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12:11 AM
Are comments regarding the resignation post more heavily moderated?
Or am I just not familiar enough with meta commenting
I'm not really sure how to answer your question. There are probably more eyes on those topics than other ones.
Polarized questions with a lot of eyes also tend to attract more comments, some of which may require moderation.
I've dropped two comments regarding the answer of Q&A's response to Robert's resignation
One probably was too much, by quoting the blog & stating 'that this didnt age well'
The other one said that 'as someone who did a lot of crisis management, this answer should have had some thinking'
Might have been paraphrased a bit differently, can't recall it exactly
@Roberrrt It was "As someone who has handled a lot of crisis management, I'd reconsider this answer.". I didn't delete it, but I also can't see how it adds anything
Nothing serious if too much off topic, just curious to see whether that was actually off topic.
@Roberrrt for that specific answer, yes, and I deleted those comments
12:20 AM
Cool, thanks for the feedback!
basically comments on that answer at this point has to contribute something substantial and constructive to remain
no "I think you can do better" type of comments
Yeah, I see- as stated somewhere else, the 'Emotionally, I disagree strongly enough to comment but rationally, I can see why this is the status quo' comment I made suits this answer.
That concludes my visit to stack tonight, have a good day / night everyone.
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1:48 AM
Q: Why can't I change top tags in Developer Story?

gameon67 As you can see on the image above, I have python as my top tags. Meanwhile my top tag is actually the yolo one not python. My profile Activity section shows this But I can't change the top tags other than python. Is there any restriction of displaying tag as the top tag?

2:00 AM
Q: How to gracefully convince people to upgrade their environment?

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2:55 AM
IMHO, backyardchickens.com is a great example what a site should be: few moderators/staff, many friendly users, I could almost find any information I need to know about chickens on that site.
They are probably Not-for-profit though.
A site that provides many deep, thought provoking questions, such as:
How many roosters do I need in a flock to fend off a raccoon?
Not the exact question, but stemmed off a similar topic.
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5:42 AM
Q: Better guiding new users who ask a question to the page "guide mode" and the "how to ask"

Olivier RogierI'm new to stack overflow this month. I notice that too many new users don't follow the how to ask guide and post really very bad formatted questions: bad title, non formatted code, unusable pictures, poorly written beyond a low level in English... Many don't take time to read the similar ques...

6:02 AM
A: Stack Overflow Inc., sinat chinam, and the goat for Azazel

Monica CellioI was told offline I need to provide this information ASAP. Trying to be brief until after RH. Caleb described the issue, so I feel safe in expanding now. In January a mod asked a discussion question on the mod team: should we require that people use preferred pronouns? My answer said we must n...

6:18 AM
Q: Flag seems to be handled incorrect

TwentySo I flagged this answer as 'Not an answer'. At least to me it definitely is not an answer see the comment under my answer. Hi, your answer is useful for me thank u so much.. my am not expert in linq query.. can you please see my below code. i have achieved my desire output but i think my log...

Would be interesting to watch what the new CEO be axing, surely anything that doesn't not contribute to profit would have to go - the benefit of an external CEO. Except if SO lose too many users, I doubt the new CEO would be there for long.
Anyways, like many people, I have many of my own dragons to tame, a few of own audience to woo. Better move on ...
6:53 AM
Can anyone explain what George Stocker meant by that comment?
but I'm not going to put up a sign that says "go look at this highly inflammatory and incorrect post" on the largest site on the network.
I don’t understand the “incorrect” and “inflammatory”
Ehm, those words are pretty self-explanatory...
If I could delete the references to Caleb's post in good conscience, I would. I am loathe to change what Robert is saying, but I'm not going to put up a sign that says "go look at this highly inflammatory and incorrect post" on the largest site on the network. — George Stocker ♦ 13 hours ago
Does George meant that Celeb’s post was incorrect ?
It would seem so
Is it really incorrect?
I read it many times.
It didn’t seem to me. Why it should be categorised as incorrect?
6:59 AM
I think we're in the middle of a bitter no win situation
IDK. On the one hand, we don't have the transcripts, but on the other George does has the tendency to state his personal opinion as fact
So who knows
It looks like for every 2 mods there are 5 different accounts of what exactly happened
its related to religion (not the post) but the reason george didnt want it
@PeterHaddad Then I’ll just back off
Q: Stack Overflow and the programming community have continually failed new and young programmers

Winter RobertsI'm sure there's plenty of other posts just like this so mark it as a duplicate and downvote my "question" if you want. I came here to share my experience and elaborate on how the programming community I came into at the age of 12 almost ruined programming for me. Sorry to make it anecdotal but ...

