can get them on eBay for double the price, probably
but he comes to the maccas carpark and sells them out of his van
12:14 AM
Why is trig under an algebra 2 course.. i thought trig was it's own course
I have some friends that had to evacuate their house because of the fire this morning
12:29 AM
What fire?
there are 17 fires in northern california right now
That sucks, hopefully them and they're homes are alright
a lot of them started over night and the system is so overloaded that lots of people didnt hear alarms or sirens or warnings, just saw fire approaching
i know right? we are pretty vulnerable to fire
yeah it happens every year
the grape fields in napa -- poof
12:31 AM
the news hasn't been reporting on it nationally afaik really
this year I mean
it wants to happen every year
this is the first I've heard really, there were also some huge fires in Montana like a month ago iirc
conditions are perfect right now
the weed crop also
I think I'm losing hair
I'm growing forehead
12:38 AM
Is that code for you shaved that patchwork of a beard
You know what I realized as a motorcycle rider? Lots of people pick their noses at red lights
regarding the pure js animation thing I asked before.. this is what I came up with:
function animate(from,to,time,callback) {
    var start = new Date().getTime();
    var timer = setInterval(function(){
        var step = Math.min(1,(new Date().getTime()-start)/time);

        var output = {};
        for(var p in from){
        	output[p] = (from[p]+step*(to[p]-from[p]));
        callback( output );

        if( step == 1) clearInterval(timer);
    }, 25);

animate({a:0}, {a:200}, 1000, function(val){
do you think it can be ok?
well, what else are you going to do at a redlight
rub one out?
just one?
well it depends on how long the light is
12:40 AM
phase length === challenge rating
er, inversely proportional to?
plus yknow, on a bike everybody can see you... then you have to make eye contact with everybody to show dominance..
it's just a hassle
there is a symbol for proportional to / inversely proportional to isn't there?
idk lol
while (lightIsRed){}
why so mini
12:42 AM
@Webster Can you up me to 2 from 1 on here? stackoverflow.com/questions/46644841/…
wut, are you askingfor upvotes?
Would you be able to help me with this code? stackoverflow.com/questions/46644841/…
@KevinB Is that a code you would be able to help me with?
@KevinB Am I not allowed to ask for help with a code. I put a lot of effort into it.
12:50 AM
how many photos did you take?
you can certainly ask for help, but... asking for votes is a bit slimey.
I'll be that guy: don't come here asking for upvotes
@towc just that one
@KevinB I put a lot of detail and explanation into the post.
you can come in here asking for upvotes if you want... you'll just get downvoted instead
i don't need to be pinged with each reply
12:52 AM
@KevinB but maybe you could help him with the codes
@KevinB how else will you know you're being talked to @KevinB
So, now no one is going to help me with the code cause I asked for an up vote, thinking, maybe then other people will see my post?
!!tell svgcoding welcome
@svgcoding Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
I came in here asking for help with a code, not to get down voted.
So, then, if every one in here down votes me, no one is ever going to see my post?
12:55 AM
i came in here to learn about javascript but instead all i get are kerbal memes
So, now I'm out of luck basically?
You don't know how this site works do you
Downvotes don't reduce visibility
Please calm down, if anybody is interested in your post, they will help you.
An upvote signifies research level, and I put a lot of detail into my post? Why would you down vote a post that has a lot of detail in it? stackoverflow.com/questions/46644841/…
I didn't, and please stop posting the link
We saw it
Someone did, how much clearer can I be in my post? I think the amount of information I provided was pretty clear and useful.
1:00 AM
Idk, the downvote might not have even come from here
Why would someone in here down vote a post with all that detailed I provided. It did cause it was just at 1.
Now it's at 0.
Sometimes too much detail is bad
I provided good detail though, it was all specifically and thoroughly thought out.
I'm sure it was, but take a step back and realize you're going on about a single downvote
What could I screw up by extending a sealed object with Object.assign() ? It works, just paranoid. Context: object returned by "googleapis.drive({...})"
1:04 AM
Again, an upvote signifies research level. How come I don't have lots of up votes?
You forgot the "is useful, and clear" part.
Maybe the usefulness doesn't extend past you
@Paul sealed like, Object.freeze()?
It was useful and clear. What else can I say in it?
@svgcoding you don't have a lot of upvotes because you haven't researched jack shit. it's a very simple syntax error
if you spent the same amount of time debugging it yourself as you've spent complaining about a single downvote you would have fixed it already
Wait a second, you know how to fix the issue?
@SterlingArcher yeah its Object.freeze() (Proof: github.com/google/google-api-nodejs-client/…)
1:07 AM
I've posted an answer that does it for you, simply to shut you up
@david easy, please
@SterlingArcher ... i will take deep breaths
ty buddy :)
@david Where do I put this: , url('http://via.placeholder.com/266x266'); in here? jsfiddle.net/31exzq4y/6
i don't think sterling would like it if i told you where to put that
1:12 AM
Why not? please.
here's a hint: it had nothing to do with basil
@david In my question I asked, where do I place this part of the code: , url('http://via.placeholder.com/266x266');
In my post I asked where do I place that.
It's time to stop, you're not trying, you're begging
No it's not. in my post I asked where do I place that part of the code.
your question, isn't clear. Yes, you provided a lot of information. but... you didn't specify what is wrong, at least not in a way that I was able to pick up on
other than something isn't working
1:16 AM
Why do people always think continuing post-kick is going to end well?
human nature
have you never watched the show Cops?
UHHH! badboysbadboys
I don't understand how it's begging if all I asked was, ok, thank you for that, now, how do I add the placeholder image behind. That's all.
1:20 AM
What have you tried
Your code shows no attempt to place the background image
@david Thank you for your help making the background flip back and forth.
"I forgot to mention, I would need to be able to place this code somewhere, twice. This is the background image that goes behind the transparent linear-gradient background. The initial class doesn't get an image, only the second two, play, and pause. This isn't currently in the Full Code right now, I'm trying to figure out where to place it."

