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4:00 PM
I know we're not supposed to tag cv-pls about questions we've personally participated in, but if we're genuinely not sure a question was closed, can we ask about it? <_<
@Compass If you want to know sure. We just don't want you to be the one that posts a *-pls on it
This is marked as a duplicate, but the question is different, IMO.
I am also not sure how this was closed specifically by Community as opposed to by 5 people.
I'm sure if @Tunaki were here he could chime in about this.
@Compass closed by community means the OP accepted it was a dupe
oh =w= drives off into the sunset
If the OP thought it was a dupe then I am very hesitant to say it is not a dupe.
4:08 PM
I got my jaxb questions mixed up!
I thought it was another jaxb question I answered that was marked with dupe dives into corner
:) releases the spearrel
it worked. there is the spearrel now
Plop @Kyll
Plop everyone
For the record, I wasn't kept prisoner by Nathan. Nathan is a good and kind RO. Nathan does not hurt people. They who say Nathan is a tyrant, a psychopath, an help me animal hater are wrong and should be punished. All love Nathan.
4:20 PM
All for Nathan and Nathan for all!
@Kyll Well, he does make a good hot dog...
@Kyll needs just a little more adjustment
@NathanOliver You installed a brain in Kyll?
4:27 PM
@Machavity well I had to have something to work with ;)
@NathanOliver TypeError: Kyll.brain is undefined. TLM stole it a while back.
@Kyll This would've been much better and meaner if someone else said it, without the second sentence
@M.A.R. I don't do clean and good ={
Interesting: I just complained yesterdays about the new layout not working in Rekonq. Seems this was not a rekonq issue, but indeed the site code. Now the new toolbar works as it should (+1 for Rekonq:-)
4:42 PM
@Kyll you're a bad, filthy spearrel!
4:57 PM
Is this a post for meta, or just off-topic?
@Floern seems meta since involves SO account..
@Floern move to meta for now, just in case
if it gets closed there, so be it
I bet it will get closed as no repro
yeah probably...
yep, that's what I'd expect
@FOX9000 should've been rejected imho
5:09 PM
Wow. New nav is live for a day and there are already 29 open questions about it on meta.
This question POB or Facebook customer support?
the way this doctor just phrased this line in a continuing education talk...
I don't understand the question, so that's the vote I cast.
"Let's look at this even closer, to make sure that we're not killing people". Yeah Doc that sounds like a good idea
same. I have no idea what they're asking
5:13 PM
sigh this new nav keeps making more scroll up. I don't see a black bar anymore so I just automatically think I am not at the top of the page and start to scroll up
post on meta.... -->30
Meh. I just need to get used to it. Not much they could do about it except give us the old interface which they said they wont do.
they could make the blue scroll stop as on phones...
I just miss my help button. The rest is fine
yeah maybe with some luck that will return...
5:17 PM
Where is it now?
There was plenty of space to put in a ? button that would go to help
@NathanOliver if you are high rep it's hidden, but Undo asked for it to return in last nav bar update
@PetterFriberg Hidden as in not accessible except from the footer?
you can type the URL or use a keyboard shortcut
@NathanOliver the help is down in the bottom footer
cluttered amongst all links
5:20 PM
That's.. Just.. Silly.. :(
> Access to Help - this is currently available in the nav for anonymous & low rep users. We’re not sure it’s necessary as a persistent nav item, but we are thinking about it. 1, 2, 3, 4
so still open...
@NathanOliver show your support meta.stackoverflow.com/a/343667/5292302
Support shown. Down voted ;)
lol Petter...
Lets see if also Will can on Windows 98, then no repro... — Petter Friberg 15 mins ago
yeah a bit too chatty, but hey it's meta...
5:36 PM
Anyone in here also on code review?
@NathanOliver you might ping @πάνταῥεῖ and @Tunaki which I just did, again
I am and I'm not.
@rene Your two pings should work then
Just trying to find out if this would be okay to migrate there. cc @Tunaki @πάνταῥεῖ
whats one more ping :)
@NathanOliver I'm not sure how we can migrate, if it's not a target from the official list? I thought that's something only OPs can do?
@JanDvorak LOL, same for me ;-)
5:57 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ Someone would have to mod flag. I just want to know if it is even worth migrating, as in it is a good question for there.
The usual approach to migrations is to delete and reask
@NathanOliver Well, the question is mainly about improvement of working code, as far I've understood.
@JanDvorak I don't think so
@JanDvorak Or flagging for mod attention. But 1st step before should be advising the OP, as I did in my comment.
