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12:09 AM
What question?
@QPaysTaxes I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
> pos should be a size_t, not an int
I disagree, but it's debatable.
Olaf would agree I would guess.
so, close
boop, really?
okay then.
12:32 AM
I think that should be approved. It's a great formatting edit.
@FOX9000 that's a good edit imo
12:43 AM
@Machavity done, it's going to need a few more delete votes
@QPaysTaxes Congrats! rene is almost at 50k tho :P
sigh looks like the roboreviewers are in the reopen queue
@Queen k
@QPaysTaxes You've reviewed 40 posts today, thanks! The time between your first and last review today was 35 minutes and 5 seconds, averaging to a review every 52 seconds.
An audit, I guess?
> I know everything is correct but for some reason I keep getting a syntax error on line 117
How did that happen? 0.o
1:03 AM
Yeah, C++'s garbage collector is even worse than the one in Java
But for an n logn algo, that still won't need that much memory.
1:29 AM
@BaummitAugen Looks like spam to me
Seemed like an attempt to answer to me.
Very bad one of course.
2:00 AM
@Kyll you might want to see this
2:47 AM
@Machavity approved your wiki edit, it's one of the few edits I've seen lately that made an improvement
3:57 AM
@YvetteColomb I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
@TinyGiant some of your scripts are not working with the new layout.
thing checker :D goes and posts on meta about it lololololol
This is a most basic problem with programming, not initialising things. Please read up. There's many posts about it on here. Go the the link and start reading. This will definitely be closed as a duplicate. Learning how to debug these things is vital programming practice. — Yvette Colomb 1 min ago
4:31 AM
I suppose that one wouldn't work. I'll push a fix tomorrow
6:02 AM
Good morning to all. And what a glorious morning it is.
Already out of votes.
Should have stayed away from the queue I guess.
What happened to that bots can't comment rule? Doesn't seem to be in effect.
@RawN It's not.
Basically, the creator proved that the comments are almost always correct, so it's fine.
@BaummitAugen I see.
Off to sleep now.
Bye o/
6:11 AM
6:24 AM
how has this got 4 answers in 27 mins?
@YvetteColomb I don't know if encoding is the right word. Hash function perhaps.
@RawN do you think it's on topic?
@YvetteColomb Gray area.
@YvetteColomb But I think it is.
6:31 AM
@RawN yeh that's what I thought.
@YvetteColomb On second thought, you might have a point there. Seems like a general question yet somehow uneasy to close.
that post ended up with 5 answers. Interesting that many good on topic questions can't get that kind of attention, as they take time to answer
I was talking about this one.
@RawN exactly. That's why I haven't done anything. I can't make up my mind if it's on topic, maybe too broad.
@RawN yeh me too. I'm just mentioning the other one in between.
6:34 AM
@YvetteColomb Ah ok.
Morning here. First coffee.
yeh I didn't make myself clear. The one comment about 5 answers is about this chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/35668049#35668049
@RawN late afternoon here, going to get 5th coffee. I love coffee :)
@YvetteColomb I stopped drinking coffee for a few days. Had splitting headache and muscle pain. Turned out I was addicted to caffeine.
@YvetteColomb Legalized drug.
6:37 AM
@RawN you must go here lolol
Haha, nice.
I'm addicted to caffeine and chocolate (and horses, dogs and cats)
I think my cat is more addicted to me than the other way around
6:53 AM
@CaffeineAddiction I actually understand that
@Lankymart I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
@YvetteColomb 20k+ can now vote to delete it.
7:26 AM
@YvetteColomb - I think you are addicted to SO too :P
7:51 AM
Morning \o
Seems is a complete crap magnet. I thought this one had been burninated ages ago...
8:08 AM
With the new fixed menu bar the LQP queue is getting very effective... flag a post NAA or VLQ and in a few minutes it's gone.. I wish the same stuff worked for close votes
@Lundin well, yes. But there is a huge disconnect between posting on meta and the expectation to have some effect on main ...
8:48 AM
How do we deal with a user which has created a new account to post a dupe question ?

Mod flag ??

Sorry I don't really have time to search meta for this...
8:59 AM
@Kaiido Yes, flag for diamond mod attention and link the other post as evidence.
Madara is handling it now.
@Lundin, thanks done that.
http://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/278230/what-to-do-when-someone-keeps-creating-new-accounts-to-ask-the-same-bad-question wasn't that hard to find out actually...
Yep. The only thing to consider is to make the job as easy for the diamond mod as possible. So if you say "this user is probably posting with multiple accounts" and then link the dupe, they can handle it much faster without having to search for the evidence themselves.
