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12:00 AM
It is like a bad M Night Shamalan movie
It will take decades after the fall of the dictatorship
I don't think the generation that currently exists in NK does stand a chance of fully adjusting.
The next generation with a democratic rule, maybe
Honestly - And I rarely say this. But put one good sniper in there and take out the yun family tree. You'll save millions of lives by sacrificing a few. Dark, hard truth.
Well that escalated quickly
you mean the Kim family..?
Whatever lol
I don't know the naming conventions of NK
I'm white and a hick; easily confused
you'll have your work cut out for you :P
12:11 AM
Honestly - I'm a little daunted by the size of your supermarkets there.
They seem huge
Also, whats up with all the packaging. If I want meat here I just goto the butcher lol
people don't trust stuff that's not wrapped in 10lb of cellophane here I think
also many towns don't have a butcher or any small shops like that, just Walmart
Food that lasts twice as long on the shelf is twice as valuable.
but one big thing in America is food deserts
people bitch and moan about poor Americans not eating healthy, but they don't realize cheap calories are unhealthy
For example?
and there are large areas of the country where the only place to buy food is convenience stores
!!google food desert
basically, poor people can't afford to buy gas to go to the grocery store, so they eat junk food from convenience stores
some good stuff that's helping that, thankfully. but it's still a problem
some states recently made food stamps worth 3x as much if you buy from a farmer's market, for example
One of the things the USA did right with it's social security system is foodstamps
The rest of it is pretty eh tho
I haven't read into it but I heard "obama care" is actually pretty decent
I couldn't afford it when it first came out. Luckily things changed at work, and we were able to provide health care to all of our employees. It had nothing to do with the new laws though, and ended up being more expensive for us to do than before it was passed.
I liked the version they put forward before it got marked up by special interest.
@TravisJ To be fair, the cost difference is difficult to quantify, though - post-Obamacare plans are all very different than the ones prior to it. Things like preexisting conditions and lifetime payout maximums going away had a huge impact on the cost
most of the places that are significantly more expensive are also (at least partially) that way because of changes in the minimum plans
@ReedCopsey - Overall it was good for the majority of people. However, it personally put a stronger load on me in order to cover them.
Luckily I have broad shoulders and thick skin.
12:25 AM
Yeah - my costs for my company went up
covering our employees got quite a bit more expensive than it was before
but, to be honest, the plans are probably better now than they were, though in WA, it's slight
Hello guys
We chose a really nice plan from the new set, however the only difference in the large print was the price. I am sure there are fine print issues that benefit edge cases which had no coverage before but have it now.
Can I ask a opinion-based question?
You just did
You are right :)
12:30 AM
Perhaps the next one will be c# related ;)
It involves c#
Not the only language involved however :)
Background of problem: tables of data defined in a relational database with date (8 letters yyyymmdd) with prefix logg
now I want to dynamically show this data in asp.net Web form grid view by selecting a date (I have a ajax calendar extender connected with a read-only textbox)
Up to here all good (with a hard coded table) showing a .xsdefined data table in a gridview
But how to make the .xsd table adapter "listen" for new tables?
Too in depth of a problem to post in chat? Does it fit better elsewhere?
12:52 AM
Hey guys, I'm having problems with drawing a BezierSegment in my Canvas in my WPF application
The code seemingly works, the path is added to the Canvas, but it doesn't show up in the screen when the program is running
I've manage to get some code from StackOverflow questions but I can't make it to work :(
This is the code:
private void DesenhaLinha()

            List<Point> points = new List<Point>();

            for (var matX = -3; matX < 4; matX++)
                var matY = -5 * Math.Pow(matX, 2) - 3 * matX + 2;
                points.Add(new Point(matX, matY));

            var curve = GetBezierApproximation(points.ToArray(), 256);

