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5:00 AM
I'm still trying to get "take x*x with x in container;" to compile for a question earlier. I needed in to be something else
You're crazy.
I got it compile with a mini interpreter thing, now I'm going for expression templates.
except apperently I still can't SFINAE
Oh shit. I don't have a debugger installed.
And I really need one now.
@RMartinhoFernandes How have you survived??
@RMartinhoFernandes Which prompts another of my strange questions: can you really call it a computer if it doesn't have (at least) a compiler and editor (and probably debugger) installed? I think the correct answer is "no"...
5:06 AM
Debugging without a debugger is art. I do it a lot, not by choice.
Same with debugging through maximum optimizations.
@Mysticial I've hand assembled quite a bit of code too, but...
@Drise I'm good :P
@JerryCoffin I've never really gone beyond inline assembly.
I initially read that as "I'm god"
I took a basic intro assembly class. It was 16-bit x86.
5:08 AM
More seriously, I've debugged most things I've come across since I set up this box by simply adding the right logs and asserts in the right place.
@Drise Works as well.
Also, most things I've been debugging lately are TMP bugs.
AFAIK there's no debugger to help me with those. (Can someone please prove me wrong?)
oh right, my version of clang still wont compile most standard headers. :(
@RMartinhoFernandes I'm running into the same problem
TMP bug?
template meta programming
main.cpp:121:21: error: no match for 'operator>>=' in 'x >>= container1'
main.cpp:121:21: note: candidate is:
main.cpp:92:6: note: template<class lhsexpr, class container> void operator>>=(std::enable_if<std::is_base_of<expression_part, lhsexpr>::value, lhsexpr&&>, container&)
(Well GCC?  What didn't you use the one match?)
@RMartinhoFernandes God I wish I could!
@MooingDuck There's usually an explanation in a following note.
5:12 AM
The bugs I run into are mostly incorrect computation, crashes, array-overruns, and assertion failures...
@Mysticial It's not uncommon to have a function that is basically a one-liner, but with 10 lines of type computation around it.
@RMartinhoFernandes that's the last line, and all 4 of the errors are just like that
Erm, Missing ::type, btw.
@Mysticial You really don't want to get me started about crap I did in the old days. Though I don't remember it consciously, I'd guess with the right machine in front of me, I could still toggle the boot code into a PDP-8 using the front panel switches...
But after fixing that, there's no type deduction for lhsexpr.
5:14 AM
@Mysticial Oh yay. That's definitely still useful.
@JerryCoffin My dad still talks about this punch card days... I've never even seen one before. lol
@RMartinhoFernandes oh, thanks
Use the enable_if on the return type.
@Mysticial Problem solved:
5:16 AM
@RMartinhoFernandes oh, thanks
@RMartinhoFernandes oh, thanks
@JerryCoffin That 16-bit x86 assembly was the only assembly language class that I've ever taken. I can't say it was extremely useful since it didn't teach anything beyond loops. Most of the assembly I do now is integer-hacking with carry bits.
stupid internet
@RMartinhoFernandes oh, makes sense I guess. Thanks
Ok, I got it. You thanked me.
@Mysticial I was thinking most of the fact that if you're going to write assembly by hand now, it's typically going to use things like SSE that didn't even exist in 16-bit code.
@JerryCoffin I do all my SSE with intrinsics. So the only left that needs assembly is integer hacking.
5:20 AM
@RMartinhoFernandes sorry about that. Wifi doesn't quite reach my room
@Drise Well, half-solved anyway. You only rarely looked at an actual card. The main interface to them was:
No problem.
@JerryCoffin Oh gawd.
I want to see gagle krum implemented on punch cards :troll:
@Mysticial Not sure I could handle that. I spent a couple hours once trying to fiddle with MMX intrinsics, and decided it was easier to write pure assembly. Maybe SSE is better, but after the MMX experience, I've never tried it.
@JerryCoffin I've never tried MMX. I didn't get serious with programming until SSE3 was already out. And it's dirt easy to use.
Also because I don't have to do the register allocation myself.
If I just "stay below" the total register count, it won't spill.
