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12:00 AM
@RadekSlupik of course, MooingDuck comes up with a lot of nonsense that isn't me.
@RMartinhoFernandes There's apparently one other Jerry Coffin, who runs some sort of tire recycling business, but the rest that come up are me. The scary thing is searching for me on Google Groups, and seeing how much time I've wasted on comp.lang.c++ and such...
@TaylorBioniks I've been programming out of computer science longer than I have in. Started when I was 14 with Vb.NET and am still going at it.
(Now am 19, nearly 20)
I know an IT girl who's pretty hot. The awesome thing is that she is a vegetarian, which means that if she's with me I don't have to share any bacon.
@RadekSlupik A definite win, win situation!
@RadekSlupik LOL
@Drise nice
12:02 AM
Good day folks; I may be back later this evening.
@Drise Later.
Steam sucks. Ice is better.
say anyone of you trust your GF with your password?
I'd never do that.
12:03 AM
ice is better
I trusted mine with my password and she trusted me with hers
Though the girls I like aren't such idiots that try to humiliate you when you break up with them.
^ Now added "gotcha" figures in the margin. I think structure got much more visible and better with that little change.
he he
i will try Latex
or some better stuff if exists
but i'm comfortable with the devil i know, so to speak
12:06 AM
I'm listening to Girugamesh right now. They're awesome.
i'm a bit wary of switching to a new devil with behaviors i don't know
The devil is a hero. He punishes the bad guys (i.e. those who don't use TeX). :P
@RadekSlupik In devil's advocate mode, I'd note that any text formatting language that requires an entire SE site of its own is clearly at least a little too complex for anybody's good.
12:21 AM
hey how many of you say sleep mode before going to sleep?
Does he have a point?
Don't do this. It's completely unidiomatic, and so will confuse anyone who's reading your code. The rule of thumb with operator overloads is: always do as the primitives do. — Oli Charlesworth 15 mins ago
I'm also kinda ticked that he (I'm assuming) took two points from me, putting me back under 500 D:
@Drise yes he does, I told you not to do it, twice, as did Riateche with 6 upvotes
Also: msw (with 3 upvotes) questioned if it was a good idea or not
@TaylorBioniks I gave her my bank account information. Although I will disclose that we are engaged, so I (in a way) have less risk.
@TaylorBioniks She has some passwords, not others
12:34 AM
@MooingDuck The points I gained were still worth posting it, and I found it interesting and wanted a more permanent copy of it laying around.
@Drise: also: a < b > c > d < e <= f is just silly. Don't do that
Seriously, don't play for points.
@MooingDuck Gosh. Ow. What? Really? OMG. Shit. Fuck. WTF.
even "a < b > c" is ambiguous in meaning
@RMartinhoFernandes I just want to get enough to where I can be effective in the community, like editing posts and the like.
does c have to be less than a or not? My method always just compares the last two, and makes no assumptions about a and c.
12:35 AM
You can already edit posts.
@RMartinhoFernandes But they have to be approved, and (to me) it's somewhat irksome, since most of my edits are grammar or formatting.
@Drise and they do get approved (I recall approving one of yours)
When I was your age rep, I couldn't edit at all.
@MooingDuck Yes, they do, but it can take hours some times.
And editing a post written in Engrish and having it approved quickly can be beneficial to everyone involved.
And is less likely for the original question to get down/close votes (at least from my observations).
@Drise those observations are correct
12:39 AM
++ for enjoying LaTeX

teehee, enjoying latex
but in all seriousness, it makes writing up assignments for math and stats far easier
compared to word + mathtype or similar
Can I put \uxxxx characters into U"" string literals?
@MooingDuck I agree, but I still find it kinda neat that you can do that with your code. Silly, but neat.
Hmm, I just added some small amount of RAII to 20 year old code. Wonder if any of it still works?
sounds like a good time to go home
12:52 AM
@MooingDuck Since you explain things so well (at least in a way I can understand them) what exactly is RAII? Got any code examples?
I've tried wikipedia, didn't get across very well.
@Drise RAII? (1) All objects are owned either (A) by another object, (B) are local to a function, or (C) global to the program. (2) When an object is destroyed by any means, it cleans up all the resources it used automatically.