            // Set up the Path to insert the segments
            PathFigure pf = new PathFigure(curve.Points[0], new[] { curve }, false);
            PathFigureCollection pfc = new PathFigureCollection();
1:10 AM
@AndréSilva did you try doing the same thing with a simpler shape like a line segment?
Yes, with 3 simple points it works.
I'm pretty sure my math is wrong because it is creating the startpoint at -3;-34
I think it isn't creating from the startpoint of the canvas, but for the window
I'll rework my math to test it and will say it
I'd advise you to modularize your code, figure out what your inputs and outputs should be, write tests for it, and use that to debug it
if it's just math, it should be very easy to test it.
I'm going to fix my math and test it. It is a little project just to show for a college project
1:33 AM
yay, writing a single page application with a custom framework is weird, but it's working
3 hours later…
4:58 AM
Don't you hate it when you have a nice answer all polished and shit and a mod comes by and closes the thread first world problems
5:25 AM
Hi guys
anybody here who has ever worked on azure schedular?
5:40 AM
i have created room for azure so if anybody interested can join that room
1 hour later…
6:56 AM
@Gabe Too late man, too late.
Guten morgen
God morgen
Feeling a bit better today @AvnerShahar-Kashtan?
Yeah. Saw a good movie! Slept a full six hours! Life is good!
Which movie?
Hail Caesar!
7:03 AM
I've just seen the trailer. Is it good?
I really enjoyed it. It's much cheerier than most of the Coen brothers' films, very stylized and colorful. Not too much in the term of plot, mostly a lot of intertwined vignettes set in early 50's Hollywood. Fun.
Sounds like something I have to watch. When I got some free time.
No rush - it's not a film that will lose too much in home viewing.
7:21 AM
holy shit this day got dark before it even started
Yeah, I saw the announcement making the rounds.
Currently available on Ubuntu and as a Docker image.
we wanted Visual Studio
not some stupid database fuck-up that sucks more than MySQL being owned by Oracle
StackOverflow's Nick Craver is trolling MS:
The SQL Server on Linux preview has a signup form that's fun to fill out. Here's mine: https://t.co/20zr1OnIrF
7:24 AM
I thought SO was running on a Linux system already?
Mostly Windows.
They have a very detailed outline of their architecture: nickcraver.com/blog/2016/02/17/…
Windows for front-end IIS, back-end webservices and SQL Server DBs. CentOS for Redis cache, ElasticSearch indexes and front-end load balancers.
> 11 IIS Web Servers

holy shit those guys just love pain
11. Not 10. Not 12. 11.
Every time I see a question pop up on ServerFault or whatever, something like "I have a linux server. I'm root on it. It's running Apache and serving some website, and I have no idea how to find where that site is configured and where it's serving the files from", I know that IIS is doing some things right. :)
7:31 AM
I've to take a look at an IIS server twice a year (runs on a LAN, no connection to the internet. There is an old ASP.NET application running on it), every time I look at it it falls apart and I've to spend hours figuring out what had happened. Because that fuck-up never tells you what is going on.

Every other webserver has logfiles that tell you exactly what is wrong. IIS? IIS tells you something about an internal server error at best.
There's lots of information the Windows event log, usually.
yeah the reason that you don't see any IIS questions like that is, that it's such a mess to set-up that you'd be way too knowledgeable to post such questions.

