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"Remember that you are very special,no one can play your role better than you." -Damayanti Patra (source)
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@OakBot Tell that to the government.
@Ungeheuer Type /help to see all my commands.
Hush, my child. Shhhh.
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There, I optimized my NumberBuilder2.java code so now it can calculate the names of numbers with values like 1*10^201326659 in just a few seconds.
1*10^201326659 is called "one septensexaginmilliacenoctomilliaoctingenquinoctogintillion" btw
Good morning!
Good morning.
5:34 AM
Fun fact: The name of the number 1*10^1073741822 is "one hundred trecenseptenquinquaginmillianongentredecmillianongennovemtrigintillion"
I tried to do 1*10^(Integer.MAX_VALUE-1), but kept running out of heap space.
Hard times...
5:53 AM
can some one help me with this
@NijeeshKJ Welcome to the Java Chat, the room for Java enthusiasts! Please use a code snippet tool when posting code snippets. If you have an Android question, you're in the wrong place! And remember: this is not tech support! Thanks for visiting and have fun! :D
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This is not an Android room. Please take your question to a room dedicated to Android. If you came here because you don't have access to the Android room (room 15), remember that there are other rooms too with Android as the topic.
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France all the way
@USM The match felt off for me
They weren't derserving?
@USM I didn't meant that
Somehow it lacked the vibe of a WC final
I watched all WC finals from 2002 and this year felt off for me
6:54 AM
The Croats didn't really care that they lost, they drove through the city just like if they won
But it was clear that it would be an easy wipe for France and it turned out to be just that
Isn't the acronym "FIFA" French?
There's something about "Being in the final is good enough". I couldn't tell if they actually want to play as hard as they can or not.
@JennaSloan yes. afaik
I would be celebrating for sure if I was a Croat and my team reached the final
@wonderb0lt Me too. But at least I want my team to show that they want to win the cup.
Anyway, I'm really happy for them this year. I hope they can do it next time.
7:12 AM
Next time's world champion will be Denmark 🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰
@wonderb0lt I'm still rooting for Germany
Morning ^^
@wonderb0lt that's still going on?
@Zoe Naah, it ended yesterday. We're just discussing the winner (France) and runner up (Croatia)
7:17 AM
@Zoe and if it was?
@wonderb0lt cool
Are you on your way to the plane?
please yes, please yes, please yes
@AceVez nothing. Just seems like it's been going on for a really long time now
@geisterfurz007 Nein
Not for another 4 ish hours
7:19 AM
oh god...
@Zoe Where are you flying?
Going on vacation :3
7:20 AM
Visiting a democracy :')
Enjoy spending your oil money
@wonderb0lt we gave up on oil money a while ago
Why does the UI look decent on Android and like incredible shit in the iOS simulator?!
ReactNative pliz.
Having oil in wallets ended up being a mess :* We have paper money now :p
7:23 AM
It isn't wonderful on Android either but on iOS it just looks like cramped mess ._.
@geisterfurz007 assert React-native is Shit
true iOS is shit
Android is shit as well :)
Nah, Android isn't that bad
You can at least do stuff with it :*
Doing gradle stuff is absolutely annoying
Not when you get used it it :>
7:26 AM
Yeah if you have to figure the same shit out 4 times in a row and you finally know what to change then it is fast to do in the 5th round.
Yeah, but you're using react.
I should be using gradle 2!
React makes everything horrible.
Ok, listen here buddy!
If you tell me, I am a shitty dev you are probably right. But at least I am an adult, mkay?
@geisterfurz007 ... That wasn't the point
7:28 AM
I guess it is not as horrible to work with once you are used to it but still... This is rather demotivating... Decent login thingy on one screen, pile of trash on the other one.
Damn, that sucks
If you don't need to support iOS, you could move to a module-based system and write the UI natively, and have a module for shared code
My project is supposed to be an iOS app and I use RN after I took a look at Swift...
Hey Anders o/
7:33 AM
What's wrong with Swift?
Have you looked at it?
Then hopefully you know it is shitty
Wow wow... easy with the language.
Oh come on! It's true!
