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4:01 PM
@felix done. Now you have to wait for a user with write access to merge.
now back to fixing bugs with fire
@AshishAhuja thanks :-)
@Machavity roomba will get it
@Braiam Yeah but that's a 30 day wait. Trying to burninate a tag
@Machavity nah, 8 days to roomba
4:05 PM
@Machavity 9 days no? It's closed. Anyway, it's deleted now
Ah, thought it had to have no answers at all
no answers >0
and not a dupe
Can't believe that got an upvote ^
@mach you can just install the Roomba prediction US, it gives in how many days it will be deleted
@QPaysTaxes I know, I normally reply to the messages (see my earlier messages) but this time I was too lazy to reach the mouse xD
makes roomba prediction easier
@AshishAhuja would benefit from a "yes" or "no", with reason as currently available I'd say
4:13 PM
@Adriaan if it is going to be roomba'd, it shows something like "8 days" meaning it will be deleted in 8 days
@AshishAhuja Installed. Very handy
@Machavity 4 day roomba now
@AshishAhuja through that script only works on closed questions
will push some changes to add downvoted
@Braiam otherwise it says "not closed"
it doesn't catch the 365 day Roomba, granted
Just a quick question but I'm new to the chat system at stack overflow, but which room would be best for troubleshooting Ubuntu issues?
4:15 PM
@EddieMaiale AskUbuntu.SE, which is a complete site for that: askubuntu.com
@Braiam nah, it works on everything IIRC. I just gave an eg
@QPaysTaxes you'll get a nag of it once installed and you see how it is
anyway, now off to sleep
@QPaysTaxes it's a reply to my last message. No need for that.
meh, I read it. It's fine
@SotiriosDelimanolis a typo-Java question which has been around for two whole minutes and not answered? Wow!
I'd expect at least three answers in that time
4:38 PM
@QPaysTaxes Famous last words :)
the irony :)
@QPaysTaxes fairly sure I've used valgrind on windoze before
@Adriaan will @FireAlarm catch that?
@QPaysTaxes okay then... I'm old... I get confused :)
@JonClements an old puppy is like... 18 or so?
Well... that's 126 years in human terms, no?
what happened to our Portal match btb?
@JonClements since puppies live on the same planet as humans, their years are equivalent. Don't believe biologists telling you otherwise, they have no sense whatsoever about astrophysics
4:43 PM
@Adriaan yeah... got called away on other stuff :(
for days on end?
(I even forgot when it was that you asked)
@QPaysTaxes I guess their brains where JETtisonned
@QPaysTaxes I agree. The editor opened a meta question, so hopefully that will be addressed too
5:01 PM
@QPaysTaxes try upgrading to Win95
5:27 PM
@QPaysTaxes Woah now
@QPaysTaxes be happy I didn't offer Win 3.11 with the Win32s subsystem ...
5:40 PM
What to do with this question? They're expecting the wrong result and nothing is wrong. No-repro?
@QPaysTaxes renicaus Dutchauss species actually bloom in fires
6:02 PM
@AndrewLi except that it sounds more like a Math then a c# problem there is not much to do. It is not off-topic. I don't think it is immensely useful but I leave the voting to others.
@rene Okeedokee
^ 3 answers actually, one actually acknowledging the dupe with exact same answer as dupe
6:17 PM
@AndrewLi Just a tip, because I know you meant well, but when people say they feel offended or give that impression, it's good to deescalate, or otherwise change your tone. I think I've seen a few small quarrels from that user
@4castle Yeah, I will in the future. Thanks for the tip
6:31 PM
@FelixSFD @rene its a RO in SOBotics, I trust him and we often see Abusive stuff since we are monitoring NATO, I suggested that he should ask you if he could report in SOCVR (so he can use Tuna's script), speak also to Tuna about it.
I have no clue if you already responded : ), just endorsing that request some
Quick question: Given a value x, how can I find n so that x = 2 ^ n?
n = log2(x)
log2(256) => 8, 256 = 2 ^ 8
We should now tease Kyll for asking such a question.
6:42 PM
Right, thanks
Do you know the size of a Spearrel's brain? There's already a good thousand spear moves in there, can't just create room for such mathy stuff
@Kyll Good luck justifying. We're still gonna tease you
(Granted, that's high school math. Kinda feeling bad about it)
And I thought the French education system was better than the US's!
I don't know the US' one, but France's is pretty good indeed
6:46 PM
I heard they have amazing school lunches
> Doesn't work on IE9. Screw IE.
