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@AndrasDeak are you
2 hours later…
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7:49 AM
is theres a simple guide on how to recognise captchas for beginner? I code in Python for 1 month, still dont understand many of things there. I want to make a solver with atleast 50-60% accuracy, for VK captchas, but Im not familliar with PIL and pytesser
@MaxLunar ... .... ...... ...........
8:49 AM
@AnttiHaapala ?
9:42 AM
Cbg everyone
My head is about to explode from ache and J'accuse you O'Reilly media, American media company established by Tim O'Reilly that publishes books and Web sites and produces conferences on computer technology topics.
Why did I have to be born with limited brain performance
10:27 AM
@AnttiHaapala see Fig. 1
Hey Andras [ :
10:43 AM
Sigh, The move answer to comment must be a available to mortals. They should make it a 25k priv or something :(
Not sure how that'd work with positively voted "answers" though... as it requires being able to delete the answer first...
Ah, Yes. Just like how the 20k can delete only neg voted posts, 25k can move only 0 and neg voted posts
The auto move internal link-only answers to comments is quite good.
10:51 AM
Yeah... has confused people though :)
This is an example (not python) stackoverflow.com/a/40318333/4099593. It's a semi answer and can't be flagged NAA. However the post doesn't ask for a new package link. W/O the link, the answer is pretty useless, but can't be flagged VLQ as the OP has explained a bit. These are more suitable as comments rather than answers.
Perhaps we need to also think in the same line as SE. Why would they have put the move to comments feature as mod-only and not as a privilege? Perhaps there was some other idea behind it which we don't know.
I'm guessing because it's not only deleting a post - it's also creating a comment under the user's name they originally didn't do?
Might be along the same lines as to why editing comments that aren't yours is restricted to mods only
Hmm, That might be a valid reason. Perhaps they need a mark somewhere stating that it was moved to comment by 3 users.
Editing comments is not a issue, because they are considered second class citizens. So, having that as a privilege wont be much useful.
Hmmm, Jon (the other Jon) doesn't like this idea meta.stackexchange.com/a/252691/311398
11:34 AM
I can see why
way too much room for abuse on these levels of moderation
and "high-rep only" is no guarantee, we all know a bunch of reckless and asshole high-reps to whom we'd never want to give such power
Reputation builds up trust: Not necessarily, I've seen "Trusted Users" (the official name given to 20k users) ask POB questions and add Link Only answers. (The comment is pertaining to only that particular statement and not the question, as a whole). — Bhargav Rao Oct 9 at 10:08
@AndrasDeak True. Agree with that.
Perhaps we need a way to revert also. That'd be helpful to mitigate any wrong actions.
No, we need to not extend moderation privileges just because crap piles up on the site
the only scalable solution is community involvement
you can give 3-4 willing high-reps (you being one) the power to do the janitorial work, but they will sooner or later throw in the towel, and we'll return to square 1 with additional ways of potential abuse of the new privileges
I don't think that will solve the issue in the long run
Yes. That's is perfect. We need more users to flag the NAAs, VLQs, more users to cv bad questions and more users to delv vote.
Nah, I am against awarding of more powers to a select set of individuals.
We need some kind of a motivating factor to keep the users involved. That's what is lacking.
I don't believe in the universality of gamification. What would work is somehow affecting the community norm. So that it's what people do to flag and delete the crap
The queue is hovering at 750~ nearly. We have enough 20kers. Those users must be motivated to use their delete votes to cut down the queue.
But the question remains, How do we motivate them?
11:46 AM
wait, 20k delvotes vs queue don't add up
queue stuff should be deleted from the queue, not wasting 20k delvotes
I did not mean that. Let the 20k delete the posts as it arrive, it would not have entered the queue!
Now, I know that there aren't any one doing that. Hence, even I flag and send it to the queue.
but even with a single delvote you need to alert other 20k users to it somehow...
12:03 PM
@AndrasDeak ahha sorry incorrect reply from me, my question was: "are you really lactose *tolerant" :D
yes, I am:D
otherwise I wouldn't be having instant cocoa for supper
like, I was lactose-tolerant until I realized that I really do feel better if I just drop lactose :P
... and they sell now no-lactose milk that is only about 30 % more expensive than normal milk and practically indistinguishable.