7:21 AM
good morning. I don't see messages being starred every second so I guess things calmed down a little :)
I think things have calmed down a lot since a more fuller "story" came out.
(after exploding shortly)
7:33 AM
@Druckles where?
@Druckles Aha, I am going to go read then :)
@Gimby America hasn't woken up yet.
@Cerbrus Yeah where, I don't see anything obvious just yet
@Zoethetransgirl nice double meaning
Make Stackoverflow great again!
7:37 AM
@Gimby shh people are sleeping
@weegee cranks up Fear Factory I CAN'T HEAR YOU, WHAT?
Q: When we click in text field the layout went invisible in flutter?

Anil ShahWhen we click in text field the layout went invisible in flutter?

mods are sleeping, quickly star this penaut butter image
too much peanut butter per unit of toast methinks
7:43 AM
these "quickly star this" jokes don't work as well when you could technically pin it yourself
@weegee gross.
You guys don’t know how magical is PB
Not on a sandwich. The sandwich looks okay though, very cake-like.
@weegee I do ;-) Not the "incorrect" part, but the"inflammatory" part. I don't agree of course but I can see where he's coming from. Having a religion site's issues plastered on SO's featured tag is bound to make waves. More waves than I intend actually, but not ones that I think are unwarranted. An otherwise respectful mod got fired subsequent to questioning (correlation, probably causation) the long term ramifications of an upcoming forced-speech rule.
@Magisch That’s not constructive lol, just because I’m RO i cannot star anything irrelevant
7:45 AM
We also expect room owners here to be on their best behaviour.
Especially after that lock yesterday.
@Caleb This topic shouldn’t migrate to SO at any means necessary
Its religion and stating their opinions about that in comments was not needed
@Loong what double meaning?
@Cerbrus I’m aware and I’m in extra caution
I feel like it's like -5C today, it's so cold D:
@NickA that's nice tho
7:48 AM
@Zoethetransgirl Loong long and double in the same sentence makes me think of data type
It beats it being warm, but I'd rather it was +5 :p
I've got mah thick jacket, gloves and scarf on and it's only just October!
@TelKitty #pragma once\n /*a*/ long long time, ago;
People here wears jacket just because its winters and not because its cold. So when its a little hot in winters, they wear jackets while sweating.
Like early october morinings
its like 15C here
I'm unusually cold today :x
7:51 AM
I wish there was snow :(
@Zoethetransgirl do you see the sun in winters?
@weegee nope
so nice to awaken in the morning to be greeted by the discovery that the latest SE civil war has been started by.... pronouns -_-
Well, early and late winter
7:54 AM
@Cerbrus See @Caleb's post on the matter:
Q: Brothers, I must go

CalebIn the beginning... 8 years, 1 month, and 6 days ago at something between 2 and 3am in the first few hours of this site being launched I signed up from a mobile phone browser and acquired account #30. I still remember being annoyed that the public release happened to fall while I was on a multi...

