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12:00 AM
OK, then I guess we've got wires crossed, sorry.
are... you contesting an employee's right to freeze this room? i mean...
@KevinB No, employees have the right to do anything they want, the thing is they typically don't exercise that right for trust reasons.
I appreciate that he came in and froze it. We could have timed it out, coulda woulda shoulda, but here we are. problem is resolved.
@KevinB It's generally a bad idea without a clear message to everyone. I saw a forum spiral very quickly because the site owner did that. Perfectly within their rights as the person paying the bills, but a lot of the user base (including donors) left for other sites since nobody knew what was going on.
@KevinB Again, my problem is with procedure, and intent, not the result.
12:04 AM
Note that the mods are probably busy putting out fires, more so than usual.
I coincidentally wasn't actually here when that was goin on
it's alright, I think we had ndugger
12:25 AM
Interestingly enough, Workplace.SE will have only one mod who hasn't signed on in 2 weeks - (once Jane S' resignation is effective)
sounds like CM's will have a lot of work to do
12:38 AM
We'll just adjust the scope to allow only one question
Not gonna give away any surprises, but... It involves workplace situations involving moderators
Hey, is it correct that the new 'The Overflow' mail preferences is auto opt-in?
The blog says specifically that we have to enable it
But when visiting my preferences it was already enabled
You can enable it by not doing anything.
I better go to options and turn it off then.
@AndrasDeak That's not really neat is it.
It was also auto-enabled for me, but someone else here noted that it wasn't for them. it's likely tied to something else that was enabled.
12:46 AM
Maybe tied with your other subscription setting. I had it off so I didn't receive anything.
@Roberrrt frankly I think a bit more spam is the least of our problems. But of course you're right (I had to turn it off too)
I agree with your statement, just curious
I actually wanted to enable the newsletter, but this auto opt-in doesn't feel nice.
@Roberrrt were you subscribed to the old newsletter?
Personally I think anything that's really relevant will be relayed and filtered through chat anyways.
12:49 AM
I was (and am) subscribed to new features
but not any question lists
So I let others do the filtering for me, I am such a free loader ~_~
@Shog9 Nope.
Or SO mails might automatically end up in my spam folder
Let me check.
So a team of 2 roosters vs 1 eagle/hawk. Are there any hope or not?
12:51 AM
Nope, I only received SO mails regarding the survey
Q: Is it intended for The Overflow to be auto opt-in?

RoberrrtThere's been a notice on Stack Overflow today that The Overflow has been launched today, after reading the associated blog post, and specifically the following part: If you want to subscribe to The Overflow, log into your Stack Overflow account and head over to your email preferences. If you ...