, url('http://via.placeholder.com/266x266');
And that makes no sense. Place it somewhere, play around with it
I was first trying to get it to flip back and forth before I got to that. Now I'm at that point.
isnt it just css to put a background image on an element?
For the love of god try something
1:25 AM
@SterlingArcher I tried this: playButton2.style.background = 'linear-gradient( to right,transparent 83px,#e77d19 83px, #e77d19 86px, transparent 86px, transparent 174px, #e77d19 174px, #e77d19 177px, transparent 177px ), url('via.placeholder.com/266x266')';
That doesn't work.
did you google how to combine gradients with urls
because I did
It was the first result
Which you should have seen because of all your research effort
This doesn't work: playButton2.style.background-image: url('via.placeholder.com/266x266')';
@svgcoding Here: jsfiddle.net/31exzq4y/7
you needed https:// and to escape the quotes
you need to learn how to program dude
and how to read error messages
this is easy stuff
background-image is not a legal property
please read up on how css properties translate to the DOM
1:30 AM
The \' got me.
inb4 Sterling aneurysm
@david Thank you so much. Greatly appreciated!!!!!
Hey guys, I was wondering if someone could help me out with something. I am trying to check if the url contains the word 'blocked', and if so, runs my if/else. How would I do this? Here is what I've got so far. jsfiddle.net/samgurdus/koyb3eeb/1
@SamGurdus Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
1:39 AM
@SamGurdus checkout String.prototype.contains()
Ok, thanks
if (window.location.contains("blocked"))
what you've got so far is... interesting, where did you get it?
something like that
@david It is a bookmarklet I am working on. I am making it so when your employer/school blocks a page, you can click the bookmarklet and it will send you to an unblocked version.
1:42 AM
oh gosh
Okay, so maybe I should save the url as a variable and then do the string check?
why do you need the check?
If you are caught circumventing a blocked site at your job, you can literally get fired for that
is it really that bad if you use the tunnel on a page that's not blocked?
1:44 AM
it is if you work primarily with the government lol
1^2 = 1^3 but 3 != 2
@david There are two web filters at my school. One of them redirects you, and the other replaces all of the page with a blocked warning.
I want it to detect if it is the redirected one or if it is a normal url and based on that, choose which function to run.
@Tobiq e^(i*pi) + 1 = 0 but 0 != 1 != i != e != pi
real numbers pls
1:46 AM
4 of those are real
i'm so tired I thought the ! was just an upsidedown i
whats the premise of your deconstruction
But how do you do the upside down ^
@Tobiq What do you mean by deconstruction?
@KendallFrey umpossible
> 0 != 1 != i != e != pi
1:47 AM
I mean that none of those numbers are equal
yes but why would they ever be equal
Why would 2 and 3 ever be equal?
because they're all real
all real numbers should really be equal
1^2 = 1^3
@Tobiq That doesn't make them equal
1:48 AM
log_1(1^2) = log_1(1^3) = 2log_1(1) = 3log_1(1) =
I have a quick question.

