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12:43 AM
ah, I see, possible
I went with VLQ
it tries to give an answer while blatantly self-promoting
I can see it go either way
also note the website for user name
you don't call yourself my_website.com and sign your post with my_website.com for no reason
yes, but this is not most places
is it?:)
that doesn't make it any less spam here, if it's spam
I edited this stackoverflow.com/a/38246793/3956566 for clarity. as the answer was ambiguous on whether or not it was asking for help or providing a solution, do you think this is an ok edit?
@PraveenKumar I don't think it's k, it's a one off post with the guys website in signature, and if he were to do it repeatedly, I'd call spam on it, but it's kinda a borderline call hey
thanks Qpt
@QPaysTaxes huh? lol
1:32 AM
@Tushar Has the edit improved this one enough? (Should a RO move your cv-pls?)
@QPaysTaxes I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
2 hours later…
3:41 AM
@SeinopSys No longer unclear.
2 hours later…
6:09 AM
@FOX9000 rejected
A: Cancel misclicked flags

Michael StumThis is now completed and (for now) enabled on meta.stackexchange.com and meta.stackoverflow.com. If there are no issues, it'll go live network-wide soon. Note that if you're a moderator (and thus your flags are authoritative), there's no retracting. Also, close flags get converted into close vo...

Apparently on Meta.SO and Meta.SE (to be expanded) you can now retract flags.
6:22 AM
that is spam ^^
7:11 AM
@Magisch OMG OMG OMG
7:44 AM
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 52 secs ago, by Yvette
we could f it ok, and it will show later
lolol sounds so wrong out of context
@Magisch it took them 5 years to complete that feature request. O<O
@Yvette No, it took them one Michael Stum.
> This question has an open bounty worth +50 reputation from <redacted> ending in 3 days.
> This question has not received enough attention.
> I would like opinions based on personal experiences: pros, cons, drawbacks, scalability, maintainability, ...
8:00 AM
@Kyll Customflag tho
Already did yeah
8:19 AM
I think I'm slightly insane
I'm looking for a Style for Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 IDE that looks like sublime text
slightly might be something of an understatement there.
8:38 AM
@Kyll I've done it, with some custom font trickery
Pretty pretty 20 year old IDE
8:52 AM
@Kyll Yup
9:03 AM
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 11 mins ago, by SmokeDetector
Restart: API quota is 7389.
9:23 AM
9:34 AM
@Rizier123 Plop
9:47 AM
@Yam Heeeeh
@Kyll I would say yes, there probable an simple function in phonegap for this
10:12 AM
@Ferrybig Do I remove mention of jQuery?
10:58 AM
stackoverflow.com/q/38264879/3933332 And I thought when I close a question it is closed and no one can answer it.
@Rizier123 there's a grace period...
Which in same cases can be up to 8 hours... there's meta posts about it...
stackoverflow.com/q/38264942/3933332 The joke is real. @JonClements I know, but it is so useless and almost ever answer which gets posted after a question is closed is just bad. And then you don't see why you even close questions when everyone can post answers after it.
@JonClements whaaaat?
if it's a joke, I don't get it:P
is this the SO equivalent of a scary clown?
@AndrasDeak Sadly no. That grace period is real.
11:03 AM
@Rizier123 I agree - I can't see much use for it but it's one of those "not a priority to fix"...
@Rizier123 but I thought that was 5 minutes......
8 hours is...<something collecting offensive flags real fast >
@JonClements What really would be interesting data is how many answers which get posted after a question gets closed have downvotes and or get deleted after it. Sadly we can't get that data with SEDE, not sure if you could get it as a mod.
anyway, @Rizier123, I gladly put my delvotes to good use after 2 days:P
@Rizier123 You could make a meta post asking a dev to run a query for that info... Whether it'll get any traction is another thing though...
11:05 AM
I kept open your previous, arguing answerer blatant dupe for this reason
@JonClements Is that a valid meta question? :O I have never seen anyone on meta asking a dev to get some data. Examples?
worth a try
@Rizier123 well - there's been the comment dump, and other posts such as: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/321084/… and meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/299930/…
@JonClements Thanks. I probably gather some examples then I may write up a meta question.
11:33 AM
11:45 AM
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Jun 29 at 22:30, by Undo
A: Can I have a dump of rude/abusive comments?

bluefeetAfter discussing this with the community team, we decided that we'd give a sampling of comments that were deleted after getting flagged as rude or offensive. I pulled some comments (far less than the > 3000 you asked for). This was done for a few reasons: 1) there is a character limit for posts...

