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9:00 PM
@FredOverflow Simple.
in the universe of "patterns" that piss me off, Abstract Factory is included
@FredOverflow a 'function' that returns a 'type' that ... 'has' a function, maybe. You know, a trait'd be a meta function
you agree that this is a Strategy, right?
code review seems cool, but I really wish there was "SO answer review" site
class Foo {
    Strategy bar;

    public void baz() {
} // oh wait, Java does not need the semicolon here :)
^ Strategy Pattern in a nutshell
9:00 PM
I mean, I basically ripped it right from the Wikipedia example
@DeadMG why virtual? defeats the purpose, then. Yes, in Java strategy could well be any "a function provider".
@FredOverflow how dare you post Java code here'
@FredOverflow How is that fundamentally different to class Foo { std::function<void()> bar; void baz() { bar(); } };?
@DeadMG Seriously? That looks more like a Strategy Factory to me :)
@sehe Yep. I said it was equivalent to this.
9:02 PM
@BartekBanachewicz I don't want to spoil C++ code with this Pattern nonsense.
mantis vs TFS
but, of course, you could just say
there's nothing wrong in patterns; on the other hand, there's a lot wrong with people who use them improperly
@DeadMG No, you normally have a Strategy member and then delegate methods to the strategy. Just getting a strategy and then immediately calling a method on it is not very useful.
@sbi oh ahaha, he's given me 30 rep then :)
And I lost it today. That seems... weird and not very community friendly.
9:04 PM
@FredOverflow Right, but you could store the std::function and do whatever you want with it. Calling it immediately is just the simplest thing to do.
How similar / dissimilar is Code Review tag C++ to SO tag C++ ?
ridiculous class declaration provided by cplusplus.com tutorial

class class_name {
} object_names;
The point is that you will later replace the strategy with a different... oh wait, I am confusing Strategy with State. Forget I said anything!
@Walter You tell us when you have reached the verdict?
@sehe the strange consequence is, that if everybody started to delete their accounts, the rep would drain from the system
9:05 PM
@rogcg You want to indent each line with 4 spaces to post code. No backticks needed.
@sehe only just realised the existence of RC
@Walter What do you mean? One is about doing code reviews of C++ code, and the other is about C++ programming questions. Because... that's what Code Review and SO are for, respectively
I then suggest equivalence to this
@BartekBanachewicz Precisely my point
@FredOverflow oh
9:05 PM
@jalf well, there is not clear line here and many questions could be on either
@rogcg just like on SO proper
@sehe which kinda makes sense, don't you think? It's the community reputation. Without community, it's just a number
@FredOverflow it's markdown right?
So who do we give daknøk's owner spot to? Jalf or Fred?
9:06 PM
@Mysticial I lost 55 points, so I say me me me :)
is there a limited number of owner spots?
@BartekBanachewicz 12
@BartekBanachewicz by convention, yes
@Mysticial me!
Sep 24 at 11:08, by Cat Plus Plus
Rules are for bad posters, so you should read them.
9:07 PM
@BartekBanachewicz Yes -- a limit enforced by nobody but us, though :)
@BartekBanachewicz Nah. disagree. It's reputation, given. When I give you money, you don't lose it when I die. Or move to another country. Or repent to Mormonism.
@LuchianGrigore Why?
@sbi jk :)
@sehe rep is how trusted you are within the community. If the people who trust you leave the community, then you're less trusted and your rep goes down ;)
@sehe Money, however, is still worth something after you died, the reputation I had with you I cannot show off to others anymore, once you're dead.
9:08 PM
@sehe No, but it would lose all value if you had nobody who would accept it in exchange for goods and services.
@LuchianGrigore What's "jk" mean?
just kidding
@DeadMG You can think of the deleter of a shared_ptr as a strategy, if I'm not mistaken. Does that help?
@sehe Another try. If A gives B his recommendation, it's A's authority which makes it valuable. Without it, only the memory of A persists (there was a nice guy who said B is ok)
@jalf Huh. That would mean that rep should devaluate with the decreasing value of historical answers (like money deflates)
9:09 PM
@sehe And it does.
@DeadMG How
Rep has value? How much for a hooker?