The problem with those people usually is that they either didn't even install that stuff themselves but got a root/vserver from a hoster with pre-configured stuff, or they followed a how-to on how to set-up Ubuntu Server and they don't even know what iptables is
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan yes, but nothing that is relevant to the situation or that can help you
the last time it didn't work it was because 5 months earlier the passwords were changed for all users, including system users. IIS kept on running. Until I had to restart it and it didn't come up again
instead of just telling me that the account assigned to the application pool(s) was invalid, it told me nothing.
I think this is a case of people being comfortable with tools they know. For me, IIS is familiar and I know where to look for the errors and problems.
It didn't even show that there was an error. The application pool(s) would just switch off immediately after starting them, that's it.
For someone who messes with IIS once every 6 months, the learning curve would make the whole experience a lot more unpleasant.
7:36 AM
After hours of looking at it I just started throwing every EventLog entry at google until I found someone with the same issue and the solution 'yeah your account passwords don't work'.
Likewise, the problems people on SF have with Apache are usually caused by not knowing the way that Apache is configured.
could be.
Morning lads
@MaartenWachters Yo.
7:48 AM
My RPG is coming along nicely :D
@SteffenWinkler yeah, once you know that, shit's trivial
Partly I think because IIS is a cobbled-together mess with no coherent flow of contextual information between modules
Or perhaps there is but nobody who authors this stuff understands it
printf("Hello World!!");
@TomW you know you can edit your recent comments right?
morning people
@TomW that describes my feelings about IIS rather well
8:04 AM
@SamyS.Rathore I did, the mobile chat app appears to have a bug
wierd :/
Is SessionChangeReason.ConsoleDisconnect = session crash?
good (ugt) morning
8:21 AM
Wow. An actual job writing Prolog linkedin.com/comm/jobs2/view/…
Good morning.
Good morking
Morking all
@TomW whats prolog lol
8:34 AM
@Ggalla1779 IIRC a logic programming language
Prolog is a general purpose logic programming language associated with artificial intelligence and computational linguistics. Prolog has its roots in first-order logic, a formal logic, and unlike many other programming languages, Prolog is declarative: the program logic is expressed in terms of relations, represented as facts and rules. A computation is initiated by running a query over these relations. The language was first conceived by a group around Alain Colmerauer in Marseille, France, in the early 1970s and the first Prolog system was developed in 1972 by Colmerauer with Philippe Roussel...
8:47 AM
Hi everyone
Please look this Is SessionChangeReason.ConsoleDisconnect = session crash?
You can keep asking the same question without context and we can keep ignoring it.
I am writing a wpf application for tracking a user session
protected override void OnSessionChange(SessionChangeDescription changeDescription)
var user = _getUserName(changeDescription.SessionId);

if (changeDescription.Reason == SessionChangeReason.SessionLock ||
changeDescription.Reason == SessionChangeReason.SessionLogoff ||
changeDescription.Reason == SessionChangeReason.ConsoleDisconnect)

LogText(String.Format("{0} locked at {1}\r\n", user, DateTime.Now));

