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2:00 PM
gonna download it on Friday
Yay, someone knows the group!
what is mine, i forgot
lemonmeme.com/Terraria%20Designer/index2.html if anyone has a better way to display the block types (click on the first bucket on the right) feel free to suggest / code it :P
You haven't set yours
why the hell do I get a shit url like that?
ok? how do I do that?
6.6hours of Terraria? WTF?
Account details, I think?
what the hell did I do yesterday, dammit
2:05 PM
Oh, it's on Edit Profile on the profile page, yeah
seriously, that didn't feel like 6.6 hours
ooooh, the game was running while I was on the phone with the gf
2:06 PM
errybody be my friend steamcommunity.com/id/_nderscore
@rlemon Haha, but it isn't actual play time :/
I finally picked up terraria a few mins ago. hooray sale!
more than half of it is now
Most of my Awesomenauts hours are playtime
!!urban steam
2:07 PM
@cc steam A one-shot-one-kill weapon usable by gaming companies to kill a game. See "awp".
probably 100 hours of idle.
since people got back into it I've logged 300 hours
!!urban awp
@cc [AWP](http://awp.urbanup.com/968902) Arctic Warfare Police sniper rifle; can be chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO (.308 Winchester) .338 Laupa (8.60x70mm), .300 Win Mag., or 7mm Rem. Mag.

British-made; uses the common (maybe too common) Mauser action; has an effective range of 800m for .308 variants and 1100+ meters for magnum varians. Despite what ignorant people think, the AW Police does NOT fire .338 Laupa; it actually fires a 7.62x51mm round (.308). It has a magazine capacity of 5+1 rounds. It is used by the Swedes, the German Bundeswehr, and of course, the Brits.
is there a plugin to auto commit git with sublime text or aptana
alright, what am I supposed to do with those weird cards I get on Steam?
2:11 PM
hmm cool fishing or whatever spam javainstall.org/topic/java/download.php?country=FR&ext= (doesn't seem official to me)
@bushdiver on eclipse there is.. but you'd better use git from cmd line
@cc hmm aptana is eclipse. why better use cmd line?
Did @SomeKittens have a Terraria gift code that he wanted to give me?
@KendallFrey SomeKittens is afk: booze with Irishman
Hi, is there a way to get html inside a div except selects? i tried with .not but doesn't work
thank you!
2:15 PM
@GNi33 Sell 'em
If it doesn't work, what does it do?
@bushdiver because most GUIs tend to get it wrong.
Or if you care enough, collect them and trade them for backgrounds and other useless badges and stuff
I just sell the ones I get
@OctavianDamiean ah - I don't mean gui, when I save a file in aptana/sublime text, I want it to also auto-commit in git
sell them for what?
2:17 PM
@bushdiver that's quite a bad idea.
i want to get the HTML contents of .mydiv except selects.. i get Object has no method 'not'
@bushdiver commit != save
@Fuiba .html() returns a string, it won't have the method 'not'.
@Fuiba something like this should work... $(".mydiv").html().replace(/<select.*?\/select>/g,'')
bad idea because I'm skipping "staging" ?
Hey guys, could anyone of the >10k users. Tell me what the response of the StackExchange Api for a deleted question is, when authenticated ?

