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4:04 PM
I'm so unbelievably happy today that I might even help some noobs.
@Shmiddty It's been 20 years. You can't just waltz back into my life like this.
@copy my solution is for(a=b=c=1;b<2e9;b=a+(a=b))c=b+[c];print(c) what's yours?
I have no ideas for that last character.
@rlemon This is your chance to mess with the guy in the JamExchange room.
4:07 PM
was just about to say that
if he asks for dirty pics send him caprica's source code
so he knows what's going on underneath ;)
4:19 PM
Q: Is there a consolidated API reference for the Firefox browser.xul?

cxwI have used Greasemonkey many times and am stepping up to Firefox extension development. Is there a consolidated reference for the variables, functions, and anything else that is available to overlays on browser.xul? Besides gBrowser, I note from the source that there are at least gNavToolbox, ...

@RickyWilson Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
!!> (1/11).toFixed(50)
@Shmiddty 0.09090909090909091
@Shmiddty "SyntaxError: missing name after . operator"
@Shmiddty "0.09090909090909091161414323778444668278098106384277"
!!> 0..toFixed(50)
@Shmiddty "0.10000000000000000555111512312578270211815834045410"
@Shmiddty "SyntaxError: identifier starts immediately after numeric literal"
@Shmiddty "0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000"
4:29 PM
somebody wanna test a sexy effect for me ?
@Shmiddty Got it
@copy yeah?
i<2e9 is the part
Based on the observation, that the last i is close to 1 << 30
4:38 PM
Coworker gives me ftp/sftp/shell login details for the company website as images. I tell him the passwords aren't working. He tells me to copy & paste them. I tell him I can't copy and paste from an image and his response is "Write it in notepad, copy and paste it."
!!afk just testing
@AbhishekHingnikar Can you pick up some milk on your way back?
@AbhishekHingnikar Turns out I already have milk. Oops.
:o wow thats impressive !
4:43 PM
What's impressive?
The afk stuff?
@eazimmerman Hurry back, ok?
it got fixed :)
@eazimmerman I thought you'd never come back!
yup :)
4:48 PM
!!> new Date().toLocaleString()
@OctavianDamiean "October-17-13 12:48:02 PM"
canadia, eh?
Didja miss me?
@SomeKittens It's been 20 years. You can't just waltz back into my life like this.
4:53 PM
You knew what you were getting into when you decided to marry a stripper.
You heard it here first, folks. SomeKittens is a stripper.
@KendallFrey Yeah, are we friends on Steam?
@OctavianDamiean in what situation? Either plain pull or --rebase
@copy nothing is standing out to me... b>>30 is the same length as b<2e9
@SomeKittens I believe I sent an invite
5:00 PM
I don't see you...
@Shmiddty Remember how numbers wrap around at that range
@SomeKittens Check again.
Q: Visual editor javascript errors

Rick ColosimoToday, my visual editor wasn't working well. It started with being unable to add a link using link button. Then I found I couldn't switch to the text editor to add the link manually. I re-installed the latest wp update using the button on the updates page. No change. I started in Firefox; exper...

