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Awww :D
7:51 AM
just checking
please use the sandbox for testing


Where you can play with regular chat features (except flagging...
oops, my bad, please forgive me
np :)
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1:29 PM
what's the point of this room exactly? :)
1:49 PM
@badp so far, no point, I guess.
oh well.
This was the one SO room I could consider lurking around regularly, but as usual chat needs a critical mass to be useful :)
@badp I don't see a watershed here. Interesting topics/debates are likely to appear in these chat rooms. Although, I must say I prefer most of these to go into the proper site in the form of questions.
2:15 PM
why python has a snake logo?
its named after "monty python"!
it's just me that find this feed annoying? :P
I'd prefer having the feed inline with the chat
it is annoying
it doesn't mean much up there
hello, pythoner.
do python support macro?
2:22 PM
it can be seen a macro recorder
@linjunhalida not natively
@linjunhalida it's been asked on SO btw
C doesn't support macros anyway - a preprocessor handles them before the code is compiled.
sure, all C compilers call that preprocessor, but it's still a different 'step'
>> print "Hello everyone"
how can one do logging when say multiple processes are involved ? What's the best strategy ?
@jweyrich it's intrusive for sure
@AnkurGupta I'd use IPC.
@badp use templates to get the desired results
@jweyrich uhmmm well I am thinking more on the lines of a having a REST API and then a small embedded webserver and store log data to sqliteDB ...
are they thinking they would be able to replace IRC ? I wonder
2:33 PM
Have to say the UI is nice .... clean and neat ... very less chances of getting confused and unable to understand how to use it
@AnkurGupta you mean logging multiple processes/threads (say, from a http server) ?
@jweyrich multiple processes not threads ... had it been threads I could synchronize using mutex/semaphore ...
@jweyrich what i meant is multiple process do an http post request and transfer data to the webserver which in turn stores the log string to a DB
@AnkurGupta if your server is responsible for logging, then it's not multi-process.
@jweyrich I think I am unable to explain myself ... Here I am trying again ... I have 15 worker processes and all are doing computation ... python logging module logs to only one log files hence 15 workers cannot log messages to one file. So I am thinking how to do it. Like you mentioned IPC is one way ... I can have a queue and put log messages in it and one consumer can read it ... I can also call a HTTP URL using post request and send the data to a server ...
@AnkurGupta: the logging module supports other outputs like syslog
See the SyslogHandler documentation for Once you're in syslog any of the modern daemons supports aggregation and forwarding if you need to distribute log messages between servers
2:52 PM
@ChrisAdams Thanks for the links Chris ... I shall explore them ... thanks
Ankur: while you're at it, if you need this to run in a stable server context checkout either syslog-ng or rsyslog as both are generally saner to work with than the old-school BSD syslog derivatives.
@ChrisAdams ohh ok roger that ... will keep that in mind ... :)
e.g. I had syslog-ng configured to do things like nice date-hierarchal log directories based on hostnames, services, etc.
e.g. all of my system login events were aggregated in one file but different web services were stored separately
and you can do nice things like automatically pipe your archival logs through bzip2 -9 to avoid wasting disk space
@ChrisAdams also syslog based UI tools will help me segregate the log, source etc ... so I am more or less sold on this idea ...
good bye guys ... Python is pseudo code that works ... Makes programming fun ... bye :) Thanks Chris Thanks jweyrich
this is nice :)
3:06 PM
seems like a nice idea, though not sure if it's a good alternative for the good old #IRC, anybody finding this better?
I think the ability to explicitly mark messages as replies and some of the other flagging options hint at the richer UI they can build with a webapp
There seems to be a option (still in development ) if some wants to use it as a regular IRC channel. I mean I love the idea of real-time interaction with teh awesome SO community but would find it more convenient to be able to use it from my regular IRC client, If I don't want the nicer options.
anyone used PIL on python
i want to know how to write text on a png image
3:21 PM
@Ashish maybe at some point BitlBee includes support to StackExchange chats :-)
and what does pure python module mean?? does it mean that the contents inside the module should all be python scripts.. no c files involved?
@Idlecool yes
@jweyrich Yeah either this or SO can run IRC server themselves, may be in future releases.
@SilentGhost Do you know any pure python imaging module
i need it to work on appengine
3:34 PM
Q: Web-based IRC for the Trilogy?

Jeff AtwoodThis is a followup meta topic from the blog post. I tend to think that meta is the work part, while Stack Overflow, Super User, and Server Fault are the home. But where is the other place, the third place that isn’t w...

It doesn't look like the AppEngine API supports writing text onto images, unless I'm missing something
@Ashish: yeah! thanks man! but was wondering... what does a pure python module.
But I think @Tom might be correct, I don't think this API supports writing text into images .
@Idlecool If you're trying to do a watermark or something unchanging, you can use the images.composite function to overlay an existing image of your text onto the new image
3:42 PM
wasn't aware of stackoverflow chat. just heard about it from PythonIreland
It's kind of ballsy to redo irc.
yeah, but irc puts off a lot of people. also, I don't see any netsplits :)
@kobrien might be too early to say
@Tom So this is really new?
I like the interface
I'm assuming, today is the first I've heard of it
3:46 PM
I don't think this is "redoing" IRC. It's similar but oriented towards people asking and getting help about basic programming questions. IRC is just about being idle and surviving netsplits
It has existed on SE sites for a while, SO is the last to get it
@Tom: no! was trying to overlay variable text
Cool, means they worked out all the bugs hopefully
@kobrien It has existed on SE sites for a while, SO is the last to get it
Really? What sites had it?
3:47 PM
@Tyler all
@Idlecool It might be more practical to find a pure python implementation of writing text to a single type of image format, then write your dynamic text to a transparent image and use the composite function to overlay it onto the image that has been uploaded
@SilentGhost Oh, I dunno how I've missed this
At least that way you wouldn't need to support reading all the different image format that PIL supports
@Idlecool I second @Tom, you still won't be able to write text to a image otherwise.
@Ashish @Tom yeah! possible.. create images of each character and use composite
3:53 PM
Q: Text to a PNG on App Engine (Python)