Would it make sense to change width / height to padding?

<button id="playButton2" style="display:block; width: 266px; height: 266px;
you can literally do 1^n with any number and have it equal 1
@Tobiq I don't think log1 is a thing
any number?
1^i = syntax error
@SterlingArcher every number I'm aware of
@Tobiq Syntax in which language?
1:50 AM
mathematics? matlab?
I did that here and there was no noticeable difference: testpage34567.blogspot.com
@KendallFrey isn't 1^-n = -1?
no 1
@Tobiq That's fine in math. 1 is the multiplicative identity, ^ is the exponentiation operator, and i^2 = -1
@SterlingArcher no
1/1^n = 1
1^(-1^0.5) = error
1:52 AM
That's valid
Oh right
how? is it 1?
Unless you're dealing with strictly real numbers
@Tobiq -1^0.5 is i, and 1^i is 1
@SterlingArcher was this serious
Can I quickly clarify. @Tobiq, when you posted the 1^2 = 1^3 but 3 != 2 comment you were making a joke right? You didn't actually think that it's some amazing quirk?
1:53 AM
so 1 to the imaginary is 1?
@Tobiq yes?
1 to anything is 1
except chuck norris
@david its a math trick
@SterlingArcher tfw Tobi thinks you're talking shit about math
1:54 AM
it's not a trick...
Nor genius
if x^y = x^z z==y
unles x=1
it's like saying 2 * 0 === 3 * 0 but 2 !== 3
or 0
I am not capable of shit talking math
1:55 AM
david thats anothor trick
actually x=anything
0*2 = o*3 but 2!=3
I think any base can yield the same result for an infinite number of powers
that's not a trick ><
Equivalently, the logarithm function has infinitely many solutions
1:56 AM
quick q in math can a domain be non-numeric
@david tbf, there are a lot of i-can-prove-1=2 "tricks" that do that
isnt log 1 0
@Tobiq yeah
what about log_1(1)
@KendallFrey they at least try to hide it though
1:57 AM
is that R? or even all numbers including mimagineary
@Tobiq log base 1 isn't a thing
why not?
A: log base 1 of 1

SarunasThe reason why it is not convenient to define $\log$ for the base of $1$ is simple: $$\log_11=\frac{\log_e 1}{\log_e 1}$$ But the denominator is $0$ and thus the division doesn't make any sense unless we're working with limits :)

