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6:00 PM
@Adan give that a shot, at least it should point you in the right direction
yea i like that
and the index view?
@mikeTheLiar Nice disclaimer
@model MISA.Models.Notification


@using (Html.BeginForm()) {


        <div class="editor-label">
            @Html.LabelFor(model => model.Message)
        <div class="editor-field">
            @Html.EditorFor(model => model.Message)
            @Html.ValidationMessageFor(model => model.Message)

        <div class="editor-label">
            @Html.LabelFor(model => model.LogonID)
this is index view
@juanvan as I keep looking at it it won't even compile
But the spirit is there
6:01 PM
that is what he needed
and the jquery file which is referenced is
$(function () {
    $.connection.hub.logging = true;
    var proxy = $.connection.broadcastMessage;

    $.connection.hub.start().done(function () {
        $('#broadcastNotification').click(function () {
            proxy.server.broadcastNotifications($("#Message").val()).done(function () {

$(function () {

    $.connection.hub.logging = true;
    var proxy = $.connection.broadcastMessage;
@mikeTheLiar lmao
nah its fine
I was looking at that like.... uhh, hmmm, maybeee... welll...
@jubi The only thing I can see that might be making the problem is the @Html.Partial
6:02 PM
time for lunch
!!afk constructing additional panini
Anyone see a fault with:
        private static MemoryCache cache = MemoryCache.Default;
        public static void WriteCache<TType>(string key, List<TType> genericType)
            var policy = new CacheItemPolicy();
            policy.AbsoluteExpiration = DateTime.Now.AddDays(1);
            cache.Add(key, genericType, policy);

