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12:11 AM
There seems to be a staggering amount of detail to consider if you want to go all the way with that.
1:11 AM
Need a few more CVs here if anyone can spare them
1:32 AM
Just checking in for a few before i crash. long day.
hey oh to all o/
@Nkosi hi
@YvetteColomb \o
@Nkosi o/
@YvetteColomb could be everyone's gone out on the two as it's got to be Friday somewhere. lol
1:51 AM
I'm here, just very passively because I've got the flu
ground zero
We're all going to die........some day
@Nkosi it's Saturday 1pm here :D
@4castle gross wipes snot off face
1:56 AM
You're hilarious @QPaysTaxes
I forgot the name after the ping!!! I haven't had a coffee yet lol
@QPaysTaxes I was working until 5am, I honestly find it easier being single parent to work the wee hours. No distractions when working from home
@QPaysTaxes hahahaha yes.
@QPaysTaxes i hear ya, that fact of mortality kinda depressed me, being half a century on this planet already
1:59 AM
@QPaysTaxes go eat
@QPaysTaxes precisely, I think about it every day actually. Sometimes I'm in a semi freaked out state LOLOLOLOL
@QPaysTaxes Haha, I'm 18, but it doesn't really work on me
@QPaysTaxes Well, I don't really know what you've been through or learned but I'm sorry that happened
Installing update...
yeah, I'm testing it in the dev room. Nobody's died so I came here to see if it left the dev room or died everywhere
OK feedback on how to flag this. im thinking NAA but it is skirting very close. stackoverflow.com/a/42450476/5233410
@QPaysTaxes got it. thanks.
why did your stomach bring a knife to a gum fight
2:11 AM
@Nkosi Oh gosh when I laugh it hurts.. xD
careful now there is a homicidal stomach on the loose looking to kill you
2:23 AM
@AndrewLi yo o/
Any mods here?
@4castle that plagiarized answer is still up :/
@AndrewLi Yeah, I flagged it already so it should be deleted eventually
As soon as I saw the answer I downvoted xD there's no way it was legit
2:39 AM
@AshishAhuja @Nobody died??? :D
I was talking about his fire instance which died and was resurrected..
2:54 AM
@AshishAhuja I know :D
@SotiriosDelimanolis voted as I anyway am not able to finish all my votes in a day usually, but that was active a year ago.. we shouldn't cv-pls them IMO
@AshishAhuja It came up in a recommendation for a duplicate. I didn't go looking for it.
3:16 AM
@AshishAhuja If you want to just burn through close votes quickly, you can search for "looking for X" closed:no. For example: library, code, module, open source, etc.
@4castle Maybe they type 1200WPM and have the same exact brain as the other answerer
@Makyen it isn't that I can't search for bad q's, FireAlarm which runs in the dev room reports a lot of bad questions. The thing is that I have exams coming in March and I even have to fix bugs and make some changes in FireAlarm, so I get very less time to cv q's.
I just spent half an hour tracking down the right duplicate instead of half a minute posting an answer for 45 rep. >.>
I normally am left with like 25 votes on an average day
Does this merit a delete, I'm wondering?
3:24 AM
@TigerhawkT3 Ahh whatever.
@TigerhawkT3 -_-
I understand. Sometimes it just needs to be quick. With that text to search, I've burned nearly 50 votes in 10 minutes when starting at 23:50 UTC. You have to check each question, but most are only 2–5 sentences.
My general policy is "delete them all and let Skeet sort them out."
As in Jon Skeet?
@Makyen yeah, that's true. But as I run FireAlarm in the dev room with a higher threshold, it gives a lot of q's so with which I can easily burn all my cv's. I guess either will do, just that I should get enough time.. I'll try what you said today or tomorrow
3:27 AM
There shall be no other Skeets before him.
I can't believe it. Jon Skeet's profile picture is only the 24th result on Google Images when searching Skeet
It's hard to find a graven image of him.
The sinner has repented! Skeet shall be merciful.