5:26 AM
Just thought I should mention, you all are talking about a subject of which I have no knowledge, and are going waaaaayy over my head lol.
@RMartinhoFernandes ! It compiled and linked in MSVC!
@Drise TMP or ASM?
@RMartinhoFernandes hit it.
@RMartinhoFernandes Probably -- I'm pretty sure I'm too old for either one.
Come to think of it, SSE4.1 was already out when I started to do HPC. It just wasn't common place yet.
5:30 AM
Woot. Nothing like just stopping and thinking for a while. Bug fixed, no debugger harmed.
@Mysticial I'm not sure I've actually written any assembly code since SSE 4.1 (or probably even 3) came out. I'd guess the majority of assembly code I've written was 16-bit...
@ManofOneWay Good night, indeed!
OTOH, looking back at it, some of what I wrote wasn't too bad for what it was. Google for 80xxx_94.zip and compare sqrt3.asm to the others included there (the one from Assembly Language Magic is particularly horrible, IMO). Unfortunately, as least as of the 486, fldi/fsqrt/fstp beat them all (badly).
5:39 AM
That reminds me of the Quake III fast inverse square root. lol
Who loves writing documentation! I do(n't)!
@Drise writing is fun, but maintaining it isn't
@Abyx Also note: I'm writing this at 1 am. I am not amused by the task..
@Mysticial Yup -- same basic sort of thing. Really useful on a 286, less so on a 386, utterly obsolete by the 486...
And I've already written the software, and I've already tested it. Now I'm writing how I plan to test the software.
5:47 AM
And for the current era, the two operations that I need the most are:
1. double-precision to 64-bit integer conversion
2. SIMD 64 x 64 -> 64-bit lower-half integer multiply

Both of these require very messy hacking right now...
alright, now MSVC and GCC both compile my code with one warning. Perfect
How many consecutive days have yall been here? (26)
lol @MooingDuck
@Drise total or at the moment?
Longest run? Idk, just curious. You could say ten bajillion and right now, I'd believe you.
@Drise Do you mean without sleeping in between?
5:50 AM
Nah, just what's on your profile.
@Drise hmm, I know I got the "log in 100 days in a row" badge, but I cant find the max. Current is 17 consecutive
I rarely log in on the weekends
@Drise You can look at profiles to found out. Click on their picture to the left, and select ""user profile on stackoverflow.com"
well, code runs without crashing, but all my TMP appears to do nothing at all
@JerryCoffin I dont see consecutive days on other's pages
@JerryCoffin Point, but was attempting to make small talk I could understand lol
Also, @MooingDuck makes an equally good point.
@MooingDuck Ah, now that you mention it, I don't either, I guess. Never noticed that.
It says I'm at 162, but I have a plug-in to check for new questions, so it shows me as being "here" if the computer get turned on at all, even if I never look at it...
5:54 AM
hmm, why is >>= binding tighter than binary *?
@JerryCoffin hax!
@JerryCoffin I have a hard time turning on my woman, and you can turn on your computer?!?! sits at feet Teach me your ways, master.
@ScottW I dunno -- it was listed on the Stack API site, so I can't imagine they don't know about it. In any case, I had the badge before I had the plugin...
ah, no >>= is right to left.
> Show up naked. Bring beer.
No beer necessary for me.
@ScottW scrambles to flag Yea, uh, moderator, he's definitely hacking so uh, can we take care of this atrocity? Oh also, don't I get some reward, like 1% of his rep? Hm? MmmKay?
@JerryCoffin I do all of those. I bought her two pairs of shooes this weekend...
@ScottW My wife realizes I prefer wine.
@Drise There's an awesome time-travel movie called "Primer". It's really disturbing.
assert(beer.isTypeOf(horse piss));
That's so malformed, its not even funny.
6:03 AM
It's awesome.
> It is also quite possibly the single geekiest film ever made; one that brings Techno Babble to a new art form.
It's the best time-travel movie ever.
Back To The Future being a close second, right? ;)
I saw Primer and it was ok
6:06 AM
I love it: It's 1AM, and I'm at work, doing homework.
