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9:00 PM
I'd love to know the backstory of this one:
cursed image 32314
@SterlingArcher Yes, the block chain return halves every so often. 2020 is the next one.
Towc makes a sandwich
idk what a block chain is
But in that case, who determines which transactions enter the upcoming block, and how many?
9:00 PM
@SterlingArcher []-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]
@MadaraUchiha how many is based on the size of the blocks, isn't it?
so that's somewhat fixed
hence the delays and increasing transaction fees as the value rises
@ssube So the size of the block is fixed, and it's a first-come-first-serve basis?
@rlemon 0
not fixed-fixed, but fixed at any given time
at least from what I've been reading about bitcoin's scaling issues
9:01 PM
@Luggage that's a block train dummy
And how do the transaction fees fit into that?
no idea
@SterlingArcher No wonder I've been losing so much in bitcoin
I have a book on blockchains on my wishlist
been told that amazon.com/gp/product/1974000060 is a good explanation
it's just a signed append-only log file
9:03 PM
@ssube shit that sounds interesting
a git commit of transactions
i might have to get that for my kindle
Q: What is the number of transactions in a block?

anapasoWhat determines the number of transactions that can be validated in a block?

yea. i should also read that or something.
@ssube So miners pick the highest paying fees to enter into the next block
that's dank
@MadaraUchiha when a block chain is full, does that mean you get a bitcoin..?
or x% of what you contributed to the chain?
if you're the first person to hash the transactions
and get enough 0s at the beginning (maybe?)
9:06 PM
I'd rather just get a USD
there's some work and a requirement on the result
@SterlingArcher First person to successfully solve a block gets the entire amount, IIRC
Is that why so much GPU is required to mine efficiently?
9:07 PM
there is no 'efficiently' about it when everyone is racing to solve a pointless cryptographic puzzle just the get the payout
so much duplicated effort and energy
@towc ok, that's enough, please.
Huh, I just got a secret hat and idk what I did
which one
Ohh, Shiny!
got that one while browsing meta
I wasn't on meta
Is there a meta thread on secret hats this year?
9:10 PM
So if I'm reading this correctly, there's a chance that a bitcoin transaction with a low fee would never get processed?
you know, like how you have to bribe the cashier before you can buy things..
Because it would always be deprioritized over higher paying transactions?
but if it's never processed, can you make it again?
Steam noted a few interesting cases where transactions fail and have to be redone in their blog post dropping btc
uh, I don't think I've ever had a hat
9:13 PM
> That'll be $5, sir. Ohh and let's throw the credit card company, say, $0.75 and see if they'll process it.
@Luggage Pretty much
Huh, that's an interesting way to put it because merchants do kick money back to credit card companies.
yes, but it's a pre-negotiated fee.
You don't 'make an offer' on the spot.
So it wan't the best analogy.
Well, given how new and uncharted cyrptocurrency is, is there really a good analogy to be had? lol
sure, why not
9:17 PM
Got one dude straight up snoring in the office rn
what a legend
A mid-day nap can be a boost to productivity. Give that man a raise.
grab a pen
start with a mustache
then harvest the kidneys
@Luggage it's literally a 15 minute nap, then he snorts himself awake and finishes his ticket
laughs to be had when he wakes up
so, less time wasted than somene that smokes, then?
9:19 PM
he's very efficient
Oh yeah, I'm not complaining. I mean, aside from the snoring part
I wouldn't call breaks time wasted no matter how they are spent
And I hope you take breaks even if you don't smoke or nap lol
@Luggage Is it?
It isn't on the protocol level at the very least
credit cards are. with the stores. That was about my analogy, not real bitcoin
9:20 PM
it is set ahead of time, with a floor and %
@ssube With BTC? Or with CC?
@Jhoverit last time i took the 2 stroke out it put my friend in the hospital from dumping the clutch
BTC, it can increase over time, afaik
@HatterisMad Tell your dad I said hi.
9:22 PM
@ssube Right, but who determines it?
The protocol gives the person doing the transaction with the choice of how much fee to give
@Luggage nice lol
uh oh
guess github changed layout
9:28 PM
dark theme borked
seems fine
which one are you using?
do you mean you're using a custom theme?
doesn't look any different than it has looked for the past 6 months
and that borked?
9:29 PM
wait, nvm. I accidentally disabled the theme :P
so you borker
I was trying to learn how to type proper and my coworker snuck up on me and said wow your typing is shit
type proper?
@SterlingArcher how old are you?
I cannot type with more than 4 fingers either
like, you mean, with home row and such?
@towc don't you know this?
@KevinB yeah home row
I've approached learning that more than once, but I always get too imapatient
9:31 PM
@SterlingArcher it was meant to instigate the feeling of shame
@KevinB the image or my typing speed
@SterlingArcher my average is 55 :/
i haven't measured my typing speed since highschool
really? i only use 2 fingers and a thumb
9:32 PM
well its high time
I don't do it "proper" but I use more than two fingers
sometimes I sneak a pinky in there though
55 secs ago, by Sterling Archer
Your speed:
64 wpm
That isn't even related to JS, and your asking for upvotes. I'm flagging as spam, sir.
I'm not asking for myself.
For some random guy
9:35 PM
Good answers get recognized
Why are you bringing this to the javascript room though?
He obviously didn't get welcomed
@Jhoverit do it
Why is a discussion about typing speed in Javascript room? Chill
By Caprica or by @SterlingArcher Baha
Do what? That means he has been here before and didn't just pick a random room to spam
9:36 PM
Yeah it's the only room I visit from time to time
shit why am i seeing hats
Answers get upvoted by quality
you're special
i forgot hats weren't opt-in
9:37 PM
More upvotes =/= more likely to be answered
much better
@KendallFrey bring the mittens too
its cold out there I hear
Didn't they used to be opt-in
always been opt out
Usually good questions/answers get upvoted naturally. I think the issue in that question is not an easy one to find using search engines. And the answer ir really good quality. But that's just my opinion, what do I know.
9:40 PM
what do you know.
Seeing how it's multiple years old I would leave it be.
This is in upstate NY. I have been here. Either that or it's happened in two places lol
College kids smh
Alright, would you guys mind not to onebox these huge images in chat please?
9:45 PM
did you just assume Jhoverit's gender?
Q: What is the best way to convert a Java Array into JavaScript Array?