Alright. I'll let the OP decide what to do
6:13 PM
Does anyone have that sede query which has dupe hammer stats and "correct" percentage? Like percent of valid hammers vs questions reopened?
So I definitely won't be in there :)
@PetterFriberg Thanks, edited.
hmm. I have a 6.5% error rate I drop out post I reopened myself.
@gunr2171 I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
6:26 PM
@Closey my stats
@gunr2171 You've reviewed 2 posts today. The time between your first and last review today was 3 minutes and 22 seconds, averaging to a review every 1 minute and 41 seconds.
ok, so why didn't you ping on the first one?
@gunr2171 tunaki was probably distracting her. They've been apart for a while.
6:39 PM
@gunr2171 Have some onion syrup ;-) ...
@gunr2171 hangs head in shame :|
no worries, just wanted to let you know
@gunr2171 I thought that was the one I cv but didn't flag to the room...my molestake... :)
don't worry. Us RO's have very good eyes.
@gunr2171 I can't see what you wrote there. What was that?
6:46 PM
This is really important: The keyboard waffle iron is on sale on Woot today for $45.99 here
@TinyGiant zing
@gunr2171 I'm not deaf, just blind
@JAL well, now I'm considering that
6:47 PM
same, too tempting
@JAL kb waffles is a thing?? O.o
I so want that
@Lankymart You eat them with (cough med) syrup ;-)
6:58 PM
@gunr2171 You've reviewed 40 posts today, thanks! The time between your first and last review today was 35 minutes and 35 seconds, averaging to a review every 53 seconds.
7:14 PM
AdrianHHH has started reviewing!
I read that as "AHHHHH has started reviewing"
@JarrodRoberson it's still programming. Sites have overlap in scope. I'd say this is fine to keep
@JarrodRoberson Not sure if that reason applies to beta sites. Questions cannot be migrated to beta sites
7:22 PM
stabs chat with piece of spaghetti
@NathanOliver Wut, sure they can. You can see a bunch of recent migrations, including to beta sites, right here.
Like this and this and this.
Anyway, you folks wanna help me nuke a few dupes of deleted questions? I've already sent a bunch of not-too-awful ones to the reopen queue, but since there's no deletion review queue, I figure should be appropriate.
@JAL I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
JAL passed a audit!
uh, no I didn't?
cc @Sam
That was from 2 days ago
Closey has a long memory
7:27 PM
@Compass Is it al dente?
@IlmariKaronen Interesting query thanks, I have few del votes but let me share some
@PetterFriberg Actually, I just realized that I think a lot of those will be (or eventually become) eligible for the roomba if I just downvote them to -1. So I may not need so many delvotes after all.
How does that work? Doesn't the system warn you when you try to delete it that there are posts duped of it?
@IlmariKaronen Roomba doesn't do duplicates, sorry.
7:32 PM
> Too many requests
We've been wishing for that a long time.
hate rate limiting
let me check it on the iOS app
@Adriaan Yeah you can't delete I guess maybe OP
Will delivers!!!!
No repro, IE6 on Windows 95, @PetterFriberg — Will 7 mins ago
7:33 PM
@Adriaan You can't delete a question if it has dupes, but the roomba can. So when a question gets closed as a dupe of another one by the same user, and that question then gets roomba'ed...
@Adriaan Are you sure? If I'm reading this right, the 30-day RemoveDeadQuestions script does apply to dupes, too.
@JAL I love his profile also...
@PetterFriberg yeah lots of gifs
@IlmariKaronen you're right, the 30 day roomba will catch those, sorry.
7:50 PM
8:06 PM
@JAL Is that like another version of board chow?
@Machavity that's repulsive, but hilarious
What should I do if I come across a user with lots of below-par answers?
I don't want to downvote in fear of becoming serial, but they've got a lot of incorrect or bad answers
@AndrewLi Don't use a user profile to troll a user. Take them one Q at a time
@Machavity What do you mean?
@AndrewLi Well, you have a list. If I wanted to, I could go down it and cherry pick votes for/against you. That's why we disallow linking here as a rule
8:18 PM
The latest Stack Overflow blog on students flooding the site with questions during their semesters.
Us poor MATLAB users
@BaummitAugen @NathanOliver How should we handle such serious misconceptions: stackoverflow.com/questions/42258537/… ?
@Machavity I'm not trying to link the user, just asking for advice. How should I handle such a situation where a user has 3-4 answers that are below-par?
@Adriaan Yeah I saw it, check comments student being answer banned : )
@AndrewLi It's the same thing. You clicked into his user profile and pulled up the list. Don't do it. It can, and will, be viewed as a serial downvote
Okay. Should I leave a comment?