How do you guys get vitamin D?
Also from the blood of my enemies.
But mostly pills.
@Druckles cough totally
Don’t you guys miss the warm yellow light and the bright mornings?
@weegee in @Magisch case, probably photosynthesis
7:56 AM
@SPArchaeologist that will do for food, I was talking about vitamin D
@weegee speaking for myself, I miss the dark. I love seeing stars. And snow makes everything beautiful 😍
@Zoethetransgirl That should be me, That’s where I wanna live with no sun but for you guys, don’t you miss the sun?? You haven’t seen it so often....
Its a little weird that you don’t miss it
Gender pronouns? really?
@weegee We see it 24/7 during summer.
@Zoethetransgirl oh nice then. We rarely see it go...
7:59 AM
It's only conversion to address people by their titles: Ms, Mr, Mrs, Doctor etc. Which is like gender pronoun.
@TelKitty No, that's not the same.
@Cerbrus It might seem like a trivial issue to you, but it is very important to some people.
I can't wait to get into work with it dark, and get out and it be dark again
@NickA I'm not the only one that likes this :D
I think it's absolutely silly to write rules enforcing the use of gender pronouns and meanwhile making it a bad thing to disengage
8:01 AM
I must ask that we do not restart the gender pronoun debate from yesterday here now
@NickA Which part of the UK are you from?
I don't want this chat room to get locked again
Eh yea
@Magisch think it'll be possible to discuss the subject sometime in the future?
I prefer not here
8:04 AM
@JohnDvorak Why don't we cross that bridge when we get there?
@JohnDvorak Not in the meta room, the issue is really sensitive
@Druckles NE Scotland
And also, I would tread carefully around the subject. SE has made it clear that it is not open to discussion, and going anywhere near that got the room frozen yesterday. Please, if you have to, not here.
@weegee Just because a issue is sensitive isn't a reason not to discuss it here, though.
Bad reason...
@Zoethetransgirl You've made me realize - oh boy, more drama incoming when the CoC is public
8:05 AM
@Cerbrus yes that’s not a reason but it’s not relevant here to discuss it
@weegee It is relevant here... We choose not to discuss that specific issue because it will likely get out of hand
@Cerbrus that’s why its sensitive
... forget it.
8:07 AM
People might say something which isn’t offensive to their ideology but really offensive to some community
Is english your primary language, weegee?
What bad thing could happen if I start to spread a rumour that SO's CEO resigned to spend more time with beloved fur baby?
I'm asking you not to discuss it because it's really hard to pinpoint exactly how much discussion of the topic SE will permit here. I don't want this room to get locked again and I'm not qualified at adjudicating what is and isn't on about the topic in SE's viewpoint.
@NickA That probably explains it. I think people in South England don't really understand the joy of a dark morning :-)
@TelKitty Do chickens have fur?
They have feathers
8:09 AM
@TelKitty Careful! You risk activating the self-destruct system
@Magisch As I understand it, the room got locked because of one very rude message that very much deserved to be destroyed
@TelKitty But do they also have fur...?
@Magisch and we know people here can't judge well
@JohnDvorak no
@JohnDvorak just one message doesn't lock a room
just one message gets deleted and maybe the offender timed out
The discussion was racing downhill despite a RO's repeated requests to drop it
8:11 AM
Could have been the last straw among the rising heat, but I really don't think that the mod team simply wants to stop any discussion on the subject, just anything too heated irrespective of subject.
I asked like 5 times to stop it and nobody did, I was (perhaps errantly) not yet prepared to start kicking people and timing out the room. SE disagreed obviously. I do not want a repeat of that situation and the safest way to do that is to defer the subject matter away from here for now
this may change when SE makes their stance clearer.
Yea, kick sooner, imo
Warn once, if they don't listen, boot them out.
@JohnDvorak people here have demonstrated they can't discuss this responsibly (few people can, online)
@Magisch yup :P
I'm willing to wait, I'm willing to move to a different room, but I don't think it's possible to stop it from happening
"Nobody did" is a stretch though. I know I did.
8:14 AM
@AndrasDeak fair enough
not enough people did
@JohnDvorak different room is different turf, you can get elsewhere frozen or suspended as you will
If there is a need to discuss sensitive subjects, I'm sure someone can arrange an alternative means that is off-site? IRC still works.
I'd been long gone when the freeze happened. I posit that there were quite a few reasonable people before things got busy, but they'd all given up trying to participate by the time of the freeze..
@Gimby discord?
@weegee Or the newfangled ways of the youngsters
8:16 AM
@JohnDvorak less given up trying, more realized they should disengage
you know... the more I look at those rooms, the more the words from the Stellaris "End of the Cycle" ending resonate in my head...
@Gimby Its really good to discuss these types of stuff, I can create a server and link an invite here if anyone wants to discuss sensitive topics. What do you guys say?
"Good luck with the bar fight"
It needs to be controlled though. Sensitive topic is on thing, but it can't turn toxic
It won’t turn into a fight, We’ll have measures there
8:19 AM
@SPArchaeologist Ah, yes, the world is coming to an end. Not because the clock ran out and Mayas weren't around to print a new calendar. Not because of some random rock from space. It's just that humans simply can't coexist without killing each other. And you know what? I totally agree with that.
@Magisch Yes, when SE makes their stance clearer there will be less opportunity for speculation that fears the worst.
@weegee good. Then seconded
There’s a measure on discord that allows only one text for a time period, that will make people think twice before sending their texts
Huh... interesting strategy to moderate this discussion
@weegee I'm not joining because i have no need to discuss sensitive subjects, but if other people have the need then they should be aware that this room is the wrong tool for the job ;)
8:21 AM
@JohnDvorak to be fair, I was more specifically thinking about the last line - "It was not, and we could not.". It is no coincidence I had that quote as my user profile for months now.
Discord has much better management tools. No flags though
