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12:01 AM
Why is it every suggested edit review audit that I get reads like somebody used a Bayesian algorithm to randomly splice two totally unrelated posts?
12:30 AM
Would this question be considered off-topic? stackoverflow.com/questions/38208297/… Seems like a question for like super user
1 hour later…
1:49 AM
Something like that ^ ?
I can get that when posting the same thing twice.
Strike that, I get it when trying to post 2 things fast by the look of it.
Must be rate limiting.
2 hours later…
3:34 AM
@QPaysTaxes Morning!
@QPaysTaxes How do you retry??
> I wrote a script that retries automatically for you
Lol. How does Caprica do it?
@QPaysTaxes The bot in the JS chat room - She's very smart and can even respond to edits in your command.
3:51 AM
Can somebody help me out?
Somebody just blatantly coped my answer
@Jasch1 Flag it as plagiarism and include the link to the original in the custom flag reason?
I did that
No attention yet
There don't appear to be any active moderators here ATM.
Mods handle thousands of flags per day. And a custom flag even takes more time to read and process it. So give it some time.
4:20 AM
get the flags on that last one ^^
^^ that offensive post is still sitting there ^^
4:39 AM
trying to get more flags, still on site
Sorry, but I can't flag it again.
@RyanBemrose no I'm surprised there's not been enough flags to delete it, Mustn't be many of us around
This is the packers and movers spam in disguise! — Yvette 12 secs ago
Why is </a> part of the match?
6:06 AM
@Yvette - How is Ada doing?.
7:04 AM
@TheLostMind I have not worked on her since that time ages ago, I have a a lot of work on (which is good!!)
how are you?
I am looking to recruit people who want to take her over. Unless I run out of work (please god no) or it slows down, I won't have time
Anyone want to work on a C# bot for duplicates ??
@rene ^^
7:27 AM
@Yvette Hmm, I'll have a peek at the codebase and see if I can be of any help. No promises though...
Hey @rene
If you care, that help about the VBA image processing went live last week, and is now supposedly working fine
OK, I'll send in my bill ... ;)
Did you end-up writing your own PNG encoder?
@rene No I ended up wiring it via a server side app using a version of GDI+ to compress
I did include some attribution for you and theB though
@Magisch Ah, that will work
@Magisch \o/
7:32 AM
And I gave the guy whose initial answer I useed to capture the image a 100 pt bounty on his answer
@rene ' Code adaptiert von http://stackoverflow.com/a/2457169/5389107 mit Hilfe der User http://stackoverflow.com/users/5240004/theb und http://stackoverflow.com/users/578411/rene auf StackOverflow. Server side code adaptiert von http://stackoverflow.com/a/12817407/5389107
Vielen Dank!
I'm going to make an auto-comment for when someone advises another SE without linking to their help center or reminding them not to copy/paste... See source, target
@Kyll new script works gud
@TimCastelijns Niiiice
what happens if I flag this NAA stackoverflow.com/a/29846623/1843331
7:46 AM
Hey, thanks for the comment here @Kyll: stackoverflow.com/questions/38194366/… :)
There's a tag related question here that could use some love and/or input: meta.stackoverflow.com/q/327457/3296811
@gunr2171 !>stop now actually works
@Quill Glad to help :D
what the heck two in one click?
7:59 AM
@rene thumbs up
totally unrealted
Finally killed last report
@Kyll don't you mean "Kylled"?
OMG Queen! :P
8:14 AM
@PraveenKumar You have to many hammers : ),
@PetterFriberg I know..
@gunr2171 You can't deny how comfy it is.
I wonder if @Kyll Makes a nice furry pillow
@Magisch For 0.2 seconds, yes. Then you're speared in the eardrum.
@Kyll Are you a spearrel or Paul?
8:19 AM
@PraveenKumar Why choose?
@Kyll Coz I am bored to hell and wanna trouble some spearrels... :D
@SmokeDetector poof
8:34 AM
@PraveenKumar, hmm black list??, user with rep, probably self deleted
@PetterFriberg Yea... But why? Looks suspicious.
meeh cat on keyboard..., we are pretty tolerant.