For some reason- I was also opted in for emails about jobs- something I'm sure I never did.
I tend to pay less attention than I should to things around me. But there are too many interesting things, I can't pay attention to all of them.
At this point it's probably fair to flag those emails as spam, should any arrive
12:56 AM
none went out as far as i can tell
While disagreeing with the company sending them regarding the latest events, I do like the idea of an email now and then with interesting questions.
(Exactly the reason why I went to preferences in the first place)
my concern is what they will deem as... "interesting"
Didn't Ars Technica used to do that?
considering previous questions that were deemed interesting
rather avoid the drama
Hot Network Posts
Hue hue.
1:12 AM
Now I'm worried they're going to ditch HNQ in favor of a hand-picked few samples each week and not even in a place where you can choose when to see them.
I've had hnq off for a while
2:07 AM
@Shog9 I've sent you an email. I'm pinging you, as it's clear you are all inundated and I'm trying to make contact with the team via email and have had no luck yet.
@Tensibai I appreciate that.
Hurricane Notification Protocol. Human Nearsightedness Problem. Hell's Northern Pathway. Here's New Poop. Hallucinogenics, Narcotics, and Pot.
Hey @Yvette, howz your free time going on?
@BhargavRao it was fine until I was made aware of the situation on here :) how are you?
2:28 AM
@TelKitty your roosters are dead :\
@YvetteColomb :'(
@YvetteColomb confirm receipt
The roosters are still in the suburban backyard. Need to make a safe place for the chooks to stay on the farm.
@Shog9 do you ever sleep
Gonna be tomorrow before I can look though
Sleep. Huh... I was just wondering what to do for supper
2:31 AM
I had potatoes au gratin
would not recommend if you're not looking to feel bloated afterward
Supper? If you need calories just drink some alcohol >_<
Waaay aheada ya, Tel
@TelKitty oh I know, I mean they're dead if they are up against the hawk. :/
@Shog9 thanks
I even feel guilty pinging him with a thanks - I can only imagine how busy everyone is
2:37 AM
@TelKitty lmao! we should be moving soon. A few weeks. You'll have to come and stay with us... It will be a relief to not be driving to the Central Coast every day. I'm exhausted!
but making loads of vlogs
I want to get some chickens, you'll have to be their best aunty friend
@YvetteColomb Have you seen this video, it's hilarious - rooster fighting a hawk, hen went in and kicked the hawk once in a while (while the rooster was winning).
@TelKitty omg Cluck Norris!
yeh that's positive. I am not convinced of their safety left alone - snakes, dogs, birds of prey
2:42 AM
@YvetteColomb Great, it's a beautiful place :)
It's the one you have shown me right?
I meet the owner on the weekend
do you want to travel up with me on sunday?
I can pick you up from H
2:44 AM
may as well
it's killing me driving there every day. I won't know what to do with myself when I'm on the property with the horses.
It will be restful by comparison
what time suits you btw
the weather looks nice for Sunday
2:46 AM
Anytime, I have nothing on that day. Already bought a few kg of apples
they will be so happy to see you :p
the boys are separate in their own paddock. Cleo and Tuppy are with Bonnie (the horse I'm minding) and the rest are together in what I call the quiet paddock.
I'm training the boys to be more resepctful.
they're so pushy :p little rascals
same with the 3 big mares - I'm trying to sort that paddock out so it's safer to walk in there at feed time. I don't want to get kicked in the head
2:47 AM
Is Sophia moving with you?
yep and Gab
Claude is staying here (at S I)
I'm at home right now
the owner lives on the property - which is good, makes it safer
there's so much land, it will be fantastic. And I want to grow vegies
2:49 AM
so if I get some chickens. I wonder what age I should get
I don't want any roosters
and the best way to lock them up at night.
Depends how much time you have
all the time
I will let them out in the morning
2:51 AM
I prefer to get them young. But it's a lot of work for day olds.
oh not that young
and I want to be sure I'm getting females
I don't want a rooster when I first move onto this property - the owner will hate me
I personally wouldn't mind one
3-4 weeks, very easy to raise and can be easily tamed at that age.
2:52 AM
we can go chick shopping together!
they better not love you more than they love me! Oh I know they will love you, what am I saying!
I miss chicken. I don't want to ask the owners how she is, she is probably dead now - from old age :'(
You need to spend a lot of time with them before they get attached to you. Otherwise you will end up with wild birds.
But personally I think it's easier to keep chickens than horses.
You can be on your laptop while hang around with chickens, it's harder to do that with horses.
yep. I think we will succeed. If I can get wild horses to attach, I think the chickens will be manageable..
@TelKitty it depends on the set up.
2:56 AM
and the horse
the quiet girls I can sit around all day with them. I can do so with tuppy and cleo if I'm not feeding them
the boys - it's more a case of hey mum play with me
@YvetteColomb You did well with horses, I am sure you can do better with chickens :)
Halo still has a long way to go and Ava is requiring more handling. I am running out of time before we move. I really need to work on catching her. the wiley minx
3:01 AM
I'm curious to see what you think of Penny - she is looking much older and I'm struggling to get weight on her. That's why I need to live with them. She will not survive another winter without several feeds a day and being rugged overnight
@YvetteColomb Don't worry, next winter is a year away ... almost :p
@Brandon_J a rug like in that picture
the problem is, horses can get ill from being overheated. So if you are not around, it's not ok to rug and leave if the weather is changing or there's no one around to supervise. They can get caught up in rugs and need people who can see them
@YvetteColomb ahhhh. I was like rubbed? hugged?
3:04 AM
nah, wearing a rug
this playlist has some vids of her youtube.com/playlist?list=PLPX8v0923px2_9vP2plvhslh_x2Hkhsgk and in different rugs and without a rug
@Brandon_J It's like horse wearing clothes in cold weather, Yvette is taking a good care of her horses.
where she is now, there's a lot of people around, but if I'm not there to take the rug off I cannot leave a rug on her if the weather is not going to be right for 24 hours. I go up once a day
My horse lingo is a little rusty. Everything I know about horses I learned from Black Beauty at least 6 years ago.
they are currently a one hour drive a way - so that's two hours minimum driving a day
3:05 AM
every day
@TelKitty no, no, it definitely makes sense to do that! i just didn't know the definition of the word.
@Brandon_J black beauty is a fair representation of how horses are discarded with age and decreasing usefulness to humans
I mix up supplements for my horses. I pay better attention to their nutrition than my own
this is bad - it shows how thin she is/was from this last winter youtube.com/…
I paid someone to feed her and she didn't feed her :[
3:07 AM
Just make sure you take care of yourself so you can take care of them! :)
wait what? How do you not feed a horse when you're....paid to feed a horse?
it's cruel enough to just starve an animal. But when you're being paid? That's cruel to the horse AND yourself
you'd be surprised. finding people to do the right thing in the horse world is difficult. there's a lot of shysters
@Brandon_J it is cruel - she was starving to death. don't get me started. That's why it's now just easier to go up there every day myself. Even though it's exhausting
So on a lighter note - this one rancher told me he lost his thesaurus and was looking around for it. He asked his horse if she'd seen it, and she said, "Nope."
I'm thinking that's a joke - but I'm not sure I'm getting it
What's the horse supposed to say?
3:12 AM
yeh I saw it
or "I ate it"
or "I read it"
neigh? (like nay, i.e. nope)?
@ζ-- yep
oh! of course! lol
3:13 AM
Ah; I have no idea if that's ubiquitous... Some languages use different words for animal sounds
on that note - showing everyone how thick I really am.. I have to go :D
@ζ-- nah - it's neigh alright - I clearly anthropomorphise my horses too much
4:11 AM
Q: Are there reports on Watched and Ignored Tags in Stack Overflow Enterprise?

