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4:00 PM
@Morwenn Did you go to your interview yet?
Everything is worth it if it feeds left-wing activists.
@Rerito Yes.
@Morwenn And?
@Rerito There are other canditates and it's for a position that may open in January. They will tell me later whether I'm up for a second interview.
> [`{.,([:":#-2:), {:@.(#>3:)
4:02 PM
@Morwenn What's your feeling about it?
I laugh everytime I see a J or APL conference. "How to maintain my 3 liners"
@Rerito I think it went well, but I can never tell how well it actually went.
@Morwenn woah... applying for positions that don't even exist yet o_0
Of course
4:04 PM
@thecoshman I have to opportunities for positions that may open in January.
And january is a quite close future
Ow, gawd... Light leak in top right corner. Time for the fuckers to replace it. QA at its best.
@Morwenn does this help?
that's (your python port of) the perl code visualized
Unfortunately, not really. The steps look similar and it's hard to tell them appart :/
4:18 PM
@Morwenn well, it should be the latter part right?
@orlp The Perl algorithm doesn't use a « sort - sort - merge » logic. It manages to do it differently for some reason.
I may be blind though. I'll check again just in case.
Q: Can storing unrelated data in the least-significant-bit of a pointer work reliably?

Jeremy FriesnerLet me just say up front that what I'm aware that what I'm about to propose is a mortal sin, and that I will probably burn in Programming Hell for even considering it. That said, I'm still interested in knowing if there's any reason why this wouldn't work. The situation is: I have a reference-...

holy hell now that's a hack
@BartekBanachewicz I've done worse.
story time?
4:29 PM
@Morwenn did you read knuth on this algorithm btw?
@orlp Yes, but I didn't learn much more.
I've used vars, passed by pointer/address, as workspace/flags for the called function.
@Morwenn std::cross(my_fingers);
@Morwenn knuth mentions that it sorts the odd and even separately, and then merges with p=1
@Borgleader std::cross(this->fingers);
@orlp Yeah, but even when I tried reimplementing the algorithm as described I always end up having the same problem. Otherwise I wouldn't have asked on SO :p
@orlp He merges with a little pee?
@Morwenn is this not what you're looking for?
that's the merge sequence to merge sorted odd/even sequences for N = 23
I already have the correct one for sizes 23 and 24 (as well as 31 and 32).
Worse - the 'workspace' var in the calling procedure was used by another thread than the one that called in with the 'workspace' var address.
4:35 PM
@Morwenn N = 25
this is what you want, right?
Looks like it's that.
well, sir
you should've read Knuth better then
because it's right there :P
Knuth is hard
@Lalaland I think you figured this out, but it was a bool-to-int conversion. Really surprised that clang didn't shout about it. Should be a narrowing warning IMO.
@orlp Why do you always make me feel dumb? ç____ç
4:41 PM
@TonyTheLion He can't help it. He's infected with that religion stuff.
@JerryCoffin Ah looking it up, I get it now
@BartekBanachewicz I have a smart pointer class that does this
Not used it for anything, it's just for the lulz
anyone here uses msys2 + msvc?
I'd use it, but can't bother to set it up for now
@TonyTheLion Religious people want life to be difficult. People living a difficult life are easier to convince that living a difficult life in exchange for a wonderful afterlife is a good trade (especially if they have no control over their life being difficult).
4:44 PM
@ᐅJohannesSchaub-litbᐊ /cc @melak47
autoconf seems to be able to build with msvc aswell. i wonder whether it works seemlessly with projects like gimp
@milleniumbug It's not very smart if it's in C++ ha ha ha
get it
I just woke up and I'm so tired
@CatPlusPlus go back to bed
@ᐅJohannesSchaub-litbᐊ I've used it a few times.
@Morwenn shh bby
I answered
4:45 PM
and whether you could build cairo, freetype, gtk with it
@JerryCoffin ah i see
@TonyTheLion I maxed out sleeping potential
@ᐅJohannesSchaub-litbᐊ I've used it to build a few small things, but I'm pretty sure nothing even close to as big or complex as gimp.
@orlp Strangest thing is that my merge network for N = 23 looks nothing like that.
do you think msys2 will settle and projects like gimp will pick up on it?
