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1:00 PM
adult language, omg somebody call the mods (i'm still butthurt, can you tell?)
Which system info is missing?
All of it?
@RoelvanUden you gave it your best. now rest, gentle champion of C#.
@JonathanYanivBenAvraham that depends on what the api is. I am not sure, here your problem isn't that the method is wrong, the problem is that your contentService is null, it doesn't even know if the method exists or not since the object itself is null
I started with cpu-id. Worked well. Then a user come it and said my tool is crashing. I debugged it. The cpu-id-object was NULL. Not possible on his virutal machine. The next was the cpu-version. Same problem after 2 weeks and so on. For now I've got a tree with 6 different ids. Yesterday a guy came in with a screenshot of a crash at first startup. Every fucking 6 ids are missing on his virtual machine.

Im getting crazy in here. Its different for so much different virtual machines. The amount of available hardware-info differs a lot.
@Amy It's funny how the solution can be so simple yet "requirements" don't allow it.
1:01 PM
@SteveG what's the theme song to Frozen?
@RoelvanUden i thought you made your case quite well, it's not your fault
some people dont want to listen.
Thanks ^.^
take machine name instead?
if they dont know what you are taking
and concat that with all the cpu stuff if available
@Amy are we going to freeze Roel for like 50 years now?
1:03 PM
If available....
and unleash him only when world is in danger again
if they are not null
so you end up with
Machine name feels to risky.
@tweray why would we do that
1:03 PM
it's furdur
They'd have to rename their machines AND have NULL's along the rest of any checks
To get around it
@Amy u know, a programmer will never rest unless you freeze him/her in sub-zero
Plus, it's extensible for later
If you decide to add more checks, you can
@DanielDawes Just changing the machine name would invalidate the key. If you name multiple VM's with the same machine name, all work fine.
Just sayin'
1:05 PM
Yes true
That's why I say concatenate
@tweray sounds like a good idea to me. @RoelvanUden come over here, look down in this tank. there's something neat at the bottom with your name on it
@RoelvanUden I was just writing that down.
That doesn't change anything
That relies on the user KNOWING that's how you licence it
Is that a big risk?
1:05 PM
um, part of defeating a licensing system is knowing how to defeat it. that's not an argument
Is this a public system?
security through obscurity doesn't work
It's not an argument, this is risk assessment
@DanielDawes Nah the problem is if they change the name, nothing works. They have to come back for a new license.
@DanielDawes What kind of "public"?
I.e. I can download it
1:06 PM
But there are groups of users.
Quite everyone in this groups is interested.
If you have control over distribution and the users are not intentionally going out their way to defeat the licence
Or are they?
The first guys coming in to get it.... They all know each other.
They are all working together ^^. So theres a social thing if someone can share, he will.
What sort of users are they? Are they technical/ops?
Privates. No company or something like that behind it.
if you believe you as a developer of the security system can crack it in certain time T:
1. other developer with source code: T*1.5
2. other developer with description of how the system work: T*2
3. other developer with diassembler: T*3
1:09 PM
We can assume anything we do without checking can be reverse engienered and countered
The knowledge of this people is unknown.
We know this
At least no programmers.
So the job is to make that difficult enough to make it not worth it
@SteveG to all stupid put all Adult Language in the penalty box
1:10 PM
@DanielDawes Difficulty is a secondary thing. At least the need of reversing it for being able to share would be nice.
That would kick out 90% of the users. If not even more.
Well then concatenating lots of values into a hash and then you issuing a licence file based on that hash would be fine
@DanielDawes Not exactly. If you just do frequent maintenance/updates and make it convenient/simple for users to install and use, they will. I've had some piracy of my tools over the years, but it was so rare because the tooling was undergoing active development/changes/feature additions making piracy very uninteresting. Plus, it wasn't too expensive. That alone makes people want to pay for something.
Yes, a good point
I've honestly had tons of support and people asking if they even donate additionally because they felt it was so cheap and easy to use.