@Drise it's an awesome concept, but a lousy acronym
@MooingDuck Isn't that the general idea of (good) OOP? Or is it more specific?
@Drise No, OO is "everything is an object". RAII is "everything cleans up after itself"
they're mostly unrelated
Java and C# for example are OO, but nothing cleans up after itself, and they leave garbage everywhere. So they had to add a garbage collector to clean up after everything, which makes the programs run slower
@MooingDuck You could add any .NET language to that, since they are all compiled to .... CLR? and everything is handled as a singular language in the long run?
@Drise Java is seperate, but yes: the .NET languages have garbage collection.
I think CLR is the wrong acronym, but I don't know the right one. CLR is the "environment" that they run in. I think.
1:03 AM
It's CIL: Common Intermediate Language.
night all
@RMartinhoFernandes beat me to it.
@sehe Are you checking in or checking out?
Don't fall asleep now
that would be a waste of time
@RMartinhoFernandes out
The CLR is Microsoft's implementation of the CLI standard that JIT compiles CIL code. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_Language_Runtime
1:03 AM
@sehe Good night, then.
So CLR is the equivalent of Java's VM?
Rest assured, I haven't read much here, since I was on mumble all the time doing fake philosophy/general banter with @ScarletAmaranth :)
Very entertaining stuff. Much nicer to talk about than just read in books.
@Drise CLR is a particular VM, CLI is the "general JIT concept"
The 3am discussions for the lose win
OK, tests updated, three pages of compiler errors. Now to fix all that crap.
1:05 AM
anyway, going home
@RMartinhoFernandes Templates are charming :)
Can I do *out++ = x to write to an output iterator and advance "afterwards"?
Hmm, seems explicitly required to work. Nice.
@RMartinhoFernandes That's somewhat unreadable, even though it works.
It's idiomatic.
That's why it's explicitly required to work.
#define while(X) for(; X ;)
1:22 AM
Yeah, seems reasonable.
1:34 AM
Quiet all of a sudden...
1:50 AM
Are there any books on C++0x? The SO questions from archive don't seem to have many answers...
@Specksynder Why not just use online references (specifically: en.cppreference.com/w)? Why not look at the standard spec itself?
@Drise, I guess a matter of personal preference. I really like books for the way they introduce topics. Just documentation does not give me many clues about how I could apply the concepts.
You'll also have to keep in mind that C++0X is new enough to still not have books published about it.
@Specksynder Most of the documentation provides coded examples.
Yeah, and I am surprised that there are no books in the pipeline too. C++98 was preceded by Scott Meyer's books in 1996...
@Specksynder Not many yet -- C++ Concurrency in Action is about C++11, but it's obviously only about a very narrow aspect of it (but very good for what it does cover).
1:53 AM
@Specksynder The second edition of The C++ Standard Library: A Tutorial and Reference is also out. It is updated to C++11.
There are books in the pipeline -- if I'm not mistaken, Scott Meyers, Bjarne, and Herb have all said they're working on updates. I believe an update to C++ Primer has been promised as well.
@JerryCoffin Why does Primer remind me of a bad taste I once had in my mouth?
I don't think there's any other of those on the list that have been updated already.
@Drise, @RMartinhoFernandes, thank you for the links
1:55 AM
@Specksynder Also one thing to note, websites are usually more up to date.. books can easily fall behind.
I would really like an update to 'Inside the C++ Object Model', but I guess C++ has become so complex over the past 15 years that no single book can cover the good details
@Drise Either you got too close to a rifle being shot, or you read something like C++ Primer Plus (which I believe also claims to have been updated, but is a truly awful book -- not to be mistaken for C++ Primer).
Especially with how volatile C++0X seems to be still (I may be injecting my own opinion here, not sure).
@Specksynder On the contrary. I think very little has changed on what that one covers.
@Drise Not volatile at all -- it was chiseled in stone last October (or so), and not a single word has changed since.
1:57 AM
@JerryCoffin Well, they did make editorial changes to fix typos :P
Then I retract my statement.
