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12:23 AM
@QPaysTaxes Don't know enough about ProcessBuilder, sorry. However, Runtime#exec uses ProcessBuilder behind the scenes so the behavior won't be different.
12:43 AM
2 messages moved to Trash can
1:24 AM
Ugh. Flag declined because poster edited their NAA into an actual answer. :(
1:43 AM
Is there any way to retract an NAA flag if the post gets edited to become an answer after the flag is submitted?
@RyanBemrose nope, there is no way to retract any flag
undo however made a script for himself to alert him when dealing with flags on edited posts
however, that is no guarantee that other mods / the review queue will act the same way
That seems to add a level of uncontrollable risk with flagging any post.
such is life
@gunr2171 9920
cool, you're still going
maybe programfox-senpai will notice my good job!
sounds like someone didn't read the piece of paper on the inside of the cover
2:20 AM
The second one is UB. The variables are being used before they're assigned a value.
... which is what you said, now that I actually read your answer. :)
The first one can still be UB depending on user input, which makes it bad code, but it's not guaranteed to be.
Your third paragraph is fluff and speculation depending on the compiler, OS, time of day, and phase of the moon. But I bet you knew that.
You don't have to tell me. I came up as a tester in systems C and C++. There's a big gulf between saying something is UB (which seems to be the fashion here on SO) and actually predicting / understanding what is happening in a real system (such as is necessary for debugging an OS failure)
Worst in a visual or efficiency way?
2:52 AM
hi all
hi @Quill
hi @QPaysTaxes
a lot of Qs here followed by Rs hi @RyanBemrose @Rizier123
ah an A hi @AndrewL.
2:53 AM
you broke the alphabet andrew
3:04 AM
@Yvette Morning.
@Yvette hello
3:48 AM
probably spam but naa at the least
4:21 AM
@Quill No, you are not a privileged user. See the Privileges wiki page for information on what privileges are and what is expected.
1 hour later…
5:31 AM
5:43 AM
meta.stackoverflow.com/q/327515/3933332 Tempted to write: "Asking a good question on the right site is very good skill" :P
that reminds me I have to opt-in
@Yam opt-in
@AshishAhujaツ Opt-in successful.
6:23 AM
@Yam added some code. Might need reopening, but not sure
6:49 AM
What to do in SEQ if a suggested edit conflicts with another edit? The diff on the suggested appears to revert all of the changes in the previous one, but I don't think that was the intent.
7:07 AM
7:19 AM
That's the same post. Go home, SD. You're drunk.
7:32 AM
I'm back
welcome back
Plop Kyll!
@Kyll Plop - declined :P
7:43 AM
^ I give you something special if someone understands this question! :P
a chair to the face?
@rene Ah, thanks. The discussion with that OP got pretty non-constructive, as you've read.
@Yam no, not improved enough
@Yam Shut up.
7:54 AM
@PraveenKumar Be kind to Yam ><
@Kyll She's mine... :P
@Yam yes, improved, re-open vote out
@Kyll yeah, maybe clean up a bit, My initial reaction was ... not so good....
@PraveenKumar our first chapter in history this year was called "Where, When and How?" :D
@AshishAhujaツ Okay, please kindly give him that book! :P
@rene Since you said.
@PraveenKumar bah, he'll get even more frustrated as that is a really boring book with all the "case studies" and many more dumb things
7:57 AM
@AshishAhujaツ Ha ha ha...
@rene Already did yep
8:23 AM
sd f edited... :)
Can we change the room name to Cats & Bots? #suggestion
gotta go. bye
See ya Ahish
9:17 AM
Plop Jon
Is this question off-topic? If so, would it fit on SU or SF?
@rene What did you mean in that last comment? I didn't understand
@Kyll I don't like that meta posts are raised for old stuff, specially if they target a user.
@rene Yeah it's awful, and the sheep Meta effect does not shine well at all there, hence why I tried to take care of it ASAP.
Hmm, OK
A merge would solve this quickly, too
9:33 AM
You're sounding a bit grumpy this morning @rene - everything okay?
He just had some bad new from me : )
morning everybody...
Oh - back to the normal image - had me confused there for a minute :)
@JonClements well, don't post stuff on meta that pisses me off but beyond that I'm fine. Thanks for asking.
@Kyll gone
10:15 AM
Plus OP being rude!
@PraveenKumar Eh?
@TIPS Yea... See when I ask him I don't understand what you asked, can you tell me what is this? and he replies like Shut up, give me code., so... Rude!