That's part of what i'm saying though
If the users get the value, it's not worth trying to circumvent any licencing
1:12 PM
Really, goodwill is everything. A community that doesn't like you will destroy you instead.
@RoelvanUden My tools are small but expensive. But they are uncommon. Thats why the users are interested.
wtf my work pc BSODed twice this morning already
If they are expensive
Then get a basic cloud service
To do licence checks
1:12 PM
Really, if it's expensive, 0,50eu/month is nothing.
I pay £5 a month for my server
Where the hell did you get 0.50/month?
Just drink less coffee, save £5
I've ran my stuff on a 0,50eu/month hosting for years..
im with Azure :<
1:13 PM
My coffee is coming for free.
Damn, biscuits then?
Less biscuits!
Uh.. yeah.
Local dutch provider, in English it is versio.uk/webhosting
£0.40 GBP oh how terrible
expensive software + cheap license system = CRACK ME!!!
Honestly @C4ud3x, you eliminate so many headaches doing a licence server
1:14 PM
Its not available for download. Thats why they arnt currently cracked ^^.
Because you can check as often as you like
Oh look, they are English now too versio.eu/webhosting
Even just doing a basic login for the tools
And you can keep an active IP mapping. Simply user/pass -> authenticate and bind to IP for limited time.
@DanielDawes I cant give you all information about why im not going to hold a server for that. You just have to take it this way. Its impossible.
1:15 PM
Super simple.
Use SSL public/private key.
Easy peasy.
@mikeTheLiar lmao
Ok, sure, if it's a no-go then fine fine
I've been thinking... How much traffic to a web hosting like One.com can you have on one server before it starts squeeling?
I've already got 4 servers currently running. Private ones rented by myself. But I just cant use them.
It does make life very hard for you though! @C4ud3x
1:16 PM
@mikeTheLiar i can't believe a guy / a nobody, took the time to come into our room, complain about how we talk then tattle to a mod
I know.
Do what windows did? Take HDD capacity, RAM, Machine Name etc.
@SteveG what happened
@SteveG a nobody? wtf
If too many variables change
Invalidate licence
1:16 PM
he came in with some helpful tips for RPG gaming
@Amy i came in and said 'wooo fucking rpgs!', some guy came in and called the mods on me and had me banned for 30
in C# Chat Gaming on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 1 hour ago, by mxyzplk
Hey all. BESW is right, here on RPG.SE we adhere very closely to Be Nice including no vulgarity. Please help us keep our site civil. Thanks.
@Amy we got a cap america in the rpg room and flagging anything with f word
@DanielDawes Thats failing currently because of 6 not available properties.
@SteveG are you serious?
1:16 PM
@SteveG wow
what a douche
@SteveG he didn't "call the mods on you"
Civility and vulgarity are distinct concepts.
1:17 PM
Are you valdiating every property? Can some not just be null?
@KendallFrey lol yes he did, what else would you call it
Allow some to be empty, and take more!
when 2 mods show up to say something to me
I can be civil and vulgar at the same time
@SteveG he may or may not have flagged it
@SteveG responding to flags
1:17 PM
What's occurring, someone getting itchy because of swearing?
@KendallFrey flagging for mods, isn't calling the mods?
if two mods show up, why does it matter how they were summoned?
@SteveG I doubt anybody flagged for a mod
Its currently like a fail-over. Its switching down over 6 IDs. If the first one is null, its picking the second, then the third an so on. So just 1 of them has to be available. But as I said, yesterday a guy came in without ANY of this 6 IDs.

Im just asking myself for how long I have to write down new IDs until no one else is coming in with this fails.
Add more ID's?
1:18 PM
Yeah how much dude. Its a never ending story.
It's all I can think given your constraints
Quite everything is "null" on virtual machines.
Just add like, 50
stackoverflow is increasingly becoming a community of a bunch of puckered up individuals offended at and trying to control anything and everything
1:19 PM
HDD cap, total RAM
MAC address
in all honesty, the mods probably banned me, because when they asked me to stop, i just ignored them, i didn't swear, just ignored their existence
they shud be there
Mar 9 at 18:53, by Amy
"see something that makes you uneasy"? what is this, some SJW safe-space bullshit?