7:36 AM
@geisterfurz007 please elaborate please, I don't know it. Why is it "shitty" ? :)
It's not that bad actually
At least to me there is a huge amount of boilerplate code that you need to write which feels incredibly awkward at least to me.
Kinda JS-like with some of the syntax, but it's still a lot better
Thanks geister :)
You could use Kotlin Native if you don't wanna use Swift. Compiles to native code so it can run everywhere
7:38 AM
Or I could use ReactNative so I can work with a language I actually have experience with.
I am currently looking for a code example that was about getting a JSON response into an object where swift required 20-ish lines with try and catch and cast here and stuff there while the JS one took 3 lines.
Of course there is no super crazy checks and stuff but if there is an error, then you add another line and bang! Error caught.
But frameworks.
I am afraid though that I saw it in a video and won't be able to find it again.
But Frameworks what?
No, that's the entire reason. With JS you need 15 frameworks and a transpiler to get anything to work decently. Oh, and NPM.
Most of that is set up for me with react-native init ProjectName
Bang. Done.
Babel, linter, jest and stuff. All there and good.
I don't care how everything works under the hood as long as it works.
And again: I rather stick to something I have used for quite a while now instead of starting to learn the next language and framework thingy that allows me to do stuff with Kotlin
It's not a framework
Kotlin Native is a language that's designed to be cross-platform
7:52 AM
Or that. Still no clue of Kotlin, Native or not.
TIL: Layout Managers exists to be used.
Isn't Kotlin a different flavor of Java?
Isn't any language some kind of different flavor of zeroes and ones?
@geisterfurz007 Oh come on
Kotlin compiles to JVM byte code, Kotlin Native compiles to native code using LLVM
8:02 AM
Ah, I see
so spicy to read this group some times.
Come on Zoe, I know you cannot hold that incredibly good pun back. You have to have something!
Who said I had one? I'm not that punny. But if you bring some chili I'm sure I got a spicy pun for you
(happy now @geis? :3)
I expected more but that works, yeah :)
works for what?
8:19 AM
le happy morning
Hey Wietlol :)
Hey me :)
@Zoe Kotlin-js compiles to jibberish
that is why it is called Kotlin-jibberish
forgot about Kotlin-JS >.<
Bang! Doesn't look like incredible trash anymore!
8:38 AM
hey guys, quick question. If i want to make a swing mini app that just gets some input, what would be the best way for me to sort the layout of it? Im confused as there are many choices, and I want one that doesn't allow the positions of my components to move, but rather stay static, and when the window is zoomed out, they remain in the same positions grid wise
this is for windows btw
borderlayout? gridlayout?
something like that
yeah but grid layout is confusing me
how to i place an object across multiple grids
so say i have a 5 row 2 column grid
how do i make my object take row 1 column 1 and row 1 column 2
Yo @Zoe maybe you are faster in googling than I am... Do you have a second and could try to figure out what the default background color of a UITextField in iOS?
the background is an image
that's the only background property I can find
> This property is set to nil by default.
So I guess that's not it. Thanks though :)
@MikhailTal stackoverflow.com/q/9219886/6707985 I am afraid that that is not possible with the GridLayout in Swing.
8:49 AM
well gridbag it is
@MikhailTal you mean in size or in position?
size is fine
i just want them to keep the same positions relative to each other
position is also doable in gridlayout
size is something special
Oh so you don't want one object to take more than one position?
how do i explain this
| |
8:51 AM
so assume this is my two by two app
now i want to but 3 things in it
Why does final char [] array={'J','A','V','A'}; get modified by array[0]='P';//PAVA? Does it mean that final protects change of reference?
x y and z
so x has to always take the top two grids
for example cause its a title
@geisterfurz007 I can't find the property in the docs, but I may have something
or i want to do smth like this:
cause y is a big object
I hope you get what im saying now
8:53 AM
Oh yeah. That does not work in GridLayout in Swing indeed, sorry.
@Zoe hmmm?
@JWizard final means you can't change the instance. array[1] = 'S' is allowed, but array = {'A', 'B', 'C'} isn't
@geisterfurz007 books.google.no/…
so gridbag, got it
It's transparent by default
@Zoe link-only; please paste the content of the link here as the link is borked for me.