@JohnDvorak it will make every text and opinion a valuable one, meaning, people know that they won’t be able to send another text after certain time period, they won’t send anything irrelevant
@Zoethetransgirl without permanent public record people can just walk away
My approach to keeping chat under control has always to ask first and use understanding to get people to behave
Some people, anyway :P
8:22 AM
and be scrupulous with the hammers
@weegee I'm on board with the plan
@Magisch I love hammers
@AndrasDeak Do you by extension also love MC Hammer?
@Druckles Good question! I asked my pet chicken, from the way she looked, it's probably not a question my pet chicken would like to answer on the internet.
@SPArchaeologist-様 Looking up the reference
8:23 AM
chicken are very nice pets
I don't know much about Discord, but I have heard of toxic Discord channels that were shutdown. It's not the technical platform, it's people.
@Gimby not that much...
@JohnDvorak perfect, I'll create a server and link an invite, that way the room won't see any more of these discussions and we could have a peaceful discussion
There's also the rubber hammer of trashing. It's great at conveying messages (to the trash)
@AndrasDeak that is the only correct answer.
8:24 AM
@Raedwald discord has community guidelines. Shutting down stuff requires a direct violation and no attempts to control it (if applicable).
> Stellaris is the game where you start as Star Trek and end as Warhammer 40,000.
> —Anonymous
@JohnDvorak just look at my profile for the full quote. As for the context, it is what you get in the game if you accept a pact with a dark entity that gives you enormous bonuses for about 50 in-game cycles. Then, when the time ends, it basically destroys the whole universe while you can only watch since it leave you with no resource and also kills you last just for fun. To be clear, the game has a big warning that you should NOT accept the offer.
@Cerbrus welcome to our group..
@Feeds KNEEL, underlings!
8:27 AM
@SPArchaeologist-様 But, isn't triggering a massive sh.. apocalypse always the best part of a simulation?
Thanks for the trust. Please be aware that I'm not one for a very gentle approach. Should a discussion get out of hand, I generally only ask once.
For discussion about pronouns in CoC, join the discord server discord.gg/zGbMXb please don't bring this conversation in the meta room.
pronouns discussion? ... welcome to the last stage of Stackoverflow ending
@JohnDvorak That's the only reason I am checking all these rooms. To find a working Atlas interface to reset this simulation.
where can I find that explanation of SO for moderator drama?
8:32 AM
@Cerbrus We're not worthy! We're not worthy!
I am bored of this Euclid galaxy. Think I will ask for a lush one this time. Need more glitch planets.
@SPArchaeologist-様 The end of cycle has already been promised, six thousand years ago. It's just that the message has been muddied over time by all sorts of other messages just like it, and lost somewhere in a dark cave next to a lake called sea.
I don't know what I just read... but I want to know more.
> ''"That's awesome. Just imagine that as a story - you're part of that primitive race. You have just enough tech to know that an asteroid is heading towards your young world. This is a doomsday event. Your people despair, the end is near, all is lost. Why even go to work? You are powerless and everything will soon be over. All of your ancestors, all of everything you've ever amounted to, will soon be nothing.
And then you see through your telescopes - what's that — an advanced alien race, a fleet of sleek silvery and incredible ships firing lasers you can hardly imagine, destroying that as
Plot twist: they were merely mining material from the asteroid's core. Didn't even know you were there.
@Cerbrus Ha! Yeah baby, Paul Verhoeven was the best.
Holy crap, starship troopers was directed by a Dutch guy?
Mind = blown
Robocop, Total Recall, Starship Troopers. The perfect action movie trilogy.
And all three have that "Would you like to know more?" type of newscasting :)
Well, now I have an answer to "Name one good dutch director"
> Robocop, Total Recall, Starship Troopers
Yeah, right :P
8:46 AM
Jan de Bont also has some skills here and there. They did not always turn into a good movie though.
@weegee heads up: that invite expires in 24 hours. You might wanna use one that doesn't
ok, finally found why all this drama is about ... so, now ... what is the right place where I can give one big FU to SO company and everyone who supports this decision of Monica's demodding?
Not here, for one.
@Veljko89 I'd recommend that you wait for a while
We might still see some development from the company
@TelKitty I don't wish to offend. We'll leave the question unanswered :-)
8:53 AM
@Veljko89 Twitter.
@Druckles My are always welcome to ask my pet chicken in private ;)
@TelKitty Well if that's not an invitation :-p
Comments are gone, so yes.
Welp. So much for leaving a historical record.
9:08 AM
Comments never have been a historical record though...
Archeological research of this incident is bound to become a hot mess.
@JohnDvorak Archeological research will simply say "This is a mess. Run."
@Magisch clever
Just wait 'til that gets nuked too
9:13 AM
Gthey would never do that
One viable approach to deal with 6kyr of human history would be to wipe it all out and summarize in a bunch of research notes labeled as "never do this again".
Try reptilians next
Nah. Humans again, but more stringent preselection.
Make the matrix even less perfect.
Make it more perfect, but also tell them it's just a simulation and if we'll be enforcing some basic human decency rules this time.
9:19 AM
@SébastienRenauld yes, I did it to protect the room
Maybe it is time to have a public chat outside the reach of SE Inc.
(and if we do can we have a free, open and libre solution)
There's the discord server. Our discussion on pronoun usage hasn't started yet.
@JohnDvorak Shame the room server was publicised and anyone from SE Inc could just jump into it :P
@SamuelLiew The room, or something else? There were a lot of valid but expunged comments regarding the actions of a few and the lack of communication, along with the accepted answer
@JohnDvorak what's the discord server? think I'm going to migrate there
9:22 AM
@SébastienRenauld pinned message -->
@NickA They have no autority there though
@SamuelLiew Also, it'd have been nice, to, you know, leave a trace in a comment stating that happened. I'm seeing nothing
"free, open and libre solution" => Discord? 1/3. seriously...
Q: Problem with UTF8 to codepoint conversion in kotlin