2:19 PM
@KendallFrey Terraria is only $2.49 right now
@bushdiver commits should relate to points in your code?
another way to do it would be...
but if you want to do it via sublime: github.com/kemayo/sublime-text-git
var clone = $('.mydiv').clone();
var datHTMLwithoutSelectz = clone.html();
@bushdiver first of all you can't commit without staging. Then a commit is a logical change in the application/project, so just because you've saved one file doesn't necessarily mean that the change is done.
2:20 PM
@OctavianDamiean looks like there is no tile images for the ice colours
they just mask the ice block
@SomeGuy alright, i can't sell them because I never bought something on Steam the during the last year :D
Yep, shaders.
Item_161.png is a sticky block
ok, I'll just collect that stuff, why not
@OctavianDamiean BUT there is a new tiledata image for the tile type ;)
2:21 PM
@rlemon yea, you're looking for tile_161 not item_161
those are not masked.
@GNi33 Haha, sell it after you've bought something, unless you're fond of collecting cards and then like.
@OctavianDamiean I have the tiles
@eazimmerman I know, but I was offered it free.
I'm good for tiles
2:22 PM
Hey, Im about to start with unit-testing in an application, does anyone here have any experience with the JsTestDriver framework? Or are there any other frameworks you could recommend?
I need the item images now for the tile select menu
You'll see that there are no separate images for the pickax and all the other basic tools and weapons.
There's only the iron ones, the rest are done using a shader.
They also have negative IDs internally.