5:05 PM
@SomeKittens Sent a third invite
b<<1>0 adds a character...
still not seeing it
what's your Steam name?
@SomeKittens Are you checking the website or the app?
The app has delays sometimes
@ThiefMaster so when a user is question banned and admits to just saying "fuck it i'll open a new account" what is the course of action
5:07 PM
@rlemon Kill him
@copy Hahahaha
@KendallFrey added
@SomeGuy The app, but I just got an invite from @eazimmerman
@rlemon The Thunderdome.
I usually don't add level 0's because it brings down my rep
5:08 PM
in HTML / CSS / DOM / webdesign, 7 mins ago, by rlemon
well there are a number of meta posts telling you how to get unbanned
just read here down
fucking Chris Johnson
@Loktar I just signed up today.
lol Im j/j
I figured as much
@SomeKittens Send me an invite. I wonder if none of my invites went through
@MehmetFatihYıldız don't make it bad
5:09 PM
I think I sent one to @Loktar
it may have been the wrong loktar
@KendallFrey sent
but you accepted mine
so we're friends on there now
Pretty sure it was the right one
There's only one with your avatar, right?
im not sure, but its the one with the pixelized image of myself
^ I had to stand in that position for like 4 hours
5:11 PM
yourself lol
tell me another
as the artist drew me pixel by pixel
this picture
its the stupidest pixel art I've ever came across
its from an old c64 game, i love it
i can't help it, but everytime I see it I instantly think the guy is getting a blowjob
5:11 PM
haha yea
that face is perfect too man
@SomeKittens you can send me that gift any time
I can't play until this weekend though
oh no another gets the terreria bug?
I would have played more if I wasn't so nervous about the job situation, hard to relax and game :?
I was offered it free. Can't say no.
and... bf3 is out Tuesday!
@KendallFrey no its a cool game
5:13 PM
@Loktar Well, you're back to your job now, right?
the whole room is playing it just about
I will be Monday @KendallFrey but.. theres some issues when the next contract starts Nov 20th
so we will see if I still have a job after that
Im being proactive though, putting out my resume a bit
going to get my projects/portfolio in order as well
Alright, before I punch myself in the face for another day, here's my problem:
Working on IE9 support. Current status: Placeholders (which we use everywhere) don't happen in IE9. I've got a pretty nifty plugin that does it for me, but doesn't work on dynamically added content (it needs to be called every time we add something with a placeholder). Some work from last night with @OctavianDamiean proved that listening for DOM mutation events was even stupider than it sounds. CSS animation hacks aren't supported in IE9. Where should I look next?
@Loktar i got Terraria too
5:21 PM
@SomeKittens Hook in the code that adds placeholders
@copy Where? The trouble is detecting when HTML that includes placeholders has been added.
Well, you're adding that HTML so you must know when you are doing it
Unfortunately, that code's a bit lasagnafied.
I think DOM handlers would make that worse
That's where I was working before the party last night but eventually concluded that that wherever I stuck the code, it'd stick out like a sore thumb.
5:26 PM
If the code is lasagnafied, you need to unlasagnafy it
TIL lasagnafied
@copy I'm scared, be online. :(
@BadgerGirl I'm on line. Can hear you very clear. Over.
Know what's kind of sad? I recognize BadgerGirl's avatar.
@KendallFrey Awesome!
5:29 PM
@OctavianDamiean It's like spaghetti code, but with more layers!
@Loktar fuck looking for another job, lets just dive into Terraria together and forget about the material world.
@BadgerGirl pregnancy scare?
@copy siiiigh I wish I could.
@SomeKittens how is thr html? Full string or dom?
5:30 PM
@OctavianDamiean I'll tell you in 3 hours.
@FlorianMargaine uh, rendered Dust
@SomeKittens I have a hack-ish idea.
Actually, never mind.
It might not even work.
5:33 PM
@SomeKittens the html that you dynamically add, that is
I'm quite sure it won't. Forget about it.
@SomeKittens Use the force
Oh no, I haz another hack-ish idea! :D
Image element that serves as a beacon.
If you do what the Austrian says, you will regret it. Trust me
I'm trying to implement a SignIn with Google+ on my app, but I keep having this error:

SecurityError: Blocked a frame with origin "https://myapp.appspot.com" from accessing a frame with origin "https://accounts.google.com". Protocols, domains, and ports must match.
as you can see I'm already using https on my app, but still having this problem. and this isn't letting my server method be called onSignedIn
have anyone faced this same origin policy problem?
5:36 PM
Every time you add a placeholder element, it'll also add an image element that'll try to load an image, now load an image (really tiny 1x1px transparent), the idea is that you listen to the load event on the image.
@SomeKittens ^
I haven't tried any of this.
@SomeKittens do a test on the string to see if there's a placeholder
Wait, is there an error event that you can catch on image elements?
@FlorianMargaine that'll work. Now to find where all this stuff is.
puts on spelunking hat
@OctavianDamiean yah, it's commonly used in XSS attacks.
Then you don't even have to load the image at all.
5:49 PM
!!todo write article on 'proper debugging in JavaScript'
@SomeKittens make sure to include trace.gl
> As a single file app, it only requires Node.js and runs anywhere, on your machine or in my butt.
I love that extension
I'm using it too.
Earlier, I saw an ad that read "EXCLUSIVE BUTT ACCESS"
Because of the automatic synchronization of Chrome, I have it in the office too.
I wanted to show my boss something the other day, and of course it replaced cloud with butt. He was pretty confused. :D
5:55 PM
!!afk lunch
@OctavianDamiean I'm waiting for that to happen
@rlemon ^
@OctavianDamiean I'm not dead! Honest!
@SomeKittens btw I'd do a simple cbeck on the string placeholder. Doesn't matter if the plugin is launched for nothing if there is some text with placeholder once in a while. Except if you have this string in every html fragment because some element is duplicated dverywhere ofc...
5:57 PM
(Technically, the check needs to be for the placeholder attribute placeholder= as we use the class placeholder for iffy reasons)
Wait a minute, placeholder as in input attribute?
@OctavianDamiean input/textarea
Oh damn!
I misunderstood then. :D
Yea, my hack makes no sense at all hehe
Good thing I was ignoring your advice
6:02 PM
add a 1x1px image to the html - snipplet with an inline load or error-handler that initialises the placeholder-shim - method
I thought you meant a stub HTML construct. :D
@GNi33 that was kind of what I thought but without the actual 1x1 image.
@GNi33 the hell? Join TS dammit!
6:21 PM
strange. no errors
@rlemon I awoke on Thu, 17 Oct 2013 18:21:32 GMT (that's about 6 seconds ago), learned 185 commands
@OctavianDamiean I gonna pass tonight. This stupid sound card / crash thing has made me rage.
@mikedidthis Look at what the cat dragged in...
6:27 PM
Oh man I ate too much...
@AlexeyDmitriev Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
posted on October 17, 2013 by Peter Beverloo

