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@Rawing you can do that kind of thing in Py3
Use lambda : next(expression_using_temp_var for temp_var in [expression_defining_temp_var])
I was writing a crappy little converter for datetime -> Excel timestamp (fractional days since 12/30/1899), and I needed now-epoch in 3 places
oh man this is such a heated debate.....They are extremely popular, and a "staple" in Montreal because it's been around forever. It's a good fast burger place to get yourself something before a hockey game. It's close to the Bell Centre.

Personally, I would rather go to Five Guys :)
If I'm going for a greasy burger...I'm going for a greasy burger
Lean burgers sound as useful as the nipples on Batman's breastplate
thank you! Someone had to say it
I got u fam
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A: Django cannot find my media files (on development server)

Bobworks with django 1.8: from django.conf import settings from django.conf.urls.static import static urlpatterns = [ # ... the rest of your URLconf goes here ... ] if settings.DEBUG: urlpatterns += static(settings.MEDIA_URL, document_root=settings.MEDIA_ROOT)

may i know why they configured the static url for only development?
what's wrong with using the same in production server..
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5:42 AM
In Python how remove extra space elements from a two-dimensional array?
For eg.

list = [['2', '2', '', ''], ['3', '3', '', ''], ['4', '4', '', '']]
and i want as

newlist = [['2','2'],['3','3'],['4','4']]
have you tried this out already?
I'm leaving, but read this answer to help inspire you to figure out how to apply it to a list of lists: stackoverflow.com/questions/3845423/…
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cbg. How do I check if tkinter window is resizable?

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