@SteveG that's stopping, i don't think that's why
@SteveG they asked you to not say "fuck", i dont fucking understand, do they not know programmers cuss on a regular basis?
1:20 PM
you probably weren't even mod-banned
what is this kindergarten now with mommy and daddy protecting everyone?
@NicolásCarlo it wasn't a programming chat room
Are we not all adults anyway? What does it matter if someone swears?
@DanielDawes That was the point I tried getting around >.<. Feels so dirty to me. But as the others already gave up..... yeah whats left...
gaming then, who gives a fuck
its stackoverflow, as far as i know, tiny children don't frequent these spaces
1:20 PM
i really want to post a link in there to our chat, and say we're all laughing at their sensitivity, but i don't want to drag out drama
Well, yes @C4ud3x, that would be the least cost to you to do
Time wise, because it suies the existing emchanism you have
What, it doesn't fucking hurt anybody? Fucker fuckerede fuck fuck fuck.
Anything else is a re-write and even then a persistent user would find a way to break through
@DanielDawes Yeah then lets get more coffee (free one) and start coding...
Well, exactly @NicolásCarlo, I don't get why people are so hurt
:P Sounds like a plan, I have a stock logistics problem begging to be solved
1:22 PM
@RoelvanUden i'm sure some SJW just got triggered
I really hate that people get oversensitive about such trivial things. It totally dilutes the very real problem of malicious disrespect and prejudicial comments.
@SteveG Which room is in topic?
i agree.
@SteveG not sure that's a good idea lol
don't want overly sensitive babies whining about c# room all over the place
lol, mike is mod banned here for some reason
1:23 PM
I second @C4ud3x 's notion. Which room has been turned into a nanny-state?
i just read the transcript. some guy came into the gaming room, saw some language, and instead of leaving and finding another room to chat in, decided to insert his nose into your business
what a douche
5 mins ago, by mikeTheLiar
^ for this
srsly, let's stop this madness
@NicolásCarlo SJW?
social justice warrior
1:24 PM
Social Justice Warrior
@Sidney No response... ^^
He got banned for that?
aka babies in grown up bodies
Oh good god.
"Respect mah authoritah"
1:25 PM
"What did you say?!?!"
- "Jew?"
@RoelvanUden here's an example of one of them being "triggered" over nothing: media.giphy.com/media/o6SQRR0Etm90Y/giphy.gif
Is this, like, an American overprotective hippocratic bullshit thing again or is it also non-Americans? No offense to all the decent americans
@RoelvanUden It's 99% College Culture
It's hilarious because they do this nonsensical BS in college and then get into the real world and find out no one gives a shit about them
1:29 PM
deadpool is pg-13 in america, i don't see parents get any problem about that
What's going on?
@tweray No it's not
@Failsafe it's r?
i heard there was some news about deadpool applying for pg-13
1:30 PM
@RoelvanUden college idiots but you also see some of them trying to force their stupidity on others by begging the UN to ban what they deem offensive on the internet, for example, this idiot called Anita Sarkeesian
Anita is somewhat smart
she used the weakened industry to push her agenda
She is like the hillary clinton of the radical feminist movement
Oh god that lady.
@Failsafe anita is making a killing by being offended, so yeah in that she's smart but her ideas (if she actually believes them) were inspired by a 2 year old brat
@tweray deadpool is R, not even close to being rated pg-13...not even possible
@Failsafe "radical feminist movement"?
I feel bad for actual feminists who are trying to do things correctly and keep getting embarrassed by people like her
1:32 PM
@RoelvanUden :) you don't know much about this stuff it seems
@RoelvanUden Man I don't even know if i can explain it to you
I'm not American?