@RMartinhoFernandes, I think I read somewhere that even the authors themselves consider the book "hopelessly outdated" - their words, although I cant seem to remember where I read it
@RMartinhoFernandes Okay, "...not a single word of what was supposed to be there has changed..."
Also note: Books won't be able to keep up with which compiler supports what feature(s), if any.
@Specksynder I think he was referring to changes in the standard.
@Drise Not meaningfully, and who'd want to pay the price of a book for data that's going to be outdated in a matter of weeks anyway?
1:59 AM
Idk, imho (technical) books are outdated the moment they are printed.
Not at all.
Many C++ books only became outdated last year.
@Drise I can't agree. I haven't quite gotten around to updating my copies of Knuth to the third edition, largely because my (~1973) second edition copies are still just fine.
A different question - maybe more for the META section of SO - how does one win the Analytical badge?
@RMartinhoFernandes At least the ones that weren't already outdated in 1998, but still being published in 2011...
I guess what I meant to say is that I'd rather rely on a more fluid medium (such as a website) than a book.
2:01 AM
@Specksynder Just open stackoverflow.com/faq and click all sections.
@Specksynder Lol, that one took me a while to figure out too.
@RMartinhoFernandes One of these days I may have to do that, so I might have a clue of what I'm doing there...
@JerryCoffin Oh gawd.
@JerryCoffin :)
@RMartinhoFernandes I wish I could smile thinking about them!
LOL - I took the shortcut of clicking on 'Expand All', and was wondering why that didn't earn me the badge...
2:03 AM
I also enjoy the inline-links of websites that instantly route me to the description of the word(s) I clicked on (especially when the links are in a coded example), rather than having to look it up and possibly lose my place (I usually find myself 5-10 links deep in something really interesting).
@Drise I, at least, find web sites great for things like reference, but not nearly so good for things like learning basic goals and philosophy and such.
@JerryCoffin are you still based in COS?
@Specksynder Yup. They'll probably never manage to get rid of me... :-)
I used to live there until 2008
Worked at HP on Rockrimmon Blvd
@Specksynder Ah hah. Where are you now?
2:06 AM
Hmm...that's a bit of a move. Still working for HP, or have you moved away from them too?
no, moved away from them a while ago
There's so many tech firms in COS
@Specksynder That's not exactly a surprise. Carly seemed to drive away a lot of their best...
@Specksynder A fair number. All too many that only do military work though...
yeah, I know a lot of ppl who got laid off from HP, and were turning to mil. work, but they said getting sec. clearance was so much harder
Do you work for one of the storage companies based in COS?
Ah ha - I won the Analytical badge!
@Specksynder Yeah, often a real pain, but (if it's any comfort) even more for the company than the individual in a lot of cases. I think half those jobs require clearances primarily to ensure jobs for ex-military personnel, not because the work really requires it (and I'm not sure my sec. clearance ever meant much when I was in the military either).
@Specksynder Congrats. Now, can you check through my answers and tell me what I've been doing wrong?
2:13 AM
@JerryCoffin, sure, but only when I get to your age/rep :)
@Specksynder Nope -- I'm an independent consultant, doing mostly intellectual property work (e.g., telling people how badly their patents suck).
One of my friends at HP was once required to testify at a patent trial - for - wait for it - 'a system to move data from one location to another' - which basically invalidated(they claimed) pretty much any external attached storage system.. (I am paraphrasing his recollection here)
@Specksynder Yeah -- though I have to point out that a lot of patents are really easy to misinterpret from the title as covering things that were clearly well known long before. When you read the claims, they probably are valid, but a lot narrower.
quick quesiton: anyone got any good bookmarks about turing-completeness of templates to share?
I'm stuck at writing to memory with my bytecode interpreter and am considering just using a 16-int stack machine :-\
@stdOrgnlDave Haha, unfortunately no; you lost me at "tur" lol.