1am? Do you live in Russia or something? ;)
United states is dark right now.
United states is dark right now. Wait, I'm missing something, aren't I?
@Mysticial Hmm...double->32-bit int can be done like this:
    int ConvertToInt(double d0)
       static double intScale = 6755399441055744.0;
       static double d1;
       static int *pInt = (int*) &d1;
       d1 = d0 + intScale;
       return *pInt;
@Drise I just wanted to know where you live. 1am could also imply Bangkok or Jakarta :)
@FredOverflow 1 am tomorrow?
6:10 AM
I'm pretty sure it mostly needs adjustment of the constant to do double->64-bit.
@Drise That would depend on where I live, wouldn't it? ;) No, it's 7pm in Europe.
@Drise 1 AM would be US/Canada Central time (or, I suppose Mexico, etc.)
Isn't it more like 1pm in USA right now?
I promise, its very dark right now.
Oh wait, I am confusing am with pm.
6:12 AM
@FredOverflow 7pm? maybe 7am?
@FredOverflow No -- just past midnight for me.
Why would anybody be at work at 1am???
Because I can. I've also been at work for 19 hours straight: 4pm to 11am the next day.
@FredOverflow why not
Most jobs end at 5pm or something, don't they?
6:14 AM
@Drise you're mad. do they pay you for those hours?
@Abyx For the 19, yes. For this, I'm working on homework, so I'm not going to charge it, obviously.
@Abyx I worked 193 hours last month.
Which means I averaged 8.3 hours. But I took two and a half days off for illness.
All totalled: 9.5 hours avg.
Anyhow, I work em, they pay me.
@Mysticial Actually, I haven't done exhaustive tests, but it appears that at least up to some limit, the same constant works:
long make_ll(double val) {
val += 6755399441055744.0;
return *(long long *)&val;
@JerryCoffin That actually is the trick that I currently use. But I do it using SSE/AVX since the float <-> integer transfer is much faster. The latency is still high, but the throughput is also very high.
I use, both 6755399441055744 and 4503599627370496 depending on whether I want signed integer support.
posted on June 14, 2012

Some programming languages allow programmers to say explicitly what range an integer variable is allowed to take on.

6:29 AM
@Mysticial Okay -- I have my doubts about getting a whole lot better than that.
@JerryCoffin I don't think it's possible to do any better than that. For unsigned integers, 2 instructions are needed. (1 FP add + 1 bitwise AND). For signed integers, 3 are needed (1 FP add + 1 bitwise AND + 1 INT add).
I suppose you might be able to do the job entirely in integer arithmetic to cut the latency, but I'm not sure how much good it would do -- and my immediate guess is that it might hurt throughput.
Well, I'm rounding the outputs of an FFT to integers... So I can't really avoid the floating-point.
@Mysticial Yeah, I kind of figured -- FFT-based multiplication, yes?
@JerryCoffin That's one of the places. There's another big one that's kinda hard to describe.
6:35 AM
> You've been busy! Looks like you've hit your 2 article limit.
WTF Dr. Dobbs?
Where I constantly flip the data back and forth between FP and integer because I need to do both upper-half and lower-half multiplies.
(Pardon me if I'm becoming somewhat annoying. At any point past 10pm my internal speech filter is effectively disabled, so I tend to say whatever I am thinking of, even if it is useless nonsense.)
@Mysticial That does sound pretty ugly. Thus the desire for 64x64 lower-half multiply, presumably.
@JerryCoffin Yeah. The 64x64 lower-half multiply is a HUGE problem. It's the only part of that (very performance critical) routine that isn't vectorizable. Right now, I'm pulling them into the general purpose registers via SSE4.1 insert/extract instructions.
I've tried playing with the integer SSE 32x32 multiplies + shuffling. Much slower than just pulling them into integer registers.
@Mysticial That was what I always ran into with MMX -- the math itself was fast, but by the time you shuffled/unshuffled things, you'd lost more time than you saved.