@sehe Because people endlessly give each other rep.
@sehe that'd be awesome.
just like what happens in Austria if you endlessly print money
9:09 PM
@DeadMG i don't think so. The point is, memory and history make it valuable
the amount of rep in the system only goes up, and up, and up.
thus, rep inflation.
@DeadMG and so does the number of people who has it
Rep is worthless
You mean, by the increase of total rep ? I don't think anyone cares that way. I don't even think anyone is capable of taking the whole big picture into account if he tried.
@BartekBanachewicz Nowhere near as fast.
9:10 PM
@DeadMG Unless we downvote like there's no tomorrow!
@DeadMG look at the rep curve. There are bazillion of people < 100 rep.
@BartekBanachewicz So?
Let's face it: rep is just a number anyway. It has correlations to other things (skills, motivation, helpfulness, trust...) but it still just a number
When I joined the site, I had 1 rep. Now I have 67k rep and I didn't need anybody else to join for that to happen.
Inflation works if everyone has money/rep. If only rich get richer - it's not inflation
Because obviously Bill Gates can buy pretty much everything he wants
9:11 PM
@DeadMG ? wut. I suppose that is a sarcasm thingie
@FredOverflow Really? You can't tell me that even the GoF were stupid enough to name "Functions as data" a pattern.
now double his money - nothing changes, in fact
but if you gave this money to everyone, prices would go up
thus, causing general inflation
@BartekBanachewicz Well, that's not really true at all.
@DeadMG Command pattern isn't far off
for one, Bill Gates gives away a massive amount of his money to charity, and it enters the economy like that
9:12 PM
@DeadMG Hey, if everything you know is objects, functions need "Pattern support"... :)
@BartekBanachewicz Inflation doesn't just mean there's more (money|rep) in the system. It means that a given amount counts for less. That may be the case here, but I don't think that the total amount in the system going up proves that it is.
@DeadMG that's true as hell and if you don't believe me, look at all the countries that print money
and for two, when he stuffs it in an oversized bank account, then it's still in the economy because his bank lends it out for profit.
@JerryCoffin <- this
@JerryCoffin I am just trying to say exactly that it doesn't prove it is
9:13 PM
@BartekBanachewicz Printing money adds to the sum total of money. It's no different who it goes to, really. It's your argument that creating money for the wealthy is somehow different to creating money for the poor.
@DeadMG Rep starts at 1 instead of 0? That is so not-nerdy!
@DeadMG it is. Look, right now it's around 10k for user to be trusted.
Rep should start at 0 and be allowed to go negative.
@DeadMG But it's not the increasing amount of money that yields inflation. It's the fact that a larger amount of money is used to get more or less the same amount of stuff.
If you give rep to all the folks above 10k, it doesn't change a thing
but now give 5k to everyone below 10k
9:14 PM
@LuchianGrigore That occurs because there's more money, but the same amount of stuff.
while (infile >> line && line == "something")
Can I do this?
Inflation devalues the money.
@DeadMG exactly. That's inflation.
That's why you need to pay more.
@LuchianGrigore Right. But "adding money" is the same thing, as far as inflation is concerned, wherever you put it in your economy.
9:15 PM
infile >> line should be executed first right?
@Drise You can probably do it. Whether it will accomplish anything useful is another question.
@DeadMG same thing as what? It's not the same as adding rep. Rep doesn't have any real, tangible value.
@BartekBanachewicz The higher rep is in the site, the higher the barriers are set.
@Drise What's the type of line? If it's a std::string, it will work.
if you gave 5k rep to X users, then a trusted user would now be, say, 12k rep, rather than 10k rep.
9:16 PM
@FredOverflow std::string. I thought the "something" would be obvious, maybe not.
now, you might change who is trusted and who is not trusted, but you won't change the number of trusted users.
@DeadMG Sigh. Again. It remains quite the same how easy is to get to 10k. And that's the point
@Drise Well, the type of "something" is not std::string, so... :)
Also, why did I loose 15 rep for "user was removed" Who left?
@BartekBanachewicz Which is entirely irrelevant, because now you have to be a 12k user to be trusted.
9:17 PM
@DeadMG no, it would still be at 10k...
