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4:00 PM
"Here are your results: 10 pages of images of girlies wearing monocles"
Shortly after these stock photos were taken, all three models were taken to the ER with third degree hand burns. https://t.co/X5koBsGkPP
Cannot into soldiering?
Why this doesn't surprise me
Have we all collectively lost our shit about Microsoft joining the Eclipse Foundation yet?
u wot m8
MS is joining Eclipse?
4:08 PM
Azure Toolkit in eclipse
Oh god I can't even
better tag your shit with a GPS tracker before you lose it
i understood MS better when they were evil
this new and improved MS confuses me.
good morning my fellow see sharp(er)s
they want cross platforming i guess????
4:09 PM
o/ @SteveG
oh ffs. Don't Eclipse, Microsoft. You're only legitimising a bad product.
@misha130 i guess so. yesterday they announced sql server on linux
Oh. wait.
4:10 PM
yes, but its just not their field
What if it's a boondoggle - some sort of project where they shuffle the devs they don't like but can't get rid of?
Its not their thing, god damn
if I were on that project I'd resign
why shove tfs in eclipse
lets just discontinue tfs instead
@Squiggle I want to join this project just so I can immediately resign from it
They want to sell MSSQL licenses to Linux orgs and Azure to Java devs
4:13 PM
i wish TFS would go away.
@misha130 FWIW, there's been a TFS plugin for Eclipse for years already
business people love it. devs hate it
its like that cereal
written by some random dude. It's got the same look-and-feel. Feature-complete, and it even crashes intermittently just like the real TFS!
ok to tfs's defense it was created in 1994 and git was in 2005
4:16 PM
Visual SourceSafe?
I got this info on pluralsight about docker I was seeing the other day, forgot the name
ah, yeah it was. SourceSafe 'became' TFS
I have created a monster query that is probably very very bad.

But its creating a parameter on its own, is there a way I can make it not use a parameter?:
Additional information: Must declare the scalar variable "@p__linq__0".

string query = _dbContext.Matters.SelectMany(x => x.OLAAttorneys)
.Union(_dbContext.Matters.SelectMany(x => x.OLAParalegals))
.Union(_dbContext.Matters.SelectMany(x => x.Plaintiffs))
.Union(_dbContext.Matters.SelectMany(x => x.Defendants))
.Union(_dbContext.Matters.SelectMany(x => x.Judges))
what kind of protocol is tfs even I wonder
I mean what does it use
my god @Michael
4:26 PM
hey.. this is a first draft.
your query is going to load in 10 second and put your cpu on fire m8
my history with source control systems: CVS > SourceSafe > Borland StarTeam > svn > TFS > git
it's been a long journey
this is very triggering
lmao I know, the SQL string generated is insanely long
@Michael it looks like either your database needs some major refactoring, or you need to create a view in your database to better access this.
4:28 PM
and drop EF for this query in particular
and write your own
@Michael are OLAAttourneys, Plaintiffs, Judges etc all of the same Type?
Unfortunately yes
The plaintiffs are humans, judges are robots?
why not just query that Type directly, then?
They are all Contacts
4:29 PM
Hey that sounds like good design
Because a Matter does not just have Contacts. a Matter has these Types of contacts
but you're not going via a specific Matter here.
(whatever a Matter is)
So how would it look?
return _dbContext.Contacts.Find(id); ?
See the problem is that I'm returning Matters
4:31 PM
no you aren't :P
Matters.Where(MatterContact.ID == ContactID)
you're selecting all Contacts of all those properties in all Matters, and fetching a single Contact by ID.
y'see? :-]
What I want is all the Matters associated with that contact.
4:33 PM
try again. Let us know how you get on?
will do
@Squiggle oh god, really? Ew
it will still look ugly af because of how the contacts are split up
perhaps, but it will be slightly (MUCH) more efficient
anyone have any feedback/idea on this question?
4:35 PM
_dbContext.Matters.Where(m => m.OLAAttourneys.Any(a => a.ContactId == id) || ... || ... ||);
see how that performs. If it's crap, I'd create a SQL view.
@Squiggle I dont think the performance is that bad, but it creates these parameters on its own.