6:48 AM
The shuffles alone weren't that bad. But I need three 32x32 multiplies + a few additions/shuffles to emulate a 64x64 lower-half multiply.
Well, on that note, I think I'll bid you all good morning, good afternoon, good evening or good night. I'm going to be very un-coder like, and actually sleep at night for at least a few hours...
I have a flight to catch in about 10 hours... followed by a 3 hour drive. I should probably sleep too. lol
I should really get off as well before I embarrass myself further.
7:03 AM
gotta go for exam in 13 minutes, bursting for a piss, flatmate in the bathroom
7:16 AM
leet problem solving skills
@Drise I think you just did ? :)
You've been busy! Looks like you've hit your 2 article limit. #drdobbs #fail
@ScottW he or she said, AFAICT
I hate mornings.
morning all
I'd like to say good morning, but I feel like a train ran over me... Twice.
@DomagojPandža late?
Just my reaction to every morning, I have to switch beds. Or something.
7:30 AM
oh, who's on the game doc?
For anyone who wants to see a large asteroid almost hit earth, you can see it here in 17 hours: events.slooh.com
Destroy ALL the Earths!
I left work yesterday realizing that I probably should have taken a dump at work. By the time I got home, I was about ready to throw my pants off and dive on the toilet. When I opened the door, surprise! My mother-in-law was home!
I'm surprised I lasted, actually
She's not one of those understanding mother-in-laws either. She's always about proper behavior and cleanliness...
@ScottW I think this one takes the cake. The legends about italian mother-in-laws are true..
@Neil I had a similar happening yesterday, except I'm not married, and the GF's Brother was there as well, and his GF. I went upstairs and laid one
room topic changed to Lounge<C++>: Coooaaallll! [c++] [c++11] [c++-faq] [c++-fuq]
7:38 AM
@thecoshman I probably should have just gone anyway, but I think my disappointment in the back of my mind screamed a dare, "Yeah? You really think you can wait, eh? We'll see about that!"
Same part of my brain that makes me do stupid things, for that matter..
You mean, all of the brain.
Brain is troll.
> I didn't have the ... modulus operator memorized.
> I'm currently spend my spare time studying Java For Programmers (to get a hold on a language everyone says is difficult/demanding)
To be fair, webdev is more about processing strings than numbers.
I don't use modulus in webapps too often.
Webdev is to development what chemistry is to physics.
so... webdev is not programming?
7:44 AM
It's... applied development? That doesn't make sense.
What is this? International Freaking Bathroom Surprise Encounter Story telling Day?!!
Chemistry is a subset of physics
Chemistry is a subset of physics.
My man.
oh snap!
Chemistry is applied physics.
@sehe We should have made an event.
7:45 AM
"Alright Brain, you don't like me, and I don't like you. But lets just do this, and I can get back to killing you with beer."
Alright, I think my Shitty Morning effect is wearing off. That's nice.
> SYSRET 64-bit operating system privilege escalation vulnerability on Intel CPU hardware
Speaking of beer, I think I'll never manage to make myself enjoy the taste of it. :(
@DomagojPandža That's because it sucks.
Fun stuff.
@DomagojPandža Already? And it's only Thursday
7:49 AM
Apple Inc. Not Affected 01 May 2012 08 Jun 2012

Why does this doesn't surprise me.
@CatPlusPlus Wow
@DomagojPandža I don't know. Why?
Nobody told them about syscall/sysret. xD
Best comment yet; while I see a lot of people saying practice, practice, practice, that's not the way to go. Practice makes perfect they say but that only enforces bad behaviours. To the OP: Expose yourself to other concepts, learn why a quicksort is prefered over a bubblesort. Only perfect practice makes perfect. Get that CS course. — Pieter B 1 hour ago
Hear hear
Use yer brains and practice. You can practice shooting yourself in the foot, but what's the point of being the best self-foot-shooter on the planet?
Guinness world record in stupidity?
> May I recommend learning JavaScript before Java, C++?
7:58 AM
@CatPlusPlus Sarcasm detector: off-the-scale
> 6. You already know HTML & CSS (I hope ;), so that helps with JS
Also, JavaScript is the most amazing language on the planet.