@Drise daknok
Seriously? I get penalized for that?
@DeadMG You don't have to put it to 12k, because the effort remains quite the same
@Drise Pretty much everyone here lost some rep today.
@Drise He upvoted you and then left, so his votes got removed and you lost your rep.
9:18 PM
Which means, there is no inflation.
@LuchianGrigore Really? Cause I'm pretty sure that when I joined, it was distinctly lower than 10k.
No, that's exactly what happened.
I'm not saying it didn't.
@DeadMG well, you've been here longer, but things haven't changed since I joined.
9:18 PM
@DeadMG the site got more popular. More people = more votes cast. But it isn't related to "how much rep is in the system"
also, that's only a reflection of how rep does not reflect a real economy, because you don't pay 10 rep to give someone else 10 rep.
@DeadMG How much rep for the puppy in your picture?
Anyway, I'd say the only real & sufficient condition for rep inflation would be votes rewarding more and more rep with time.
@LuchianGrigore +1 @up And increasing number of votes, so I would rephrase it as "lower quality of answers/less efort to get given reputation quantity"
Can I give my rep to charity?
9:19 PM
Wait, now that Danok is gone, doesn't that mean a room owner left?
char ity;
rep >> ity;
@Drise yeah
@Drise and it's gonna be me!
@FredOverflow If your rep was "49000", you'd lose 40k rep but ity would only gain 4.
9:21 PM
@DeadMG did you do modulo by 256 in your mind?
@FredOverflow No, no. Drise charity; rep >> charity;
I knew there was a catch :(
@LuchianGrigore It'll be whoever the existing owners decide on- if anyone at all.
lottery, wooo!
@DeadMG he was joking
9:21 PM
I'd elect @MooingDuck
lol, yeah, have an election
MooingDuck '12!!!
bah, I'm here too short, anyway.
So @Fred or @Jalf. As former respected owners, who wants it more? Or perhaps we can we give it to another person in the NA timezone?
9:21 PM
the ape would go apeshit
Fred too... ohh.. hard decisions.
@Mysticial Dunno, just give it to whoever is around the most and acts most like a responsible owner, I guess
@Mysticial I won't have much time to hang out here in the next couple of weeks, so there'd probably be no point in picking me.
I promise if I end up an owner I won't behave any worse than I did the last time I was a room owner ;)
9:23 PM
@LuchianGrigore his avatar gives me creeps
How about @CallumMcLean?
@jalf You should totally become a Politician!
@jalf why you ceased to be one?
One of the room tags says ".read-the-rules". The "." looks like a typo and it gives a 404.
How about Jon Skeet as an honorary member?
9:23 PM
@BartekBanachewicz because we needed more American owners to better cover all timezones
@DouglasB.Staple it's a joke
@LuchianGrigore Definitely not Alf.
I'm not making a unilateral decision btw... I just became a room owner myself...
fair enough
@jalf I guess you already have enough Germans :)
9:24 PM
@DeadMG why not? :D
@jalf I'm in NA, but I don't feel qualified. Of course, if Danok got it, who knows.
@Mysticial Good thing we have you, because we need someone for the optimized low-level stuff!
@Drise well, that's not my decision :)
the general rule is just that it's whoever is on the "most frequent users" list
@jalf Of course.
yeah, it's the current owners you need to be sucking up to
9:25 PM
@Drise You don't feel qualified to change room topics and bin booby pictures?
this ain't a democracy, kiddo
is already an owner
Robot is awesome, why not make him an owner again? :)
yea, owners arent marked on frequent users list
@Mysticial Not sure. You might have a few essentials to learn on the subject of education/didactics I think. Punishment seems to be a bad motivator
9:26 PM
@FredOverflow I feel I would be too short fused. I've been waay too on edge lately and have been extremely rude (though most of the time they deserved it)
it's really not such a big deal. Someone, grant ownership to someone you trust. If the other owners have a problem with your choice, they can just boot the person and pick a new one
what you chatting about?
who wants to be a room owner?
the point is, the frequent users list is filled with owners
and that renders it pretty useless
that's the point, no?
@TonyTheLion Who should take daknøk's owner spot.