@AshishAhuja That sounds like a good way to do it. Whatever works. Obviously, it would be better to go through the review queue so your votes move questions closer to closure, but sometimes you just need a list of questions that you only have to spend 10–20 seconds from first seeing the question to having voted to close, knowing that you've actually determined the question is off-topic (i.e. not just robo reviewing).
Holy crap, I'm going through my old posts and boy are they hideous
I'm sure they seemed appropriate at the time.
3:41 AM
@TigerhawkT3 Not at all. I don't even remember writing that.
@AndrewLi I need to do that too. There's probably a ton of stuff I need to edit
@4castle I mean deleted
@AndrewLi I see. =S
My second answer is so bad and embarrassing I'm thinking of having it disassociated with my account
Why not just delete it?
3:42 AM
I did
But it's still visible under my name for 10k+
It still haunts you even after you buried it?
@AndrewLi I think 10k+ can only search for their own deleted questions, not others'
Have you tried avenging its death?
@TigerhawkT3 I usually make the determination regarding voting to delete by selecting some appropriate text from the question (e.g. from the title, or other potentially unique search words) to search on Google and see what comes up. If the question is the only thing that shows up, then keep it. If the dup-target is in the top couple/few results, delete is good. For that question: convert a list of words into sentences.
3:45 AM
@TigerhawkT3 No, I don't plan to. I answered on a topic I had no idea about, and it was a mega, ultra wrong guess. It's humiliating honestly
@4castle Well I apparently starred my own post and it showed up in my starred posts.
@Makyen very good idea
Any way to see ALL deleted questions/answers?
First, draw a 2^n-sided solid on the floor, in toner.
Will paint work?
Did you accidentally summon PHP?
3:50 AM
I created a PHP-gram!
You can probably banish it with one of its own built-in functions.
@YvetteColomb ty
Did he apologize for PHP?
LOL I remember writing this, not my best stuff
> I have no idea why this was downvoted
3:52 AM
That was before I was aware of the "no fun" rule
How dare you commit fun!
Ruby's cool
I've got lots of better answers than my top voted
@QPaysTaxes Instead of multline comments, try jQuery
Yeah. IIRC it was written in just a few days, the first version
They probably used jQuery.
@QPaysTaxes Here's a screenshot of that post I was talking about
@QPaysTaxes ?
4:03 AM
@QPaysTaxes same
Have any spammers so far tried product placement in useful content?
They're not that smart
@QPaysTaxes Ahh...
@QPaysTaxes It's a reference.
I have zero.
What if some ordinary user got a deal from, say, Microsoft to do stuff like "try a comprehension: windows = [good_os for good_os in market if good_os]."
4:07 AM
Would you rather people indicate recursion with "recurcurcurcurcurcurcurcurcurcurcurcurcurcurcurcurcurcurcurcurcurcurcurcurcurcu‌​rcur..."?
I mean, that'd be hard to slip into useful content
But fun!
What if the sponsorship disclosure was in a comment, far enough to the right to require scrolling?
I can never resist seeing what a scroll bar is hiding, myself.
I guess that would be considered noise.
Can you put it on the back, though?
bye o/
4:13 AM
oh eat before you go to bed!
he didn't eat at all today O>O
Breakfast of champions.
4:28 AM
@QPaysTaxes I found the fun
Nicely played
What to make of this one? Seems like code translation request.
4:47 AM
@RawN It is a code translation request, but they've shown what they tried (to a small degree), I'm not really sure, so I'm just going to leave it alone. I'm not familiar with any of the technologies involved.
@4castle Ok.
5:34 AM
@Makyen I don't like to go through the cv queue. You can't sort the q's based on votes or whether they are going to expire. Thus I normally use Queen to batch 4 cv q's or FireAlarm to cv q's when I'm in a hurry and need bad q's
6:12 AM
@πάνταῥεῖ I have yet to catch up on that high level stuff so no ideas.
@RawN Is that really that high level? The pro pattern is KISS for that case, no?
