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4:00 PM
@JerryCoffin I don't have a German accent!
@JerryCoffin Now it doesn't even make sense.
And now it does.
@Fanael You weren't supposed to read it--mutex wasn't released yet.
lol still using locks you scrub
How could I do this in an object oriented way? Would a singleton be a good idea here? — Milo May 23 '11 at 1:00
The idea of a Singleton being object orientated is a joke. More importantly, what on earth would the object be in the case? — Puppy May 23 '11 at 1:22
ah, already answered :)
4:04 PM
@Fanael That's pronounced "Old fart". And obviously your "lock free" protocol just didn't work (just like most of them).
The idea of OOP being object oriented is a joke
@JerryCoffin lol
Most talks that begin with « demistifying » generally mean « I finally understood how it worked and I know think that everybody else should be able to understand it » but most of them don't demistify anything.
lol even pooppy says "orientated"
No one picked up.
4:07 PM
Object Orientated Puppy
Isn't it work time
What is work
that thing before beer
@AndyProwl But that's beer!
4:08 PM
@Fanael oh, right
my ex gf sent me a pic with "rabbit ears", I thought she was a cow.
Looks like devil horns
dude do you ever talk about anything else than your ex gf
Thanks for the pic that'll be my next avatar
send more pls
4:11 PM
> When in doubt, replace bool with int.
@AndyProwl Trying to make us not realize he's talking about his sister.
int is_empty() const;
int should_do_thing = 4
int file_not_found = -1
4:12 PM
@Morwenn Where is that from?
some C magazine
@Lalaland CppCon2015 Declarative Control Flow talk.
@Andrey Back in the '60s the hippies in Haight-Ashbury thought it was funny to hold up mirrors so people taking pictures from tourist buses would end up with pictures of themselves taking pictures of themselves. Give it a "cool" name, and suddenly "selfies" are all the rage... :-(
well, a minute of silence for our C colleages.
@Fanael The sets of ex gf and sister can have a non-empty intersection!
4:13 PM
@Andrey C has bool now.
Well, you have to include a header.
bby u knoww what can't have a non-empty intersexion
But it's there.
@Lalaland If by now you mean 1999.
Also you don't need the header if you don't mind spelling it _Bool
@GregorMcGregor You've got such a long dong
@elyse Do you see the red book advertised on the right? I have it :)
Moving an object onto itself is UB or unspecified?
How can I call a python function from C++?
4:31 PM
use Boost.Python
You yell "python!" very loud
or any different Python binding for C[++]
@becko Here is the official docs: docs.python.org/3/c-api
@GregorMcGregor Good question. Please ask on SO proper.
or shell("python script.py")
@fredoverflow Some guy is just gonna quote the standard and get 500 rep :G
4:34 PM
@GregorMcGregor self-immolation :D
Q: What does the standard library guarantee about self move assignment?

Bjarke H. RouneWhat does the C++11 standard say about self move assignment in relation to the standard library? To be more concrete, what, if anything, is guaranteed about what selfAssign does? template<class T> std::vector<T> selfAssign(std::vector<T> v) { v = std::move(v); return v; }

Thank you :)
@AnalPhabet oh jesus
@Lalaland I just want to write a C++ wrapper for scipy.special.hyp1f1(a,b,z). I've never done C++/Python interfacing before. Is there a simple way to do this without having to delve through the entire c-api documentation?
4:41 PM
@Andrey are you and your ex gf having syber sexy times?
@becko Use @AnalPhabet's idea. Simply shell out. Use the system function (or fork and exec).
@Lalaland lololol yeah do that
@Ell o' course wi are buddy, life is f*cking goodamn good bae
Don't use os.system - subprocess module is way more usable
@Lalaland @AnalPhabet I'm worried about efficiency. Calling Python is already slow enough (but I haven't found any C++ implementations of 1F1). Is there a better way?
4:43 PM
First haskell assignment
I mean, shelling out is slower, right?
> Bearer of the curse
> Seek souls
> Larger, more powerful
> This is the only way
Shelling out is slower as you have to restart the python interpreter.
@becko It's actually the fastest operation
However, depending on the task, that may or may not be of importance.
4:45 PM
If I was you, I would record the average run time of scipy.special.hyp1f1(a,b,z) over like 1000 iterations and compare that to the time for one run + initialization.
@becko ...wait, you're calling the Python function of a math lib? Don't bother, just use a C++ math library.
Then you can determine whether shelling out is too expensive.
Also, you can use Boost.Python as a good alternative to using the raw CPython API.
@milleniumbug There is no C++ implementation of 1F1
Q: Simple example of calling scipy numeric function returning complex value from C++?