9:27 PM
@Mysticial oh
@TonyTheLion Is that a TV show?
Mr. RageQuitter
@TonyTheLion nope. Room owners are supposed to be here anyway.
@FredOverflow yes, one I just made up.
@BartekBanachewicz lol
Why couldn't he just leave his account alone and leave all our rep alone?
9:28 PM
@BartekBanachewicz As a room owner for a long time, I think he knows dafuq is going on.
I also nominate Jerry as a NA timezone candidate.
@Drise Why do people jump in front of subways?
but hey, he might actually be a blind moron throwing his chew toys at the keyboard and mouse which happen to produce messages
@Mysticial yes
@DeadMG lol
this, I suspect, to be true, but as of yet no evidence has surfaced...
9:29 PM
Who says Daknok needs replacing?
apparently, convention
@sehe I didn't know you answered questions :P
@LuchianGrigore Didn't get all that rep chatting.
@TonyTheLion Is a point I also poked people with.
@Drise weird... I got my rep from chatting...
9:31 PM
I think we have plenty room owners, and if one day we want to nominate someone, we can, but if we don't have anyone right this second, no one is gonna die right?
@TonyTheLion Of course they are. There's gonna be nuclear war, and it's only gonna be stopped if we have 12 owners instead of 11. THE POWER OF 12 OWNERS
Nuclear war started through Itunes, surely.
11 room owners? That's, like, 3 room owners, right?
^ laught at this. LAUGH!
9:32 PM
@LuchianGrigore We don't laugh, we star.
So I've played portal people.
Apparently you're pretty boring/unfunny.
@TonyTheLion Is Portal: People new?
hmmm.... any idea on how to purge a tuple<T1,T2,...TN> of duplicate types?
9:33 PM
Ok, so my AC is running, and it's getting hotter.
@Drise No, it's "Portal People". Kinda like "World of World of WarCraft"
tuple.purge() no?
@TonyTheLion if only...
@Xeo Oh, it doesn't inherit?
9:34 PM
@Xeo Use a set?
@Xeo class Portal : public People
@Drise types, not values
@MooingDuck Oh hey, you're here.
Totally the Lion mentality :)
9:35 PM
@TonyTheLion You always post the funniest shit
@Xeo I've used Boost.MPL (which has a set) and rolled my own for that functionality.
Neither is really convenient tbh.
@LucDanton I remember reading that mpl::set is simply not allowed to have a duplicate type
Insert repeatedly into set.
I'm out, gn
Oh yeah, I guess you could purge dupes when building the typelist...
9:36 PM
@MooingDuck I figured out the problem for the LNK2019. I have to do explicit template instantiation in the .dll. CUrrently, though, I'm trying to avoid doing a bunch of Array<int> Array<float> Array<TypeThatDoesn'tExistInThisLibrary> and just export the template itself, which is punching me in the face.
@MooingDuck But thank you for your help earlier!
mpl::copy + mpl::insert_or_something + mpl::set<> is the gist of it.
Or build a new typelist and purge entries as they come. Terribly inefficient, though, for larger lists :/
@ThePhD That sounds horribly painful. And I could have told you what LNK2019 is. It's a template confusing the linker.
I have hair
@Xeo Which is why we have sets, yeah. Can't say I look forward to ordering types though. I don't know if Boost.MPL goes around that or is also quadratic.
9:38 PM
Apparently, 8 people liked that I unformed them what LNK2019 was.
@Drise Well, at first we though the .lib wasn't present, so I went through the motions with that. But now I'm trying to figure out how to just export a template class, that's not explicitly set with Type Arguments.
@DeadMG On my skin.
@LucDanton Yeah, something like that. I'm reading through the future extension proposal (.then, when_any, when_all, ...) and am pondering how to make when_any return a sensible variant (which I'd like to have over the restriction of having to return the same type for all futures)
@ThePhD You can't, best option is to stick the class template into a header and save yourself a lot of time
@ThePhD I'm no expert in dll's/so's, but can't you just implement the templates in the header and be done with it?
9:39 PM
@ThePhD You can't.
I thought it was rather easy at first, but then I stumbled upon the duplicate type issue
templates must be shipped with full source code.