You'd imagine people would figure out something is wrong with their questions after 6-7 questions being downvoted/closed
But no, it must be everyone else that are wrong.
What pseudo moderators are ? half diamonds ? twitter.com/Nick_Craver/status/831636136711901187
@kayess Gud question
Plop everyone!
9:20 AM
^ User has a recent spam history (see HQ), spam
Hiya o/
9:29 AM
Anyone using the SOX (ex SOOF) userscript ?
@kayess wat iz
@Kyll diz. a dayyum gud uzer zcript
Then I guess I'll try...
the SOX.
git it
Yeah, however I can't find a way to get it binding to the new nav, it works nicely with the old nav
9:52 AM
hya it's time to put at work those 50 cvs for today
Dang, the Watch is still effective
10:14 AM
"I got used to it. They still hurt." I need to remember that one, @TaW! I never liked the "You'll get used to it." "defense". — Cerbrus 13 secs ago
Finally an adequate comback to "you'll get used to it" :D
@Cerbrus I agree. :D
@TheLostMind rich words from another addict ;)
@FOX9000 TP: Edit fixed broken code. I rolled it back.
@Cerbrus hi cerb
I need to answer some questions and get the 20K delete votes
10:23 AM
@AlexanderO'Mara thanks :)
10:36 AM
Hai :P
10:58 AM
@Lankymart maybe slow down on the close vote requests ;)
or space them out
When I see a big monologue full of cv-plses, I tend to ignore it.
@JanDvorak that's the problem, particularly when they're alll from a similar tag that's not so well known to everyone
Can we have a spacer userscript? But then people would complain the spaced out requests are not fresh enough...
11:03 AM
@JanDvorak if they're being deleted quickly we don't need to ask for a close request. It's for questions that won't be closed quickly enough
How is one supposed to see which posts will be deleted quickly, and which ones will attract a crappy answer or two or linger open?
@YvetteColomb I did there was a good 10 minutes between them all...I was going through the questions in the queue and tried that to cv too many. What's the ettiquette on cv request, there's 6 there over 10+ minute period? Is that too many?
@JanDvorak sorry I don't understand, why would you ignore it?
Any requests that hit the room I at least look at and decide whether I'm in a position to cv it or not, I'd never ignore them.
@Lankymart if you're posting into the room, perhaps keep a tab opened for chat and you can see if there's any other people posting in between. If not, you know chat is not that active and it can be perceived as flooding the room with cv-reqs
@JanDvorak by the activity and tag, using experience on the site.
As far as any rule goes, the only thing to remember is not to spam cv-pls
11:18 AM
@Tunaki you'll need to be more specific, as that's subjective
yes it's intentionally subjective...
@Tunaki I'm still getting used to etiquette...I didn't perceive 6 cv requests in 10+ minutes "spamming", but I get Yvettes point next time I'll check how active the room is first.
Basically: make a guess; if we shout at you, make a new guess.
ok @Lanky
@Tunaki that's rene's idea of trying to allow people to be mature about things. this also leads to problems, as we're global, all different backgrounds and it's subjective interpretation of rules anywhere that creates problems. Comes down to miscommunication. Clarity is always a good thing and then people know where they stand, cc @rene
11:20 AM
Sorry, everyone. sheepish
@Lankymart don't be sorry. If there's a dozen people in here posting, your requests would've been fine. Most of us are called out at some point. We appreciate your help :)
@YvetteColomb it's not the first time I've been called out, if I'd checked the room I might have used a bit more common sense.
pro-tip: always be in the room you post to.
@Lankymart I always have this room and charcoal open when I'm online, unless I'm extremely busy (in which case I won't be flagging or requesting)
11:24 AM
@kayess sallo sayess :D
@JanDvorak I've got it open constantly, just didn't first look at the tab to see activity before I posted...that userscript makes it too easy (not that I'm blaming the script).
@YvetteColomb siya Svette :D
@kayess seeya Say :D
@YvetteColomb Sows sit's soing?
@kayess sood. Serry Sood :D
11:29 AM
sand sou?
Soooh, sare se salking sike shat sagain? :)
Ses sof source!
sess, Sohn sis snot sere, so se san't set sinto srouble :D
sol :D
11:42 AM
@Lankymart perfect timing :D
slaps @Kyll over head with the @Tuna fish :D
thoughts, ontopic?
@YvetteColomb not a fan of "suppose" questions, it just highlights to me that they haven't tried anything yet so have nothing to show...it's a hypothetical.
@YvetteColomb too broad
@Cerbrus thanks
11:49 AM
@Lankymart yep. I wasn't sure which close reason would be best. thanks
are the answer to this answers?