else if (changeDescription.Reason == SessionChangeReason.SessionUnlock ||
changeDescription.Reason == SessionChangeReason.SessionLogon ||
above is a sample code
SessionChangeReason.ConsoleDisconnect event is there? is this equal to session crash>
@Russell ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ sorry
@Russell I would assume it's like a normal termination of a console application. What other options are there? msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/…
9:04 AM
@Russell Next time, please use Ctrl-K to format code snippets for readability.
^ or use gist to share larger snippets - see the link in the chat topic
@SteffenWinkler thanks never used it
stackoverflow.com/a/25325737/1034004 this is what happens when you code by convention. Wasted 2 hours on this D:
9:20 AM
@Squiggle Ugh. It really should be more flexible, like .NET's attribute syntax.
@Ggalla1779 me neither ;)
This is really my only main gripe about Angular - something that A2 is going a long way to fixing
TypeScript can really help to mitigate that as well. Angular2 + TypeScript is nice
@Squiggle I've only messed around a little with Angular 1 (with typescript) and it was pretty nice. A lot of the declarative binding concepts of WPF, with some of the flexibility of JS/web.
But add to that Angular's dependency injection mechanism and you've got a javascript framework that doesn't end up a big Ball Of Mud
Alarm bells just started sounding
Database server maxed out - ALERT ALERT
9:29 AM
!!youtube alarm bells tim vine
@Sippy move it to Linux
Devops are here like "WE HAVE A PROBLEM!"
blogs.microsoft.com/blog/2016/03/07/… "Announcing SQL Server on Linux" ... :O
I've never seen developers ship shape and hop to
Was quite funny
9:30 AM
@Squiggle wat
I mean woo but wat
Does that mean it's free now?
Scotty Gu said it. It MUST be true.
Nooooo no no it doesn't does it
silly microsoft
9:30 AM
the end times are a-comin'
Say it. I want to hear you say it. "You're insane..."
Haha no, not that. "Stallman will never let you..." WRONG!
WebAPI and MVC on Linux. SQL Server on Linux. We've got got LAMP, WISC, WIMP and now LASC stacks happening.
@AvnerShahar-Kashtan ASP.NET hosting on Linux is the best thing that is ever happenedning
Cos Windows servers are shit.
ASP.Net Core is going to be so much easier to host.
I modified my statement because it's kind of done and kind of not and kind of wat
And mono.
Mono needs to die.
9:36 AM
@Squiggle indeed
Well, technically it's LKSC, not LASC.
did anyone see his microsoft band session with azure
Mono totally served its purpose though. Respect to Mono.
@Ggalla1779 band session? What did he play?
microsoft band...you muppet
9:39 AM
Fuck azure automation
Fuck azure AD
🎺 doot doot
@Sippy chill dawg. What ails ye?
Booyah. Angular is my bitch.
Scott connected himself to Azure with his insulin pump monitor
@Squiggle I can't figure out where the hell you set up management certs in the new portal
Their new portal is fucking horrible
With all the slidey "blade" crap
I swear msft think they're fucking aperture sometimes
"We're futurey, look!"
9:56 AM
shit ^
> "When life gives you lemons, don’t make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don’t want your damn lemons, what the hell am I supposed to do with these? Demand to see life’s manager! Make life rue the day it thought it could give Cave Johnson lemons! Do you know who I am? I’m the man who’s gonna burn your house down! With the lemons! I’m gonna get my engineers to invent a combustible lemon that burns your house down!" - Cave Johnson
Portal 2 :)
o/ Vlad :)
Should I make test for simple function like this?
public void ToHelpScene ()
Application.LoadLevel is from Unity
What would you assert, if you were to test that?
9:59 AM
I guess no need to test that :)
That it opens the right Unity scene
what sort of answer is this ?
Q: Stacking views general architecture (newbie c# .net)

BobI am trying to find a general intro of how to handle multiple views with c#/.net. Coming from a mainframe background (cobol ..) I cannot figure out the general idea of having a list(view), selecting a list item, presenting a new list(view), selecting the list item for editing(view), confirming o...