x^y = z then logx(z) = y
It's equivalent to dividing by zero
1:59 AM
x/0 != infinty
@Tobiq You can make it meaningful in a context, maybe. Such as a limit.
@Tobiq it's undefined
this conversation is hurting me
wait so is N/N NaN
No, it's 1
NaN isn't a mathematical object
2:01 AM
1/0 cos 0 is in N
1/0 is undefined
yeah so isnt N/N undefined
57 secs ago, by Kendall Frey
No, it's 1
natural number is 0+
so wouldnt u get N/0
or 1+
Is N supposed to represent specifically a natural number?
2:02 AM
isnt that N+? 1+
N=set of natural numbers
You can't use a set as the numerator, afaik
{x/y | x,y > N}
is that right?
Probably not quite but I think I know what it means
i have no idea what you are discussing
i dont have the "element in set" character on keyboard
2:03 AM
That's the set of positive rationals, then, right?
@SterlingArcher MAFS
N = {0,1,2,..} right?
or {1,2,3,...}
isnt that N+
@KendallFrey oh right, duh, clearly you're talking about MAFS
what the hell is MAFS
2:04 AM
N^2 = N, right?
so is N = 0?
"the set of natural numbers" is too ambiguous for me to assume one or the other without context
wait no its {(0,0), (0,1), (1,0), (1,1),...}
@SterlingArcher lol a cockney pronunciation of math
@Tobiq How do you square a set?
2:05 AM
u get the pairs right
cartesian product?
2 dimesintions cos 2nd degree
idk what its called but the guy at the front said its like that
I think so
So what about that set of pairs?
idek anymore
N^2 != N right
2:07 AM
do u know what the zero set it
Lol I'm listening to Susskind lecturing on GR in the background. I'm learning nothing from it.
@Tobiq the set with no elements, right?
gausian russian?
yeah do u know the russleburg set
@Tobiq GR = general relativity
@Tobiq no, googling
learn a lot about alice and bob
the set that contains all sets that dont contain themselves
this is amazing stuff
2:08 AM
@Tobiq Oh, I know that one, and it's definitely not called "russleberg"
i know it starts with an R
i learnt what T from numpy is
vector/matrix multiplication is insane
pretty sexy tho
when a computer does it
I did it by hand
I just erased some from my whiteboard
what kind of matrix/vector multiplication?
2:10 AM
the normal kind, I'd guess
they should put it in calculators
and what there are multiple ways to do it? too complex
what's insane about that? :|
To your average farmer kid who went to 8th grade, it's black magic.
1+2 = 2+1
i greew up in the urbs of wonderful london
2:11 AM
@Tobiq but matrix multiplication isn't
@KendallFrey of course thats rookie stuff
there's no vector multiplication
what age is this done in the us
If you like violating commutativity, look into hypercomplex numbers, specifically the quaternions and octonions.
we did [1,2,3] dot [1,2,3]^T
2:13 AM
@littlepootis There are multiple kinds
that's dot product
dot and cross, maybe more but I forget
and u cant do [1,2] * [1,2]
insane rules
complex calculus is insane
Oh there's also the product of a column vector and a row vector, whatever that's called.
2:14 AM
@KendallFrey dsot product u have to rotate
I know
its like trying to multiple a bike with a table
counter intuitive
It's not like trying to multiply a bike with a table
it works
i was taught u can do (1,2) dot (3,4) like 1*3 + 2*4 is that fake?
That's basically the definition of dot product
2:16 AM
but now the rpoffesr is saying u have to rotate
You can learn dot product with no grounding in matrices, it's that simple
its like numpy in real life
@Tobiq In terms of a matrix product, a dot product is the product of a row vector and a column vector
You don't need to think of it that way, but it's a generalized form
do u know what orthanormal is
bloody CS
too much maths lemme just program websites
my lecturer is teaching JS from scratch what should i do
use the free time to make something like facebook? isnt that what mark did with his spare time
@Tobiq After refreshing my memory googling, yes
@Tobiq Yes but make something cool instead
2:20 AM
brb when im rich
and not behind on my uni work
@KendallFrey lmao savage
@KendallFrey i.imgur.com/V4uLQO5.gifv damn he got air
Don't call me savage, that honour should go to the other prominent Canadian of the room
@SterlingArcher I love the graphics in the new GTA
@KendallFrey omg im telling
Could someone help me figure out what is wrong with this code? Thanks. jsfiddle.net/samgurdus/koyb3eeb/4
2:37 AM
@SamGurdus I bet the console could
I think it has to do with it being a bookmarklet
that explains the prefix that doesn't belong
the javascript:void?
2:58 AM

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