I probably missed the comment in Knuth though. I don't remember reading that one :o
4:49 PM
Knuth as in TAOCP?
@ᐅJohannesSchaub-litbᐊ Maybe a few projects--but quite a few have at least a few contributors who think of free software fanatically enough that they'd much rather it didn't work with Windows and/or MSVC.
@Morwenn that's not only the merge network though
that's also the sorting part, no?
@CatPlusPlus sux
@orlp Yeah, but you can easily tell it appart from the rest.
Batcher's network's depth is 5 though, while mine is 6. I lost :(
@Morwenn just so I understand correctly
what I posted is correct?
like, it just took me 30 minutes to read knuth, do a quick test and print out the latex stuff
4:53 PM
Knuth reward checks are checks or check-like certificates awarded by computer scientist Donald Knuth for finding mistakes in, or making suggestions for, his publications. According to MIT Technology Review, "Knuth’s reward checks are among computerdom's most prized trophies". In the preface of each of his books and on his website, Knuth offers a reward of $2.56 (USD) to the first person to find each error in his published books, whether it be technical, typographical, or historical. Knuth explains that $2.56, or 256 cents, corresponds to one hexadecimal dollar. Valuable suggestions are worth 32...
@orlp Probably. I have yet to try it.
But it yields the correct number of compare-exchange units.
you were so close :P
Me again. Im learning c++. I want the user to enter as many numbers (a sort of menu choice system) as they want, and read them into a vector. I tried this:
while (cin >> Choice)
Nov 22 at 18:47, by Elyse
Thank you for choosing Lounge<C++>. Have a look at The Rules and enjoy your stay!
4:58 PM
@набиячлэвэлиь what?
I'm trying to find the part about the Batcher's odd-even merge in TAOCP, but the algorithms are so badly highlighted that it's a pain.
knuth should thank me
@Morwenn I'm going to assume you already have a legitimate copy of TAOCP
page 138 in the pdf
i can find so many typographic errors in his books that if I were to report, he would run out of papers for filling the checks
5:02 PM
@ᐅJohannesSchaub-litbᐊ typographic errors?
@JerryCoffin I'm not sure that's true.
@orlp yes. I would use a different font altogether in his books.
@набиячлэвэлиь why did you send me a link to the leave page?
@Ethan Because it's funny, duh
@Ethan because if you had read the rules, you'd know that asking questions here that can be answered by using Google is not appreciated. :)
5:03 PM
No pirating (or anything to encourage it) here, please.
did it just get flagged twice in a row?
@TonyTheLion I already googled
I've never seen that happen
@orlp it did
probably because copyright
5:04 PM
@orlp if multiple people flag it, that means it gets flagged twice in a row
or have I misunderstood what you said?
@ᐅJohannesSchaub-litbᐊ no it was different
@orlp Guess I only read the algorithm description and not what came after the 6 steps...
@Ethan We learned from PT Barnum.
was it flagged, unflagged and flagged again?
5:05 PM
the flag went away
then came back with 1 flag
huh that's weird
perhaps knuth knows some more surveillance algorithms than he made public?
@Ethan ok I tried to Google your question, and found an answer, so I suggest you try again, maybe phrase it along the lines of "user input into vector c++"
1 message moved to bin
@zeeks Read our rules first.
Please, please for the love of all that is my kingdom, read the rules :)
You mean Belgium?
5:08 PM
@zeeks this is the channel for trolling. for real questions you should choose the main stackoverflow page
@EtiennedeMartel Yes Belgium :P
@ᐅJohannesSchaub-litbᐊ To be fair, we do like to get interesting questions.
@TonyTheLion everywhere the light touches is your kingdom?
in other words, you don't go where the sun don't shine?
@orlp pretty much
so I can't get help here for a short question?
5:08 PM
@zeeks nope
@orlp That's my territory
@zeeks you should pose it as a single-line question
@CatPlusPlus :D
@zeeks Well, you might get help if you're lucky.
But the Lounge as a whole does not help newcomers. Its denizens do, but they only typically help the people they know.