Actually, the lactose-free milk that's sold here usually contains both lactose and lactase...
but that's still great for a huge chunk of lactose-intolerant people
12:18 PM
Hello! There is a new physics proposal on Area 51 and it needs all the support it can get. Please support it by following it and adding example questions. The purpose of the site is to have answers to problem solving questions about physics that show work.
@AndrasDeak, hello
That is not a proper way to advertise your site. imo
@idjaw cabbage \o
12:21 PM
@BhargavRao, I didn't post that; I'll refrain from doing such things in the future, though.
Thanks. Do inform the others too. :)
Eyo idjaw [ :
@heather I didn't know Albert Einstein played Farcry 3. That's very cool
@BhargavRao, melon (just read the rules/language guidance) and I will alert the others =)
@randomhopeful, what...? Farcry 3?
12:24 PM
he did seem like a cool dude
and ahead of his time
@AndrasDeak hmm, the lactase means that there won't be lactose for long
@heather A character in Farcry 3 "got inspired" by Einstein's insanity quote
@AnttiHaapala AFAIK there's two kinds of lactose-intolerance: one kind is where your body doesn't synthesize sufficient lactase, but if you're given it then all's well. The other kind is that your body doesn't know how to handle lactase, and you're screwed
and gassy
@idjaw nope...
12:26 PM
@randomhopeful, oh, I see
@AndrasDeak the thing is that lactose is too big a molecule to be ingested as is... afaik.
I'm not intolerant. myself. But people who say they are said they had digestive issues
@idjaw it is the first case that is the gassy.
it is exactly because it passes as-is...
it passes as-is, giving you the gas-ses, WORD
12:27 PM
... and then the bacteria have a feast.
this is reminding me about several conversations with my dad
@AndrasDeak Haha : D Dig that flow, man
he's a chemist
@idjaw poor kid
every day
every. day.
12:29 PM
deadly combination:D
I told my dad the joke recently about two chemists going in to a bar, one ordering H20 and the other ordering H20....TOO
and they both died?
Whose dad had good jokes?
he just smiled and nodded
I don't know if that was acceptance or shame
12:30 PM
@idjaw it was like "about time, son, that you're telling the joke that I invented in 70s."
Son, I made that joke in University with my lab mates....that was MY joke...and now the internet thinks they are soooo smart
My dad tried so hard to get me to study chemistry
even brought home molecule play sets that looked like lego
He made one big mistake. He also kept bringing home new computers from work.
Little did he know
@idjaw he even went so far as to design a game, but alas, too late
12:36 PM
but honestly though, anyone who wouldn't mind supporting the physics proposal, please do, and add a few example questions if you have time =)
@AnttiHaapala can you jump over to the other place for 1 sec?
@heather If I may in what is it different than the already active physics community ?
@heather "closed as a duplicate of Physics."
@AnttiHaapala, yeah, I don't think it should be
well, hardly our problem :d
12:40 PM
I'm looking at jogging strollers. Could I be more suburban?
I was at one point too!
they are bloody expensive
but yeah I tend to agree that it would just move people out from physics.sexchange.
@randomhopeful, basically, the normal physics community doesn't allow non-conceptual questions, and this new site aims to allow students of physics to get help with their more specific problem-solving questions as long as they show effort.
@AnttiHaapala, not really. Does math overflow move people out from math?
@RobertGrant narrowed down any models yet?
@AnttiHaapala my son's
@idjaw I like the Thule one
12:42 PM
are you looking for one that doubles as a bike trailer as well?
aka the Cheetah?
@heather I skimmed through the proposal, and I don't really see why you need a separate site for that
@vaultah, I don't quite understand your comment - do you mean you believe it is a duplicate?
Vroom vroom
nice. I was looking for one that takes two little ones so I can run to the kid's daycare with the stroller and back home to get ready for work.
That idea never took off.....
12:47 PM
@vaultah, check my work and I need help solving this problem questions are off-topic on physics se and they will be the focus of problem solving. I apologize, but I can't see how they are a duplicate.
@heather Good luck with the duplicate situation. It would've been better, in my opinion, if you stated your vision for this proposal right in the discussion section
@RobertGrant That thing is so goddamn cute, man. Good luck with this chapter
@idjaw haha that is quite an ask! Just get two and some gaffer tape?