@Failsafe so much that
I don't know who Anita is, I'm from the UK
@RoelvanUden neither am i, but this isn't specific to america
1:33 PM
There is no FolderBrowserDialog in wpf -.-
@RoelvanUden Radical feminism is a perspective within feminism that calls for a radical reordering of society in which male supremacy is eliminated in all social and economic contexts. Radical feminists seek to abolish patriarchy by challenging existing social norms and institutions, rather than through a purely political process.
@NicolásCarlo Do you just mean those "feminists" that just really want discrimination against men instead of equality?
@Failsafe That sounds okay. I'm all for equality.
@RoelvanUden That's not equality
@RoelvanUden yeah, they come up with gems like "men are by nature rapists"
How is it not?
That's not equality.
1:35 PM
Last time this conversation happened we got SJWd
you kidding me? dafuq
I'm genuinely curious, they can ban me for all I care.
I'm not against the discussion but I can't be arsed watching drama unfold for nothing once more.
I'm all for equality too, but it aint gonna happen with that
Some people take offense to curiosity apparently.
1:36 PM
> bought into the bogus myth that, in order to be a real gamer, you had to be playing GTA or Call of Duty or God of War or other testosterone-infused macho posturing games which often had a sexist, toxic culture that surrounded them. So even though I was playing a lot of games—these kinds of games—I still refused to call myself a gamer, which I don't think is uncommon.
@RoelvanUden if you're interested look these folks up, they're a true pain in the ass, and seems like these assholes control our conversation here as well
There is a process to go through
@tweray Where's that from? O_o
Anita Sarkeesian
in some game dev conference NYC
Can we not bring her up in here please
I'll get angry
1:37 PM
@Sippy too late
k I'ma leave
Cos I will genuinely say some dumb shit
> genuinely
Attacking the video game industry is a dirty move
Literally she doesn't give a shit
I found this gem last night. A little old, but definitely excellent. Strangle on topic. Mildly NSFW.
she is just using them because they can't defend themselves with legislation
GTA is about sexist, toxic culture, okay, i can take it
but COD?
1:38 PM
This reminds me of:
God of War?
@RoelvanUden It doesn't matter because He-Man is a CIS White Male
part of the patriarchy
WTF does CIS even stand for?
!!Urban CIS
you're triggering me
@Sidney [cis](http://cis.urbanup.com/4077386) Short for "cisgender" (opposite of "transgender"), used to describe someone whose gender identity matches their anatomical gender at birth.

Occasionally used derogatorily.
1:39 PM
Oh come on look that manliness.
That doesn't answer my question at all.
Like I'd ever be anything like that
@Sidney A male that is heterosexual.
Is this chat room for games?
Is it an acronym or just a phrase someone came up with?
@Ruban.J It is not.
@Sidney Dunno
1:40 PM
@Ruban.J No
@Ruban.J We get off topic waiting for people to ask questions
Just visiting it for the first time and hence asked guys :)
If you have a question please ask it so we can stop talking about this lol
@Ruban.J What Failsafe said. Don't let our banter deter you from joining in c# chat if needed, or join in our banter. =)
1:41 PM
We're still primarily a C# room. For now.
Um...If I created an MVC site with webapi then later decided against MVC what is the best/safest way to pull out the mvc side of things? Just nuke the controllers?
@Ruban.J The regulars just chat about random shit cos we're comfy in here now.
@Sidney : Sure
@Bmo Just so you know, MVC6 is MVC5+WebAPI merged together.
So this is entirely pointless to even consider.
ANy help ?
On tab click i want to display all data on tab form which is coming form sql server
i am using Ajax call to get the db data into JSON
i am converting data into json in DB side only
so if any column has long text with single/double quote it throws an exception
how to handle this situation ?
1:43 PM
=.= I just starred Mike's message (May his memory live forever) and it disappear.
@PushkarJaju what
do you have a question on SO
@PushkarJaju by start writing code?
@PushkarJaju Post a question first
i posted question
You need to add the code to the body of the question and remove that image. — ManoDestra 29 mins ago
Need to see something to work out what you are talking about. Link it?
