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9:01 PM
Do you know you can start typing on the home screen and it will search anywhere? That's neat.
in HTML / CSS / DOM / webdesign, 6 hours ago, by Purify
I'm like a global variable. I'm into everything.
interesting arguement you had in there @rlemon
posted on October 17, 2013 by Victor Rodriguez

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9:20 PM
@JosBas Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
Hi, Is there a simple function in Javascript for displaying a color box of 200x200 px ?
You could just create a div and give it a background-color
I agree with the kitty
Or do you want to use svg or canvas?
Thanks but I want the box size to be redefined
with interaction of the user
9:22 PM
@JosBas simple as changing the width and height properties of your div
Does anyone have any concept of what a software tester's job looks like?
From the job description:
Things that would be nice:

Testing applications built with Python and PHP
Exposure to automated testing tools like Selenium
Here is what I want : I want to display with JS a 100x100 pixels full black box in a white web page. If i click on this black box, the box is enlarged to 200x200 pixels, and a textbox is included on it.
If I click again the box goes to 100x100 again
@m59 Literally test things. Click on boxes a lot
!!do Apps-oriented OS suck?
@cc Nope
9:24 PM
@SomeKittens I mean, it is pretty easy??
@JosBas What have you tried?
they do
I'll (try to) code it myself, but what would be the main JS functions to be used ?
@m59 Painfully so. Depends on the company, but you could be just doing rote actions
@SomeKittens hmmm.. heck, maybe I should apply :)
9:25 PM
How to ignore images with git? I added .png .gif and .jpg to .gitignore in root but its still tracking them..
@SomeKittens: I'm trying to work on this example : w3schools.com/html/tryit.asp?filename=tryhtml5_canvas_first
I'm realizing I'm kind of terrified of having a real job.
git ignore *.png
@bushdiver how so? It'll only work on *.png not .png
The thing is, I have no resume to speak of.
What should I do?
9:26 PM
@JosBas w3schools, while nice looking, isn't a good resource for learning web development.
Oh really? Why?
@SomeKittens Nice!
Have you tried Codeacadamy?
Not yet!
@m59 You have a GitHub?
@JosBas It's much better (and more interactive)
9:26 PM
@SomeKittens, for my example what you do ? The main steps?
yah codeacademy is pretty awesome
@SomeKittens I disagree. W3schools isn't good looking
I could be like, I have about 3/4 of a php api and 1/2 a cms for it. @SomeKittens
@m59 Wait, you haven't had a real job?
Fast Food, Movie Theater, waiter at Applebees for 6 years, then office admin at a church for a year
I guess the office job is the best sounding thing that I did.
9:28 PM
You sound a lot like my friend Sean
I was busy trying to help people :)
No time for money.
Helping people won't get you a job, though
And by "a lot", I mean "I thought you were him for a second there"
none of you guys should have real jobs, need to learn to monetize your talents.
At least, not in IT
9:28 PM
@Kippie It absolutely will
FOSS -> One of the best ways to develop your professional image -> all helping people
most of you guys on here are much more talented than me in programming, and i havent had a real job in 5 years
Teaching is also another amazing career builder centered around helping people
!!youtube VitalyzdTv lambo
Has anyone any idea why ant wouldn't be able to access something on my windows path?
it can access node for example but not my node modules (different locations, but both on system and user path)
9:29 PM
oops not this one, I don't master that command yet youtube.com/watch?v=0iyeUcFKRv4
@AdamLynch maybe a space " " in the path
@bushdiver none
@SomeKittens the cool thing is that my friend just told me about the web dev place next door that is hiring (software tester and js dev are open) and we could carpool. Since I have narcolepsy, that's like a golden opportunity.
wait... anywhere in the path at all?
what cd are you originating from are you sure the path origination is right
9:31 PM