How can you properly convert "Hello world!" to a char*?
warning: deprecated conversion from string constant to 'char*'
2:25 AM
anyway it should be const char*
or char[]
if you want to write it
@stdOrgnlDave Its an assignment that's specifically supposed to use pointers to char arrays. I know its stupid, and I know the right way to do this, but I gotta follow the requirements... D:
post code
Student(int iID, char *mName, char *wName, char *hName);
2:28 AM
hurry up I didn't come to help out but I'm willing just pick up the pace @Drise
@stdOrgnlDave The original by Todd Veldhuizen.
Student(int iID, const char *mName, const char *wName, const char *hName);
@stdOrgnlDave Lol, I was looking for the answer myself... it was more rhetorical than anything.
does that work?
Honestly, I'd just say fuck char pointers. We are using C++ and we should be able to use std::string.
@stdOrgnlDave It's not a big deal. It's deprecated, but it's a homework assignment, so to hell with correctness, so long as it works like the professor wants it to.
2:31 AM
@Drise post the code that calls it and gives an error
and const char* is perfectly useful in many situations in C++ still
Student* myobj = new Student(1234, "Harry", "Potter", "Griff");
yes, use hte prototype I showed you and it will shut up
@stdOrgnlDave For what I need it to do, it's mixing C and C++
there's no reason to use std::strings when there's no reason to use std::strings.
Btw, No I am not a Harry Potter ultrasupernerd, but the assignment is based on the series.
2:33 AM
@stdOrgnlDave G'night.
For anyone who thinks I'm lying ;P
sigh I dislike having to code like this. I'd rather not use strcpy and the like.
@Drise I can't imagine you'd be lying about that. It gets dreary in a hurry.
@JerryCoffin Oh, I meant lying about being a harry potter ultrasupernerd lol
But that too.
@Drise Oh. I'm not sure that's well enough defined for much of anything to qualify as an actual lie. Then again, even the people who really are off the deep end about it still think they're perfectly reasonable and normal, and it's us un-believers who will be the first consumed by by the death eaters when they take over... :-)
Clearly, we're the insane ones here...
This needs some serious help:
Q: Is there any performance benchmark for Thrift on HBase?

kerwinI have a system that may writing huge data to hbase. The system is written by c++ and found out that hbase have thrift interface for other languages. My question is, Is there any performance benchmark for Thrift on HBase? What is the most disadvantage compaire with java native api?

@JerryCoffin Lol, indeed
I have no idea what this guy is trying to convey (ok, maybe a little but it's still really really bad)
Should I flag it as low quality?
2:46 AM
@Drise, can you use const_cast around the arguments to the function call? I think that usually does the trick of damping down compiler noise
@Specksynder I could just compile it with flags, but I'm too lazy lol. And honestly, it's not worth my time.
@Drise :) if you are too lazy for one compile option, then I think const_cast will be way too much typing
It still works for my tests, and so long as my tests work, I can turn it in.
He compiles it anyway, I just turn in my source.
@Drise I generally comment, possibly downvote, then wait a while (half hour or so) to give them a chance to edit before flagging.
@JerryCoffin I'll take note of that.
2:49 AM
@JerryCoffin, did you consciously work towards gaining a high rep on SO?
I just looked at your rep....
Wb, @MooingDuck
@Drise, hehe, yeah, my feeling exactly when I saw the rep count
@Specksynder See, I assumed he had decent rep, because I haven't seen him much since I got here, but never bothered to look.
ah curses. "Microsoft (R) C/C++ Optimizing Compiler has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. If you were in the middle of something, the information you were working on might be lost."
Long compile time?
2:52 AM
@Drise fraction of a second
Little information loss then I assume. No biggy?
@Specksynder No. If anything, kind of the contrary. I tend to answer quite a few fairly obscure questions that gain very little rep. I also often wait a while to answer questions and/or spend quite a while writing an answer. The first few answers on popular topics tend to gain rep quickly and easily unless they're really poor.
actually, it seems to have finished before it crashed O.o
@Drise just the compiler crashed. IDE still has all my files.
No biggy then.
Good night, guys!
2:54 AM
Peace @Specksynder
@Specksynder G'night.
* CS 221 Programming Assignment 1
* File: Source Code File Name
* Author: Your Name
* Desc: A brief description of what the program does.
* Date: Date file was submitted to the instructor
* I attest that this program is entirely my own work
I almost put Drise as the author.