Wild guesses at a possible cause of the OP's problem
commented and VLQed both
thanks People :D
12:01 PM
@YvetteColomb I'd argue whether that question even belongs on SO
@Lankymart it's a question type I'd google on SO. But that's where there's that fuzzy line between sites of what's on topic
@YvetteColomb true, but I'd say it's basically this... serverfault.com/questions/2218/…
@Lankymart yep true that. There's just huge issues and one I'd like to see defined in that blur of what's on topic. It's often been said just because a question is on topic on another site, doesn't mean it's off topic for SO
@Cerbrus deleted btw
@Cerbrus also no real sense asking for naa flag, 1 is enough, only if you need re-flag it has sense
12:14 PM
@TinyGiant Bloody hell.
@BhargavRao hi!
@Seth ydoolB lleH
@YvetteColomb \o
@BhargavRao lul
12:23 PM
@YvetteColomb Looks good to me.
@Seth that's what thought
It now explains the need for that - pretty ugly - workaround :p
^-^ nice
yep workaround- every programmer's nightmare
12:42 PM
Ok, I get that VBScript is old now but it's still heavily used for admin scripting tasks etc (slowly being replaced by powershell) but has anyone noticed how the official VBScript documentation on MSDN seems to be vanishing from Googles Search results?
or is that just me?
12:55 PM
@YvetteColomb good things is that the oldies resolve these kind of things in a nice way. Thanks for helping out there.
1:16 PM
Very off-topic question asking for app installation support on some device: stackoverflow.com/q/42247031/2442804 Please close so we can delete it asap.
@luk2302 thanks. Can you next time please format your request as [tag:cv-pls] reason link as explained in our FAQ. That makes that our automatic scripts handle your request correctly.
@luk2302 If you would like to request that a question be review to be closed please use the form [tag:cv-pls] <offical reason from the close dialogue> <link>
yeah, let's jump on the guy ... ;)
@rene I will keep in mind how to place tags in chatrooms, I am not used to them as of now.
@luk2302 yeah, I realize that. We have a strict set of rulez that doesn't come natural to new users that just joined. No problem. Please cast some close votes while you're here and enjoy your stay here.
1:25 PM
@HovercraftFullOfEels I caught your comments on that post, maybe a little bit to harsh...
@rene rulez? Are we the cool closure chat people now?
At least I said "darn" and not "damn"
@Machavity Oh, uh, no. We are boring. I got carried away...
Darn... missed it...
1:36 PM
Accidentally quoted @rene's message
Nothing to see here
@MadaraUchiha Ahh, thanks =D
My curiosity has been sated, temporarily atleast :)
I was already checking what was going on while my mouse hovered over the kick/mute link...
@MadaraUchiha We know nuh-zing. NUH-ZING!
@rene The flower preys on us poor room members :( ..
k or vlq?
1:39 PM
@Machavity I know that the Smokey report is VLQ though :)
VLQ I think.
Doesn't look like spam to me.
delete voted instead
> The difference is

URIEncoding is a re-encoding of the data for all GET requests,

And useBodyEncodingForURI is based on the request in response to the page request.setCharacterEncoding parameters of the data re-encoding, different pages can have different re-encoded coding
@Seth yeah
Taken from google translat0rZ
It's gone now :)
1:40 PM
don't look at me
When 3 20K+ers unite...
@NathanOliver They form Captain Underpants?
Good edit?
1:45 PM
Time to go checking on reviewers again... :)
Remind them to also check the markdown view.
@NisseEngström Ye. Will do...
@BhargavRao Probably not
@BhargavRao Meh. I would leave it
1:52 PM
@BhargavRao It looks like they have their own scripting for addons wowprogramming.com
@Machavity Ah! Perhaps for that.
@SmokeDetector why did the OP edit that? Why?
Title - Repeated character: *eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*
Title - Position 1-22: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
@StephenLeppik If you ping Smokey with "why", he will tell you exactly why the post at hand was reported :p
You won't get an answer to the actual "WHY?" :p
1:55 PM
@StephenLeppik it was already edited back
@Seth good to know…
@NathanOliver I noticed.
@StephenLeppik super boy posted in meta. Got his feelings hurt.
Is this edit "good"? :S
@HovercraftFullOfEels let's stop there discussing users, OK?
2:02 PM
@Seth It's on an answer so it probably is. Should never edit syntax errors out of questions tho
@Seth IMHO no. All it did was add whitespace
@NathanOliver Added "}" as well.
Kinda hard to see tbh, due to all the unnecessarily added whitespaces.