8:21 PM
@AndrewLi Sure. I don't think there's anything banning constructive criticism
Ok, thanks
@Adriaan I'd love to see stats on how many end-of-semester "ZOMG Delete this or I'm so expelled" flags mods get
reading stuff like that is just depressing...for those active in . I feel your pain.
I wonder what happens if you try to hammer an audit. Do you fail it? Does the close vote actually go through?
JAL passed a audit!
8:36 PM
Sorting resultsets is fun owo
@Compass Sorta :P
by fun I mean NOT BY DESIGN
sounds quite clear to me o_o
by that I mean the question sounds clear :V
@Compass He posted a code dump, but not what's wrong with it.
@Machavity I guess they'd be many. Btb, see my comment on my personal experiences in the MATLAB tag regarding students. I think >75% falls in one of those three categories. It's sad/
that's the joke =w=
9:07 PM
who's the swift expert here, eh
@JAL What kind of alien material is this "aluminum" they speak off?
It's the American metal that is used for psychic-protection in hats
oh. I'd rather use the real-world version, aluminium
@JAL I think so
9:13 PM
of that at least I am sure it exists
@Adriaan But the American one comes with Freedom(TM)
(in a can)
@NobodyNada Thanks, I deleted my answer and VTC'd
You can keep your freedom. I'll stick to my precious Queen's
when you drink the canned Freedom, every time you open your mouth for about five minutes, you screech like a majestic bald eagle
(whose famous sound is actually that of the red-tailed hawk)
@πάνταῥεῖ that one isn't worth keeping around imo. it's the very definition of "unlikely to help anyone else in the future"
9:15 PM
As I said, I'll stick to my precious, correct Queen's :P
Tests for days.
Started with 0% coverage, now 45% line coverage! owo
9:27 PM
@rene I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
rene passed a audit!
@Closey jay! Go @rene! Good job laddy!
> I am not finished with this just yet.
Means that won't fly on CR
@Tunaki I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
oh yeah love
Tunaki passed an audit!
9:35 PM
@FireAlarm update force
Installing update...
hmm tons of answer from OP on that questions
are we reporting all
I guess so :D
how about !!/allspam?
wasn't that disabled here?
meeh reporting 1 did the trick ; )
9:44 PM
isn't disabled, but we don't want members to use it
@Tunaki good thing I don't have privileges
We don't disable features, we disable users
@TinyGiant Moderate the post(ing), not the user. :)
Well the room moderates posts, not users. The room owners moderate the users and the posts in the room, soooo....
That said... everything in moderation.
9:53 PM
rene passed a audit!
@rene You've reviewed 40 posts today (of which 7 were audits), thanks! The time between your first and last review today was 25 minutes and 28 seconds, averaging to a review every 38 seconds.
@Closey phew, 7 audits
@TylerH I passed only 2 ... so that means ... oh no.. NOOOOOO....
Installing update...
@rene the demise of the flower
9:58 PM
Closey didn't detect I finished :(
@Closey room stats
@NobodyNada 7 members (27% of this room's registered reviewers) have processed 211 review items, which accounts for 5.54% of all CV reviews today.
@Closey room stats full
@NobodyNada Today, 7 members have reviewed a total of 211 items.
 | User       | Review Items Today |
 | gunr2171   | 40                 |
 | QPaysTaxes | 40                 |
 | rene       | 35                 |
 | Tunaki     | 35                 |
 | Lankymart  | 28                 |
 | AdrianHHH  | 20                 |
 | JAL        | 13                 |
Tunaki passed a audit!
@Tunaki You've reviewed 40 posts today (of which 2 were audits), thanks! The time between your first and last review today was 26 minutes and 42 seconds, averaging to a review every 40 seconds.
@Closey status
9:59 PM
Ooh yes my love
SOCVR Chatbot, running at Sam's Backup Server, version ffa8ba72 on master, running for 3 days, 4 hours, 32 minutes, and 7 seconds.
@Fire alive
@NobodyNada FireAlarm-Swift version 29ab8f1, running for 36 seconds on Linux 4.4.26-v7+ armv7l
@FireAlarm That's the wrong version
@Fire update
10:01 PM
Installing update...
Installing update...
^ known bug, I triggered a manual update, then it triggered an auto update
It used to say "Installing update" several times, since it takes several minutes to update and it auto-updates every 60 seconds
oops, compile error
@FireAlarm stop
@NobodyNada Shutting down...