JamExchange FM39.426

Featuring DJ Caprica. Room player: gist.github.com/CS1000/4553...
better name
Anyone an idea ?
@rlemon Aaaand joined
2:28 PM
@RyanKinal good thing you were already an owner ;)
!!tell me when SomeKittens gets here
@KendallFrey Command when does not exist.
I expected you to be a part of this :P
thank you so much @nderscore
2:29 PM
@rlemon lol
Big surprise, eh?
@rlemon Perfect, thanks! So it seems if a question is deleted you can't get it via the api, regardless of the reputation, thats good.
Also, I sometimes wonder if the Canadians think I'm making fun of them when I use "eh?". But it's really a habit.
I've said it before and I'll say it again. Unless a redneck, we only really use 'eh' as a question
just like you did there
I realize :-)
@rlemon I thought eh was always a question.
2:42 PM
unless you are a redneck :P
Good morning y'all
and I have no idea where 'aboot' came from
@rlemon I don't even know how to not make it a question.
french canadian accents maybe?
@rlemon Yeah, because we don't say aboot. Aboot is something that goes on afoot.
2:43 PM
i feel most of the stereotypical canadian speech is based on french canadians
Ze poutine!
I'd say "Zeuh poutine"
Honestly, though, you do pronounce the "out" sound differently than most Americans.
I can't quite describe it, though
But it's not long oo
2:45 PM
It's of a ehhooh (say that quickly)
But it's close enough that it can be exaggerated to be the long "oo" for comedic effect :-)
Americans say aahooh
When Americans try to pronounce it like we do, they say something in between oo and oh
My mom still speaks American.
See, I hear it more as "almost two syllables" (short a, long u) from Canadians, while Americans blend them into one sound (ow).
Now I'm confused
Hey, how do Brits say it?
Huh. I'm not sure.
2:49 PM
Do most foreign countries say that we speak American and not English?
I say English, but sometimes its helpful to distinguish
(OMG rhyme)
I think the proper term is "American English"
I can speak broken english.
lol I think the main country that says "American" is the US
2:51 PM
> I speak American!
when people say that it cracks me up
It kind of makes sense though, what with different connotations and slang usage. America has kind of taken a branch off of classic "English"
I am half Canadian, half pubic wig.
yay windows 8.1 is available as a free download for me
2:53 PM
I don't get it.
Get what? Laid?
On the remote machine a simple git status takes about 2 minutes to complete?
Ha xD
I'm the worst type of Canadian. An original one.
2:55 PM
Hipster Canadian
hah, this is fucking brilliant
I was Canadian before Canada was founded
@Slipfish Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
2:57 PM
I have nipples since I was born.
Some people have more than two nipples
Some people have boobs in their armpit.
so this girl that I just started seeing might come to puerto rico with me
@Shmiddty Oh, it's you again...
and I'm so excited.
Oh, nice.
What yer doin in Puerto Rico?
3:03 PM
Leaving me alone with the bot?
First Zirak now you!?
I'm leaving November 9th
and I'll be gone til the 17th
Yea, that's fine, leave me alone, I don't need anyone.
Go already.
I might hop on here and share pictures
How would I go about injecting php/JS code through ajax to a page?
3:04 PM
@Shmiddty Nekid pictures?
Sort of like Windows Update injects code into Windows to add/remove stuff from the user's system.
@OctavianDamiean There might be scantily clad women in some of these pictures
@Mr.IDon'tCare injecting PHP into a page after it has been requested is not going to do anything.
@OctavianDamiean The page has a ajax div that keeps refreshing every 10 seconds or so and gets new data.
@Mr.IDon'tCare It's called "polling"
3:06 PM
That's cool, however that's either JSON or HTML or whatever, not PHP.
I mean you can send it a PHP string but you're not going to be happy about it.
Oh hello, my post-update hook isn't working.
Dis strange.
That explains some mysteries.
I killed the living wall thing last night, and got a pwnhammer
@eazimmerman died a lot.
Most people have more eyes than the average person
@Shmiddty you play too?!?!?!?!??!?!?
@Shmiddty not my fault
i still want a fish for a pet penguin
@rlemon I was playing with you the other day on @OctavianDamiean's server...
yea for some reason I kept thinking it was @eazimmerman
3:11 PM
Because someone else uses Shmiddty?
I don't understand. :p
Because 8pm rlemon is what?
(I live a sad life)
druhhhh - nk
I'm cutting back.
I was pretty drunk last night
3:11 PM
2 beers in?
last few days only had 3-4 beers a night
@rlemon I tend to do 1-3 beers per night
i had 3 beers last night. i spilled one, and i was sober -___-
I was to the point where I Was polishing off a six+
not good
so time to cut it back.
So, for some reason, I tend to get more drunk off of keg beer than bottled beer.
3:13 PM
why do you drink beer every night?
because it's delicious?
to forget he's drunk ?
It's half past 5 beers.
@OctavianDamiean I may stay up till the am, just to hear drunk Lemon.
@FlorianMargaine because I have a problem and crave it. addiction / alcoholism w/e you wanna call it.
I know I have a problem, but I'm ok with it so long as I keep it under control. not getting plastered is keeping it under control (imo)
3:14 PM
@rlemon did you try going to AA meetings?
no because it doesn't interfere with my life, just my gaming :P
was the !!/afk fix already rolled out to "production"? (hehe, this is production)
I don't get drunk and drive, or drink and goto work. I get home from work and have a few beers.
sometimes a few turns into more than a few :/
if the sometimes is once a week it's alright
as long as you aren't beating your girlfriend, I don't think there's anything wrong with that
3:15 PM
but if it's every night... then you're alcoholic
I don't drink except at social events or if I go out for dinner.
@FlorianMargaine it was getting to be every night, hence me saying i'm cutting it back.
@Sergio Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
geese, read up man
I was answering this
56 secs ago, by rlemon
sometimes a few turns into more than a few :/
geez, read up man
3:17 PM
last night I didn't get drunk, nor the night before
so i'm on a good track for this week.
but I did have three beers last night, and three the night before. (spread out over the evening)
I just really like beer.
yeah 3 beers over 5 hours isn't bad
I just really like cannabinoids.
and when I do drink 6, it is usually spread between 6pm and 1am
3:18 PM
Go to Google, and type in 'cat breading' and hit enter, and then go to images...
or not
or cat inbred
in HTML / CSS / DOM / webdesign, 1 min ago, by Purify
I'm like a global variable. I'm into everything.
3:21 PM
this room isn't dead?
@nderscore ^_^
I prefer bananas to be under-ripe, and have some green
green bananas have more starch than yellow bananas
3:25 PM
@FlorianMargaine i refuse to believe ur statement
when they ripen the starch turns to sugar
I like #4
that's why yellow banans are sweet
I like the #7
3:26 PM
i used to like between 6 and 7. when they start to freckle
but they can go bad too fast to catch them in that state
so i aim for 5
At #7, it's perfect to make banana cake
@nderscore everyone i know hates the banana runts
i love them
yeah, that's the only way I'll eat a #7, in cakes and breads
#4 is my jam
3:27 PM
I'll take all the ones they don't want
that delicious artificial banana flavor
have you had chewy runts?
I have not
chewy runts are good
So good
they're like runts
but chewy
3:28 PM
Opacity in canvas anyone ?
I also enjoy candy corn and circus peanuts and necco wafers and no one else seems to like them.
@AbhishekHingnikar fillStyle = "rgba(r,g,b,a)"
@Shmiddty with drawImage
set opacity on the image element?
so help me maybe ?
3:29 PM
tis not an element @Shmiddty
@Loktar ;-)
you read my mind :3
Does your image has opacity or is it a special color you want to have transparent ?
@HoLyVieR nope and nope
i just want to do a fade-in on canvas
could do global opacity draw it on a temp canvas.. and then transfer it over?
context.globalAlpha = .5;
3:30 PM
I think that's the only way
for screen fades I use globalalpha
i have like 40 images , will that work ? they all load aysnchronously
Since we're talking candy, is it take to assume a circus peanut is not a real peanut?
@AbhishekHingnikar if they each need their own seperate opacity level no
take = safe
3:30 PM
crap :-(
@Loktar well you just reset on loop
it is what I do
@Loktar they do
well actually just try it it might
@AbhishekHingnikar context.save(); context.globalAlpha...; context.restore()
let ne try :->
3:31 PM
for( images .... ) {
  context.globalAlpha = images[i].alpha;
  context.drawImage(images[i].image, ....);
@Shmiddty save and restore are expensive.
@rlemon yeah
resetting alpha isn't as much
you don't even need to reset it if you are setting it before EVERY draw / paint
yeah so you can do sep alphas if you're drawing on the same canvas I suppose
but to control each one might be easier to just have temp canvases and change the opacity level there
more memory , but better runtime performance in an animation loop. ^^
assuming you are not updating opacity all that often (i.e on every pass)
I agree on memory, but better performance is questionable.
better noticeable performance that is
3:35 PM
This has to run on an iPhone 4s :P
with 386 x 386 and there will be about 8 images
its more like a montage / collage that gets generated on the fly
i did it with css and css columns but the columns keep rendering like madness
@Loktar I can see performance gain because you don't have to set opacity for every object every pass
and they are just a horrible idea :-/
just when those objects have an opacity change
so that alone is a perf gain
setup times I dont' count because. well. I don't
Q: Functional linked list, looking for general feedback for this implementation