TB? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/42121854/net-core-identity-server-4-authentication-vs-storing-users-table-and-returning
now I know not much can be done as it has a bounty on it.
just wanted feed back to know if to flag it.
@PetterFriberg yeah, I know but the Squirrel responded somewhat, then saw Ash's comments and forgot about it.
@Nkosi I would not mod flag it, let the bounty run then reevaluate when no bounty if you have energy
@rene no hurry, FYI he got privs in charcoal, in SOCVR it would be useful mostly to be able to use script (Tuna's spam script), it's a great user (the dev of Guttenberg)
@FelixSFD @FelixSFD I'll take it with the other RO's and I see you already got privileges in Charcoal HQ but I assume it would only be formalities.
6:52 PM
Thanks :-)
I don't want to overturn the Squirrel
@rene is that anything like tipping cows?
@Nkosi anything that works in your imagination
Well if anything, FelixSFD has my green tick to have Smokey privs here
Out of everythin else, @fel has made it easy to detect plagiarism in our community. :)
6:58 PM
@BhargavRao well, not that easy yet. But I'm working on it ;-)
@FelixSFD please go over our FAQ if you haven't already done so. Let me monitor your interactions with Smokey in Charcoal for a couple of days and then clear you for access here. I see you get decent support already so my earlier statement about just formalities still hold. Welcome to SOCVR.
@rene thanks. :-) I've already read it
@FelixSFD You gained two renepoints then
With 4 renepoints you can buy fertilizer to quench rene's thirst
How many have I got?
7:06 PM
you loose all when name goes blue
Even your soul. That's why Mods have no souls
@AndrewLi or minds
7:13 PM
@BhargavRao you killed it
Asked Art to reboot it
It's fine in Charcoal
@NobodyNada plz send teh coffee
7:17 PM
@ThomasWard brews a cup of jasmine tea for @ThomasWard
for now it's working :P
aww, it doesn't provide whisky :(
and no Smokey you know I only drink licorice tea, ya ninny
Hi @Thomas \o
7:17 PM
@rene Please remove this request. The question has been changed.
@Makyen Note that you can ping any RO, not just afk ones =p
@Kyll are you insinuating you have any power here?
@Kyll When looking at the room overview, rene was the most recently active RO. Given that you were also quite recently active, it was something of a toss-up as to which to ping.
@Adriaan Sure. I have all kindz of powah
@Makyen Indeed, but his last message was literally "afk", hence the fun
7:29 PM
@Makyen mass ping
@Kyll the astonishing power of being hard to understand when speaking English very fast and accented when excited?
@Adriaan I'm always excited
@Kyll also to come North (hinthint)?
Right. Checking the bus...
I thought you went flying?
7:31 PM
Gotta check the bus prices
@Adriaan Only when someone throws him
@Kyll I must admit, I did not check what his last message was. I should have done so. It's always those corner cases you don't check for that get you :-).
@Makyen Heh, don't worry about it ^^
@ThomasWard You doubt me?
7:42 PM
no, not since I forcibly restarted you :P
7:55 PM
Hiya o/
Installing update...
@Adriaan o/
8:03 PM
How are you?
Fine and happy, thanks. How 'bout you @Sami?
Good to see you happy , I'm good ,working with DBs
I just realized how much trust we put in GitHub
Why's everyone working on Saturday night?
8:06 PM
@NobodyNada Hi!
@Sami \o
If GitHub becomes evil is compromised, they can put whatever code they like in basically every single computer system
@Adriaan In my country , weekend is friday
@Sami only one day? How boring
Not that I don't do a thing on Saturday, but at least it's officially free, no lectures
@Adriaan How much in your country? friday & saturday?
@Sami Saturday, Sunday, obviously
8:12 PM
@BhargavRao it looks like it yes
but it isn't answered
8:25 PM
@NobodyNada Kinda sorta
Smokey's being slaughtered?
@Adriaan More like torture
8:29 PM
@ThomasWard brews coffee for @ThomasWard
@rene And yell at me when Smokey blows up :P
@ThomasWard you can count on that ...
8:36 PM
@ThomasWard You can trust him to be condescending, but I haven't seen him yell.
8:44 PM
Installing update...
Nom nom nom updates
@FireAlarm Have a train break, have a kit-kat
Ugh, Chrome has failed me. I went to look why the CSS p:first-line { text-transform: uppercase; } doesn't work, and there's been a bug report filed 5 years ago that still hasn't been fixed. Why....