@randomhopeful, I just created a discussion about it, so I hope it gets reopened.
For the curious, the discussion about whether or not physics problem solving is a duplicate site is here.
@heather such questions can be rephrased to meet the standards of Physics.SE
There's a meta post dedicated to that problem meta.physics.stackexchange.com/q/714/56526
OK, some miscommunication is present, I think. The new site should qualify for homework physics questions, which are rejected on physics.SE just like on SO
That's how I see the essence of the question
@AccountUnknown hey. That's not valid python, is it?
12:54 PM
@vaultah, not always.
@AccountUnknown Hi. Welcome to the Python room. Please read the rules.
that was swift
@randomhopeful thanks :) looking forward to being a bit settled now we've got the house
@AccountUnknown please read the room rules before continuing.
using new tools is fun
oh shoot. it's already 9. I have to leave!
rbrb for now :)
12:58 PM
Laters idjaw !
1:33 PM
@RobertGrant sick spoiler and rimz
cbg :)
@idjaw wait, they didn't both die, only the second one
maybe that was shameful nodding after all:D
1:42 PM
@randomhopeful I just wanted to point out how terrible his initial reasons are
Help, how can I get a 'xxxx' digit from '\uxxxx' string?
1:50 PM
I'm new in Python. I'm Java coder.
good Java is cool
I've question about big numbers in Python
what is it?
the anticipation is killing me. this must be what a i/o stuck thread feels like
AFAIK, \u makes Py interpret the next 4 digits as a unicode sequence.
1:52 PM
What's happens on PVM if I exceed the scope of integer type in C?
How is it that I can store in Python variables big numbers?
@java-devel PVM = "Python Virtual Machine" = Pittsburg Veal Meatball?
Rather Python Virtual Machine
@java-devel they are implemented in that way?
How's the limit of digits in integral number in Python variable?
1:53 PM
That's my questions
yeah, as of three, there's no practical limit
if I use b = '\u0020', I dont know how to get that 'xxxx' number, encoding it to unicode_escape didnt help
if i use b = '\u2000', all works fine
ord() for decimal -> convert to hexa
>>> s
>>> s = '\u1234'
>>> ord(s)
>>> hex(ord(s))
1:55 PM
@MaxLunar Do what Andras said and then use hex
@AndrasDeak Thanks, That struck a chord ;)
it was so easy...
something is wrong with me today again.
Yep, You are getting ready for Halloween
why am I working on saturday
only you know that answer
1:58 PM
mind blown
and if you're actually at work, probably employers
my mind blows at solving simple problems today
if my life was a movie, it would be almost as boring as fifty shades of grey
same amount of scourges?
Girlfriend had a rough day yesterday. Picked up Overcooked to surprise her with, in case shouting at each other will cheer her up.
2:00 PM
@AndrasDeak scourges can be interesting
convince her to take one of those... baths, if it worked on you, it surely has to work on her
mine are just plain boring
@tristan cool game
I used to work in a kitchen. It's just as stressful
>>> b = '\u1d400'
>>> b
>>> hex(ord(b)).replace('0x', '').zfill(4)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<pyshell#51>", line 1, in <module>
    hex(ord(b)).replace('0x', '').zfill(4)
TypeError: ord() expected a character, but string of length 2 found
> >>> b = '\u1d400'
>>> b
that's one too many zeros
2:05 PM
just like the errors says, if you read it
did you read it?
@AndrasDeak lol being 10 minutes late felt like the world is gonna blow up, while the customers didn't give a damn
@khajvah I'm told that in that sector, a happy customer is the biggest source of profit, and an unhappy customer is the worst that can happen. 1 customer who gets pissed at 10 minutes delay is already too much
@AndrasDeak haha it looks/reads so gross in italics
@AndrasDeak sometimes it was impossible though. Like having 20 burgers with all having different tempratures
2:08 PM
@tristan it's a moist bath :D
@khajvah none of my concern when I'm paying for others to make my food:P
@AndrasDeak :|
lol and then the chef comes and starts screaming
eh good times
now it's just python, blackjack and hookers
I'd call that a clear improvement
if you have 20 burgers all at different temperatures, it sounds like a scheduling problem. why didn't you write an algorithm?