A: "error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol" when using templates

DriseTemplates should be implemented in the header. Method.h template<typename type> void Method(Model<type>* sys){ /*Your code here*/ }; See also: http://stackoverflow.com/a/495056/868546 From Mark Ransom: In the .cpp file, the compiler can't guess what the template parameter wil...

@Xeo Why variant? Can't overloading be used? (I haven't read the proposal, but I thought those members were for passing callbacks, continuation passing style.)
@Drise i like Mark's comment
9:40 PM
@LucDanton .then is. when_any(future1, future2, ..., futureN) returns a future that is ready when any of the passed futures is ready and contains a pair<size_t, R>
@Xeo I mimic Boost.Variant's make_variant_over which IIRC does make use of Boost.MPL to cull duplicates.
@BartekBanachewicz That whole answer was likely to be SO at it's finest.
Similarly, when_all(...) returns a future that is ready when all futures become ready and contains a tuple with the values
@DeadMG @Drise @Prætorian Er. My entire library is .cpp less. It's a header-only library, so I think I've covered the 'don't put it in a translation unit, but it in a header' bit. That's what I've been trying all this time, actually.
@ThePhD How are you making a DLL out of it then?
9:41 PM
TIL elephants have prehensile penises.
@TonyTheLion Yep. They use them to balance themselves and stuff.
Do you feel better knowing that
And I think the proper counter-type for a tuple is a variant (regarding AND and OR combinators)
it's actually a pretty clever adaptation when you consider that an elephant penis has to be at least 2 metres of muscle anyway.
TIL @TonyTheLion likes elephant penises.
9:42 PM
I'm not sure if I feel better.
@Drise if you like someone's citation, you shouldn't link to his profile; link to a post instead
@Prætorian Yeah. DLL Project -> Headers Only -> Compiles into DLL ||| Use DLL / .lib in Client Project, but the Linker still complains about templated types and throws the usual 2019 again. There's a single CPP for the DLLMain though
@Xeo That is to say, make_variant_over<int, int, long>::type is variant<int, long> (although that is my own, Boost's needs to pass a MPL sequence to make_variant_over I think -- which I also support).
@BartekBanachewicz Huh?
9:42 PM
@ThePhD Why are you even trying to do anything with DLLs, ever, if you have a header-only library?
@Chimera no reddit likes them it seems
@Xeo Yes, that's the common view.
@TonyTheLion LOL... of course, on reddit. That site really irritates me.
@ThePhD What? You can't compile a header-only library into a DLL. You need a translation unit somewhere
9:43 PM
@DeadMG Uh. Well I thought I might have some non-headered stuff in there at some point, because eventually I can't just have a single-inheritance tree, so that's why I made it a DLL.
@LucDanton Yeah, but it's still rather meh. It's O(N*N) for the purging, right?
@Prætorian Sorry, in my edit I said I had a single CPP for the DllMain
@BartekBanachewicz I know. Feel free to edit it. You make a point, and I'd approve it.
9:43 PM
Ah, wait, not really
@Chimera the resposts?
if you have a header-only library, then "deployment" is "copy and paste the headers".
and when you have more, then worry about it then
It's some strange function of N that my head won't give me right now
@Xeo Are you nuts? It's n^2 -- as I've said, quadratic.
@TonyTheLion The way far left liberal posts and the comments.
9:44 PM
@LucDanton Uh, O(N*N) == O(N^2)?
@DeadMG does that mean You aren't going to Need It?
@ThePhD I prefer ain't, but yes.
@DeadMG No wai!
@Chimera dude, wtf, don't go on r/politics
Header-only libraries are better.
9:44 PM
@LucDanton No, n^2 isn't quadratic. It's xor-ic.
@ThePhD That's what I thought. What you're doing doesn't make sense. Do what DeadMG says, to use your library just include the appropriate headers where needed
Because you don't have to bother with building it.
Also, it's quadratic worst case to be precise if I got that right.
Not even that, I think
9:45 PM
Fuck all build systems forever.
Oh. Well, um.
Hey robot
@TonyTheLion Well, even on the main page...
9:45 PM
Okay. Can I still try to solve this problem before I go back to being Headerless, or should I just drop it?