@PraveenKumar why did you edit that?
@PetterFriberg I am a kitten... I am not cat tolerant.
@JonClements Make a mark! Remove grace period. I was about to mod flag, but I thought that would be too much. Right? Still, suspicious.
please don't - if it's going to end up on the road to deletion for whatever - don't edit it.
8:38 AM
@JonClements I won't. But seriously. Why? Garbage posting and editing? FGITW?
hmm I do not agree on black listing that user (he/she as other answers), but I guess its up to RO to decide
@PraveenKumar if the post reaches the spam/offensive/abusive threshold in flags its content is hidden anyway...
@PetterFriberg Agreed
FYI I also saw @Yvette blacklisting
@JonClements I don't understand...
8:41 AM
@PraveenKumar if something is on its way to being deleted and there's no other path for it to go down - don't edit
@Yvette, I just wanted to ping so you knew (my last message seems like I'm pointing at you, sorry)
@JonClements Okay...
@PraveenKumar there is always metasmoke... ; )
@JonClements One simple question. I am a high rep user. I know all the tricks here. I wanna answer a highly answerable question (a question that might get **** load of answers). I wanna be the first answerer. So I answer it as blah blah blue blue and press answer and quickly delete it. Within the 5 min window, I am adding an awesome answer utilizing all the 5 mins. So ultimately, I am the one who answered first, with a good answer, and no edits or post history! :P
^ That could be the intention of the poster right?
@PetterFriberg Oh yea! :P
@PraveenKumar, I think you only can assume this if you see repeated behavior, you could also assume he was thinking of answering, but the battery of the keyboard ended, it started typing by it self... or just the usual cat that jumped on the keyboard...
8:56 AM
@PetterFriberg Mate! :P That kitten is me! :P We shouldn't blame cats. So no! :P
well, then in general we should try to assume as little as possibile.. specially if we abusive/spam flag a post... but this is just my set of ides... @Kyll had a nice boomark when shog9 was explaining this.
@PetterFriberg It's an SOCVR bookmark actually, hold on...
@PraveenKumar However its ok to report it as tp to smokey the only problem I saw was the that the k do tpu (hence it also blacklist user)
this I think is to much but again its just my idea...
@PetterFriberg :) :) Let's see what's his intentions are... :D

Shog's point on flagging gibberish

Nov 5 '15 at 17:45, 12 minutes total – 35 messages, 5 users, 10 stars

Bookmarked Nov 5 '15 at 18:06 by Kyll

^ That?
9:01 AM
@PetterFriberg what's the link?
@Yvette we are discussing if it is correct to blacklist users to....
@PetterFriberg oh yeh a close call, a user for 14 days misbehaving won't kill us to bl the user or not
Could someone update me on the current debate?
@Kyll its a user with rep, so according to bookmark only NAA flag, what is correct to report to smokey?, n? or tp?, I could agree that tp can be correct (it is worth catching), but tpu (blacklisting seems to hard), anyway not so important : )
@PetterFriberg yep technically that is correct
9:11 AM
but I didn't check the rep
so made a mistake
user is now removed from bl
@PetterFriberg If it's not abuse, n. I'd go n in that case.
Yeah, not of fundamental importance (looking at the big picture), but thanks Yvette
@Kyll Yeah maybe but smokey is tricky.. not sure its correct, I think it is as "rage edit", hence no flag but tp
@PetterFriberg Oh, yeah
9:19 AM
Actually I was mostly worried that SOCVR blacklisted user not correctly, but since also charachol did we are home-free : )
@PetterFriberg Jokes on you, I'm in both teams
I know, so you always take the blame : ), well actually I was worried that charachol would not like it, hence the previous episodes. (we need to be more careful here)
@PetterFriberg I misread "alcohol" in the middle of your sentence, read it fully, was disappointed
Oh boy, Plop Andras and TLM!
How do you call the part at the end of a letter where you say stuff like good-byes and polite salutations?
@Yvette - Ah I see. I have been quite busy myself (one look at my rep tab will make it obsequious :P). I am looking to work on bots / things in Java.