@tristan burgeroverflow
2:11 PM
@khajvah (-‸ლ)
I wasn't accustomed to that many burgers, so UD
at least it wasn't UB (undefined burger)
@tristan That looks like a half facepalm. I like it
it actually looks like a facepaw to me
2:24 PM
i think its a facefoot :/
you're all wrong. it's a text emoticon.
Your order amount: 12.740000 USD (-‸ლ)
actually it looks like facefoot.
@MaxLunar Haha, I have to agree
2:40 PM
OK, here I go trying to install debian instead of my ubuntu. I'll hopefully be back later:P Don't believe rumors of my death prematurely
hmm, I am doing 2FA, and the first form naturally has login + password, and then optionally followed by an MFA field if present...
@AndrasDeak Keep your wifi sweet and free from wpa and good luck
@AndrasDeak why debian though?
Because it's more GNU / Linuxy than Ubuntu, I suppose
why ubuntu tho
2:43 PM
@khajvah I'm generally happy with ubuntu, except they've been turds for years
ubuntu's package management is not good
how so?
I couldn't get a working OS with a GUI installed under 1.5GB
I have 8 if you mean RAM
It installed too many unneeded dependancies
2:45 PM
and 1000 if you mean disk space:D
no, not RAM
I was installing on a 3GB hard disk machine
ubuntu minimal (or however it's called)
well, that's not exactly "why would you install ubuntu" experience
if you need lightweight, do lightweight
Hmm, I installed ubuntu in 8GB system.
@BhargavRao in the end, I ended up with >2GB
Ubuntu is not lightweight, no matter how you dress it up or strip it down. Nor is debian.
2:47 PM
with pretty minimal desktop environment
debian + xfce is the sweet spot, imho. i fear that's where i'm headed in the next few years when apple finally stops even pretending to care about the developer/worker demographic
@BhargavRao in the end, I ended up with >2GB
@AndrasDeak yeah but it's not an excuse for unneeded dependencies
@BhargavRao in the end, I ended up with >2GB
@tristan do you have a word of wisdom regarding stable/testing/unstable?
I plan to start with stable as I don't like tinkering with the system if it breaks
@tristan Arch + Mate
Hmmm, Is your chat screwing up @khajvah?
2:48 PM
@AndrasDeak do stable. you can always install nightly packages if "needed"
Close the tab and open it in a new one. Happened to me once. (Refresh did not solve it strangely).
@khajvah I haven't tried arch yet. Why would I go arch instead of debian?
@tristan cool, cool, that's what I had in mind, thanks:)
nw buddy :)
2:49 PM
@AndrasDeak FWIW I'm using Debian stable for about a month : Text editing, accounting and coding and it's most excellent. Also, I'm sure you'll skip the confusing 72 hours, I had
probably, ubuntu is said to be very close to debian
@tristan You got pretty much everything you will ever need in AUR or in official repos, always up-to-date software AND very minimal dependencies.
Minus the data mining for Amazon, I suppose
@khajvah aur? what package manager does it use? i mostly use debian for apt and the quality/wide variety of pre-packaged software
and I've been using ubuntu for ~ a decade (wow)
2:51 PM
And the dpkg thing is so sweet, I had a download-anything craze
@tristan it has official repos which are pretty nice but also Arch User Repository for unofficial stuff.
it uses pacman
@khajvah ah. is the official repo more up to date than debians?
@tristan of course. It's bleeding-edge distro
i care very, very little about linux flavors as long as there's a happy/predictable path to get the dependencies i need
debian is more stable though.
2:53 PM
then staying on debian it is :)
yeah, if you need something rock-solid, Arch isn't for you
as long as i'm not on redhat/centos/fedora, i'm happy
i mean, i use OS X because I don't want to even have to think about the plumbing of my development environment and debian because i don't want to think about my server environment
oh you just dont put Arch on servers
that would be a suicide
@khajvah What do you use Arch for ?