Yash P ShahSo, basically I am using JSTL to fetch the Array from the Session. And, now I have to use it inside JavaScript. But when I fetch the Array from Session, as Array is an Object, it throws an error while parsing it to the JavaScript array. Please help me with the best way to convert a Java Arra...

@Andrius If you feel strongly about it, offer them a bounty.
Asking for upvotes (for yourself or otherwise) is frowned upon by the community.
well, the whole point was he doesn't have the rep to upvte
which would indicate not enough rep to bounty? but yeah not right either way
@MadaraUchiha Take it up with Balpha
9:49 PM
I can't choose the size and I use my screen zoomed at only 70%, it is tiny
@Jhoverit No, please add a character to disable onebox when posting images, especially since another user was warned against this a few minutes ago.
rlemon's dark theme will hide them automatically for you, btw, might be something you'd find useful
I don't think he's concerned only about himself.
@Jhoverit I'm well aware.
@MadaraUchiha Firstly I didn't see that, at all. Secondly I will not insert random characters into every URL I post, I will often intentionally onebox things?
9:50 PM
Just fix your wedgie and go on. I didn't do shit
@Jhoverit If you intend to onebox, obviously don't insert a character to disable onebox.
I intended to.
@Jhoverit And another user was asked to not do so (and with this particular twitter account, too) just a few minutes ago.
Regardless, your aggressive response is uncalled for, and not appreciated.
He was asked to stop spamming, even the links. He was randomly psoting captions on image after image. Oneboxing was NOT the problem with @towc
well, not "strongly" asked not to
9:53 PM
It's not an aggressive response. This is over anyway lol
@Jhoverit learn from the brits and keep your anger and confusion inside
unleash it when you're drunk and have a hatchet in your hands
that's advice you should be taking, not giving
not the hatchet part
you're developing a real hatchet problem
i have a crippling addiction to devices that are portable and can chop wood
9:55 PM
little pricey
niiiice 😃 google says sunny every day for the rest of the week
so if I'm kicked out, I have some time to buffer in the woods
@towc Hey fuck you
@BenFortune you're being a bad example

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