5:09 PM
"the method should not be part of the public interface". does that mean I have to put my method inside private in the class
So, first make a few friends.
@zeeks make sure you get consent first before putting your stuff in someone's privates
man come on i am serious
@zeeks I am serious too - rape is no joke
3 mins ago, by ᐅ Johannes Schaub - litb ᐊ
@zeeks this is the channel for trolling. for real questions you should choose the main stackoverflow page
no worries, girls like getting fucked by me ;)
5:11 PM
@zeeks that something should not be part of the public interface of a class is a statement of advice.. you can enforce it, but the statement does not say that you need to enforce it
@zeeks Your question is mostly about "what did the guy who gave this assignment mean?" We mostly don't know; you should probably ask him/her. But yes, if he says it shouldn't be part of the public interface, then it should probably be either private or protected.
soI don't see any need to do anything special
ok thank you
that's all bye
you can add a function "void hahahereIamAndIdonotbelongToTHeInteface();" into the public section of the class just fine
@TonyTheLion Still not finding what I need.... I dont want to ask the user how many inputs he's gonna enter. I just want the user to enter inputs separated by spaces and then read those individual inputs into a vector. Do I have to read the whole line into a string and then break apart the string? Is there an easier way?
5:14 PM
> Do I have to read the whole line into a string and then break apart the string?
You should probably read a book on C++
> Is there an easier way?
if you want easy then use PHP or something
how can you hide an answer from your answers list on your profile!?
Hire someone to do it for you
@ᐅJohannesSchaub-litbᐊ I doubt that is possible, besides just deleting it
I ordered enough food to last the night but I'll probably eat it all at once
i once answered to the so-called "books question" and an admin thought he would put the questions content into my answer
5:15 PM
@ᐅJohannesSchaub-litbᐊ change its title to "FREE PORN HERE"
nobody will click on that
Am I the only one experiencing a weird mouse offset on Chrome
now in my profile I am listed as the answerer... I don't particularly protest to having 1000+ rep points.. but I don't like this by principle
Maybe that's like Gnome 3
@TonyTheLion wow. Youre such a nice guy.... not. Im learning bud. I have a book.
5:16 PM
@ᐅJohannesSchaub-litbᐊ first world johannes problems
Gnome 3 seems cool
@Ethan maybe you should read it then?
@TonyTheLion No need to insult
yes I'm a nice guy, thanks :)
@TonyTheLion I was just wondering if there was an easier way.
5:17 PM
plz insult
@Ethan actually Tony is a nice guy.
Nov 22 at 18:47, by Elyse
Thank you for choosing Lounge<C++>. Have a look at The Rules and enjoy your stay!
4 hours ago, by Bartek Banachewicz
fuck this room.
@Dean I refuse
5:18 PM
But it refused
Time goes too fast
@TonyTheLion Well, all I know is that the last time I came here with a novice question, I got a nice guy that was willing to help. Sorry, I guess I need to come back another time
so, did anyone try to use modules in VC++ update1 ?
@TonyTheLion Thanks for the "help"
@Ethan Depends on what you want. If you want to read everything on a line, then yes, it's probably easiest to read the line into a string, then break it apart (probably by putting the string into a stringstream, then reading individual items from there).
I heard they're kinda incomplete
5:19 PM
C++ is incomplete
@JerryCoffin Thanks!! I look into that. Really appreciate it.
wrong. C++ has the "incomplete" concept for types
doesn't make it incomplete
> A detailed blog post on the module support (a preview of the ongoing module implementation) is coming soon. - /u/GabrielDosReis
5:20 PM
(w. sound)
should wait for that blog post
@orlp It doesn't pass my sorting network validator.
@Morwenn it's not a sorting network
it's only the merging part
isn't that what you asked for?
5:21 PM
@orlp I may be dumb, but not that dumb ._____.
@Morwenn can you post codez/an input that fails?
DJ wireless:
@R.MartinhoFernandes Yep, DDL is not transactable
@orlp 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
There is absolutely no safe way to do live migrations with MySQL
@Morwenn that can't be a proper input
there's a 0 in the middle
5:23 PM
@orlp How cannot this be a proper input?