beckoI want to see a simple example of C++ calling a Python function from a package. This will help me understand quicker the Python C-api documentation. Specifically, I need to call the scipy function scipy.special.hyp1f1(a,b,z) from C++. That is, I want to write a wrapper function in C++: std::complex

I wouldn't expect C++ to have support for Hypergeometric functions. That shit is quite specialized.
4:51 PM
@Mysticial There are some routines in GSL, but they don't support complex arguments for 1F1.
TIL "literate haskell files" are a thing
today illiterate haskell files
@becko Fair enough, I wasn't familiar enough with the subject (thanks to some googling I now know this is "Confluent Hypergeometric Function of the First Kind")
> Written in HTML 4.01 and CSS 3 using vi.
5:00 PM
> HTML 4.01 and CSS 3
> vi
that website is so accessible
I can't access it
well, it's less terrible than most professors' websites
you mean the 404 pages, right?
@becko At first glance, it looks like Scipy uses an implementation in Fortran. The obvious possibilities would be to link that with your C++ code, or to translate it to C++. With a compiler that supports it (gcc probably will) the former is probably pretty trivial. The latter is more tedious, but looks pretty straightforward.
@Morwenn it's pretty good for 1994
5:03 PM
> Last updated August 27, 2015.
> Last modified 5 April 2015, you betcha.
this is a billion times worse
my god the png website
I ccan't even
At least the PNG website is BOW not WOB
@Ell Are they really working on an imaging library?
5:04 PM
@Morwenn imaging != imagining
@Morwenn of course
it's png
ain't it?
You're not even doing that; I suspect you're just trolling. But on the off-chance someone takes you seriously, I've edited to respond to you anyway. — Shog9 ♦ 3 mins ago
O man. How did I not know about this epicaally useful meme
Derp. Is that NSFW? OKay, for posterity (tagged now) i.imgur.com/5mx6q.jpg
I'm sorry. I guess.
nah but it's old
like at least 14 years old
I meant all the flagging
5:13 PM
it got removed
inb4 sehe gets suspended
how do you even suspend sehe it should be illegal
@fredoverflow nice.
I thought it was autoremoved :<
It is
The funniest moment was when I invalidated the flag routinely. "You can't counterflag your own message" :)
Oh well. Momentary lapse of attention. Sorry guys (in case the flaggist was from here)
@sehe heh usual confusion of words, she clearly thought "retarded" = "retired"
Yeah. Look at the meme though. It's hilarious in context
5:17 PM
It doesn't make sense to me on so many levels.
@AlexM. are you saying it’s retired
ba dum
sorry, I have OCD, couldn't control myself
@Mysticial you know what would hurt people a lot
5:19 PM
This is fine
if you posted a screen showing 1000000+ reply notifications
it would hurt more than the 10000000+ rep notifications
> Non type-variable argument in the constraint
@LucDanton lel
Oh wait I need FlexibleContexts
5:20 PM
IRTA FlexibleConstants. You got me there.
well there's polymorphic constants
those feel flexible
@Andrey Sounds like you may be CDO. Like OCD, but with the letters in alphabetical order, as they must be arranged.
@Mysticial no :'|
haha people are worried that if they send me skype messages I won't read them fast enough so they come to me in person
they don't know I click the bar the moment it flashes
I can't be the only one who interrupts any kind of work for it no matter how deep into it
5:24 PM
can you get rid of them all at once somehow?
or does it take lots of clicks
@AlexM. You
@AlexM. can
@AlexM. find
@AlexM. out
I had to click 4 times
@AlexM. Click in the reply edit control, then press the escape key.