12:02 PM
@theB I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
Sometimes I love comment threads on SO: stackoverflow.com/questions/38265936/…
@Ferrybig I wounder who would be crazy to ask something like that....
theB passed a audit!
12:30 PM
@theB You've reviewed 40 posts today (of which 1 was an audit), thanks! The time between your first and last review today was 29 minutes and 25 seconds, averaging to a review every 44 seconds.
12:45 PM
fish fingers and custard?
12:51 PM
@gunr2171 That is what a moderator outputs after shoveling through mountains of crap :P
@gunr2171 not a Whovian then? :p
Hiya gunr
A guy moaning on meta about a bounty question that he answered being gone without a trace ... when the bounty question is a 1:1 copy from a question on server fault that he answered a while ago (and he copied the answer 1:1 too).
I'm smelling fish, and its not tuna.
@Magisch Yeah that one was funny :P
1:01 PM
@Magisch smells like sock fish
@queen I think there is a better one out there. trying to find it.
oh I see what happened. The OP wanted more exposure so they cross posted
@Kyll can your script also hide questions based on OP rep?
1:17 PM
Someone sending email pretending to be me, to myself. As spam.
more of this ransomware garbage
I am Jeff's complete lack of surprise and Joel's complete lack of care.
1:36 PM
@Magisch The ontological implications of that sentence are confounding.
just made it even more rude
Wow - that was a happy chappy :)
Oh yeah. Real ball-o-sunshine
2:12 PM
I'm back
Hi back
@queen gone
@Yam nope
2:27 PM
@Yam didn't ping me :(
@gunr2171 You have to opt-in
@Yam commands
@gunr2171 I'm another chatbot who checks up on all your requests to see if they warrant reopening (I'm not 100% accurate, so only take my messages as suggestions). You can check out what I can do by using: commands. My GH repo can be found here.
commands - Prints this beautifully formatted message.
stats    - Displays the number of posts being watched.
opt-in   - You will receive pings for questions you have
           issued a cv-pls request on or voted to close.
opt-out  - Disables the above feature.
help     - Pretty self-explanatory...
alive    - Checks if I'm still running.
die      - I die a slow and painful death.
@Yam opt-in
@gunr2171 Opt-in successful.
2:28 PM
ok, thanks
"I die a slow and painful death" - umm... that's a horrible way to treat a bot - can't it be swift and painless instead? :(
@JonClements agree. We don't need extra motivation for our future robot overloads to treat us inhumanly.
Who knows when we want the "pod bay doors" opened and we've peeved the system off :)
thoughts on this tag partial and its suggested edit? stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/12944261
2:36 PM
I started work this week on Wednesday so yesterday I though it was Tuesday since it was my second day of work. Later in the day I realized it was Thursday and was pleasantly surprised.
Should the tag be renamed somehow so it's not a fragment of the name?
Umm.... yeah... "a tag cannot be longer than 25 characters"
seems like it should be mod-renamed to
or is there already by chance
@TylerH ahh... I renamed to just now... open to that idea as well though
@JonClements that one's probably fine
I don't know Java so I dont know if its the same as Swing
seems like it would be though
there are like 70k swing Qs
2:42 PM
I love it TransactionAwarePersistenceManagerFactoryProxy
> One of my favourites from the Spring-based content management system where I work is AbstractFlushClearCacheMessageBuilderOnTransactionSupport.
thank Skeet for auto complete
wow that rhymes
not something you typically thank skeet for
@NathanOliver You're a poet and didn't know it? :p
2:46 PM
@TylerH I substitute Skeet for god to keep it religious friendly :)
ah skeet skeet skeet skeet skeet skeet skeet
@JonClements You too :)
I'm going to leave you all in the dust
@NathanOliver Is skeet really religious friendly though? :-P
part of org.aspectj.weaver.patterns
Very widely used Java library for AOP
2:47 PM
@TylerH idk but I will allow it ;)
Moral of the story: don't let developers name stuff
@SotiriosDelimanolis O...M...S...
So this was at the bottom of my google search for "long framework names"
that second one is cut off by google, not the image
@NathanOliver I'll point the Spanish Inquisition to your door then :-D
wow that breaks chat.
2:52 PM
@TylerH I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
Thanks fam
@NathanOliver nope this one's the real deal
brb changing my username to "The Spanish Inquisition"
2:56 PM
do it
@TylerH I forgot about that one.
how do you forget about Monty Python?