@Zoe Okay, let me check the link. But what do you mean by instance? Do you mean the Object? Or the reference?
8:56 AM
2 mins ago, by Zoe
It's transparent by default
That is a bad answer ._.
At least for me :D
I don't know what to tell ya. There are a ton of SO questions and answers using the backgroundColor property, but it's not in the docs
@JWizard int x = 3 is one instance. x = 4 creates a different instance on the same field.
Yeah, I know. Thanks for taking a look :) Guess I will just try and get as close as possible
Because at least on the iPhone SE I am using the input is not transparent ._.
The book is from 2008, stuff probably changed
still weird that something is so horribly undocumented. Probably would be easier if I had the SDK installed, I could probably browse the code
I cannot take a look into the book. I get some random gibberish (might be Norsk, I think) and have some stuff highlighted in the background
8:59 AM
@geisterfurz007 Well, that does it! Thanks, i got it now.
@geisterfurz007 Mhm
"You've either come to a page that can't be displaed, or reached the limit of what you can see of this book"
Well that sure is a small limit.
final int limit = Integer.MIN_VALUE;
9:04 AM
@JWizard Sure, no problem? ^^"
I am interested in creating an application that scans groups on Facebook for specific keywords and then deploying a message to the end user. Would this sort of application be well suited for a Java application or which language would be appropriate?
assembly would be my primary choice
Are you thinking something such as C++?
I dont think that your case requires a specific language
as long as you dont use PHP you should be fine
Brainfuck would be nice to use :p
9:09 AM
True. I am just looking for the most efficient solution.


I don't even know how to interpret that. <.<
Brainfuck also doesn't have UI
you dont need ui
So basically:
- A bot for Facebook that automatically sends private messages to users when receiving a "lead".

A lead is generated when a user makes a new post in the group and the post contains X keyword.
I think that a UI would be nice - but it's not mandatory.
Hmm - you mentioned earlier that PHP would not be an appropriate solution. May I ask why?
just reasons
Fair enough (y)
9:19 AM
/shrug saw application, assumed UI
applications (with ui) still should be made so that you can run the application without ui
@nicarpe There is a culture in many rooms and amongst a few developers to hate PHP :)
I agree with the others though that there isn't really a perfect language for the job.
@geisterfurz007 does that imply that you dont agree that PHP is not good for the job?
Ah I see :) Yeah I'm just trying to create a list of the languages that are going to work for the job - and then narrow it down as I find the pros and cons
9:29 AM
I ussually write everything in Kotlin
as much as I can use Kotlin, I use it
I have never used Kotlin before - let me check it out
the differences between languages is mostly not that big
in JVM development, you are very flexible though
groovy as a dynamic language
kotlin as main language (for me at least)
clojure for a purely functional language (iirc)
Now it seems that I need to dive deeper into the realm of programming languages.
still, 95% of development goes to kotlin if it were up to me
it is currently the least sucking language
@Wietlol It does not! In fact I don't think PHP is really suitable. However I don't think there is a clear winner (despite there being clear losers).
9:32 AM
fair enough
PHP is not really that great at multi-threading, is it?
Planning to scrape about 100 Facebook groups.
PHP is not really that great at anything
multi threading is not really the issue imho
No clue, tbh. Fortunately I didn't have too much contact with that language.
in any case, I would suggest you to avoid multi threading altogether
9:33 AM
php is fun
Are you begging to be kicked?
PHP has the status of being old without moving forward
Hmmmm? ;)
for example, Java and C# are old
Yeah it's becoming quite obselete
9:34 AM
but they are developing in quite a nice pace
(C#8 will be a bummer though)
@geisterfurz007 ┬┴┬┴┤ ͜ʖ ͡°)
I am not sure how MS is going to solve what they just did wrong
Isn't C# just a knock off of Java
but PHP on the other hand simply ignores any improvements on languages and goes full hipster
Old is one thing, but obsolete?
9:36 AM
C# was made based on Java while not making Java's mistakes that it had at the time
now, C# made many mistakes by either trying to be ahead of Java or not copying Java correctly
its still a nice language
but its not superior like it used to be
I have nightmares with C#. Especially .NET after finishing Component Based Development course on my second year
one could argue that Java is currently in much better shape
Sounds like Coca Cola versus Pepsi
I like programming in Java.