After PHP, of course.
@DomagojPandža After Assembly, of course
Well, TBH, it is better than Java, at least.
Though entirely not in the same category.
@CatPlusPlus php better then Java?
7:59 AM
Pay attention.
But, to be perfectly honest, it's like comparing dog shit to cat shit... The only difference is that cat shit is harder to find because the cat does a good job of hiding it at first glance.
@CatPlusPlus Wut. That is a funny compiler message, but the blog page... seriously? It starts out with no less than 3 introductions (after and not counting the title/menu headings). Then it completely buries the actual post title in warnings/disclaimer. Next up the actual blog post (easy to miss) followed by yet more red tape (tags, RSS crappery, trackback, who-needs-it).
@CatPlusPlus Oh, and then there is the eye-socket torture of ~15 pixelate, screaming-coloured buttons on the right, especially designed to make it virtually impossible to reach the blog navigation.
not sure if I'd go for JS > Java... both suck ass
These guys, they might want to fix just one or two items on the laundry list... ^
@sehe They make games in Haskell. Who cares about webpage.
8:01 AM
@CatPlusPlus You do. You linked to it. You apparently found the content in that mess. <clap mode="slow"/>
Actually, through RSS.
@CatPlusPlus I'm almost terrified to find out whether that would be better. Ah well, for fame and glory...
Nah. The RSS doesn't include that post. Too old.
Oh, right, that was linked from the newest one.
@CatPlusPlus So. That was a lie then. You didn't actually read it through the newsreader and had to deal with the mess that that page actually is, unabridged.
<troll>Made me click a dozen or so links there just to find out that '[share]' was a hyperlink to that post. They have a real knack of hiding content :) </troll>
I just woke up. :.
Also, ICANN published list of TLDs people applied for: newgtlds.icann.org/en/program-status/application-results/…
If there'll be .wtf TLD, I want one.
8:15 AM
@CatPlusPlus huh, no one tried to register .die
oh my, latest savage chickens is just nasty!
I can't help but wonder how @Dead solved his piss problem
Don't forget to place you bets everyone
8:46 AM
@CatPlusPlus IIRC, it's US$150k just for the application, without any guarantee of success.
@sbi HOLY SHIT! kick-starter?
Nobody else contributing? sync.in/MK3rIhZiAw
@Neil didn't you read the top, here now
give me an email so I can add you to the editors list
We've abandoned the old?
it descended into a mess, so I took the chance to move it so that we can make it more usable
8:57 AM
@thecoshman WTF?
It's neigh impossible for me to decipher this "answer". I am tempted to (also) downvote it, just because it makes no sense. (Your profile says you "always think android". Maybe that's the problem?) — sbi 49 secs ago
@sbi 150K USD is a shit tone, perhaps we could use kick-starter to get .wtf
@Neil I've added you btw
@thecoshman Thank you
afk, getting some nums
I don't think I have much to contribute, but I'll help however I can
So long as you don't make me wear a furry costume
@thecoshman Yeah, I got that. And I answered with what I considered fitting in several ways. We're not talking some domain here. Have you looked at what running a TLD costs per year? That's a business venture, and I'm not stupid enough to plunge head-first into such a thing.
9:00 AM
for all the grumpy websites
This webpage is not available
I actually like that song ahahah :Đ
Me too, actually
Why do I suddenly feel like I'm in a confessional?
Because that's where you admit really awkward things. At least, people did back in 1847
9:13 AM
You hu-mans still haven't even figured out your religions yet. Ha!
Hah, it's been a while since I last heard this.
In the category Late Revelations:
in Room for Neil and sehe, 3 mins ago, by sehe
@Neil I think I just realized a crucial clue here. Look who recently became Legendary and brags about it in his bio.
@sehe I ask you, what guy brags about his "SO milestones" and isn't a rep whore?
And I, in turn ask you, what guy asks a question that doesn't require an answer and doesn't consider it rhetorical?
9:25 AM
@sehe I considered it rhetorical, actually. Or was that last question rhetorical?