[OLAAttorneyID] = @p__linq__0)))
is there any way to force it to just use a value instead of creating its own parameters?
you mean, "Allow sql injection" on purpose?
No, its EF and its stopping you from doing that
i suppose
EF knows best.
4:45 PM
well is there a way to name the parameters myself then?
Why would you even want to do that?
o-oh you can make a stored procedure and use it, right?
what benefit would it give you?
Because i'm taking the SQL string generated by the query and running it manually with context.DbSet.SqlQuery("Query")
4:47 PM
because thats how this method I'm using is setup, It can take in different queries and query the DB with them on the fly.
I suppose in this case though I dont need to generate the queryString,
Sorry, I really can't support that.
there's absolutely no reason to do that
you'd end up hard-coding the parameter
@Michael I think what we've learned is that you should probably stop working on this solution, take a step back, and figure out a different way to achieve your goals
then at a later date, you'll update EF and they've changed the implementation, breaking everything
@mikeTheLiar its not up to me lol
@Michael it's a truly retarded approach.
4:48 PM
I already have my own cleaner work arounds, that someone doesnt like
Yipes. Just yipes.
i'm just trying to get by with what I'm working with
I must say though, I have learned much more about EF than I ever would have if I didnt try to do everything so backwards lol
@Michael my professional advice is to start polishing up your resume.
hey mike maybe he can turn his company around
change their minds
make them see the correct way
I already am insanely underpaid and software development isnt even in my job description :P
but its my first job after college, I thought I would take the opportunity to lean a little more
4:52 PM
@Michael wanna move to Boston? We're going to be hiring in a few months
So farrrr
I was under paid for 3 years like that but atleast they let me do everything i wanted so I could do a thousand of mistakes
but then I realized some companies are just fucking awful
took me 3 years
The thing is, idk if I even want to be a Software Dev. What I initially wanted was Network / Systems Administration
My second job I was everything and everybody. Basically the "computer guy". Developer, IT, DBA, help desk, etc etc.
4:54 PM
I can't populate my object from json
That shit sucked.
tell me about it
Really, thats more of what I'd want to me
minus the help desk a bit.
i thought someone helped you with that earlier, @kush
and more focus on the Network Management side
4:55 PM
but I can't figure it out :(
I have lots of friends in network admins with cisco certificates and they all complain they just watch movies for 8 hours and go home
@misha130 that's the sign of a good sysadmin
If they're any good at their job they shouldn't do much work
They really only have anything to do when shit's busted
I know I know but its like they are sitting in office and waiting for hardware to break on its own
seriously who wants this kind of job
4:57 PM
Should they be out there preemptively breaking stuff?
usually they take on other roles
"Be more proactive in your job!"
_grabs baseball bat_ "Okay boss!"
4:58 PM
out their? out there? double entrendre?
herpity derpity
@Amy something about case?
!!google Jicama
!!google jicamaJS
@mikeTheLiar why does your company hire "in a few months" on a time frame like that?
@kush your json doesn't contain a list of players. it contains a list of anonymous objects each with a single property "participant" which contains the players.
i find it helpful to serialize a list of objects and see how well it matches the expected json
you can tweak it that way until you get matching json documents
5:04 PM
it should then deserialize
@Amy I don't have control of the input so can I make a player and put a single property participant inside it?
would this get me fired on the spot?
@Michael the other team here is currently in the final stages of a major project. There's no resources to on-board anyone at the moment. Once it's released they're going to be looking to hire
posted on March 08, 2016 by ericlippert