Oh, so that comment must've been removed once I clicked on the link.
@TIPS Oh...
@TylerH Oh, did you end up testing out the script?
@Tim Can you try going to some unknown tab like and tell me if everything goes well? There was a bug in which it would still switch you to the tab on the left
10:30 AM
Both reports still alive...
Plop TLM! Ready for some spammer nuking? =p
@Kyll That's a miss
in other words, works
but I havent installed the new fix yet
@TheLostMind Shall we nuke the Bangalore Packers Spammer?
... wat.
@TimCastelijns It should install by itself
@Yam Still TB / TR
@Kyll Tool Broad / Too Recommendation
10:33 AM
@Kyll excuse me for not understanding how US works
@TimCastelijns Your extension should sometimes fetch the URL with which you installed the US and see that the @version increased
Or you may have an option to manually check for updates
Plop Sam
@Yam Nope
@Yam ... This has a reopen vote?
10:41 AM
@PraveenKumar - I think its already taken care of
@TheLostMind Great... How are you?
Hey, I am coming to India next month! :D
@PraveenKumar - I am OK. Hope you are great
@TheLostMind Yes! We are gonna meet! :D
@PraveenKumar - I see. Bangalore?
@TheLostMind Yup... Chennai and Bangalore... Would you like to add me in Facebook?
Let's plan a meetup...
Where's this @BhargavRao?
Hey! o/
10:43 AM
@PraveenKumar Hi
@PraveenKumar - We could. Speak of the devil and here he comes :P
Hi all
@BhargavRao Coming to Bangalore next month! :P
@PraveenKumar I'll be in Mumbai next month! :P
@BhargavRao Have a plan there as well.
We can call @Tushar too.
10:46 AM
@PraveenKumar I'll be staying here in July and August. You can catch me anytime there.
@BhargavRao Osum!
10:59 AM
@PraveenKumar And TLM too
@Tushar Mate, we both were already planning...
Just waiting for you.
Good morning
11:10 AM
@Magisch you're in my timezone, you're more than hour late for morning ...
Well yeah
In voc. school today most of the hours were alotted to sit in a cafee in the city
And its sickeningly sunny out
So I got my company to bail me out :p
Hiya Magisch
11:22 AM
Hiya Magisch
Hiya @rene, Praveen, @PetterFriberg
@JonClements You rolled back that post but didn't fix the unformatted code :(
@theB I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
Morning, queen was also ready to salute ya ; )
11:41 AM
total bs answer with a spam link.
didn't even bother to change the link text
stackoverflow.com/q/38244538/3933332 The "try" answers are real :P
Eins, zwei, try, CLOSE
@Rizier123 s/try/php/ :D
11:51 AM
@theB You've reviewed 40 posts today (of which 1 was an audit), thanks! The time between your first and last review today was 21 minutes and 19 seconds, averaging to a review every 31 seconds.
1017 close vote reviews. Still 8.2k in the queue...
@BhargavRao Total troll. I rude flagged.
^^^ +1
Hah fine, I added a delete vote also.
12:01 PM
^ Member for 1 year 11 months. Misguided attempt to help, or previously dormant spam account?
I don't think that's spam in any way
Hah! C'mon Open Gapps is not spam.
it's just a crap question
Just goes to show how much I know about android and webapps... (that is -- nothing)
Bye all, will bbl
12:35 PM
Not a programming question? stackoverflow.com/questions/38245608/…
@NathanOliver too broad, off-topic, migrate to day-dreaming.se
@rene *Worldbuilding
Is that the new Lifehacks?
I haven't tried it out yet.
They say it's best served with ketchup.
12:45 PM
Uh-oh. My cheese is a bit old and tastes like Roquefort now. Oh well.
@Kyll cheesy little squirrel
12:58 PM
Hiya gunr
Hiya gunr
Plop gunr, Nathan, Praveen
1:02 PM
HiYa KyLl
@Kyll no
1:19 PM
Help Vamp detected:
how can i follow you? — Akhil Sharma 41 secs ago
1:33 PM
not sure about that one; diesn't look like a dupe
morning! gunr
3 identical link only answers stackoverflow.com/a/38246736/3956566
@Yvette Wow that's just sad.
Isn't there an auto flag for a user posting the exact same answer?
1:44 PM
it is spam
all the same links in 6 answers to OPs code.
Yeah but I would probably have mod flagged this.... but I'm always to nice..
I think we should change the name of all SO spammers to this
But do we need to do anything since an auto flag is raised?