5eleven7I searched through the moderator tools and reports and did not find any metrics on Watched and Ignored Tags. Does this exist and I'm not seeing it? This would be useful for understanding which topics have the most dedicated users, and which topics are not getting the support they need. It could ...

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5:14 AM
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6:30 AM
time for sleep
Guten morgen :-)
Morgen o/
Oooooo... German from down-under <g>
Goede morgen
Nothing good about it, but anyway ;)
6:39 AM
Mmm, it's rainy, here, but generally we're happy to get rain when we can get it. On the up-side, my fever has broken. Now I just have to get my strength back!
@Loong Which language is this :-)? (Always happy to learn new ones!)
the rain here blocks progress for the painting of my house.
@CindyMeister Finnish
Aha! What color? And they've been putting off doing my tile roof all summer, when it was dry. I'm beginning to wonder if it will get done this year...
@Loong Thank you :-)
it was white'ish and will be white'ish again
6:43 AM
Good color (like mine) :-)
it is not like this debacle: en24.news/2019/09/…
@CindyMeister ole hyvä :-)
@rene Hah! Yes, that does stand out :-) In our village, something has to "match" because of "Heimatschutz" (protecting the homeland = literal translation). In the newer quarters more lee-way is allowed, but there were protests when one new home was painted glaring orange. "They" said the color would age well, just give it time. It has aged and it's better, but still very odd.
yeah, we have something similar here called "welstandcommisie". If you don't fit their taste you're doomed.
@rene Yes... Coming originally from a culture where pretty much everything is allowed on one's own property I'm often torn between "personal freedom" and being able to rein in something completley in bad taste. But it is really a matter of personal preference, in the end. I do have to wonder whether color ought to be controlled as "good for the community".
And then there are the people who will try to veto anything, no matter what, just because the law says they can. That's so expensive and a waste of time!
6:53 AM
it certainly is a waste of time
Q: Why were my 'wrong language' flags declined?