@TonyTheLion Sorry for the rant
@Morwenn the merge step expects two sorted sequences interleaved
@CatPlusPlus Are you implying that there is a safe way to do...anything with MySQL?
@JerryCoffin Losing your data is p safe
Not as fast as it could be, but still
e.g. the indices 0, 2, 4, 6, ... are sorted, and 1, 3, 5, 7, ...
5:24 PM
@orlp I fed that to the whole sorting network.
You can count on it
@Morwenn well, then just run it through the part before the final merge and post the result here
we're interested in diagnosing the final merge, not the rest
@milleniumbug I use msys2 and msvc, but not like...together :p
@CatPlusPlus While I certainly wouldn't trust MySQL to preserve my data, I wouldn't trust it to destroy data well enough to ensure that (for example) the NSA couldn't find something it failed to destroy completely either.
@Morwenn I can't diagnose without a standalone input that fails the merge network
5:25 PM
I don't know
It's fairly good at shitting things up
If I install Steam on another machine, can I just reinstall the things I bought, without buying again?
@CatPlusPlus Maybe I just haven't given it enough time (or maybe I just give the NSA more credit than they deserve).
@TonyTheLion yeah, that's the point of steam
@orlp 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
@TonyTheLion Yes
5:26 PM
the games are tied to your account, not to the computer
The 0 is at the beginning of the second part to merge.
@Morwenn that's not a valid input to the merge network :)
It'd be quite silly if it worked otherwise
It is.
@Morwenn no it's not
5:27 PM
@TonyTheLion Yes (unless Steam's been bought out by Apple since the last time I looked).
@TonyTheLion o_0 dude
the 0 can only be at index 0 or 1
if there's only one 0
That might not apply to games with third party shit DRM
@TonyTheLion well duh
thanks :)
5:27 PM
@melak47 ISTR you posting screenshot of using clang from MSVC. It seems I jumped to the conclusion that you were using MSYS2's clang way too early
@Morwenn there's two sorted sequences, and they're interleaved
so 0, 2, 4, 6, 8... is sorted
and 1, 3, 5, 7, 9... is sorted
Fuck, I missed the interleaved part.
Lisp. Implemented in Sed. As you do. https://github.com/shinh/sedlisp/blob/master/README.md http://t.co/W2bGu5GLqV
@milleniumbug that's Microsoft's clang frontend MS code-gen frankenstein solution :D
@TonyTheLion feeling smart?
5:29 PM
Meh, I don't have time to uninterleave things tonight. I'll do that later.
@Morwenn uninterleave is easy
I want to destroy anyone who creates a new variant of Lisp and uses car and cdr
@orlp I have to leave, like right now.
@Morwenn make more time :P
you're a timelord, no?
@CatPlusPlus car and cdr?
5:31 PM
instead of head and tail, like a normal person would say
Head and tail
Except using terminology based on 1950 Lisp based on 1950 assembly mnemonics
@CatPlusPlus Anybody who implements a Lisp using "head" or "first" should be shot on sight.
@CatPlusPlus you're triggering me hard right now
@thecoshman No, every day I feel dumb
5:33 PM
@CatPlusPlus Nonsense! It was based on the PDP-10, which didn't come out until 1964.
I'm not good at remembering dates
You're at being grumpy
I mean, you've mastered that art
@CatPlusPlus I advise that you drink less and date women who are more memorable.
Good joke
5:34 PM
@TonyTheLion good, maybe you'll start learning
@thecoshman lol
Also Wikipedia says they were in IBM 704 in 1954
Well, macros
It's always macros
hey folks, anyone got a recommendation for a tutorial site that has idiomatic C++11 tutorials for the absolute beginner? I find a lot of beginner tutorials are generally more dated, or make heavy use of C-isms and so on
@Riot nobody knows good tutorials here, you'd be better off with a good book
5:39 PM
@JerryCoffin noted
something that can introduce concepts of variables, objects, loops and so on from the ground up, but from a C++11 perspective... nothing?
Ask Cinch
trouble is it's hard to hand a book to someone online
Q: The Definitive C++ Book Guide and List

grepsedawkThis question attempts to collect the few pearls among the dozens of bad C++ books that are published every year. Unlike many other programming languages, which are often picked up on the go from tutorials found on the Internet, few are able to quickly pick up C++ without studying a well-written...