Mod just nuked them all.
@NathanOliver Meager'd.
1:45 PM
actually 8 answers
@Yvette Where are the others?
all identical
within 1 hour member just today
1:48 PM
For me no problem, just to much clicking for me to spam flag all that, 1 mod flag or auto flag, then keep working
yeh but if the community can delete them it saves the mods work
I need to work to : ), just kidding... but in these cases maybe best a mod steps in anyway, to delete or lock account.
goodbye, sweet rep
@Yvette Whole thread needs killing with fire
@Machavity totally!
2:07 PM
two duplicate answers stackoverflow.com/a/38247527/3956566 I don't know how to flag them
Mod flag should be auto raised since the are exact dupes
ah I didn't know that
@queen Can't. I already voted and it was reopened.
@NathanOliver he wanted to answer it, that's what was wrong with it
Yeah. I thought the dupe covered everything. It also covers a lot more as well which will help the user.
2:18 PM
gone, like Frank Sinatra
Well that was quick
Too quick.
People don't have mercy for the other slow-internet people.
@TIPS True that.
2:30 PM
Will this get roomba'd?
if nothing changes
@SotiriosDelimanolis yes, as RemoveAbandonedClosed meta.stackexchange.com/help/roomba
The has no accepted answer scares me
problem solved
@rene Your recent MSO answer on this question is gaining traction, but the target duplicate is garbage. You might want to wield your hammer to reverse the duplicate relationship. Or I can propose that in a comment.
2:33 PM
Was just gonna request, but thanks @NathanOliver
and @PraveenKumar
@SotiriosDelimanolis Hi...
Showdown dun dun dunnn
@Kyll it does get down votes as well ... I rather leave it alone now that it is closed
2:38 PM
3:08 PM
I will never understand meta sometimes. I do not understand why you close a bug report as no repro after it gets confirmed and fixed. Yes it is no longer reproducible but that is because the problem is fixed.
which one?
@NathanOliver What good would other answers be?
Not actually closed yet but on its way
I guess some users want an additional method to show that it is fixed?
3:13 PM
@Kyll Not sure but it just doesn't seem needed at all. It was a verifiable problem. Do we close all issues that get resolved as no longer a issue?
all the votes are very recent, too
the question doesn't show up in the meta CV queue
Some people completly misuse the meta CVs and its ridiculous
I assume they came after bluefeets update
Like closing unpopular but properly written FRs
Oh I love when they close FR's to discussions. They are two different thing. end meta rant. I now return you to my normal scheduled self
3:26 PM
What do you do about this? I can't really find a duplicate. Would a custom close reason of "this should already be explained in those tutorials of yours" be appropriate. Doesn't seem like it. Too broad?
^ This question (my previous CVPLS) should be closed because OP realized it's not what they actually want to do, making answers off-topic and misleading. Unfortunately, it doesn't show much since some comments have been deleted. Let's just stop this mess.
@SotiriosDelimanolis Total RTFM question. Unfortunately it does not seem to fall into any of the close vote categories. We use down votes for not useful questions. Unfortunately not all not useful questions need be closed.
My goal is removal, not closure. But can't skip steps.
Yeah. I just don't see an actual reason for either since we got rid of RTFM. I suppose you could use a custom close reason but I hate doing that when it is not actually covered by one of the other close reasons and I just want to express why I am closing it.
3:50 PM
stackoverflow.com/q/38246683/3933332 Really poor question. And they guy has a silver php badge with over 10k rep. WAT?
@Rizier123 self-answered and not a good answer, lacking explanation - code only
@Tushar both answers aren't good. But the question already starts with very poor quality.
@queen I don;t think that is the same thing.
@PetterFriberg Well, good luck with that.
Tuna vs. Goliath Community
4:40 PM
Anyone else think that the OP wanting a performance boost in this should be removed. basically makes it two questions?
@NathanOliver wait I don't like that program can we switch back
@NathanOliver I don't see two questions, I just see one opinionated one
"How do I do this in a cleaner way?"
I actually like those as they can showcase some of the newer cooler features of C++
Yeah I mean lots of off-topic stuff is interesting to read and useful info
still OT though :-P
I just hates that he wants more performance and added that after the fact.
!!afk lunch
4:43 PM
@TylerH ;p
Yep. "cleaner" is opinion-based.
If the code works but is just ugly/inefficient, might I recommend Code Review
Code review might be an option. I don't know what they accept/reject there though.
Other than "the code must work".
Well, what?
^ Smokey doesn't recognise this!