user3144772I'm trying to understand UTF-8 to codepoint/UTF-16 conversion in kotlin. It seems that once a UTF8 character that represents a HIGH_SURROGATE UTF-16 is encountered, then the converter interpret the remaining UTF-8 characters also as HIGH_SURROGATE. Is that correct? To explain with an example:...

Anybody landing on this question wouldn't have expected the 100+ deleted comments
9:24 AM
@Cerbrus The only difference is that they wouldn't be able to delete the messages
Or kick users
Idd, doesn't stop them taking it to SO though
But the server mods can
And taking action on SE based on what's said in a discord server is dubious at best
But that's all speculation
@Cerbrus They do it based on what's said on twitter?
9:25 AM
All you're doing is swapping one set of guards for another
Tbf, they took action based on a future version of the CoC, so who knows what's next?
Deep down, at least personally, I don't really mind/care what gets done as long as a) there is a clear, unobfuscated trace, and b) there is a reason for it
If you want to have a secret chat SE staff can't find, good luck getting people to chat with you :P
@Zoethetransgirl That is my fear as well
that's why I kicked up a fuss about the meta question - there is maybe half of b) and zero of a)
9:26 AM
I'm not a native english speaker, I don't have an unimpeachable grasp of the nuances of offensiveness in language, and I can't predict what exactly the new standard is, and it has not been publicised. So better to err on the side of caution here.
1 hour ago, by Andras Deak
@Zoethetransgirl without permanent public record people can just walk away
@AndrasDeak The public record applies on both sides
The current dumpster fire has been reported on The Register: theregister.co.uk/2019/10/01/stack_exchange_controversy
@AndrasDeak It's about as public as the rest
9:28 AM
@SébastienRenauld I'm talking about discussions getting out of hand. Are you?
> but our CoC is not up for debate
@Zoethetransgirl discord transcripts are public?
@AndrasDeak eh, you need an account to see it, but that's it.
@AndrasDeak The whole transcript can be recorded when the server is public, which it is
9:29 AM
You can literally drop a recording bot in a discord server and record everything
The thing is that deleted messages are permanently deleted
@Zoethetransgirl not true, in the main client UI, sure, but any bot listening to events will see the deletion as a flag after the fact
That too ^ But bots need to be added through the API. Wouldn't mind doing that if there's interest in it.
there is nothing in the discord API ToS that forces you to honor that deletion on your side
also, I have a bot like this
> Pending pronoun policing piques political protest
9:29 AM
@SébastienRenauld I meant from the server. Bots kinda count as caching
@Zoethetransgirl makes all the difference to me
@JohnDvorak read the statement from Sara
I legitimately winced at the end of it
@Raedwald that's going to help
That for sure is a definite way to shut down all discussion on a community
@Raedwald "Pending pronoun policing piques political protest" - Puh.
9:31 AM
@JohnDvorak Ugh, I am aiming to annull this alliteration annoyance
@SébastienRenauld eh, there's some worse instances. Most likely (disclaimer: speculation), SE managed to delete snapshots of a meta page with a bounty notice they disagreed with from the internet archive
(Oh whoops, John beat me to it)
Huh... how.
No idea.
Trail starts here for that part.
@SébastienRenauld I can only hope they're doing due dilligence preparing an adequate, less inflammatory statement for here
Because it is somewhat disconcerting that they make additional statements to a newspaper, but not to us.
@Raedwald It's rather disappointing that the media gets a more detailed account of what's happened than SE does.
@SébastienRenauld something something we'll do what we want and our users have to be happy about it
@Cerbrus because mods can give all the details to a reporter without getting in trouble
@OrangeDog no mods were involved there
9:38 AM
@Gimby oi, please dont onebox that
@Cerbrus For the TL;DR, that Register article is neutrally worded, and refers to the various meta posts we know about. The only additional information there is this: "Asked to confirm that Cellio was the moderator in question, a company spokesperson said, "Cellio (she/her) would not use stated pronouns, which violates our current CoC. We are soon publishing an update to the CoC to even more explicitly cite misgendering users or moderators as a violation.""
@Raedwald well no, Sara responded to their email, which they have quoted
@OrangeDog My bad.
@Magisch I ... just posted a link :(
@Gimby yeah, but oneboxing it isn't so good
9:41 AM
I don't know what that means. I just posted a link. Whatever happened because of that I had no control over
keeping oneboxing images and videos to a minimum is just better for everyone in chat
h/t @OrangeDog Teh additional information is: "In response to an email from The Register, Stack Exchange director of community Sara Chipps said, "On Friday, we revoked privileges for one Stack Exchange moderator when they refused to abide by our Code of Conduct (CoC) after being asked to change their behavior multiple times. The disagreement stemmed from an interpretation of a certain policy, but our CoC is not up for debate."