I am one year into c++. To me it is.
It's all Greek to me. :p
@πάνταῥεῖ Started driving to Munich?
6:19 AM
@RawN Nah!
There are local options 1st
1 hour later…
7:22 AM
It's not possible to see a question's pending close/open votes, is it?
Actually nevermind, I just copy-pasted the answer.
If five people insist that a question deserves a specific copy-pasted answer, who am I to deny them?
yes dear, I know
"Dear"? What sort of relationship is this? :P
@TigerhawkT3 maybe go to the Python room to get some opinions? there are quite a few experienced users there - An unknown error has occurred
@Adriaan "spam" is an alias to tpu-. Do you want privs?
It's time to do my daily YouTube stream anyway.
@AshishAhuja no, too much responsibility :P
it's stil there
7:31 AM
ok, I just flagged it.
7:44 AM
@Adriaan Nah, do I look like a responsible person?
8:13 AM
@FireAlarm too broad if not an off-site request
well hello flower man we meet again ominous tone of long standing arch villain enemy
@YvetteColomb hello lady with the horse
@SmokeDetector went NAA on that one
This is spam, link to user name site — Yvette Colomb 24 secs ago
Meh, That's just a bad question.
8:26 AM
Morning \o
@BhargavRao of course, but it's still spam O>O
Not for me, so did not flag.
@BhargavRao are you able to save us the painand delete it with your mod super powers?
@Lankymart early evening :D
the question I mean ^^
8:27 AM
@YvetteColomb Nopes, I'm not sure
@BhargavRao you have no head!
@BhargavRao unfair edit! lol my comment looks ridonkulous now lol
Err, you can edit it too :P
8:55 AM
I wish people weren't so quick to cry "this question isn't a duplicate." It makes that one in ten actual error much more difficult to pick out.
9:54 AM
@Nkosi when you're back can you check this stackoverflow.com/questions/42438082/…? (gold dupe closed, but has a reopen vote)
The room was missing a C# hammer from long. poke used to visit Sobotics, but now he's become busy too. :/
10:06 AM
@BhargavRao that really should stay closed
Okay, Okay, I'll answer some more c# question to hopefully get there
yep, but is it still a dupe?
I think so, yes
Ah, then tis fine.
Looks like a dupe to me.
Is this link only or does the fact that the url contains the name of the class saves it?
10:12 AM
Well, it's not a real question, so maybe it can just be deleted?
@TigerhawkT3 yeah, I did that as well ...
@rene it's deleted
I would call it link only, but that's hard when it's answering a low q question
11:09 AM
i'm awake. o/
or is this still all a dream?
you know things are bad when you dream about doing reviews.
Just a question: does FireAlarm solicit downvotes, or closevotes? The former should technically be trashed.
11:58 AM
\o/ I just became a meta-pundit
1 hour later…
1:01 PM
@JanDvorak good point. I'm struggling with that as well.
@Adriaan \o/
1:50 PM
@JanDvorak it is designed for detecting q's that need close votes. It does find quite a lot of q's which need cv's, but you can't prevent some borderline q's which need dv's instead of cv's
that reminds me if fire is still alive..
2:07 PM
Is there a place to dump/share auto-comment templates?
Well, mine deals specifically with the deprecated mysql_ APIs in PHP
someone once wrote a very nice template that they shared somewhere I don't remember, but that broke since shortened URLs are no longer allowed in comments
I managed to rewrite it in precisely 600 chars, and just wanted to share it...
2:24 PM
If a person is rude in comments, and gets several of their comments flagged as such and automatically removed, there's no penalty whatsoever right? Will a mod even look at the flags later on, since if I remember correctly deleted comments can be viewed by no-one?
Nopes, mods can see deleted comments
@BhargavRao alright, thanks.
2:39 PM
@BhargavRao Nopes for no penanties/"mods will not handle the flags anymore" or Nopes to "can be viewed by no one"?
The second.