yep, am very well aware of that list, looking for some specifically online tutorials, though
5:41 PM
@Riot C++ Primer. I'm not aware of any online tutorial that's worth much for this sort of job.
@JerryCoffin oh sure, you can still be selective
My RPi Zero arrived
@Ell now to put it in the draw and never use it :P
also I forgot to ridicule this
Nov 26 at 21:34, by Elim Garak
A human can't be efficiently in control over a 1500 kg vehicle driving 200 km/h. The thing about driving fast is that it is secure... Until it is not. It's a false sense of security & control.
@thecoshman I'm making a handheld CAS eventually/never
5:45 PM
well for one most cars don't weigh over 1500kg
@Ell cas?
touch: cannot touch 'woman': Permission denied
and "being secure until it's not" can be said about any velocity really
@thecoshman computer algebra system
@JohannesSchaub-litb can't touch this
5:45 PM
@BartekBanachewicz stop now before you even fucking start, seriously
This shit is just too tedious
so what else on Lounge TV today
@TonyTheLion doesn't know how steam works, mock him
looks like a police alert light
blue, alpa0, blue, alpha0.. funny
5:47 PM
Makin friends eh, Bartek?
lol fuck
I spelled "rootfs" incorrectly
elliot@localhost ~> ls -l /dev/disk/by-label/
total 0
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 10 Nov 30 23:09 roofts -> ../../sda1
Let the motherfucker burn
5:50 PM
how did I only just notice this :V
facebook... should be called headdesk book really :/
Refer to your partitions by UUID like a real user
apparently by turning off a few things, you can get the idle power draw on the pi zero to like 30mA
wtf, was randomly logged out
this thing is gorgeous
5:52 PM
um.. real users use GPT partition names
Being logged in drains too much power
@BartekBanachewicz aptly named
@BartekBanachewicz The mass is nearly irrelevant anyway. Driving a train at 200 (or even 300+) km/h can be quite safe. Likewise an airplane that's both much more massive and considerably faster. But, those are undoubtedly not the kinds of vehicles he had in mind, so they're pretty much irrelevant except as technicalities.
@JohannesSchaub-litb that doesn't much help when your filesystem spans across multiple disks, like a real users does ;)
oh wait
@JerryCoffin don't encourage him
5:53 PM
why do I only have one disk then o.O now I'm confused
Lounge<C++>: Ell's Adventures in Computing
@BartekBanachewicz The word you're looking there is "legendary". :-)
@ell the new new puppy
@thecoshman now you leaked it
use the damn smart pointers
last week my android just suddenly restarted
5:55 PM
throw throw throw your worries away
i have no idea what happened o_O
@JohannesSchaub-litb android is weak indeed
what do you mean
> last weak
10 minutes to food
@milleniumbug erm... 'new puppy' is a name...
@CatPlusPlus God I wish. For some reason I'm feeling famished this morning. Had breakfast. Had a banana when I got to work. Just ate some yogurt. Still hungry...
@JohannesSchaub-litb my CM restarts once in a month
dunno why, I don't care for now
:27227000 (cc: @TonyTheLion @Xeo @Mysticial) We're slipping again - remarks like that get noticed and don't get taken well at all. If you want the room in time out/frozen you're back on the right path - I thought we were heading in the right direction - I'm starting to feel discouraged we are any more. Someone talk to me?
@milleniumbug it was a typo.. prolly my brain connected the phonology of week to the process of weak linking and i ended up writing weak
5:57 PM
@JonClements What remarks?
Hi, fools!
room topic changed to Lounge<C++>: We offer degrees in type seduction. [c++] [c++11] [c++14] [c++-faq]
I declare IRC cars-free zone
5:58 PM
@JonClements what are you talking about
@Xeo prolly "omg we need a mod let's ping him there's a crisis"
but I might be wrong
@PravasiMeet consider that we don't wanna consider this
@JonClements Yes. I want to be in the loop. How can we suddenly have a shitstorm and nobody know what is goin on?
@sehe yeah, I wouldn't want to miss a good shitstorm either

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