"While we can’t discuss any more specifics, I’ll share that we take our CoC very seriously," Chipps continued. "It was created to foster a community of kindness, col
usually when you post just a link it oneboxes, so putting a . before or after fixes that
@Magisch Noted
@Gimby Oneboxing means images / videos get embedded
You can prevent that by adding some text before or after the link
9:45 AM
@Raedwald it's almost as if appearances mattered more than anything *gasp*
TFW a news site gets an actual response instead of "We're sad to see you go [enter copy pasta here]"
I wouldn't jump straight to assuming bad faith moves by staff here. It's perfectly plausible they're working on a response to us and the only reason its not there yet is that they want it to be complete and more fleshed out
yeh. Tim Post said they had 4 people handling all the requests. Leaving a comment stating "We're working on an answer because [boring details, low on staff, we're not ignoring you, etc]" than copy-pasta
9:52 AM
@Zoethetransgirl Exactly what came to mind when i saw the comment
@Zoethetransgirl Maybe that is exactly what is happening because they took heed of the plentiful feedback the copypasta got
I'm perfectly willing to wait for an official response now that we're promised one.
They also stated a reason why it's delayed
in C#, 30 mins ago, by Captain Squirrel
they are likely going to come out and "Apologise" for what led up to what's happened now
in C#, 30 mins ago, by Captain Squirrel
Then continue down the same shite path
I fully expect this to happen ^
Plausible, but I'm hoping for a better outcome
9:54 AM
I hope that it doesn't happen to
but IMO that's the most likely outcome
I'm not sure they can countenance a position where they apologise for "standing against transphobia"
Or even conceive of one
That's not exactly what happened though
This started because a mod didn't want to do action because of their religious beliefs
That's my understanding anyway, please correct me if im wrong
And they think that's being transphobic
And more importantly, someone on Twitter will agree with them
@CaptainSquirrel And there’s nothing wrong in that
More seriously, the demographic that will agree with them is the one they deem most valuable as users of the network
9:58 AM
@CaptainSquirrel according to the mod's statement, that is wildly inaccurate.
@OrangeDog I believe we're leaving the discussion as to "what is transphobic" out of this chatroom.
That is wise
But I would not expect any apologies, other than the already "we're sorry you feel that way".

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