Somehow, it just gives me pleasure to give a satisfying, lengthy answer to which the OP responds positively, that it helps him. In the end, that's all that matters. But, some people are collectors, if they enjoy it - the rep is theirs for the taking.
@Neil ...
@sehe Shame you can't star a dialog. That was epic.
@sbi nope, never actually took the time

Epic Rhetorics

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Ooh I just registered for Lame Pun Friday
9:40 AM
@sehe At 2am? Are you guys nuts? I got work to do on Friday.
wtf is that all about?
@sbi it lasts all day
I can imagine the cat will come up with the lamest puns of all
@TonyTheLion Seems like it's about lame puns. So you don't need to register, you qualify automatically.
@sbi oh lol
9:42 AM
@sbi I can do lame puns without skipping a beat.
@thecoshman Well, in that case: wait for me.
that it goes on all day
@sbi It's an all-day event
@sbi it seems I was the only one who knew what you meant
9:43 AM
@thecoshman It seems you were the only one who knew what you meant.
ok, I registered for lame pun day :P
@thecoshman Or the only one who felt the need to point out the bleedingly obvious to a primate in trollmode :)
but don't expect anything sensible from me
@TonyTheLion but FTFY
9:45 AM
@sehe isn't sbi always in troll mode?
@sehe Stop accusing me of that. I had not looked at how long the event actually runs, I have just seen the "that's 2:00 in your timezone" and thought OMFG!
@thecoshman well. I don't see what you are trying to salvage there, but this line of reasoning isn't going to help :)
@sbi I know. I consider it a cheap troll when you respond on first neuron impact like any 12-year old. But, that's just me :)
The glasses!
9:47 AM
@sehe Wait until you're as old as I am now, and then lets see how much neurons you will have left to spare for something as silly and hilarious as this chat.
@sbi Ouch. Truth in that. I'll try to go easier on you next time. I already witness said effects, so I reckon that must be it.
oh god, the ape is really grumpy today
@sehe it's not a cheap troll to be mistaken
Oh damn, there goes everything I planned for the weekend. I will not have the time to be a great father for my 12yo son, because I'll have to take care of that little sister of him who has caught the chickenpox. Poor boy, that's a lot of father-son bonding going down the drain.
@sbi Sorry to accuse you of speaking uninformedly prematurely. You were just speaking uninformedly. And I forgive you
9:49 AM
Sry for the misedit there ^. Sigh. Did I mention neuron scarcity is setting in?
@thecoshman Trolls are cheap. That's because there's so many of them, and abundance of choice tends to lower the prices.
@sbi It's not friday yet
@thecoshman Hey man, wow, you're workin' on that doc like a baws :) Do you like our new temporary title btw :P ?
@sbi it's not so much the abundance of trolls as the lack of demand that make them cheap
9:50 AM
@sehe hai
hai all
@ScarletAmaranth baus [...]
@ScarletAmaranth to be honest, no. I prefer the other one
@thecoshman awww :(
@thecoshman That's the same. If there's a lack of demand, even the choice of one is abundance.
@sbi touché
9:51 AM
Oh, and what's that collaborative document you all have been talking about for days?
I use that word a fair bit... perhaps I should find out exactly what it means
24 hrs max?
less then 24 hrs
about 18 by my rough count
@thecoshman I had seen the link and wasn't asking about that. I asked what it is, not where.
@sbi oh right, it's a game we seem to have some how decided to attempt to make as a heard
9:53 AM
@thecoshman What's "a heard"?
seems like funzies, but I don't know how I could possibly contribute??
@sbi I've no idea what it was, but it's now the collective noun for members of the this chat room
@thecoshman OMG. You mean "a herd"?
@sbi yes sir :(
9:56 AM
@thecoshman I admittedly laughed out loud. Now my coworkers think I'm silly, thanks.
You're making progress. Pretty soon, you'll stop needing this place as a confessional.
(You'll just need a new job)
@Neil I'm glad my stupidity amused you so
@thecoshman Just, feel free to stop donating your spare neurons to the ape. I figure he'll do ok without your help :)

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