there's no spaces in the path to my node modules for sure
JS dev I think is way too advanced for me :(
@bushdiver not sure what you mean
@m59 Apply for both, you never know what you might get
@AdamLynch which\\way\you write/path?
@m59 also, are we friends on FB?
9:31 PM
@AdamLynch well you can node from anywhere but the node modules are specific path
@cc windows style
@bushdiver ya
@SomeKittens don't think so, but facebook.com/johnnyhauser
@AdamLynch i was having the same problem last week that you're having now, sounds like you isntalled on windows
!!urban FB
@cc FB Fuck Buddy. A person who are having casual sex with on a regular basis, but are not involved in a romantic relationship with.
9:33 PM
when you start a project, cd to it before you install the modules
oops sorry, there I go :D
@bushdiver lol what?
is it a good idea to do a color rectangle with canvas ?
wrong ping?
@bushdiver ya that's what I'm saying. My Windows path I'm talking about
9:34 PM
So tired..
@m59 lol wrong ping my bad
@bushdiver I install my modules globally
I'll need to do lots of rectangles in the future, that's why i don't want to use <div> for each one
hahah, I was like, what kind of job advice is this!?
@AdamLynch but you still need to install locally per project as far as i understand
9:35 PM
@m59 friend request sent, you really should meet Sean
@AdamLynch ah - you're trying to access a global module you've installed.. i havnt had trouble with that. docs state this: Global install (with -g): puts stuff in /usr/local or wherever node is installed.
@bushdiver ya, which is on my path
@SomeKittens accepted, sure thing.
On average, how many lines of code do y'all write per day?
@SomeKittens : is there a chat room for freelancers ?
9:38 PM
@SomeKittens so... about that resume. These guys seems pretty real. No stupid corporate stuff. That being, I think I could just talk to them, but the form does want a resume, and mine is going to look awful (blank)
I'd like to have (payed) help for javascript coding...
@JosBas What do you mean? On StackOverflow? Not really, though you can post your offer here.
Well I have a thing to design in mind. I know that I would use 50 hours to learn how to do it (I don't have these hours), so i'll prefer to find someone who could do it
Anyone know of a polyfill for xhr.onload ?
Of course if someone is interested!
9:41 PM
"a thing" I'm sold.
You'll need to be way more detailed than that
It's a basic thing with squares as I said before
stackoverflow forums and chats should have flattr buttons or some kind of payment buttons to throw helpers some change and dollars for assistance
@JosBas why do you need this done?
Some 100x100 px squares on a blank page. If I click on a square , the square is enlarged and a textbox appears in it. If I click Enter, the square goes back to its original size.
9:43 PM
@bushdiver That'd be wonderful. I wonder what I'd spend my $0.18 I'd get from that on?
@JosBas That's what not why
@SomeKittens : because I had this idea of how to organize my notes with a small tool, and I want to develop this tool (for my personal use only) because I have a very precise idea of what I want ;)
Ah, much better. Do you have any interest in learning JS?
Well I'm looking for having such a starting point code that I can pay for, and then I'll do all the tweaks and improvements while learning JS
@ 50 hours of work, I would do that for.. ~$2,250
click a grid cell make it bigger hit enter to make it smaller?
9:48 PM
@RUJordan Not a bad rate
That's actually a pretty cheap rate
Depending on where you live, of course
I said 50 hours for me because I'm a noob who even doesn't know how to draw a colo rectangle on JS
It's about what I make now at work, maybe more maybe less I'm not 100% sure
Well, what you make and what you cost are 2 totally different things
Hey what a coincidence! I've never drawn a square in javascript either.
9:49 PM
Some 100x100 px squares on a blank page. If I click on a square , the square is enlarged and a textbox appears in it. If I click Enter, the square goes back to its original size : Do you think it is 50 hours for a trained JS developer ?