BemmuNote: I am cross-posting this from App Engine group because I got no answers there. As part of my site about Japan, I have a feature where the user can get a large PNG for use as desktop background that shows the user's name in Japanese. After switching my site hosting entirely to App Engine,...

"PyBMP is a pure-python library that can do simple text rendering."
@Tom: i cannot find one.. pure python implementation
So, it looks like you could render your variable text to a BMP image with PyBMP, then using the composite function overlay it onto the uploaded image
Not the most direct solution, but... it could work :-)
Actually, I like jetxee's 2nd solution the best.
He recommended using the Google Chart API to print a label to an empty chart, basically doing your work for you. You could just retrieve that with urlfetch and overlay it with composite.
No extra libraries needed.
Not sure about transparency, though.
@Tom: check out the first answer on your link...
that doesnot work
Anyone interested in a specific Django room?
@Idlecool I've never tried it before, it just seemed similar to your problem
4:04 PM
@tom that works that best if you don't need anti-aliasing
4:36 PM
@andybak I'm usually in the official IRC channel. But people might be interested as it doesn't require a IRC client :-)
@jweyrich Goddamit. This thing at least attempts threading... That's the best reason to prefer it to IRC.
@andybak I don't see threading as the real advantage. This is rarely going to have more than 3-4 reply messages.
@jweyrich I just don't get on with IRC. I've never liked it and can't ever seem to get a conversation going in #django
@andybak besides that, mouse is is a serious barrier. It's hard to design a quick-reply mechanism using keyboard only. Maybe impractical.
@andybak I'm not advocating against this chat. I like it.
@jweyrich maybe using a shortcut and then autocomplete..
4:46 PM
@Tarantula autocomplete in what sense?
@jweyrich nick or some part of the related message...
@Tarantula you mean a shortcut that opens an overlay and goes into "pick the message you want to reply", then use auto-complete to filter (or allow navigation using arrows) ?
@jweyrich filter using auto-complete to filter some messages and also arrows (up/down), also using keyboard only, that wouldn't be so hard to use and implement.
@jweyrich: It's just that supporting IRC interface leaves end user to use any client he wants to use. (I like xchat for example), and besides the conversation quality entirely depends on the community itself and not the medium. I have found #postgresql,#python communities of immense help.
(pyqt) want to grow a widget vertically, but constrain it horizontally to a fixed width. How do i do this?
4:51 PM
@Ashish shouldn't it be a reply to @andybak ?
@Tarantula maybe you could suggest that on Meta and/or Chat Feedback ?
@jweyrich, oops, can't edit the original one NOW so resending it in case he isn't notified - @andybak: It's just that supporting IRC interface leaves end user to use any client he wants to use. (I like xchat for example), and besides the conversation quality entirely depends on the community itself and not the medium. I have found #postgresql,#python communities of immense help.
5:17 PM
I love Python! Do you love Python? Because I think you are out to love Python!
I even love saying Python! Python, python, python, python, python!
@a_person It's actually pronounced 'Python'
All lies!
It's Piethon!
@a_person The 'p' is silent as in 'swimming'.
Anyone using PyPy?
So good they named it twice :o)
5:22 PM
YY, why yes, yes I do.
Seriously - where does this leave Unladen Swallow? It seems to have fallen behind a bit.
(note this is a desperate attempt to get the conversation back on topic)
No releases for a year, it's dead
There was no conversation, so in actuality, nothing have deviated into off-topic
For those of you who work on at least medium size projects, how often does the need of using a custom decorator actually come up?
a_person: not often, but when it does I'm happy
@RaySl That's kind of what I thought, thanks RaySl
5:58 PM
I've used custom decorators once or twice. I made one to mark class methods that should raise an exception if they're run when the current user context doesn't have adequate privileges.
6:29 PM
If anyone is listening.... Is it better to do:
x['id'] for x in site_list
or: x[0] for x in site_list.values_list('id')
assuming site_list is a large queryset and RAM is at a premium
(incidentally - how would I benchmark RAM usage from the Python prompt in a case like this?)
Oh damn. I thought I was in the Django group!
I'll take this question there... Sorry!
so -- anyone with extensive experience doing transaction handling via App Engine's remote api?
7:20 PM
@a_person decorators are just syntactical sugar, for some utility functions. Its basically, nothing more than a choice of style.
@MohitRanka I've always thought of decorator as a pattern, which received a syntactical shortcut in form of "@". Am I incorrect in my belief?
7:42 PM
@a_person, If you are talking about the decorator pattern, then Yes and No, though python decorators can be used to implement decorator patten but there is more to this language's feature, see and
@Ashish That's awesome, thank you for this link.

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