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7:00 PM
@rene Oh yeah, wrong reason for sure. Didn't look too hard if it's closable for other reasons (maybe it's a duplicate?)
@TheCodesee why do I have to look at an image when you also have stack snippets at your disposal?
@rene I tried using the snippet, but it wouldn't display anything
Great now It won't let me post a workaround.
@RyanBemrose synonyms are like tag redirects. It suggests that two tags are exactly the same but labeled differently. So if every instance of pc === windows then synonyms are better.
Hiya, Can we dispute (Looks OKay) this review? The post has been edited. Thanks
7:02 PM
@NathanOliver Their system won't let you comment on your report??
@Louis nope. It says I have to be logged in even though I am.
But in this case, I think general burnination is better. That's useful when tags are not helpful and even harmful. In this case, the concept of a "pc" is not helpful for programming questions. This is a tag that screams either "I belong on Super User" or "I don't know what my question is actually about".
@BhargavRao I think I did
@NathanOliver Baffling...
Well it is MS
7:05 PM
@rene Thanks for that.
@TheCodesee the console should be working ... you have been given a link by Kevin B, that holds the answer. I'm tempted to close vote it as a duplicate.
@TheCodesee you have an answer, it looks like they combined the info from the dupe with what you had.
7:15 PM
Flag got declined for off-topic (I'm pretty sure I flagged as 'seeking debugging help') was I wrong? stackoverflow.com/questions/38232708/…
@AndrewL. stackoverflow.com/review/close/12926341 ... 3x leave open in the CVQ
I'm not a django person, but I think that's just enough info to give an answer
"why is my syntax wrong"
@theB the question is basically asking 'debug for me pls'
On a simple syntax error
Just letting you know why the flag was declined. I make no value judgements on the question itself. I know somewhere between zero and no django.
Same here, but I feel like the question is a bit iffy (not directing anything at you)
7:23 PM
maybe django lives on iffy
sounds legit
7:35 PM
@AndrewL. Looks like a dupe to me, and I've voted accordingly.
@Louis Fixed the atrocious grammar on the target Q
8:16 PM
Q: should we [revert] this tag?

BreezeI stumbled upon the revert tag. There are currently 355 questions tagged with this tag. Tag description: Revert generally refers to operations that put a system, environment, or application into a previous state. The tag is used with a lot of different tags and seems to be highly ambigous,...

@SmokeDetector f - user has other post with no link seems legit (not Na since requesting link in question)
and the link points to open-source software
@PetterFriberg Where is the question asking for a link? It is asking "is there a way"?
Yeah more or less that a valid answer, he is giving a link to a way
@AndrasDeak That the link points to open-source software is 100% irrelevant.
8:19 PM
@Feeds no oneboxes. Didn't you read the rules?
@Louis I'd say 95%
@Louis You are free to flag and report as you like (for me its not NAA)
@PetterFriberg "Giving a link to a way" that's link-only. He'd have to explain how to use it.
a link to commercial software makes me want to flag a lot more eagerly
Well its a software that does it, strange to give a manuale to software....
8:21 PM
Who said "give a manual"? Giving an example of use would be enough.
probably the question should be closed... but I can't judge that, otherwise I would have sent cvs-pls
@Louis Try to comment
User seems legit maybe he will improve it...
SEQ needs a reject reason "Obvious audit"
8:34 PM
@RyanBemrose Who spend's time reading audits ; ) ?
Anyone here who is about to upvote or down vote on MSO? please let me know if you did (just now, or recently)
he?, rene is a bit strange lately... meta is making him nervous?, I wounder what he is up to...
He's set up a bot to track every up and downvote so that the appropriate level of revenge can be exacted, and he needs testers.
meh, someone claimed you could see who upvoted or downvoted ... hard to believe but if true it couldn't wait for action.
@rene how? who?
8:42 PM
@RyanBemrose ---strike---
@gunr2171 TY, lol.
@AndrasDeak very meta ... let's forget it
@rene OK
post for meta.meta.stackoverflow.com?
8:45 PM
I wounder if mods can see previous edits on comments?
@rene I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
@PetterFriberg I wanna say yes
but I can't remember why
@Rizier123 Did you? It doesn't say no oneboxes :-P
@PetterFriberg I say nope
@TylerH socvr.org/faq Rule 11.