@Kippie well, if we're talking what I cost.. we could double that number easy. >.>
Exactly. But your hourly rate which you would communicate to a would-be client is obviously not 45$ :p
Unless, of course, you're hiding a lot from the IRS
I don't quite understand what you mean
any idea of how much time it would need to do that ?
@JosBas it sounds kind of easy. I'm not 100% sure on how to draw a square with code, but depending on how many squares and what order they are in.. yeah. And resizing them sounds like an animate css could handle. (Again, I'm not sure though)
I've been out of college for 2 months I'm still mediocre myself.
9:54 PM
You should try it yourself though. If you're going to branch off of it, you're going to want to be familiar with how it was built.
I don't have time... I have a job (that brings me money) each day 8 am - 6 pm + family, etc.
I prefer to spend a bit money and have more time with my family
Treat it like yardwork and make your kids code it.
I really want this tool to be developed because it will help me for everyday use
kids=2.5 year old ;)
Old enough to talk, old enough to code. >=(
Yeah I feel you. Um, you could try posting on freelancer.com?
That's a good site for jobs IIRC.
9:59 PM
I'm going to give my kids a Node shell and a .txt file containing 1 million lines of text, one of which is the correct password to the wifi. Let's see how long it takes them to figure it out
brute force the wifi password?
the other 999,999 could be invalid, or I could also give them a regex that only the real password matches
they get bonus points if they ignore the .txt and figure out the password based on the regex itself.
10:03 PM
Hide Yo Kids Hide Yo Wifi.
Damn, the cops in DC have like.. a subwoofer attached to the siren so you can feel it in the ground when they go past or get near.
Oh last thing:
about JS :
Will I be able to save the content of the textboxes in a local text file ?
with JS?
!!tell JosBas mdn localStorage
@RyanKinal That didn't make much sense. Maybe you meant: tell
@RyanKinal Oh, it's you again...
@RyanKinal : I'll have a deeper look later. Is it true that I'll be able to add a JS button : "save textboxes Content locally in backup.txt" ?
Or is it impossible with JS?
@JosBas No. Impossible.
You could use cookies or localStorage, though
10:09 PM
ARghh... Impossible for security reasons I imagine?
cookies: will be deleted on each browser history/cookies cleaning, so I cannot use that
localStorage : where is it stored?
guys is it bad to put email as a primary key, (in mysql)?
There's just no way that javascript can access your file system
(reason of my boss disagreement possible special caracters in emails) but I find it stupid
@JosBas Read the article I linked above
Hey guys, I got a quick node question
how could i grab request.url the json in this and turn it into a json object
or at the least the data in it
10:11 PM
@cc bad idea, but for a different reason
primary key cannot change in time
email can
@Cygwinnian wat
@JanDvorak update user set email = 'foo' where email='bar'
@RyanKinal : Ok I understand
possibly will totally shit ^, oh yes I see
@JosBas localStorage is probably the best choice for saving stuff locally
10:13 PM
I can't figure out the trick to this golf...
Is it possible to access a .txt file in a browser with something else than JS ?
@cc don't ever change anything that is somebody's foreign key
@JosBas Not in any sane browser
@Shmiddty have you tried the Happy Gilmore swing?
Apparently it has something to do with the fact that 1<<31 < 1<<30
10:14 PM
@RyanKinal : localStorage won't be shared if I use different browsers, so no, imppossible
Primary key = some other table foreign key to this tabel
@SomeKittens My url looks like this /api/newblogpost?title=sdaf231&body=sadf
how can i turn the stuff after the ? into a json object
Clearly we are on opposite fields of thought here.
Actually, check out the fileSystem api: developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/WebGuide/API/File_System
I don't know if it will work, but it's worth a shot
@Cygwinnian are you using express?
Q: how to get GET (query string) variables in node.js?