        public static TType GetCache<TType>(string key) where TType : class, new()
            if (cache.Any() && cache != null)
                return cache.Get(key) as TType;
@misha1 : where
The layout
actually those are again two partial views which is rendering in the layout
6:04 PM
var integerValues = firstRowOfPrices.(s => Int32.Parse(s));
there are two menus one at right and one at top
error: 'identifier expected'
it is for those menus and which is coming correct in layout
Do they maybe accidently include the layout?
and is your layout called _Layout.cshtml and is in a folder called shared?
no no,,,i have included
6:05 PM
You have included?
!!learn lunchTime "Let us all stop, and eat lunch."
@Michael Command i already exists
also _rightmenu and_topmenu in the same folder
PartialViews folder
6:06 PM
@Michael Command lunchtime learned
@Michael Let us all stop, and eat lunch.
Ok jubi check at which line does the layout start again
6:06 PM
I mean look at the html source and then compare this line to the razor
will have a check
!!forget lunchtime
@KendallFrey Command lunchtime forgotten.
something against lunch?
i dont see the appeal of the command
6:13 PM
if it responded when someone pinged you could be useful
hey all :)
i love my deli
i go there way too much i realize
go for the pickle or the server?
Hello lads
6:17 PM
no pickle
What kind of deli is that???
an italian deli
chicken parm on a hard roll
potato salad
i dont get pickles with that
if i got like.... hot pastrami i get a pickle
SANDWICH CONCURRENCY ERROR, discarding results to kitchen sync
@Amy 200 I Love Me Some Pickles
6:22 PM
What's going on?
that depends. are you a cop?
nothing happening here, whats up with you?
6:25 PM
hides pickle jar
yes, it is i
anyone ever programmed coap clients?
i've used wse3 for soap
@TomW yay
6:30 PM
well this is like soap light for constrained devices
ill just find some books
yay, did my taxes
Slow Clap
time for @Codeman to get schwifty
time to fund the trumper
6:33 PM
@Amy does that mean I get to shit on the floor?
I had to hire a CPA do help with taxes =/ I may have not filed last year
uh oh
@TravisJ that is why I married one
this was my GF's first year filing taxes. she had no idea how easy it is
6:34 PM
@TravisJ and fired that guy today
It is really easy. It is just that I owed some money and kept putting it off.
my mother-in-law is a CPA. she does my taxes, with gusto
@juanvan - lol
I've encouraged her to file an amended return for previous year, she probably will get thousands of dollars back
I've never done a tax return in my life and may do some day, but not soon
6:35 PM
Once you don't file long enough they want paper filing. So I am going to file an offer (656) and avoid the interest they charge. But that means getting someone to help prepare.
came in playing the Spongebob theme song, then said he would wish my brother a happy birthday but someone blocked facebook
do u guys use turbo tax?
@TomW don't they do it for you in the UK?
don't use tax software. those companies lobby to make the tax code more complicated.
I use hrblock for the easy stuff
6:35 PM
@Codeman precisely. That is, it's your employer's job
they should just do that in the US. send you a bill or a check
they should
It'd be more efficient
self employment complicates things a bit
Or a lot :)
6:36 PM
but I just file it 1099-misc cause it's not my main source of income so I don't file quarterly
or more then it's worth
most people just have payroll taxes, for the vast majority of people an automated tax system would greatly simplify things and speed it along
but for a large portion of people, they enter in their W2 and they're done
Yeah I have payroll taxes and that is it.
@Amy the tax prep industry has lobbied HARD against that
6:37 PM
Oh yeah for anything not on payroll you need to do it yourself
But I claim extra withholdings and sometimes I guess wrong
@Codeman yeah, it sucks
But I think there are relatively few deductibles here
have a 1099 and a k1 and it sucks
Oh, here too. There are only like 15 thousand or so
6:38 PM
the way the ACA affects taxes sucks too. one more thing to keep track of.
Do you get taxed on money that is placed into a 401k for you that year?
For you as in from your pay?
@TravisJ no, that part is tax free
i had a history professor say the romans fell because their laws became more and more complicated and the bureaucracy needed to enforce those laws became too unmanageable.
6:39 PM
Oh were you asking me?
Whats a 401k?
@tweray - And when sold, that is when its taxed right?
@TomW - No sorry, my use of you was probably not best in that sentence.
@TravisJ if you want to cash it, then i believe you do have to pay tax, but not 100% sure
@Amy - Definitely wasn't the dusk to dawn expansion they had going :P
usually you use those to buy insurances, and in that case, you don't get taxed at all
6:40 PM
insurances? like from the mob? ;)
haven't you paid your protection fee?
@TravisJ Yea
@Amy - Yes. We pay $7000 per month
You don't want anything to happen
do you
For private security
6:41 PM
@Amy they just needed IT consultants. Shame they wouldn't be invented for another 1500 years
$7000? i said it was $10,000.
lol @TomW
i wish stars counted for something here, like a count of stars on your profile
you could then know that people with more stars are great at parties.
6:44 PM
Does any one know any book as great as 'Developing .Net Services with XML'? This book is too old with old methodologies.
I got the impression that Romans thought things like record-keeping and maths were for nerds. And sissy ass Greeks. Greek sissy ass nerds.
the roman numbering system must have made taxes difficult.
The douchebros of the ancient world
that's the best book
you will find
6:48 PM
i love that book
it taught me everything i know about programming
good thing i was only programming > 2008
is it all about XML and Web SErvices?
yes there are sections in there
can u plz give me pdf link
6:49 PM
It has every technology you use
haha no
or would i have to download it from torrent..
i cant give a pdf
be kinda big
6:49 PM
thats illegal
you wouldn't download a car
i would download the blue prints and print one
@Sadiq it isn't a real book. it was a joke
sarcasm is getting harder and harder nowadays
6:50 PM
tears of the panini
@tweray and more needfuls to be doinged than ever
Im asking for a real one GUYS!!!
you looking for SOAP xml?
6:52 PM
if you want a book, look at Amazon and look through the reviews.
yes for SOAP and WCF
> ActiveX has been around for literally dozens of months
can you just fucking say years?
Dozens of months!!
I can't count that high.
@tweray i only have 10 fingers
6:54 PM
Ponies can only count to 4
Think yourself lucky
yea @tweray don't be insensitive towards ponies
at least Don from Nevada understands ActiveX
tom hurt my feelings.
@Amy and Nick from Nebraska
6:55 PM
I was defending you you ungrateful mare :p
> I read this book in a night and found it to be not only verbose and incoherent, but uninformative. I walked away from this book learning almost nothing about how to fix the brake cable on my Hyundai.

> If you are seriously interested in learning about small Korean car maintenance, you should steer clear of this book. Not only does it teach you nothing about the topic, but the author should be spanked for inferring it does. The $1.45 I spent on this book is perhaps the single most wasteful use of my money I have ever had (well... except possibly that time when I discovered that there were
@tweray Thanks .. And for SOAP, which one would you recommand?
> Before reading this book, I was blind. Upon finishing the last page, I was amazed to find that I could see. Thanks, Bunny, for restoring my sight to me!
lol these reviewers
i think there's probably an industry for joke amazon reviews.
6:58 PM
how is ActiveX different from ActiveY?
@Sadiq that book includes WCF support on SOAP portal
@Amy The active ingredients to make a complete meal
if you have two ActiveX, does that mean you're active-female?
@Amy ActiveY is blue, ActiveX is pink
that makes sense
6:59 PM
And let's not get into ActiveXXX
@tweray ok will look into it.. Thankyou
Poor guy just wants a book and here we are acting like idiots
acting like? we are idiots.
all we do every day is talk about panini

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