10:16 PM
Let's do a few more dupes of deleted questions...
@SmokeDetector that's a cesspit of recommendation answers... anyone want to touch that?
dupe's linked as well there ^. I choose unclear as there isn't a question
close and delete in my opinion
agreed. Just a big reccomendation-attracting question, without explicitly asking for them
10:38 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ It's not a terribly useful question, but it is clear enough, not off-topic and I can't find a dupe. So writing an answer is fine if you feel like it IMO.
@QPaysTaxes I completely forgot there was a general computing option
At least we won't have some misleading noob answer at the top and have a dupe target should it ever happen again. @πάνταῥεῖ
Also hi everyone. o/
It's been a rough day :(
Hey @Baum o/
@QPaysTaxes Took me a second to get that one :P the flu does wonders
@Fire alive
höhöhö :)
10:42 PM
Yay, race conditions!
Cloning into 'SwiftStack'...
remote: Counting objects: 932, done.
remote: Compressing objects: 100% (19/19), done.
41570: Baum mit Augen: höhöhö932)
remote: Total 932 (delta 8), reused 0 (delta 0), pack-reused 913
Wow the comments on that blog post O.o ...its like they've never heard of books before!
Someone just hammered a JavaScript question as a dupe to C++ question
Well, they're about the same thing but there were better dupe targets (in the same language)
But there are better targets IMO
@Lankymart Do tell. I just had someone who wondered how he should learn C from books and not just watching videos. I'm feeling old ...
sorry; already closed
FireAlarm only checks open questions normally, but I manually had it check that one
@Olaf I find the air of entitlement some have to answers on SO mind boggling...
10:50 PM
@Lankymart "the air of entitlement" - sorry, I don't get this phrase.
"Internet Exploder"
@Olaf basically feeling they are owed an answer...kind of "how dare they not answer my super easy, already answered multiple times but can't be bothered question".
@QPaysTaxes yeah, that would flummox me too.
@Lankymart Ah, ok. I thought it was something like that, but did not really find a good description/translation. Thanks .. a new phrase a day keeps dementia away ;-)
@Olaf to be honest, it's more my poor use of the English language ;)
@QPaysTaxes How about "stack overflow - the lair of entitlement"?
@Lankymart Well , I found the phrase, but only translations for "sense of entitlement". The other's were quite some text to read.
10:57 PM
@Olaf that is a better phrasing tbh
@Lankymart It's not only that. They just feel offended if you tell them to learn a language from a book - in whatever friendly words you wrap that.
@Lankymart But it changes the meaning of your post completely.
@Olaf yeah, "how dare you try to suggest I better myself, I didn't come here for a lecture!" You can't help people with that attitude.
"air" is fine. We actually have a phrase with quite a similar image.
@QPaysTaxes We don't play baseball much here in Germany. Only football and handball (both of which deserves their names:-)
@QPaysTaxes closest we have in the UK is rounders probably.
@QPaysTaxes most British definitely.
gl hf @QPaysTaxes
11:11 PM
@BaummitAugen One does not simply "have fun" with homework
@AndrewLi Breaking the requirements with technically correct answers by deliberately misinterpreting the assignment can be fun. =D
@Lankymart why algo is filled with subpar questions? The answer is there
hf @QPaysTaxes
@Braiam was thinking just that as I read through the post...
@Lankymart Are thouse cricket bats?
11:22 PM
"Upvotes are not generally an indication of quality." Yet people go up in arms because a 1k upvote post gets deleted when it was crap...
What's going on with my gravatar?
@Lankymart Hmm, never heard about that. Sounds like being closer to baseball than cricket actually. But I'm quite the opposite if an expert for those either.
@Lankymart side of the planet
@Braiam it's coming up as a pattern profile pic but clicking to show the profile still shows my usual avatar.
Weird caching issue I guess, it's fine on SO just on the chat window it's changed.
Scratch that, its back again.
11:39 PM
again, not seeing anything
@Braiam no problem...it appears to have fixed itself, it maybe because my avatar is pulled from my gravatar account, guessing they had a blip in uptime.
Just a reminder, if you've got spare delete (or reopen) votes left before midnight UTC, here's a way to spend them.
@cricket_007 I'd dupe close that the other way around
@IlmariKaronen I few if them are already closed
@Lankymart Yeah, I did a bunch today, and SEDE takes a while to update.
In particular, all the questions that were locked (due to merging) should now be gone.
(And my helpful flag count is noticeably higher than yesterday. :)
11:57 PM
What tags work for displaying errors in SO? The one with yellow bg
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