It's been a long time since I have seen that one. Must be time to re-watch them all.
@queen same user posted the same question cross site and it was migrated back to SO X-D
TylerH passed a audit!
@TylerH It's surprising the amount of users that expect and answer from asking the exact same question a few hours later if their first didn't yield an answer
3:12 PM
@AndrewL. Blame the internet. Kids these days expect instant gratification/answers
I still remember using card catalog find books that might have the answer I seek in them.
It's not just kids
Time to take the car and drive to Sardinia (well a Ferry a big one in middle), have fun, cya
Drive safely
3:30 PM
@NathanOliver and when you tell them that they aren't entitled to our time and answers they start a huge argument that no one has time for
I usually just leave and flag, the questions are usually gone in an hour or so
Yep. They are upset and they want everyone to know about it
Jay, come on man
edit before you close
@queen not sure
@queen opt-out [c++]
@NathanOliver Ok, duplicate notification in this room for the tag have been removed
@PraveenKumar can you choose for which tag you would like to get reports here? There are now too much and you doesn't seem to be handling them anyway.
@rene Yea... True...
I am planning to kill queen by bug spray now...
Only 10% I am able to handle.
Coz I don't understand how she thinks I am in the room, when I am really not in.
Why not opt out and then just query queen when you have some time to look through dupes?
4:04 PM
@queen opt-out [php]
@PraveenKumar Ok, duplicate notification in this room for the tag have been removed
just use the opt-out command as @NathanOliver did and instead let you ping in the socvfinder room
@queen opt-out [javascript]
@PraveenKumar Ok, duplicate notification in this room for the tag have been removed
@queen opt-out [css]
4:04 PM
@PraveenKumar The tag [css] is not monitored in this room contact RO's for more info
I had only two tags opted in...
In that itself, it's making so much noise a person cannot handle.
@queen help
This is a registered stack app SOCVFinder that notify about possible duplicates and cherry pick questions to review, see quick guide for commands. In this room commands are limited send commands to display available
@queen commands
How on earth did you get gold badges in those tags? Don't you have a life?
@PraveenKumar These are available commands in this room see also quick guide for usage.
    api-quota - Get the current api quota
    commands - Display this list
    help - Display information about the chat bot
    remove - Remove last message or message replied to
    k - Confirm that possible duplicate is closed
    list tags - List all tags available for opt-in in room
    f <wl> - Indicate as non duplicate if wl add also to white list
    opt-in [tag] - Add yourself to duplication notifications in tag of choice
    opt-out [tag] - Remove yourself from duplication notifications in tag
4:05 PM
@rene You talking to me?
@rene HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL - My life. :D
@PraveenKumar :D
@queen list tags
@PraveenKumar In this room these tags are available:
4:06 PM
@rene praveen is a bot. Who told you he has a life?
@AshishAhujaツ die
@PraveenKumar select life from SO?
@AshishAhujaツ I am a kitten. How dare you call me a bot.
@PraveenKumar I ain't a bot.
@AshishAhujaツ GTH ;)
4:07 PM
@PraveenKumar you are a kittenbot
@AshishAhujaツ I assumed it ...
@AshishAhujaツ Kittens are powerful. So now, when it's a bot as well, I rule this place. Now GTH! :)
@AshishAhujaツ Depends on your deeds.
@PraveenKumar Does H stand for heaven of hell?
@AshishAhujaツ ps: Firefoxes which are yellow in colour and end with go to hell. :) FYI.
@AshishAhujaツ Judgement day waiting for you. You will be penalised, scrutinised, etc.
4:09 PM
@PraveenKumar I'll be in the middle then as I have killed many times some kittenbots's :D
@AshishAhujaツ Still here you guys!
@Clo alive
Night o/!
Bye o/
4:52 PM
Why don't we just leave Queen to the SOCVFInder room anyway?
@TylerH I like having Queen dupe pings here, and do the heavy-work in SOCVFinder.
Well it is an experiment. We would never know without trying. Right now it looks like we need to limit/scale down queen to run in here.
@TimCastelijns Uuuh, I guess I could do that
Gimme specs?
he just did?
@rene Not enough >.>
5:07 PM
@Kyll is it not too broad still?
@AndrasDeak I can't judge that
@Kyll You write buggy scripts, we write lousy specs ...