@Drise The point is, I don't really have the link we're talking about ;)
@Chimera just ignore it, it's the internet
@ThePhD Drop it.
jeez, do we have to teach you everything?
@Drise Yessir.
9:45 PM
@CatPlusPlus Always so positive. Need some catnip?
@Luc: When building the set, and inserting the Nth element, you only check N-1 elements
@BartekBanachewicz Scroll about 100 pixels down.
@TonyTheLion Oh I do.
oh good
@ThePhD There's no way to solve your problem, other than by creating a few explicit instantiations, and exporting only those
9:46 PM
@Drise ah.
@Xeo Which is O(N^2).
I don't even have an account... I just read.
okey, facepalm. I'm going to sleep
@ThePhD Tear your hair out trying to solve an impossible problem that will take a massive amount of time, or, #include "my_header.h"
@Xeo Still quadratic. In the 'best' case though there's only one element, so you get linear. Typical use case fall in the worst case though: only unique entries.
9:46 PM
Never comment
Reddit is generally terrible.
@DeadMG Is it now? Seems rather triangular, not quadratic.
@Xeo That's quadratic.
Maybe I'm just not thinking right
There are some small subsets that are sane, but most of it sucks.
9:47 PM
@Chimera If you make an account you can filter out the far left crap.
No moderation at all.
@Prætorian @Drise Ah, well, okay. .... How does the standard library do it, though? I mean, the STL is built mostly out of the dlls msvcrt and msvcrtd, so tehre's gotta be a way ... You know what, envermind. Don't answer this. It's a road I shouldn't go down.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Yea, like I want reddit to know my /r/gonewild browsing habits.
@Xeo The area of a triangle is (a * b / 2). The area of a rectangle/square is a*b. Do you see a big difference?
@ThePhD the STL built out of ms vcrt?
9:48 PM
@Drise Reddit accounts are made to be disposable.
Microsoft. Not standard library. We still #include <vector> etc
@R.MartinhoFernandes Well I like to be informed, so I don't want to miss anything that might change my views for the better, but it's the lack of balance in general that makes it so irritating.
They encourage that.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Righty, upper limits, upper limits...
@Drise /r/gonewild?
9:48 PM
I may just be wishing for a tighter upper limit specification. :P
@DeadMG Where amateurs post pics of themselves. With particular amounts of clothing.
@ThePhD Nope, all the template stuff from the standard library is in headers that you include in your code. There is no DLL magic going on
@DeadMG People take nude photos, some of them are cute. Fap fap fap.
@Xeo That's what she said.
9:49 PM
@Xeo By the way what you were thinking of is the sum of i from 0 to n, which is n * (n + 1) / 2 (see triangle/rectangle parallel for the continuous case), not n^2.
In other news, I attained my goal. The floating point exception question stayed open and received 40 upvotes. :-)
I added a new version of my C++ tutorials
feel free to point out how much they suck
@Prætorian Oh. Well, thanks for clarifying. I thought those libs were always included, but I guess this is what I get for my asusmptions.
Very surprised.
Headerless, go!
9:50 PM
@DeadMG Link?
@DeadMG link
Is steam down for anyone?
@DeadMG they're bad and you should feel bad
9:51 PM
@Mysticial seems to work here
@DeadMG thanks, reading now.
@Chimera yeah, surprising that such a stupid questions got so many upvotes
Btw @Luc, would it be sensible to keep a seperate list of already duplicated values that gets searched before the big list is searched? In case of multiple dupes of the same type, that would speed things up, but when dealing with many different dupes, it'd slow the whole thing down quite a bit I think
@Mysticial Website is fine.
"Clang/G++: These compilers execute on the command line" - what a nice assumption -.-
9:51 PM
She's kinda cute.
I need to open my pwdb to check the client... Gimme a sec minute to type my master pw.
I just managed to log in, but it's really slow...
> Hungarian Notation is a particularly nasty form of evil.
@Drise are you really fucking posting pr0n here?
@BartekBanachewicz Yes. I marked it accordingly.
9:52 PM
@Walter yep
@Drise Dude, just write "NSFW" once. It's not like I didn't get that the first time.