@Mysticial lol
On the feature list somewhere, we should add a request for the ability to traverse the pings in reverse order.
5:28 PM
Request list is already infinite
@CatPlusPlus Yes, but I always say if you're gonna dream, dream big.
Halls air you ?
@JerryCoffin what's the reply edit control? if it's this textbox then Esc-ing here only deletes the message but does not get rid of notifs
Type a message
Always gets rid of them
Makes it impossible to find the replies if you dare reply to one of them
this thing from the new star wars game looks really cool i.imgur.com/N87lc7U.gifv
too bad I never watched SW
5:38 PM
Did you read it, though
@AlexM. Yeah. Look at all that fancy smoke!
5:55 PM
@AlexM. Cool animations.
@AlexM. Grab the Despecialized Edition and get watchin'
is it possible to fold over a homogeneous tuple in haskell?
@Ell Not out of the box.
(or is that just not the done thing?)
N-tuples aren’t used too much—at least the language-provided ones. Some Haskellers use HList, which amounts to an n-tuple but with a more tractable presentation.
I suppose I'll try implementing it anyway
okay now I gotta figure out what a monoid is :V
6:04 PM
@Ell Oh yeah, it’s fairly important/useful :)
@Ell Maybe Data.Data can do it, I can’t check right now.
I'll check :)
or attempt anywya
@AlexM. Yes, where you write posts. Click escape when it's empty, and it removes notifications.
@JerryCoffin :O it worked
@BartekBanachewicz I hate that ubisoft bought might and magic when they did
fucking ubisoft little shits
-- | Right-associative fold of a structure.
-- @'foldr' f z = 'Prelude.foldr' f z . 'toList'@
foldr :: (a -> b -> b) -> b -> t a -> b
foldr f z t = appEndo (foldMap (Endo #. f) t) z
ahh how even :(
oh wait
this looks a little less terrifying than before the edit
6:13 PM
@AlexM. Which did you find more surprising: that something in chat actually worked, or that I said something semi-serious for once?
Hmm I suppose I should work on my C assignment until at least midnight
I have a whole week for haskell
@Ell I don't think you should get started with haskell on Endofunctors
unless you want to used the monoids in the category of them :)
I don't
I only want a foldable, not a monad ;)
I have a teeny bit of haskell knowledge
I'll manage by the end of the week
6:30 PM
you have a teeny bit of Haskell knowledge and you want a foldable?
alright then ^^
@AlexM. nothing good came out afterwards
@Mr.kbok Not surprising knowing they're french. Duh
Hey, at least they didn't fuck up the latest episodes of Rayman.
quite affordable
lol, amazon oneboxes are not inb4 enough, onebox the entire site. :D
6:40 PM
yeah the only part that didn't get oneboxed was the price which is the only thing I cared about
@AndyProwl free UK delivery!!!
@ScarletAmaranth ikr, great deal!
they should provide free world-wide delivery with it (including but not limited to the entire known universe)
> Five times more global variables then countries in the world.
I suck
6:46 PM
I don't fix quotes before sharing them.
@ScarletAmaranth is that so ambitious?
@Ell well the more you try to use at once the harder it gets
Well it is the only new thing I need (want) for this assignment
Ok, I don't know what the slides of one CppCon2015 talks want to say besides « in our company, we have huge repetitive classes, many global variables and 500 LOC functions all over the place ».
| If [(Expr, Block)] (Maybe Block)
um that's for elseifs right
looks so freaking weird
6:55 PM
oh ballbag
I haven't been committing include files
ah git why haven't you warned meee
Is this a one hour song?

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