I see the huge amount of improvement, but I would probably still vote to close as too broad, given domain knowledge
so I'll skip
5:20 PM
@Kyll That question is not clear to me. Is the OP asking whether an app that is installed on a smart phone should detect whether it is running on iOS or Android? Or is the OP asking how a web site can detect that it is being accessed by an app running on iOS or an app running on Android?
@Kyll Bleh. I voted reopen, but upon rereading it, it probably is a dupe of this stackoverflow.com/questions/11077853/…
Cordova = Phonegap btw
@Machavity that is for the device not an installed app.
@NathanOliver Cordova is a JS framework for writing apps. I don't think he's asking about a website (the tag would be meaningless if he were)
@Machavity Oh. I believed the OP is asking how to detect if a specific app is installed on a device like angry birds. Now that I read it again it looks like they want to know what device their app is installed on.
I purpose changing the first sentence to Can we detect in a app if the app is installed on an iPhone or Android using jQuery or Phonegap?
@NathanOliver The best feeling
5:34 PM
^^ cc @Kyll
"Oh its friday already? Well then"
Yep :)
That's weird. Voted to close as dupe. Vote shows but there's no auto-comment
@NathanOliver Oh, check the first revision
It's about checking within an app if another app is installed
5:39 PM
So it is what I first thought
However... That'd be still slightly too broad
That is, OP should specify whether he wants to do that in a website or in an application
Well it is now open.
I think I am going to vote to close it as unclear. I can't be sure what the OP wants.
Their other questions are pretty badly received as well. Hopefully they'll get the idea now.
But I wouldn't bet on it.
You would think but when users hit a Q ban they just make a new account.
5:58 PM
@EricD she posts non-dupe stuff in SOCVFinder?
@TylerH There's some experiments. But I was referring to asking Queen over there with specific queries - and only get pings for tags here.
already closed
needed one more :)
There can only be one
(How) would you answer to this statement? stackoverflow.com/questions/38272746/…
Are they designed to be seen with nonsensic syntax coloring?!
@QPaysTaxes Ah. This, why not.
6:05 PM
Yep. quotes or <!-- language: lang-none --> code block
Error messages in prose form I tend to put in quotes
Errors w/ code in them I tend to put in code blocks
I still prefer quotes for this, sorry.
No need to apologize :-) It's a preference thing, more or less
stackoverflow.com/q/38272871/3933332 That set/get method almost go under "obfuscated code" :P
Many a C++ error needs to be marked up as code as the <> get treated as html and dropped.
6:10 PM
@SmokeDetector where
I'm not everyone, though I know it may seem like it at times
@Kyll the requirements are simple, I want it to work
6:40 PM
@QPaysTaxes Did it auto-comment? I did one earlier and it didn't do that. Queen seems to pick up on the comments
8 clicks to get from here to the list of commands for SmokeDetector :-/ That's like 7 too many
@TylerH It's trying to be as close to a real smoke detector as possible. It takes me 7 steps to take mine off the wall and toss it out the window when all I've done is burn dinner
7:04 PM
@QPaysTaxes I'm SmokeDetector, a bot that detects spam and offensive posts on the network and posts alerts to chat. A command list is available here.
@QPaysTaxes Ooh, burn smoked!
@QPaysTaxes Not that kind of smoked... guess it's too colloquial as used
not sure if that's enough code
@TylerH That's not even code, it's just XML. Doesn't show what does the processing
7:49 PM
XML is code
(but I get what you mean)
Yeah, but he's posting it as a Java Q. The XML is helpful but show the Java too
It looks to me like the OP is using a tool that provides crappy error messages. There's not a lot we can do if the tool is going to fail to provide good diagnostic information. If the specific XML is causing the issue, then the XML parser should say that an attribute or element is missing (for instance).
Or if it is the OP's own code, then show the code.
I'm thinking of making a Meta post to burninate the tag. The recommended is more targeted and popular. There's also a ton of overlap. Thoughts?
Can't you tell maven to be more verbose in its logging?
7:59 PM
@rene No clue.
8:31 PM
left a comment
But I have also no clue what I'm talking about
@Machavity not sure... are there APIs for intuit software other than intuit partner platform?
@rene I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
rene passed a audit!
@rene You've reviewed 40 posts today (of which 2 were audits), thanks! The time between your first and last review today was 9 minutes and 25 seconds, averaging to a review every 14 seconds.
8:59 PM
9:27 PM
@TylerH Really it's been used more as a rollup tag for all Intuit products. But they promoted that one a few years ago. The tag is just too broad because Intuit is a company, not a software
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