1:44 PM
@PushkarJaju it sounds like this is your problem "so if any column has long text with single/double quote it throws an exception"
Q: How to convert data to JSON which is coming from Back end?

Pushkar JajuI want to display tab form values when the tab is clicked. This data comes from a database. I am trying to use an AJAX call and send data in form of JSON through the DB. However, I have a few columns which contain text data with single/double quotes. Because of this, I am getting a javascript er...

yes Sidney
Guys don't look
You'll go blind
Did mike get banned? :/
1 hr
Timothy suggested the right approach, use escape characters
1:45 PM
for what
Why this time?
28 mins ago, by mikeTheLiar
Who bans him? A mod? Flags?
I feel like that was a delightful sentiment.
1:46 PM
@PushkarJaju just... wow. Are you new to this whole programming thing?
@RoelvanUden He was banned for an hour.
Probably automatically
@RoelvanUden idk to be honest, if it was flags the message would have been removed
I can't see a mod in the access list.
but then why would a mod ban him and not remove the message
1:47 PM
SO does have automatic bans.
They're just difficult to figure out lol
it probably was an auto-ban
@RoelvanUden Neat.
My stars got removed from his morning greeting and I can't put them back. (ಥДಥ)
it said it's a mod
1:50 PM
I'ma guess it was lostmind
safe space c#
no fun allowed
public class C#Chat : SafeSpace {
    public bool Triggered(){
      return true;
whoops i fucked that up hold on
i accidentally ()
1:52 PM
Fix your indentation before I fix your face
dude why me
Hello I'm a beginner Javascript blog and I'm going to write this basic example in the most obtuse, syntactically sketchy way possible.
@Failsafe dafuq are you doing to your indentation?
@Sippy - I believe we already talked about this. I am not micromanaging your room. I saw some mod-only flags from this room and had to act.
i cant edit it anymore sorry
1:54 PM
oh goody
@Failsafe - If you think that using abusive and vulgar language is the only way of having fun, then you are probably here for the wrong reasons.
@TheLostMind Could you tell us who's so offended to add flags on everything? They never speak up.
talking about spending time with little babies, ima go spend time with my 2 month old son, he seems to have more intelligence than most of the triggered morons running around in their diapers on stackoverflow chats, chau
@NicolásCarlo Later man, have a good weekend :-)
1:57 PM
something I just saw now: SO uses cc-by-sa as a license for submitted content. Does that mean that if someone copies a code snippet from an answer into his/her commercial/closed-source project he/she has to publish the resulting project under the cc-by-sa license as well?
@TheLostMind I am actually taken aback a little. It was a joke, obviously you didn't get it, and that's fine, but don't imply I am here for the wrong reasons when 1 of us is an actual C# developer and 1 of us is not. I help people constantly, it's why I am a RO, so don't try to infer something that isn't true. I would flag your comment but you wouldn't kick yourself.
@TheLostMind it's like someone not even in conversation secretly lurking and language policing us disregarding the context. vulgar language is definitely not some place we get fun, but being language policed is definitely not fun
@TheLostMind Is it one person that's flagging everything or is it numerous people?
I think the best possible solution to this problem is to remove the serially offended.
@TheLostMind Failsafe is not in here to speak vulgarity for fun. you are misrepresenting why any of us are in here
1:59 PM
It is clearly the wrong room for them.
@SteffenWinkler I honestly don't know, but it sounds like a question of Legal SE or meta. If that's the case (I doubt it is), it ought to be published in a question.
We use vulgarity because we aren't children who need to be coddled.
It would be nice if the Moderation team took a single stance on expletives, many have said they are fine if not used to insult or degrade anyone / group -- others seem to think any swear word is unacceptable.
@RoelvanUden - The place where I come from, F*K and Assh..e are vulgar words. But I am not banning people from this room because they are using those words. I am banning people who are posting offensive links and using words like *cocks--- Why are you asking about who is offended and who isn't. What is important is whether something vulgar was posted here or not.

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