Yeah I see some bad comments but within the edit time, they remove the swear words, its the secret way to insult people : )
8:48 PM
I recall that Jon said they only see the same as we do, that it is edited, but not the other revisions
hmm, need to get confirmation on that, otherwise I need to wait for the 5 min before flagging.
@Rizier123 Yeah, it doesn't say "no oneboxes" ;-)
It says "please refrain from using oneboxes/noisy formatting"
Moves @TylerH to ELU
That allows for some leeway for important stuff, like cat pics
@PetterFriberg no 5 min on comments
you can always edit them
8:51 PM
@rene Moves rene to Gardening.SE :-)
can't you?
@AndrasDeak no, try on one of your old ones...
I haven't had any coffee today
@AndrasDeak nooooo. Don't do that. Just drink a beverage of choice
there, no one's the wiser:P
@TylerH Does that count as "cute cat image" ''? :P
what movie is that from?
madagascar 3
madagascar 1
8:54 PM
@Rizier123 no cause it's a vermin not a feline
Did you know that zebras are black with white stripes?
@TylerH vermin?
I thought that he's a kind of monkey, like the lemurs
@TylerH A lemur isn't a vermin.
oops, that's not maurice
@Rizier123 that's not a lemur
I thought it was one.
8:55 PM
lemurs are greyscale
and they like to move it
@rene You've reviewed 40 posts today, thanks! The time between your first and last review today was 11 minutes and 18 seconds, averaging to a review every 16 seconds.
I am realllly tempted to reject this edit because of the edit comment. Is it completely unethical?
oh maurice is a lemur?
8:57 PM
in that case, no, cause it's a primate and not a feline
Hmmm....what are the odds that a question asked in October gets an answer at 19:32:57 and is accepted at 19:33:04 (same day)?
@AndrasDeak decent, depending on other factors
is the asker active each day?
@TylerH maurice is a lemur, but the linked image wasn't maurice:(
I've answered a 6 month old question that got accepted later that day
later that day, yes
within 10 seconds?
8:58 PM
technically yours was later that day too
OP notices notification -> navigates -> reads
within 7 seconds there's some concern for legitimacy
asker's last post was on June 27
OP notify, what the heck I already solved this, checks accepts...
I don't think you can say rules were broken without seeing the IP addresses. You can only safely assume OP didn't read the answer
8:59 PM
I'm only wondering whether to modflag...
so "not working as intended, but not technically illegal"
kind of like Hillary Clinton's e-mail scandal thing
I think I'll modflag
worst that can happen is I get declined
I've been gathering those anyway since I've been looking at NATO
And then you're marked by the system and it will auto flag your mod flags as "probably should decline this" >:-)
@AndrasDeak btw that was Mort right?
9:02 PM
@TylerH Yes
it would seem so, yes
I have been testing what mods think on different flags, so also collecting some decline... : )
@AndrasDeak Mort's a mouse lemur
ah, nice
those racist lemurs only accept their own kind then
@AndrasDeak See I said it was a lemur! ;_;
9:03 PM
I only like the ring-tailed lemurs
those are the ones that really like to move it
@TylerH aaaaaaaaw
that's the one with those weird humanlike fingers, right?
I suppose
okay well now I'm not sleeping tonight
9:11 PM
I'm going to get tired of those jokes soon...
de nada
@AndrasDeak you better ping rene get priv...
I'm still contemplating it
its good you can remove non spam posts before some new users start to flag it....
I see that I'd often miss proper feedback
and I'm not confident enough in my humility (heh) to refrain from giving feedback when unsure
1 hour later…
10:34 PM
@JonClements Thank you, that is awesome.
Anyone know how to put a single backslash into a backtick code block?
I see the space there. You did the same thing I did
> theB has approved 59 edit suggestions and rejected 288 edit suggestions and improved 47 edit suggestions
I'm far too nice
The edit was rejectable then for being too minor
Or am I just a bastard?
11:07 PM
@theB For some reason, double backtick, backslash, double backtick works. I'm not even going to try to actually format the thing, but this: \ should show the results.
@JoshCaswell Thank you, you're awesome
@JonClements Very nice, I was going to ask you
2 hours ago, by Petter Friberg
I wounder if mods can see previous edits on comments?
Sure thing, @theB.
finally a jasper report with bounty...... that's nice!!!
hee, I like reporting you can post these nice images
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