JCPedrozaI'm looking for feedback in general: code correctness, best practices, design patterns; everything you think about this. Is it bad code? Where can it be improved? I've been implementing functional linked lists in different languages, just as a learning exercise. This is how the JavaScript implem...

!!> f=(a,b)=>a<1e9?f(b,a+b)+b:''; console.log(f(0,1))
3:37 PM
@Shmiddty "undefined" Logged: "113490317070140873343349443726791429616558014110233415563245986390881692415781‌​714930352922746557028873524578217830913462698320405142293178111964181213937502546‌​36828657177111094667654181258415979876103772331448955342113853211"
hey copy
Hey cutie
This is going to be interesting for sure
It's Fibonacci backwards
!!/afk is this still broken?
3:39 PM
@Shmiddty Stay safe.
ok good.
@Shmiddty Were you bitten!? Strip! Prove you weren't bitten.
@Shmiddty I see
eh not bad
anyway globalAlpha is def the best thing to use
does that collable automatically come on for you guys sometimes?
3:44 PM
I wonder if I'm hitting a key combo or they just randomly turn on the feature so you notice it
I think it is a keybinding we are hitting
its annoying either way lol
must be something to do with c
yea ctrl + y
is the collab
so idk
!!afk smoke
3:50 PM
@Shmiddty Hurry back, ok?

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