@Drise people complain about me posting stuff, but this is over. You cannot post porn links here
@Drise: I'm not offended, but I'm pretty sure you broke a rule.
@Chimera I upvoted the AA, but not the OP
@TonyTheLion Then bin it. You are an owner, after all
9:52 PM
Did I?
@Drise what the fuck does it change?
1 message moved to bin
And it's not porn.
@Walter yeah the answer was AMAZING wasn't it?
this done
9:53 PM
It's just nude people. whopty fuck.
it's r/gonewild
@Xeo Think functional! Think recursive! Think tail recursive! By which I mean, you can search inside the result (which can be an accumulator). At least that's what I think is the naive way to do it. Double-checking over my code, that is what I did.
@DeadMG Didn't he step down for one of the merkins?
@R.MartinhoFernandes Went back when I wasn't looking.
(Not that I object to him being an owner, but I don't like to have inconsistencies in my data banks)
9:53 PM
@Drise imagine what'd happen if my GF was sitting behind me. There's a difference between NSFW and something like this
@DeadMG someone (@FredOverflow) gave up his ownership and gave it to me
@BartekBanachewicz NSFW (Not safe for women)
@CatPlusPlus dafuq, this must be some kind of crime.
@Chimera indeed, and he had little (in the OP) to base it on
9:54 PM
Can we stop with the giving up ownership-that-doesn't-mean-a-thing drama nonsense.
the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle has been violated
@BartekBanachewicz Dude, if your girlfriend is like that, I feel sorry for you.
9:54 PM
@CatPlusPlus you wouldn't give up yours, so stop yapping
@Mysticial ok, I can confirm it's slow as fuck.
@R.MartinhoFernandes what a nice scientific observation!
And seriously. It's not porn. It's naked people.
I really don't care about having it, as long as you follow my orders.
ah ok. So it's not just me.
9:55 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes Also getting slow as fuck here.
You take showers right?
@LucDanton Uhm? I don't quite follow. I thought going over the result for every new insert is what we were talking about the whole time.
@CatPlusPlus ah I see. Cat hierarchies.
I mean all of you.
@Drise Naked People = Porn.
9:56 PM
@TonyTheLion Tell that to nudists
@Xeo What is the difference between 'the list of already duplicated values' and 'the result list'?
I was suggesting another set with the duplicated types in it that is searched first for duplicated dupes, since it's rather small for in comparision to a long typelist
this is the internet, not a nude beach
Seriously, I don't understand what people get all freaked out about when someone is naked.
@LucDanton the dupe list is smaller, most likely. At max, it's as long as the result list
9:57 PM
People posing for nude shoots is still porn.
Clothes are an obstruction and are quite irksome.
Can we just settle at "nude pictures are not ok AT FUCKING C++ LOUNGE WE ARE PROGRAMMERS FFS" ?
@Walter Yep. I had no idea what was the problem, so I provided all the details I could think of that might help. I really didn't expect on answer. Was at most hoping for some pointers to guide me on a path that would help me find the solution.
@Drise If it's not artistic, or documentaric (?), it's pretty close to porn (I haven't clicked it, so I have no idea what it is).
9:57 PM
@Xeo Well, you can go and implement your algorithm. Doesn't have to be metaprogramming, implement it with e.g. int.
I don't mind tagged NWS.
But if you onebox that I will fucking end you.
@R.MartinhoFernandes It's a girl standing in front of a mirror hold a camera and nothing else.
Cat made a threat
Claws are out!
9:58 PM
@DeadMG You have "next" at the bottom of the page, yet it's not clickable. I know i should point out content mistakes, but the site at its current form is ugly and hardly usable
I mean, shit, I even hid the fucking link under the NSFW tags
(Well, I would if owners had any use)
@BartekBanachewicz huh
@BartekBanachewicz I know. But on which page?
@BartekBanachewicz are you implying programmers don't look at porn? :P
9:59 PM
Don't moan about clicking tagged NWS links, geez.
@LucDanton I should do that, since I can't see what you're talking about
@DeadMG this one, for example
Even I wouldn't post that here
that says something
must have failed to export that from markdown, it shouldn't say that at all

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