is it acceptable ?
I guess I would need an emulator haha, maybe inside the Unity editor
@Mathematics The whole question should be closed.
Its like he doesn't know what he asks or talks about :)
Chat is a better place for those sorts of questions, tbh
10:07 AM
@Mathematics Not acceptable, but common among newbies used to forums, where responding to your own thread is the acceptable way to continue the discussion.
I have a question. In Unity there is no specific descriptor file like for example Java Maven Application has. For example where to specify is it a development or a production build. I have Init() function where I set my static variable BUILD_TYPE = DEVELOPMENT. Should I keep it or I should make my own descriptor file?
i know there is way but don't know ow
VS Question: when one creates a markup tag, whats the shortcut to go in the center of it?
Sorry, there is a toggle in build settings
@Rusty doesn't it do that by default?
fucking shit
i am using viusal studio code
10:10 AM
you're not a fan of VS Code?
definitely not, just using it to test knockoutjs and jquery stuff
i guess am too noob for it
Is it the behavior of the text editing that you don't like?
anyone aware of anything like this I could use in Angularjs ?
10:22 AM
I was doing some C# coding on OSX and wasn't finding it /too/ awkward
@Mathematics I use Angular-UI, bootstrap styles and controls for Angular 1.x angular-ui.github.io/bootstrap
but I'm really not a fan of accordion controls
@Rusty VSCode is absolutely beautiful.
Ironically I do very much enjoy musical Accordions, however.
@Squiggle nice 1, let me try
@Mathematics you're building an Angular app, right?
'cos your questions have previously been about jQuery, and using the two alongside each other can cause headaches if you're not careful
Squiggle is a jack of all trades
10:29 AM
Full Stack Developer. I know a little about a lot, and a lot about a little.
But as I said before, Angular is my bitch.
:D ^
I wish C#, C++, JS , J , Ruby , HTML5, CSS3, ... were my bitch
Gurus are happy with vs code
One day ... One day ...
i wanna make mvc my bitch
with angualr
10:31 AM
@MaartenWachters But they are!
but its taken
MVC+Angular=Bad Idea(TM)
Maybe HTML and CSS are my bitch
but that's about it
thats why i do knockout :D
10:32 AM
Once my RPG in C# is done I'll try to see if I can export it so you guys can try it
I can't even say that HTML/CSS are my bitches.. If I am to work with it optimally.
i dont want the burden of angular when i need a couple of front end features only
I've got 5 years experience with HTML and CSS , learnt it on my own and did an internship for belgiums biggest designing company
Got 91% for my internship ^-^
anybody used BNF before?
well, ABNF
10:35 AM
Well.. I'll just put it out there, but # of years experience is almost entirely meaningless. I got about 10 years of experience of driving a car, but that doesn't make me particularly professional about it either.
I'm not professsional at all
But I can hold my own
I want to learn new API, is it a good idea to write BNF of it? :)
BNF doesn't describe APIs, it describes languages
Currently got a lot of projects though @RoelvanUden. Making my portfolio and trying to make a full animation using only CSS and HTML
yes I agree, but how to visit all parts of the API. I mean get a tiny grasp of what is what
an API is a tree, so maybe redraw the tree using a software. :) haha
any free diagraming software you like?
10:42 AM
'learn an API'? I don't learn APIs, I just use 'em. If the documentation is lacking I might offer to contribute to that...
@Vlad what API are you talking about here?
create a new web api project from the visual studio template and look at the documentation that is generated
that is how you should document an API
@Squiggle yes I agree, you cannot know all the API, but I often find my self asking dumb questions about things that already in the API. So one or two skims would do a great job in learning the API upfront.
@StevenLiekens Swagger the bastard.
10:44 AM
@Squiggle yup
oh cool
I wish I had some APIs to document
domain driven developmet :)
Just put summary comments on API methods and your DTOs, and it spits out all the documentation you'll need, in a number of formats. My favorite is the full interactive page it generates.
Does Visibility:hidden and Display:none; add up to page load?
Somebody tried? Is it like Test driven? How do you start developing?
10:46 AM
@Squiggle what is it for
@Vlad DDD? Sure, I do that. Mostly.
I don't have Visual Studio :) I use SharpDevlop
@Mathematics read up on it - swagger.io
the Swashbuckle package for WebAPI is incredibly lightweight - it doesn't pull in many (any?) other dependencies, so is really easy to integrate.
Nvm my question. Just figured how I should ask google
@Squiggle sounds boring
10:49 AM
@Vlad DDD is just a way of approaching your design and development from a true Business-centric perspective.
@Mathematics Boring isn't necessarily bad. Swashbuckle/Swagger is better than any alternative I've seen.
@Squiggle I gues I should read a book on the topic, but how do you start coding? Is it like test driven, frist test than app feature.
@Vlad higher level. You start by describing your entire domain in natural language, then translate that into code - often supported by integration tests.
You can always do it the hacker way. Start hacking at it until it works
"When a consignment leaves the warehouse, notify the customer that their package is en route" => when the 'consignment departs warehouse' domain event is triggered, email recipients => Domain.When<ConsignmentDepartsWarehouse>((c) => _notificationService.Send(new EnRouteNotification(c)));
@RoelvanUden that's also fun :)
(c) => could be c =>
10:55 AM
pseudocode, man.
Hey it's rare I can correct you @Squiggle so I'm taking what I can get
@RoelvanUden Arschgeige

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