@4castle Switch to Firefox?
@4castle Switch to Edge?
8:55 PM
@Kyll FF causes memory leaks for me. That's the reason I switched years back. I tried FF a few months back again, and within a week again a memory leak which killed my PC.
@rene Damnit rene
It worked in Firefox, not in Edge
@Kyll waves
Edge is IE. Edge doesn't count.
Whoops, it does work in Edge, I messed up
8:57 PM
@JanDvorak It really doesn't matter, always good to get those useless browser wars started again
Wow, even IE11 got it right smh
IE rocks!
Hey, buddy, this is more effective
*tosses @rene a box of matches*
light Jan's fire ...
The good thing is: IE runs on Win95 as well. try that with Chrome ...
Win95 - is that the new Solaris clone?
9:02 PM
@rene Going to star that to confuse everyone bashing IE because they'll think you could be angry and smite them.
@Kyll Hehe, I'm in. =D
@Kyll IE6 - recommended by flowers everywhere
@QPaysTaxes meh, if you think you had a joyful Saturday, I'm happy.
@QPaysTaxes it was the pizza and ice cream
Q: Securely transfer [ssh2-sftp] to the bitbucket

KensterI propose we burninate the ssh2-sftp tag. The description for this tag just says "Request the SFTP subsystem from an already connected SSH2 server.". We already have tags for ssh and sftp, and SFTP normally runs on top of an SSH session. So having a separate combined tag is redundant. I think s...

9:16 PM
@rene sure you didn't get an inbox?
I'm pretty sure I didn't receive the waffles you promised @Jon I hope you didn't forget
@JonClements yep, on my browser sessions the last one was from 1 hour ago
Don't tell me the courrier was lost
@Tunaki I forgot there was an edit link at the bottom of help center pages - so who knows ;-)
my waffles :(
9:19 PM
I have some crumpets?
OCPD hurts
Calling k on that one
@QPaysTaxes We don't answer questions around here, only close them. We'll need you to turn in your SOCVR card now
@Fire alive
@QPaysTaxes Seriously, tho, if the question could remain open then answer it
Not knowing enough C, I don't know why anyone would close that
9:35 PM
My computer suddenly shut off, so I was worried it was a kernel panic
But I looked through the logs, and there were no panic logs
So I looked through system.log at the time of the crash and I figured it out
I meant to run sudo reboot on my Raspberry Pi, but I forgot to ssh into it first
@NobodyNada One more point on the list of "Dangers of password reuse". :P
@BaummitAugen yeah. I do use the same password on the Pi and my MacBook, but I use other passwords elsewhere. The Pi doesn't have a sudo password, but at the "Password:" prompt I instinctively typed it in without thinking.
That's actually amazing
Someone once jokingly posted an answer to something with rm -rf / as the answer. Got downvoted and deleted
@QPaysTaxes Had he set different passwords for the different systems, the authentication failure would have stopped him. So I would say "Accidentally execute sudo command on the wrong system" is a danger of password reuse.
9:46 PM
@Machavity It is the solution to all problems though.
After that command, you don't have any more issues
@Machavity Reminds me of that good old "I accidentally ran rm -rf / because of empty variables" question on serverfault. :)
Was viral marketing apparently, but still funny to think stuff like that happens (though not with consequences that grave usually I guess).
@QPaysTaxes ... and when are you eating it?
Should I delete my answer if the question (it was "this is not my actual code but a representation") was unclear, and my answer may have not solved the problem? It has +1
@AndrewLi Does it answer the question? And with question I mean the question that actually was asked, not the question OP intended to ask.
@BaummitAugen Yes... I guess.
9:59 PM
If they ask the wrong question, their problem. SO is not a helpdesk.
The question and example in the question, I answered
Okay. How should I tell them?
@AndrewLi That may be a good idea.
But how?
They can post a new question containing their actual question.
10:09 PM
@QPaysTaxes that is 23 hours from now?
Alright, gotta ask: If I understand something, it makes sense "to me", not "for me" or smth. like that, right?
Ah, that makes sense. Enjoy
@QPaysTaxes same, worked perfectly here
@QPaysTaxes Tried to clarify in edit.
Ok, thanks.
Alright, thank you!
10:36 PM
Missing key Product class
I'm off for the day, bye o/
11:38 PM
Wow my homework requires that I use Comic Sans...
They never learn
11:51 PM
Seen in code
> TODO: fix [something] once I understand this.
@Tunaki :P Was is bad code? Or just an advanced topic?
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