> note: no known conversion for argument 1 from 'std::initializer_list<unsigned char>::const_iterator {aka const unsigned char*}' to 'const unsigned char*&'
@Drise I remember once I emailed homework to my prof via my mooing_psycho_duck@blahblahblah email.
I email him regularly from Drise13@
I have seriously been considering a name change lol.
2:57 AM
@RMartinhoFernandes rvalue?
woo! a screenfull of SFINAE-attempt errors!
even the first line is three lines long
@MooingDuck Oh dammit, a & slipped into a signature somehow.
@MooingDuck With a bit of work, I once managed a singe line of code that produced a single error message over 20 pages long. I was so proud of myself!
Holy shit.
@JerryCoffin "recursive" template?
Woah. This is now the "hottest" question on all of SE. Somehow.
Q: Can I "wear an umbrella"?

R. Martinho FernandesDoes it make sense to say the following? Yesterday I wore an umbrella and a coat.

3:01 AM
lol, I like the second answer.
@MooingDuck Nope. It was using an early version of Boost Spirit though, so arguably cheating.
3:19 AM
How would one post a .h and a .cpp to ideone?
Or would you just mix it all together?
@Drise You can't. Just put the whole code together and no #include line.
Basically, include it by hand.
I know it's long, but yea.
also, main() is just a driver for testing, otherwise it's garbage.
3:39 AM
@Drise Was all the this->whatever your idea or your prof's?
@JerryCoffin Mine? cowers
@Drise No need to cower, but definitely not something that enthuses me.
I take it its a bad idea...
@Drise I'm not sure "bad" is exactly the right word, but certainly not something I like. I think it hurts readability, but gains nothing in return.
Also, I am using an IDE, so "this." snaps up the intellisense of Qt Creator
3:41 AM
the only time i used 'this->' inside a library was when virtuals or templates were involved
i personally find it a bit uglt
@moshbear There are some cases in templates where it's (nearly) unavoidable, but I'd avoid it when possible.
I suppose now that it is cded I could remove them
@JerryCoffin Thanks for the advice; noted.
@Drise No problem.
Heh, simple find replace
@Drise Should be, certainly.
3:44 AM
Any other grammar (semantics?) fixes / suggestions?
@JerryCoffin i don't add it unless the compiler whines about lookup failure or w/e
for templates, that is
Well, one thing I prefer (but many hate) would be to replace this:
if (classGradeFlag == 0)
std::cout << "Grade";
else if (classGradeFlag == 1)
std::cout << "Class";
with something like:
static char const *names[] = {"Grade", "Class"};
std::cout << names[classGradeFlag];
Well shit, I am overloading < and all, so why not get stay fancy.
Why is it a pointer?
Also, why static?
@Drise An array of pointers, one to each string. Static so it doesn't need to be re-initialized every time you enter the function.
Derp, and yeah, but isn't that cheap in this case?
3:52 AM
@Drise Yes -- using static for things like that is mostly habit, not something I think a lot about how much real good it'll do in this particular case. I do my best to form habits that are good or even just harmless. Saves thinking for things that matter.
Good point.
Yeah, I'd make it static too without blinking.
@RMartinhoFernandes Hmm...which prompts a question. Do robots blink? If so, why? Is it just to keep people from being uncomfortable, or is there some functionality to it?
Anyone knows what this is?
3:56 AM
@RMartinhoFernandes Air gun.
Er, really?
FTR, I don't know what it is.
I bent pipe with some sort of blade?
It looks like that wasn't its original shape
@RMartinhoFernandes Yup -- it's one that you connect to a hose-end that's really for inflating tires. You hold the U-shaped piece. When you squeeze it, the end of the pipe in the middle of the "U" pushes against the hose-end to air can come out. It then goes through the pipe and comes out the end. The hole on the side releases pressure if you push against something so it won't punch holes in your skin if you push it in the wrong place.
Oh. That kind of makes sense.
@Drise Yet more (unnecessary) proof that years ago, my brother Dave was right. He said my mind was like the "drive" on Star Trek -- very fast, but the faster it goes, the higher the "warp factor"!