I am spending the week at FB headquarters in Menlo Park: (That’s me looking out for the thief. He’s around here somewhere.) I assume that the axe-wielding troll had already been killed and turned into mist, since the room was … Continue reading →

pls hire me mike i'll work for peanuts
you can keep me in a basement or something like a good code monkey
All we can offer is panini
5:14 PM
I really like peanuts
salted are good
even boiled arnt bad
Anyone ever use MemoryCache?
I'm so salty
you are just bitter
in all seriousness though I wish I could move and work in the states ;_;
5:16 PM
Misha we are hiring
but we can't sponsor visas
I cant move because I cant move, not cause of jobs
I am wondering when i view the "View Page source" i am not finding the html code in it.in mvc razor view
@jubi You cant see the razor code in the Page Source
sorry html code
5:20 PM
you can't see html?
what does it show?
cant find html
if you click view source, what text is there?
can i share you the link of my question
5:20 PM
there i have pasted the code as well
mine is mvc 4 application
very strange
i knw.
tried view-source://?
5:22 PM
What happens when you click view source??
there is a layout and my controller action returns a partial view
no, in the browser
i could see my text box and bbutton controls
yes, that's what you expect?
5:23 PM
@jubi you have to actually run your WebApp
and view it in a web browser
but when i right click and see the view page source on running mode i am expecting html code for my controls
i could see the layout
but the partial view is missing
Can you run your web app and then take a screen shot of what happens?
i mean html code for partial view
am running the app
5:25 PM
Idk if the partial view get rendered in the big ViewSource page
What browser are you using?
@jubi in MVC the folder in which you place views, layouts and partial views matters. What's your folder structure?
I can't remember exactly what it expects
Right click on the element that you want to view and see if there is an option to Inspect Element or something like that
Idk what firefox uses to inspect elements
In cotroller folder there is a controller called "NotificationsController" . And in view folder > Under Notifications folder i have the _Index view
and under shared folder my layout.cshtml
5:29 PM
hi guys
there is no such option in firefox to inspect element
anyone have 1 line for 'read file x in directory y' 'if file contains '1' --> do code'?
there is
@jubi install an add on called FireBug
that lets you inspect elements and such
@jubi where are your partial views?
5:30 PM
I honestly dont understand what he sees
do you Michael?
Yeah, he is viewing the source for the page itself
not the partial views included in the page
He is seeing a layout without the partial views?
so like he probably has a button that you can click to display a partial view
I'm guessing
@misha130 are partial views typically shown in the source?
my layout has some menus and links, which i am able to see the source
In the firefox? of course
5:32 PM
I dont remember, its been a long time since i did web dev
hello does anyone know how to simply read from file x, if string y exists --> do code ?
 public ActionResult Index()
            return PartialView("_Index");
        } this controller returns a partial view
@Adan yes you can
jubi if you go to this action directly via url
what do you get it
via URL?
5:33 PM
@Michael how?
yes like /controller/index
@Adan can you post code that you have started with
@jubi replace return PartialView with return View and add a RenderBody() in to your layout view
This will make a simple none partialview
i creted a new controller which just return a view and pasted the content from my partial view to the view. Then if i navigate through URL i can see the html code
@Michael 1 sec
5:36 PM
Yea its fun like that
So again replace your return PartialView with basic View
and add RenderBody to layout view
let me try
strange ? Is it? Do you know why it behaves this way with partial view
I think you just gave it the wrong URL in the view
@misha130 what do you mean?
Do you understand what he was seeing?
I just looked at his question
and made some deductions
DB is down... what to do
5:41 PM
bring it back up
Dance party?
Give it a hug
someone is working on that already
Maybe some Zoloft
Call sys admins :^)
@Michael hey nvm i found a wrong line, fixed it
5:42 PM
good for you
visual studio is also hanged
@Michel..if you look at my code i am having a render body already in layout
ctrl + alt + del is your friend
actually ctrl + shift + ESC will get you to task manager quicker
@jubi you can run vs with a so it logs what it happening
right Click windows button and Selecting it will too
compile code through cmd and lunch iis manually ;^)
5:46 PM
@juanvan with so? means
getting to task manager
*task manager
string[] lines = File.ReadAllLines(path);
domain == lines[x]
how do i tell 'lines[x]' to linQ so that string.split to find 'strin x'
in other words, readLines = 'one string with many words'
? @Adan
i want to compare 'hello' to lines[x]
5:49 PM
@Adan what is x?
but how do i linQ/string.split so that hello is compared to lines[0]
you want to loop over the collection of string[] to find if a work is in that split?
for(int i = 0, i < line[0].split.count()?; i++)
that is one way
5:51 PM
lines.Where(s => s.Contains("Hello"))?
yes! that's my man
I'm still not sure I understand the question
linQ ftw
I think aggregate will get you what you want
File.ReadAllLines(path) = line[0] = 'one long string with multiple words'
i want to check if 'hello' is in line[0]
5:52 PM
lines.where(s=>s.ToLower().Contains("Hello").ToLower()) will make it so it is not case sensitive if you need that
's.ToLower()' i dont have that, is that c#? it's not showing up in visual studio
yep .ToLower() is on a String
i assumed s was a string.
string[] lines = File.ReadAllLines(path);
5:54 PM
is that making an array of strings? or a single index of the Resulting lines?
it has to be
@juanvan looks like it's the equivalent of fileContents.Split(Environment.NewLine)
@Adan so you just want to check if the first line of the file contains the word "Hello"?
@juanvan doesnt it have to make an array of strings
because thats what he declared it to be
5:56 PM
heres what i want to do
@misha1 now my layout duplicates
in my .txt file, i have values: '30, 31, 33, 30' these are stock prices, i want to put each into a list and take the avg or do some match witht hem
@misha130 now you screwed him up :P
also the content of partial view(now view) is also missing
5:57 PM
im lost where i get the string --> convert to int --> add to new list
hey failing at something is the first step to succeeding
i mean the html code
i agree ..with u misha1
can you post your html views in a paste bin
both layout and index view
paste bin?
@Adan Int32.Parse("string");
5:59 PM
like this
ah..its blocked here
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
    <meta charset="utf-8">
    <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">
    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">
    <!-- The above 3 meta tags *must* come first in the head; any other head content must come *after* these tags -->
    <meta name="description" content="">
    <meta name="author" content="">
    <link rel="icon" href="../../favicon.ico">

    <title>myProject - MI Services</title>

    <!-- Bootstrap core CSS -->
// disclaimer: code typed directly in to chat window, not tested
var commaSeparatedValues = File.ReadAllLines(path);
var firstRowOfPrices = commaSeparatedValues[0].Split(',');
var integerValues = firstRowOfPrices.Select(s => Int32.Parse(s));
i can copy my code here

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