A total of 1,800 commits were made by 437 authors in the Blink, Chromium, v8 and Skia repositories last week. Animations in Blink are getting a large overhaul as the implementation of Web Animations is progressing, bringing along new features and a ton of bug-fixes. WebKit, by the way, announced their intentions to start working […]

@rlemon what dubstep?
Coldfusion is weird. I didn't know there was bracket and dot notation for FORM/URL values. Bleh.. waste of an hour..
@SomeKittens Thanks
6:40 PM
Watch me ragequit after 10 minutes of not being able to access the third dimension. :P
I will punch you and take your lunch money
Bullies should start using Square readers so they can bully people into swiping their cards when they dont have cash.
(that was a joke, I hate bullies lol)
@RUJordan they could just email it? square.com/cash
@RUJordan and yes bullies are indeed dicks.
6:44 PM
@RUJordan OpressPal is for that
If you don't email me your lunch money right now I will wedgie you SO HARD.
I like wedgies C:
if you say that you will either not get bullied or get bullied even harder
It will... decide to give you a permanent wedgie
legally change your name to Reggie
Reggie the wedgie
It works perfectly if you pronounce your "R's" like "W's"
6:46 PM
!!tell eazimmerman youtube weird al virus alert
woohoo, ie8 errors on foo.prototype.delete = function(){};
'unexpected identifier'
Hey peeps, anyone has any opinion for the new facebook/twitter library called React ?
never heard of it
6:49 PM
but I think low of social media
They are saying that they "solved" the DOM performance problem
They said that they can change only the part where it is needed instead of reconstructing the element
And it puts in the memory
how big is that element? Just blitting an element into DOM shouldn't cause any performance issues
unless they were building it while it was in the document already
No idea, that is what they propose
6:57 PM
@Incognito es3 doesn't allow keywords as identifiers, not new
@eazimmerman just think sexy thoughts and get a hard on while getting the wedgie and acting like you enjoy it
then you will get beaten up, but no more wedgies
@rlemon Give opinions on React !! facebook.github.io/react/index.html
I need to know if I'm going to love or hate
And weird rep too
!!tell AndréSilva choose "Love React" "Hate React"
@SomeKittens Command choolse does not exist. Did you mean: choose
@AndréSilva Love React
7:00 PM
I feel like sponge bob now..
@rlemon "acting"
Why my professor's university wants that I use Python on Windows?
Now I install with Terminal
and this not find the packet of msi
@BenjaminGruenbaum, @JanDvorak, @FlorianMargaine I've seen something strange in ES5 spec : ecma-international.org/ecma-262/5.1/#sec-11.13.1
> Throw a SyntaxError exception if the following conditions are all true:
Isn't it the opposite ?
I mean, shouldn't the exception be thrown if the conditions aren't all true ?
when I try to perform a JSON.stringify on a JSON I get a:

"Blocked a frame with origin "https://myapp.appspot.com" from accessing a frame with origin "https://accounts.google.com". Protocols, domains, and ports must match."

any ideas?
There's no such thing as a "JSON object".
7:12 PM
@dystroy edited
What were you trying to stringify ? Are you sure there wasn't a reference to an element?
You were trying to stringify a string ?
I understand If I was making a request from http to a https.. by I'm making from https to https.
@dystroy its not a string.. I've checked it.
@dystroy I think the point is to prevent writes to arguments or from eval in strict mode
its a json.. I am able to access its attributes like json.attribute
GetReferencedName(lref) is either "eval" or "arguments" doesn't seem like a good sufficient condition for not-a syntax error
7:14 PM
I just can't understand why it happens when I try to make the JSON.stringify.. I thought it was something with the ajax request..
but its not.
@JanDvorak OK, got it ! Thanks. I should have drink this rhum. As I'm sober I have no excuse...
umm a js library written by facebook?
the premise alone tells me to hate it
what's the main reason for this error:

"Blocked a frame with origin "https:..." from accessing a frame with origin "https://...". Protocols, domains, and ports must match."
why should this happen ^
My guess is the protocols, domains and ports don't match.
!!tell rogcg wiki same-origin policy
and probably the domain or port doesn't match
protocols are cool
probably the domains don't match. Port is usually always 80
but why does this happen on JSON.stringify call??
Is there some object doing weird stuff in toString?
7:19 PM
@JanDvorak what?
@rogcg You mix terms but you seem to be trying to stringify a DOM element. You can't do that.
does it really happen in JSON.stringify? This doesn't seem like it should.
@dystroy and that would cause a protocol/port related problem?
@JanDvorak at least this is what the chrome debugger warns me.
7:21 PM
must... see... screenshot
@rogcg yes, it can. Because the element points to window, and all the stuff it contains, and by recursively calling everything that looks like a property, it can do about anything... and if your page has frames, that's totally logic.
See this related question
Q: JSON.stringify deep objects

dystroyI need a function building a JSON valid string from any argument but : avoiding recursivity problem by not adding objects twice avoiding call stack size problem by truncating past a given depth Generally it should be able to process big objects, at the cost of truncating them. As reference, ...

screenshot is comming..
@user2466277 Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
7:29 PM
as you can see the error happens before the ajax request is made.
What's authResult?
a json with security token, user id and stuff from google Sign In button request.
@rogcg Please read json.org You go on misusing the "json" word which makes you very unclear
if it's already JSON, why are you stringifying it again?
@JanDvorak because I want it as a json string. and it is as an object notation.
7:36 PM
object != object notation
Damn... I just had to point a user to with...
@dystroy Ew
JSON = string, encoding an object (typically)
@RyanKinal How would you have answered this comment ?
Is it possible attach a reference "local" scope? So for example in this case : window.a = 12, I'm scoping a to window, and can be accessed later by calling window.a. Is it possible to do something like local.a = 13 such that by just calling a, I get 13? — chibro2 5 mins ago
7:38 PM
@dystroy if with is the answer, the question is probably wrong
This is one of those guys who don't know JS and absolutely want to use it in a different way of how it works. There seems to be more and more of them...
"that's not how javascript works"
Like the guys who absolutely want a sleep function...
@JanDvorak menstruation
@KendallFrey You're invited to answer or comment the question...
Q: Is it possible to force the left hand side of an `=` to fully evaluate to a reference before the right hand side is evaluated?

chibro2To expand on the question, I want this statement to be possible: declare("Hello") = bindVal("World") where both declare and bindVal are functions that does something like this: function declare(p){ return window[p] } function bindVal(x){ return x } The point here is that declare runs some o...

I'm growing tired of trying to make sense from his comments...
so in other words, there's no way to lift local variable of an inner function to the local scope of the outer function in such a setup: function f1(){ function f2(){ var x = "lift me" }; console.log(x) }chibro2 3 mins ago
7:41 PM
!!afk food so I don't starve
@SomeKittens Can you pick up some milk on your way back?
sure thing, honey
@SomeKittens Where's the milk?
@dystroy You can only do that in JScript with COM.
7:41 PM
@SomeKittens so you're back already?
!!afk getting milk
!!> var json = '{"lol":2}' // do you call this a json or a json string?
@eazimmerman Why are you leaving me!?
to get milk!
@eazimmerman Where were you!?
7:42 PM
to get milk.
@cc "undefined"
@cc I call it a string literal containing JSON
hmm k
@cc That would be a JSON encoding an object
itself encoded as a string literal
that is not part of a JSON
an object json-encoded, hmm k, since 'foo' is also a json
7:50 PM
!!> JSON.parse('1')
@cc "SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected keyword"
JSON.parse("1") //valid
JSON.parse("one") //not valid
!!> JSON.parse('"foo"')
@NagaJolokia "foo"
7:53 PM
well caught
!!> JSON.parse("1") === JSON.parse(1)
@cc true
anyone familiar with highcharts? I am trying to do something fairly advanced and I'm not sure it's clearly anywhere in their documentation
define fairly advanced
what precisely
7:57 PM
@cc not covered by most tutorials
when it's very advanced you'd better go with d3js.org
@JanDvorak yes :D
or vanilla's canvas
@JanDvorak Now I am

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