4:00 AM
I still can't wrap my head around that.
@JerryCoffin Thanks.
@RMartinhoFernandes Surely.
@Drise Possibly better picture/description: wayfair.com/…
4:20 AM
@JerryCoffin I like creating random new holes in my skin. What's wrong with you?
@Drise What? You think I drilled that hole to prevent it?
You make a point. I'll go bitch at the manufacturer then.
@Drise Not really their decision either. In the US it's mandated by OSHA. I'd guess Europe has similar agencies mandating it as well. Go to China, and you can undoubtedly drill yourself all you want though...
Dammit, (x << -2) isn't (x >> 2).
@RMartinhoFernandes Nope -- that's got UB written all over it...
4:27 AM
Bleh, China would probably deny access to SO. Opportunity to drill holes in one's self with air < SO
@Drise Probably -- don't recall seeing many users (at least admitting to be) from China. Maybe the Philippines then (if you can put up with the heat).
Too much free knowledge causes China to SegFault.
Too much free knowledge causes China's stack to overflow.
Bah, I should have waited with that one till this room starts to be more active. That is so starbait.
@Drise Yup -- wasted on me. I star almost as rarely as I flag.
Heh, I mostly star things I may want to refer to later. Or that I find amusing to any degree.
How would this best be phrased?
4:42 AM
@Drise Got curious and did a quick check. The highest rep using claiming to be from China has a rep of 58; total activity: 1 question, 3 answers. Pretty sad for the most populous country on earth.
@JerryCoffin Woah, I could have sworn I've met higher-rep Chinese on here.
"Once the object's lifetime has expired, the destructor will delete all dynamically allocated memory, " following a RAII concept?
How would I best phrase that last part?
@Drise Why would you repharse it?
@Pubby prove it
@RMartinhoFernandes Oops -- I was searching for this week only, not all time. My apologies.
4:44 AM
Is that the right way to say it then?
@MooingDuck Read his profile description?
@Drise it's close enough unless you're pedantic .
@Pubby maybe he lied
> error: in-class initialization of static data member 'const char foo::base64 []' of incomplete type
GCC is playing tricks again.
@MooingDuck Why would his locale be set to Shanghai then?
@Drise destructor is for releasing resources. Not all resources are memory.
4:45 AM
How come const char is an incomplete type?
@Pubby heritage.
@MooingDuck Well then I will travel to China to find him and prove to you he lives there
@Pubby maybe you're lying
Well, I was searching for 'China" in the user's page, so if it didn't have "China" somewhere in the name, location, etc., it wouldn't show up anyway.
hm, what header is std::move in?
4:48 AM
Ugh software test plan y u take so long to write?
@MooingDuck <utility>
Defined in header <algorithm>
Or <algorithm>
There's a <utility> header? Since when?
Depends on which one you want.
@MooingDuck Ever.
That's where swap is.
I don't think I've ever included it
@Drise Yeah, but there's another move here: en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/utility/move
@Drise I've been looking at that, it's full of stuff I thought was in different headers
4:51 AM
@RMartinhoFernandes That's not fair.
GAH! I wrote a set of expression template classes, and when compiling, MSVC10, GCC, and Clang all have errors in different standard headers. Awesome.
@MooingDuck Some of what they list there is wrong, or at least misleading. For example, they list malloc, which is listed in the "general utilities library" part of the standard, but is declared in <cstdlib>, not <utility>.
Why the fuck, pandora, did you decide it was a good idea to play a country song on a station composed of dubstep, hip hop, rap, and pop, with a focus on heavy bass / dance songs?
ooooooh, I see the problem
@Drise Based on your mentioning it, I'm gong to guess the answer is "yes". My iPod sucks in some ways, but at least it never spews country on me.
4:57 AM
It compiles! Woot! Now to fix the failing tests.
#define in >>=
#include <iostream>
@JerryCoffin I asked why it decided it was a good idea, not if.
@MooingDuck Ooh -- that doesn't look good.
Put it away, please!
4:59 AM
@Drise Oops -- misread -- though you said "what the fuck" instead of "why the fuck".

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