There are penalties. The "suspended to cool down" is one of them
CPP guys, Is this valid for SO? superuser.com/questions/1182686/…
It looks like it has a MCVE
@BhargavRao IMO, yes (but do not I'm a C person not C++). It's kinda a weird error AFAIK as pthread functions are found normally after linking which the user has done. Lemme try it on my comp. If I get repro, that means it is not specific to his comp and I guess migratable
Sure, no rush
yeah, I get the same error on my comp. But do note that there is no such function in C, though there might be one in c++. going to check something, one sec
@BhargavRao I have no idea what's causing the error as I have no experience in c++, so can't confirm if it has a dupe or is a typo. Otherwise, it looks OK IMO
@AshishAhuja mh, looks pretty clear to me...
ok then, thanks!
heh, I'm confused now.
@QPaysTaxes I'll try seeing if there is a dupe for it..
@QPaysTaxes my bad, wrong wording. I just don't think it's too broad.
@QPaysTaxes Are there really that many possible answers, or would they be excessively long?
I found a similar q, though that's for single digit numbers. @Siguza the answer should be somewhat around the size of the highest voted answer of this q: stackoverflow.com/questions/4977456/…
@QPaysTaxes yeah I agree with you, but converting it to a char* should solve the problem pretty easily, right?
even I didn't realize it at first, but after you said that it is TB in your opinion, I checked the q and noticed it is C
I can think of the % way and some string conversion + substring.
3:20 PM
@QPaysTaxes the easiest solution in C I can think of is converting to a char*, but not sure if it is the most efficient way
@QPaysTaxes IIRC, there is a function in the strtol family of functions..
I'm pretty sure you could loop over every digit in a "div by 10" way arithmetically... should have complexity O(n) and be much, much faster than string functions
@QPaysTaxes I'm looking too. Otherwise you can always use snprintf as itoa is not safe enough
heh, yeah
looks like I can't find a function in the strtol family of functions.. maybe I'm wrong
there doesn't seem to be a dupe either.
@QPaysTaxes All hail asprintf:P
@Siguza asprintf allocates memory, ok, but still you need to free memory on your own..
Yeah yeah, you also need to test for NULL and all that, but... it's got less issues than snprintf, I'd say.
3:44 PM
@rene Good afternoon! :-) I'm active in SOBotics and I was told that it would be useful if I had privileges to give feedback to Smokey. Can you please add me? (and do I need to register on metasmoke?)
@FelixSFD Well, Smokey isn't quite managed here! Its main home is in Charcoal HQ. IIRC, to gain feedback privileges you need to PR the list of allowed users
Although maybe Smokey now has a command to do that by itself
@Kyll well, but you need to ask permission from a SOCVR RO AFAIK if you need privs in SOCVR
But unless you intend to participate in SOCVR in other ways, you might as well just do so in Charcoal
@Kyll okay. So should I ask in Charcoal again?
@FelixSFD for Charcoal I guess you can directly make a PR which I'll do if you want
3:50 PM
@FelixSFD Well you're most certainly welcome to hand around here and participate if you feel like it, in which case you'd need feedback privileges here too =p
But if you only want to report feedback to Smokey it would be simpler to go to the HQ yeah
@AshishAhuja I guess it's faster, if you do the PR since you know, what exactly you'd have to change ;-)
ok, I'll do the PR for charcoal then.. hold on..
@Kyll I'm close to 3k. So in a few weeks, I guess I'll participate in SOCVR anyway
Hey, we have some peeps not even at 2k around here.
@FelixSFD can you link to your chat.stackexchange profile please?
@FelixSFD I was 2k when I first joined this room to help with a burnination, then I eventually got 3k..
3:53 PM
@AshishAhuja ah. Didn't know, I can help much with < 3k
@FelixSFD not your SO profile.. something like:
@AshishAhuja oh. Sorry. Didn't notice that you are talking about SE
@felix can you just join this room? then I'll get your chat profile in one click.. chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/11540/charcoal-hq
thx, making the PR now..
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