5:05 PM
@PraveenKumar In this post I took the rollback to rev 1 because OP defaced the post twice after it was closed. First, to completely change the Q to something unrelated to the dup, and then to change to random characters. Rev 2 might be a good new question, but it's not the same one as was closed and voted on.
@RyanBemrose Ok
That's deleted now...
No worries...
Well, fine, if you want to solve the problem instead of just pushing it around the board...
5:20 PM
@Yam n still crap.
5:57 PM
@SmokeDetector f - left comment
I cast a delete vote! \o/
Woot. Welcome to 10K land
thanks, it's not easy considering that most of the deletable crap gets deleted in 2 days:D
hey, @Tyler, you're very near yourself
@AndrasDeak quite
150 more rep or so
6:17 PM
yay for both of you. It will be a while for me.
shouldn't be too hard in .NET and Angular tags
those are both high traffic
Yeah, but I'm lazy
Also, are prefilled answer templates a thing? The community ad question on meta has an answer this question template prefilled for me.
for some posts I believe they have, yes
that's really cool. I'm assuming that's a diamond mod/CM only feature?
6:41 PM
^^ Very interesting question indeed.
Is it an exploit that I can see the amount of pending delete votes as a non-10ker using the posts timeline? Doesn't seem to cause any harm
^ that is just n right?
@Rizier123 Hey, just because we don't understand it doesn't mean a real expert wouldn't.
@NathanOliver left.
@gunr2171 also, if the answer is solved on that NAA, a new question is a better option than an edit that prolongs this question.
If it's a new problem exposed after fixing the old one.
6:50 PM
I filed my first bug report is MS today about a C++ bug. It will be interesting to see how long it takes to get fixed.
@ryanyuyu true
@NathanOliver Nice. Premium support account or the standard feedback site?
@NathanOliver or how long it takes for them to say "not a bug"
You mean "that's a feature/as designed"
@theB standard. I am a humble peasant. I do not have that platinum access.
6:52 PM
In that case, it'll be fixed around the time of the heat death of the universe
@gunr2171 They shouldn't since they did what needs to be done in one place but not the other.
I just found my new top of the list for useless flags.
stupid apostrophe being so close to the enter key
@NathanOliver uh, you're a developer. What would a developer say? "meh."
@theB #firstworldproblems
6:53 PM
@ryanyuyu #EnglishKeyboardProblems
@gunr2171 Yeah. And here is a work around as well so very low priority.
workaround == solution
@NathanOliver Did you provide the workaround with your report?
@RyanBemrose ooh. Seems like a decent candidate for burnination. A cursory look over the should it be burninated checklist seems to suggest burnination.
6:55 PM
@Louis I didn;t actually call it out. Should I?
hi everyone
is someone able to help me with why my post has been voted to be closed?
Q: If JSON object is a duplicate/appears more than group together

The CodeseeI am displaying data from a JSON file. Currently, each object is displayed inside a <div>. If an object is the same as another, the duplicates will both be displayed separate <div> elements. How would I change this, so that if an object is the same as another, only 1 <div> is displayed and displ...

don't onebox
@NathanOliver Providing a workaround is a rookie mistake. You should make them think the problem is it end of the world. "OMG! My computer has burst into flames and my house is burning down."
@TheCodesee can you add some text before that link , just hit edit
6:57 PM
@TheCodesee Are you asking for why it has been closed?
@Louis :) OK. Now workarounds from now on(except for my SO answer).
@ryanyuyu It hasn't been closed, I'm asking if there's a reason to find out why someone has voted to close it
"onebox" is when chat automatically expands a link into something else
@TheCodesee so you know, you won't know who voted until it gets closed. The reason currently selected is "asking for a tutorial or off site resource". Reading your post...
@TheCodesee Someone voted to close as "off-topic because it's a resource request".
@NathanOliver Seriously, I always include workarounds I know of, for other folks who might land there. (I was asking as a pretext just because I wanted to write "OMG! My computer has burst into flames and my house is burning down.")
6:58 PM
@ryanyuyu I suggested it to be a synonym to . How is that different from burnination? I haven't paid much attention to the process of moderating tags.
@ryanyuyu that is really wrong, because it isn't
@Louis :) I'll add it to the report then. This might be the first bug report I have ever filed for a compiler.
i don't understand why 4 people have downvoted it without leaving any tips...
@TheCodesee I was able to see which specific CV was cast by opening the close vote modal. This is a privilege you'll get at 3k, so until then you won't know.
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