XMenCan we get the variables in query string in node.js just like we get in $_GET in PHP? I know that in node.js we can get the url in request. Is there any method to get query string parameters?

10:15 PM
@RyanKinal: not support by main browsers...
Well, then you're SOL
Guess who's back.
@SomeKittens yup
I'd use localStoreage
Er... Storage*
@Cygwinnian Then look at the second answer to that question
10:16 PM
@RyanKinal: but if I change browser, localStorage is not used anymore !
@OctavianDamiean Eminem?
@JosBas how often do you change a browser?
Thank you!
10:17 PM
Every day, i have 2 computers
only login can survive that
I mean, once a client logs in, you can stuff his data to the database next to the user
@JanDvorak Chrome extension with Sync?
or in the filesystem
@SomeKittens localstorage? Hardly. Cookies? I don't think so. Bookmarks? Hard to utilise.
When you clean history and all local things in your browser, all is lost
Yeah, that'd be pretty flaky
10:20 PM
I just made a test with a localstorage demo page
@JosBas not stuff in the database
Does this mean
that EVEN if I do "clean all browser history"
there are some datas that are stored ?
Q: IE7 on XP, how to enable script debugging

GeorgeI have Windows XP SP3 and IE 7.0.5730.13 I need to be able to debug javascript viewing my Website in IE7 I've gone into Internet Options > Advanced and unchecked 'Disable Script Debugging' boxes. I've installed MS Visual Web Developer 2010 Express. After installing MSVWD I get the IE View-menu op...

only what you store on the server
i speak about client
localStorage is on client side
, right ?
10:22 PM
nothing can survive format c:/ or AK47
if u clean all browser history
that might not include... cookies
or saved form data etc
I'm speaking about a complete cleaning (hsitory+cookes+form+localdataà
history is just a list of pages u visted in the past
then itll be all gone
but its still there unless you do like 8 gutman passes of deletion ;)
even removing recycle bin doesnt delete the data
10:24 PM
just writing zeroes is sufficient
one pass of random data if you're extra-paranoid
well no guarentee when u write the new data itll overwrite what u deleted
@Dave Still can't delete things on the server side of things
that was not the subject ;)
@Dave we have means to ensure that
10:25 PM
no deffinately cant delete server side
can't delete NSA side
@Dave deffinately is not a word.
at worst, you could write random data until you run out of space
I should learn foreign keys better, they'd do the trick
@Shmiddty it definitely isn't ;-)
10:27 PM
@user919426 Welcome to the JavaScript chat! Please review the room pseudo-rules. Please don't ask if you can ask or if anyone's around; just ask your question, and if anyone's free and interested they'll help.
Another thing:
Can I call a webpage that would open a .txt file stored in d:\temp\mytext.txt like this :
*firefox.exe d:\mypagewithJS.html -param d:\temp\mytext.txt*
@copy is #1 on Hacker News!
@JosBas html files can't do that
then it's the browser who would give the data stored in .txt to the webpages directly
hum... ok...
so sad! ... well... now it's time to go to bed :)
thanks everybody for help
@SomeKittens link
(I assumed everyone who cared about HN would know how to get there)
let's upvote this bastard, and no I almost don't know of HN :)
where windoze8 emulator?
and my mouse pointer is not over my emulated pointer :), yet I resized the window, maybe the reason
yuck on linux there's lua..
10:40 PM
Language Used by Amateurs?
if there was a browser on other OSes, that would kill
!!Is lua developped by some brazilian transexuals?
@cc That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
@cc Probably
10:49 PM
they are not bad coders
I'm pretty fucked with copy's emulator with my azerty keyboard can't do a
11:17 PM
What do you call a service like wix?
DIY website builder?
@m59 A painful affront to web devs everywhere
11:39 PM
Scary graph of the day: IE 7,8,9,10 useage is increasing: gs.statcounter.com/…
what the hell?
ie10 usage increasing is acceptable
that's a > 3 % plus
this looks like a bug in measurement
i just choose to not believe in this graph
11:48 PM
Yeah. It seems unrealistic.
maybe chinese users migrated to american proxies?
256bit = top-notch in security???
amazing how many selling points you can make for a smart hard drive
works offline
doesn't heat up (too much) or consume too much electricity
fits in your pocket (YMMV, OFC)
no annual fees... WTF
wait, 300$ for that?
not trying to be an asshole, but is this an indiegogo of some indian startup?
the text makes me think it is

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