DinoI've been reviewing my flags in Flags raised section and found out that I keep getting rejected when flagging the question for the wrong language. You can see from the image above that the questions are written in a wrong language, and that both of my flags got declined. I flagged the quest...

7:44 AM
@BhargavRao That stinks
throws table
hey now, that's an expensive table
8:02 AM
puts table down
I'm pretty surprised spanish.stackexchange.com/q/31604 is still alive. The answers there took a turn for the worst.
They look like perfectly normal spanish to me...
Not that I understand the language
Oh man...
"H*** H*****" really isn't appropriate :-/
Even on a Spanish site.
8:12 AM
Second answer.
I'm going to have to ask you to edit or delete that message
Yea, that's an R/A flag.
Is that even appropriate for Stack Exchange?
8:14 AM
I flagged it r/a
Third answer is also dubious, but it's by a mod, so....
Oh, Rude/Abusive.
I pointed a CM at it.
fun fact: if the author lived in germany, posting that is a crime that can land you in prison for 2+ years
Apparently, I can just roll it back
8:16 AM
@ErikA Wow.
It appears to be gone.
That's quite the level of meta
Okay, relevant people are aware and are on it. Thanks for mentioning it.
I'm surprised my rollback wasn't pushed into a review queue... Is it because it's a community wiki, or do rollbacks never require a review?
'cause it's wiki.
You only need 100 rep to make unilateral edits on wikis.
8:18 AM
Ah cool
That's the most toxic thing I've seen in this dumpster fire so far. I guess the moderators on the Spanish site are slower than elsewhere.
Q: Which action in case of copy/paste

Samuel DauzonToday, I found this question : How to delete a column from a table in MySQL The first answer displayed https://stackoverflow.com/a/54670536/3128122, makes me unconfortable. It's a copy/paste of another answer on the same question (from this answer : https://stackoverflow.com/a/44392780/3128122) ...

@Raedwald I think there's only 1 left
they might be asleep
makes me uncomfortable ... Rude/Abusive ... gender nouns incoming ... I have to apologize to you guys in advance, but i got feeling you will be banning me from site probably on a daily basis if this continue to go way it goes
20 hours ago, by George Stocker
Debating the pronoun issue is off topic here and will be squashed. We don’t have a CoC to point to for anyone to debate vis a vis pronouns so its useless to debate that. If you want to talk about the firing, resignations, or anything else, great. But don’t veer into a conversation about the pronoun debate. I wish we could but it’s already gotten out of hand twice in one day when we did.
@MadaraUchiha, would you be willing to roll that post back again? My rollback was rolled back...
I know, edit war and all that, but that kind of language really isn't acceptable...
8:31 AM
@Cerbrus Which post?
Like I mentioned, the CMs are aware of it and will be handling it shortly.
@Cerbrus I am not a moderator on Spanish Language, I don't even have an account there.
Oh, derp.
But the relevant people have already been notified.
8:33 AM
@user58? :P
That spanish question we were discussion. do you have an account there?
I don't want to be the only one editing that out.
I do, but I don't think it's worth getting into an edit war if staff is already aware and planning to take action.
@user58 Oh, I missed that line
As soon as it was brought up here I let the relevant people know about it ;)
8:36 AM
The garbage shall be taken out
@Jean-FrançoisFabre a bit of a weird comment you left here. I know you're known for weird comments but ...
8:50 AM
@cerb TWP stands for the workplace, which is one of the sites with 0 active mods left
from what I heard, the CMs are taking over there until ... I don't actually know what they'll do long term. Probably an election once everything has calmed down sufficiently.
Normally, I'd say pro-tem mods could also be an option, but I'm unsure they have any goodwill left with the usual subjects to fill such a position
I kinda doubt anyone really has the mental capacity to start moderating a new site at the moment. Everyone's stretched really thin as it is.
Having absolutely none for months will be pretty bad for post quality there
That site gets a lot of OT comments.
(It's going to be a long day of leaving out letters, words, and whatnot...)
Enough that it used to have 5 mods
8:59 AM
Q: Link formatting issue when clicking '5 new answers' banner