- Is C# ok as well?
except Pepsi was earlier (meaning it would be Java) while Coca is much better like it has always been (which would mean it is also Java)
9:38 AM
Yeah that comparison works, I guess :)
Oh. I didn't know that actually.
How do we edit commit message in already pushed commit
git commit --amend
git rebase
git gud
@nicarpe Does not work for pushed commit, I think,.
9:41 AM
@nicarpe thanks it worked
Hmm. Not sure. I haven't worked with Git in a while tbh.
No problem.
@geisterfurz007 why u do this?
Why do I do what?
stop poking ur nose in everything
9:52 AM
@geisterfurz007 your nose
@USM Be nice. That's official Stack Overflow policy btw. And your comment wasn't very nice.
@ThiefMaster I am nice. atleast i dont use words like "dick" as geisterfurz007 have used on me.
Jul 10 at 7:03, by geisterfurz007
If you can dump your questions here, you can dump your questions to google. If that continues, I will start kicking you. I have no problem with discussions, with a nice chat, Java questions, etc. I have a problem with people dumping random stuff here, using the chat as google and overall being close to being a dick. Last warning.
it wot?
@USM: being told to stop "being a dick" does not imply tha person is not being nice.
@ThiefMaster so what is nice?
9:58 AM
kotlin is nice
java isn't :>
stop poking your nose or being close to being a dick ?
now I am not nice
@Wietlol ur always nice :)
nah, I am an asshole
9:59 AM
telling someone to "stop poking their nose into things" is - at least in this context - not nice.
especially since it was actually a constructive remark (you do need to force-push after amending an already-pushed commit)
@ThiefMaster Oh ok. So sorry Sir. I am wrong ,happy?
ThiefMaster is never happy
Oh god , why is it so difficult to be here on SO?
Why so many rules?
it isnt a rule
its just general knowledge
@ThiefMaster I guess that comment was written more likely in response to me calling out the vamp behaviour of asking in two rooms close after each other :)
10:00 AM
and it is legal to have a lack of general knowledge now and then
@geisterfurz007 U r so late in guessing..
I have enough of your passive aggressive behaviour. I have warned you beforehand.
I have enough of this inconsistent behavior!
Childish behaviour
Kicking me out
And I will continue doing so if you continue with this kind of comments.
10:05 AM
with what comments?
You are not constructive in any way. Dump your questions or phrases in here like the message box is the google search and provoke people.
What is ur age?
I don't think that that is information I need to disclose.
that is a very googleable question
@geisterfurz007 Your behavior is enough to know about that.
10:49 AM
Clean, Clean Build Folder, Delete contents of Derived Data folder, Pod install (where appropriate), restart Xcode, restart machine; then smear some lamb's blood on the door for good measure — johnnyclem Oct 31 '17 at 22:12
11:23 AM
Do you have to learn HTML to make java web applications? Aren't there HTML editors like Coffee Cup where you can make it look however you want?
Using WYSIWYG editors or UI frameworks that pretend you are creating a desktop app for webapps is crazy. So yes, you really should learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create webapps. Or hire a frontend developer who does that part for you, while you write backend code.
You need to use all 3 to develop one application?
Yes, for a webapp you will need to use HTML/JS/CSS.
Why would you need to use HTML if you are using Javascript? Doesn't that replace the need for it? Or I guess I just don't understand how it works yet
HTML for the layout, CSS for making it look nice and JS for dynamic thingies. However you can probably maybe (really not sure) omit JS if you use something like JSF for rendering the websites that are in contact with the server
11:31 AM
I read from someone else that all you need to make a web application other than java would be HTML
IMO webapps using JSF, GWT, ATP.Net WebForms, etc. usually look and feel awful
I haven't done any web developing yet, so I still have a bit to learn. I heard learning JavaScript is a nightmare though
Well you can write a web app frontend in just HTML, but it'll feel lik a website from 20 years ago - forms, big submit buttons and reloads for every action
I would prefer to stick to back end developing, but my summer camp organization liked my desktop application so much, they are trying to get me to develop a web application to go along with it to save them on costs.