2:57 PM
oh. when my macbook air gives out, i'm going to just do a PC and use whatever flavor of linux is on my servers
@tristan I'm not that happy with Gnome 3 (although nothing to criticize specifically), I'll give xfce a try
@randomhopeful my laptop
it's amusing because Razer is getting attention from multiple places as a "macbook replacement", but if you go to their site it's incomprehensible and almost meant to be hard to look at
exercise: find a 15" laptop
@tristan I kinda like the OS stuff. I enjoy breaking and fixing my computers
2:58 PM
@khajvah So not for work if I understand correctly
today we installed xen virtual machines in uni. So cool. You write one command and boom, you started a new VM
@khajvah yeah, I can understand that. i have enough worries about code and production machines that having a problem in the way of my problem is a non-starter
@randomhopeful nah, but I could. I use Kubuntu at work
I see [ :
@khajvah oh cool. the api is predictable enough that i once ran a dev environment that you could PM on IRC to add/remove/change existing configs
3:00 PM
I found a little financial package on dpkg, I'm planning on stealing a coupe of tricks off of it once I'll evolve from noob -1 to noob ~0
@tristan I would use a macbook but I just need the escape key :(
@randomhopeful change your first bit and you'll be a positive noob
@khajvah I don't "need" the escape key, but losing magsafe, having to carry a USB-C->USB-A and missing a row of keys is annoying to me.
@tristan : D Solid advice, although won't stand a change against the first test
I am out. Bye guys
3:02 PM
magsafe was one of those advantages that I never failed to give credit for to apple...
Tchousse khajvah
@AndrasDeak yeah. i had mentioned before that it saved my laptop a number of times.
I usually go "macs are overpriced marketing bubbles, although they are very well built, and magsafe is fscking great"
3:03 PM
I don't think Apple knows what it's doing anymore.
@tristan yeah, I saw that:)
Macbook Air/Pro wasn't overpriced when you go spec-for-spec with competitors, taking into account build quality/weight/size.
For the longest time, if you spec'd out a chunky, plastic Dell of similar spec, you'd end up +/-100.
3:05 PM
back, AMC has a 80s horror-fest going on...house is all to myself today. This is going to be fantastic
Awesome. CBG
I have JavaScript to be writing. You can tell by how active I am in here how much I actually want to do that.
Jason Takes Manhattan is currently playing
3:07 PM
I'd watch that crossover. I'd watch it twice
boy, that escalated quickly DOT meme
I love horror-science
Same, but tacos
wait...I almost forgot. In the spirit of Halloween, this circulated the office yesterday
the captioned photo might lead to thinking it is nsfw
My dream is to become too rich to care about carrying a cellphone. This 24 / 24 joinable state isn't what God intended
3:12 PM
@idjaw Classy.
@randomhopeful I leave it in the other room most of the time. I someday hope to become so rich that I don't even manage my own email account.
@tristan Man wouldn't that be a dream !
But yeah, I really don't like cellphones, touch screens, and an interrupt-driven existence.
Haha, why remove that?
He wants to hide stuff from non ROs. ;_;
3:17 PM
@tristan the repeating rate was bothering me
yeah, once they made me a RO <redacted> <redacted> <redacted>
that's weird...how did that get redacted?
@tristan True. Especially interrupted by spoiled tenants
The worst thing about censorship is
@idjaw did you know that if you write your stack exchange password into any SE chat, it will display as a string of * instead
Like, my password is **********
3:28 PM
testing: ************
You're right!
did it work?
yes, I just see ******************
3:31 PM
that is so cool. The internet always continues to amaze me
is this the canon immutable vs mutable dupe we should be using: stackoverflow.com/questions/8056130/immutable-vs-mutable-types
shame no answer was accepted there
Can anyone help me out with this?
@yasar sopython.com/chatroom check out the room rules
> Do not link your recent (< 1-2 days) questions in the room. The main site is the dedicated space for posting questions, and having them answered.
Hi , Can I calculate sqrt(2) beyond 11 decimal places .Is there a way I can calculate sqrt and fractions with more decimal precision ?
3:38 PM
Oh Wow, Look. @idjaw has also used the move tool! Congrats :)
haha. thanks.
@tristan Thanks .
lol I ran prime95 and my CPU reached 100°C in 2 minutes
a faulty cooling system would explain the random shutdowns I had when playing CS:GO
3:49 PM
hah. desktop or laptop?
at least it's an easier fix then
hey Martijn!
yeah, it gives me hope that the motherboard and the psu are okay
this reminds me. I need to keep my eye out on 1060 prices...I feel like at this point I should wait for black friday
hope for the best
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