HendersI left a tab open on a question on MSO. When I came back it said that '5 New Answers' were available for me. I clicked the banner to load them up and found that all of them had the following formatting issue: None of the other answers that were loaded when I first arrived at this page has the ...

@Cerbrus the user has himself toned it down
I thought you know me better than that, @ColdFire. I was watching that question closely :P
haha well i didn't saw anyone posted the update
oh boom the post is gone
9:30 AM
@user58 Yeah, especially with so many people asking questions :(
I was kinda referring to the constant typos I've been making today
Oh, well that too :P
9:42 AM
Ok... here's a failed Review: stackoverflow.com/review/first-posts/24202118
As far as I can tell, the link is a supplement to the poster's answer, not the answer itself.
I'm half tempted to flag that spam, otherwise NAA
How is that spam?
I said half :P I won't, and because a whole bunch of answers we get link to some trashy article site
It still IAA.
Q: "How do I do this?"
A: "Higher Order Components"
A+: Also, check out this article with a description.
@Druckles that is a bit unfortunate but we had a ton of links in a short period that all linked to codementor course of that same person. It stood out. I admit that isn't obvious if you are presented with a single review.
I know mods can wiggle a deleted post so it no longer is used as an audit
Let's ask @Jean-FrançoisFabre if he wants to wiggle the post used here so it no longer trips reviewers.
9:53 AM
np hands rene fertiliser
Otherwise we could flag it.
I don't want to click "I understand" out of principle :-|
tbf, I hate the first posts queue... I'm always clicking to vote count to check for audits...
Q: Very low quality flag coming from "Help and Improvement" queue got declined

Thomas SchremserIn the "Help and Improvement" queue I was presented this question. At the time I saw it, the entire question was: in an Office JavaScript addin, is it possible to prompt the user to open a local JSON file and then process its contents? Nothing to add to the subject, which I hope is clear...

As a side note, the featured sidebar now shows two resignation notices
10:15 AM
@JohnDvorak The entire Featured side bar is now part of the dumpster fires. One post about the licencing debacle. The other a post about dealing with difficult users.. for which the highest voted post is by Monica, and it's hard to imagine the post is purely coincidental with her leaving.
10:30 AM
For discussion about pronouns in CoC, join the discord server discord.gg/KUkH6tG please don't bring this conversation in the meta room
The original invite expired (it was set to 24 hours instead of indefinite)
This one is an unnecessary duplicate?
snort WhY dONt wE clOsE iT?
I think it's useful.
They slightly overlap, but they detail different things, one points at the discord, the other goes into more detail about the issue
But if I am correct in understanding there can only be four pins? Unless that's just been a coincidence these last few days.
10:44 AM
There can be more.
Well fine then
There is a limit how many messages a RO can pin in a single day, but I believe that I've tested and the number of pins itself is unlimited.
They expire after 14 days anyway, and a bug prevents repins
I thought it was intentional?
Wait, my review queues are gone :-/
10:59 AM
Did you get banned?
@Druckles why is your rep 1 now?

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