Should be hit with waffles for inserting those.
They don't add anything.
it depends if whitespace is significant
Ah. Well then it just need to be edited to remove that extra whitspace ;)
any mods still here?
2:09 PM
just a lurking flower ...
@YvetteColomb Sup
@MadaraUchiha can you please deal with my meta SO flag. It's kinda important, particularly if you read the comment under the post involved Thanks
@YvetteColomb Looking
@MadaraUchiha thanks
@YvetteColomb You don't get to make that decision.
He wrote the article, he can link it if he wants to
2:12 PM
@MadaraUchiha have a look at the edit history
yeh maybe unwise in an emotional state to do that. Like when people post their email addresses
@YvetteColomb Right, but editing the link out isn't really the way to go here
They need to edit their article, on a different site
@MadaraUchiha I agree, but it protects the person until that edit is made. SO just gives the link publicity, which may not be so good
I was purely concerned about that person's own interests. Feel free to decline the flag
@YvetteColomb Then that publicity died when you edited the link out
I won't rollback your edit, because I can see where you're coming from
But I'm not going to redact their link.
2:15 PM
Hello all. May the power of cold fusion guide you through these turbulent times.
@MadaraUchiha oky dokey, well I've left that edit reason for the OP to see. I did write a comment, which I deleted, as it was only helping to publucize it
thanks for your help @MadaraUchiha
Or EM drive. But that doesn't seem promising.
2:20 PM
I think the EM drive project never got anywhere.
Did it, drive off a cliff?
It got stuck
And hot on one end.
It appears to have gotten stuck in a puddle of dark matter.
But our politicians will "make it great again"
2:25 PM
@gunr2171 o/
Hiya gunr
@gunr2171 Meetings! Morning!
: )
nope, no meetings today
: D
@RawN That was never properly proven to work...
2:32 PM
@Cerbrus Yep. Exactly.
And people claim NASA was working on it.
NASA has a "weird stuff" department that went "meh". No more than that.
Do they know yet why they thought it might work?
Because money
@Cerbrus EM drive and new SO header have something in common. They both claim to work.
@RawN SO header "works".
That's about it though c:
That orange bar is annoying as hell.
2:36 PM
"I got used to it. They still hurt." I need to remember that one, @TaW! I never liked the "You'll get used to it." "defense". — Cerbrus 4 hours ago
@Seth do you have Stylish installed on your browser
@TylerH Yes, and I am using a dark theme already (looks nifty).
@JanDvorak they're still trying to test for inaccuracies in measuring like when that lab found neutrinos that could move faster than the speed of light but it turned out they just weren't accounting for some part of the path or something
@Seth you can add a style to that theme to remove the orange bar
it's just a border-top: 3px
you can set it to border-top: 0px !important or something
They had misaligned (half-unplugged) optical cables, which threw off their clocks
SO got it right with their previous design. Clean, clean, clean and functional. This one...
2:38 PM
@TylerH Where do I insert that? :C
@Seth to stylish or to the head with a userscript
Where do I insert the border stuff there? Not really that good with design stuff. I like my backend :/
body > header {
border-top: 0px !important;
anywhere in the stylesheet
I use the same one
@TylerH Yaaaay! Thanks!
It looks so much better without that pesky bar :) ..
there's a different media query for main and for meta btw
but the one on meta is just gray I think
2:41 PM
so doesn't look like a progress bar
Yup, it is :)
Also, moin
Moin :D
2:44 PM
3:01 PM
^-- Was not sure, so just deleted it and left it
Isn't it spam? Should I flag a moderator?
@BhargavRao I thought it was LQ at any rate. Would have been nuked either way
Same here, the link did not even contain any actual content. No product advertisement or something along those lines.
Hmm Peter Mortensen is a regular here right?
doesn't seem to be pingable atm
3:04 PM
@TylerH Not that I know ô.o
@SotiriosDelimanolis check if has sense to improve this answer, there is a new answer on it that seem to not have any sense other then "clarifying" yours... ...some url somewhere...
The only interactions that I personally had with PM are edits on meta posts :D
@Seth I seem to recall he is often in here. He's got an owl avatar
@TylerH o.o I have not seen him in here once IIRC
ah well, it's no big deal
Okay, ~50 more questions loaded into the CVQ. I used the wrong CV reason on this one: stackoverflow.com/questions/1279140/… Meant to CV as POB
The questions should start appearing in the queue some time in the next 5 minutes
3:55 PM
too funny:
While Martin's answer was first and is correct, I think you've discovered the root of the problem — I don't even know what a capital letter is! — Josh Paradroid 36 mins ago
I have a question about the room.
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