JavaScript is fine - as long as you can use Babel so you can use ES2018 features.
11:37 AM
Oh god... That reminds me of that hackernoon article again.
"i'm stealing your credit card numbers"?
What was a huge help for me (despite having not really a lot of website dev experience) was bootstrap @Nathan777 There are a lot of components with example that will help you to throw together a decently looking website. However you would still need to do some stuff with JS to make things dynamic.
@ThiefMaster Learning Javascript in 2016: hackernoon.com/…
nowadays I'd go for reactjs + semantic-ui (using semantic-ui-react). with create-react-app there's also a very nice way to avoid having to do the boilerplate yourself. also, no jquery, which is a plus!
ugghhh... another programming language
It's not that I don't want to learn new skills. I do. I just think back on the days before I mastered the basics of Java, I contemplated jumping off a building many days.
It's not another programming language. ReactJS, jQuery and SUI are just libraries (even though React usually uses JSX which extends JavaScript a bit).
And having skills beyond Java is very useful in any case
11:46 AM
JavaScript is not another programming language?
Oh, you meant JS. Sure that one is. But it's pretty easy. Even more so nowadays where you can use Promises and async/await instead of callback hell.
Yeah JS is not super hard. There are a few concepts that are slightly different from Java but having experience in one language should help you getting into JS rather quickly :)
So, can you just use JavaScript to make an application, or do you need a back end language to work with it?
posted on July 16, 2018

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You can use JS as your backend language :D
But to answer your question: Yes, you usually need some kind of server thingy that serves the websites and takes requests for stuff and acts as storage
12:00 PM
Fish use a variety of low-pitched sounds to convey messages to each other. They moan, grunt, croak, boom, hiss, whistle, creak, shriek, and wail. They rattle their bones and gnash their teeth. However, fish do not have vocal chords. They use other parts of their bodies to make noises, such as vibrating muscles against their swim bladder. (source)
Dang it Oak!! We had that one yesterday already!!
As a matter of fact (@Zoe ) we had that one the last 3 days already.
@Michael It seems that the fact of the day is borked. Not your implementation but there doesn't seem to be any new fact since the 13-th: refdesk.com/fotd-arch.html
You can use JS for a backend, and it's probably much more fun than using Java for it :D
(and with that said I think it's a good opportunity to leave again :p just came here because of the vamp anyway)
@ThiefMaster Take ur word back Thief
@ThiefMaster Have a great day o/
12:17 PM
Hi, I've got a JFrame which contains a Canvas, I need to know the absolute location of th e top-left corner of th JFrame so that I can check for mouseHover
@JacobSchneider Welcome to the Java Chat, the room for Java enthusiasts! Please use a code snippet tool when posting code snippets. If you have an Android question, you're in the wrong place! And remember: this is not tech support! Thanks for visiting and have fun! :D
what is meanth by "And remember: this is not tech support!"?
how do I get the absolute coords of the frame, not the window
Mainly that we are not a room where you can come in, dump a random question you could easily google and leave. Also posting a question you asked a few hours ago is discouraged here :) That being said: Welcome!
Usually the top left corner has the coordinates 0,0
ok, yeah, I have genuine intentions...!
yes, but I need to know the coordinates of the corner of the JFRame relative to the edge of the user's screen
12:23 PM
is that possible?
Currently looking. I haven't worked with Swing in a while.
there are alternatives?
Yes, it's called JavaFX :)
Oh sweet
/javadoc JFrame#getLocationOnScreen
That maybe? ^
@OakBot thought you were a useless bot...
@JacobSchneider Type /help to see all my commands.
will do?
@JacobSchneider He definitely is not :)
12:26 PM
@geisterfurz007 no, (s/he) has proven (it?) self
Feb 1 at 15:17, by Michael
@Zoe Oak's preferred pronoun is "he".
I read somewhere that String s=new String("Java") will create one object on the Heap memory and store the string Java in the String Constant Pool. Now I am reading about substring(). The author is saying s.substring(0,2) will create a new Object on the Heap but nothing on the String Pool. My question: Why does it not store Ja on the String Pool since we are using the new operator?
He is fine :D
yeah, he will do

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