@Kyll et.al. Plop
@TheLostMind if you can code in java you can code in C# :)
9:30 AM
@Yvette - I am kinda ambivalent about that.. The concepts are the same (probably?) but the syntax <*runs and hides behind kyll*>
A valediction!
@TheLostMind seriously very similar. I once answered a C# question in java or the other way around LOL
@TheLostMind bots nice, what will it do?
@Kyll what are you rabbitting squirrelling on about?
@Yvette Searching for an informal way to end a letter dear Yvette
9:32 AM
@Yvette I agree same stuff, just replace extends with : and some other minor stuff ...
@Yvette - lol. I took both C# and Java in the same semester in college. Guess where did I put println and writeLine? :P
Hey Yvette
@PetterFriberg yep
@Yvette Can you translate aussie <-> english for me?
@Magisch yep
9:33 AM
that means yes btw ;)
@PetterFriberg - Stuff like kicking people and abusing them. A "rogue" bot :P
@TheLostMind That sounds fun running under mod account!!, just delete all...
I assume (?) that that was aussie?
Lol. @PetterFriberg - Na. That wouldn't work
are you using Tuna's lib?
9:35 AM
@Magisch sounds like something an aussie would say, but I'm need context, were you asking them to do something?
Randomly in server chat
Could have been part of an ongoing conversation between a couple, both of which play on the server
I'm mainly interested cause I want to know if its nsfw language, which is disallowed on the server
@PetterFriberg - Not really. I haven't even started. I said - I wanted to :P. Can you tell me where I can find Tuna's lib?. I will try to play a little with it
wait I will search
@Magisch it sounds extremely crude
9:38 AM
@PetterFriberg -Awesome. Thanks
Alright then, definitely nsfw
so extremely crude yes
I was checking that the person wasn't asked about something else, but if you suspect nsfw then yes, that would be what it means
@TheLostMind Do you mind purging that from the transcript?
and it's unlikely to be a woman, it would be a bloke pretending to be a woman. Being crass and nasty
9:40 AM
@Magisch that link is strange, what are you pointing to?
Someone is getting a 3d mute when I get home
@Yvette The original statement, which TLM purged
ah and my comments about it please
I think they're gone
thanks @TheLostMind
9:42 AM
ok I gotta get back to work, nice to chat :)
@Yvette "work"
Have fun
@Kyll yeh it really is, but then the good side of that is the money :D
StackExchange giveth (Makes work easier due to good questions) and taketh away (Procrastination HQ)
9:47 AM
@Magisch Shaddup and take my stars already
^bad comment target, not any there yet... but risky stuff...
@PetterFriberg Lobotomised
10:40 AM
@Yam Yeah I have already commented.. to unclear for english SO
> I think the downvote is due to having 5 questions rather than one and all 5 being somewhat Off Topic
Not constructive / offensive??, you should vote on posts?
^ It's constructive as it provides an explanation as to why the downvotes occurred
@Yam No.
@PetterFriberg Link?
Can't say that without context
^ Fine by me
10:44 AM
Yeah maybe but it states that we vote by user, hence you are a bad user, not your post is bad...
@PetterFriberg How?
to tell the truth I can find a similar comment in bluefeet's offensive feed : )
Its about the post. They downvoted the post because the post contains 5 seperate generic questions rather then one
@PetterFriberg What? How so?
It doesn't say "The downvotes are because you look ugly"
It's only because the post is bad
"the downvote is due to having 5 questions rather than one and all 5 being somewhat Off Topic"
10:46 AM
Well yeah
5 questions in the post
Not 5 questions as a user
@Kyll aa ok, sorry did not get that thanks perfect, then I agree
Oh hey
Didn't notice Yam had a tie now
@Sam Who did he murder for that?
11:02 AM
@Kyll Uh
He didn't say
Also, hiya
Plop Sam
Hiya Sam
Hey @Sam
I just noticed bluefeet was here
11:11 AM
@Magisch It's not uncommon for diamonds to lurk around
@Kyll Bluefeet isn't a diamond, but a SE employee
Isn't that just a better kind of diamond?
@Magisch what does this mean according to you "DoErsteKarteRestpreisNotNull" its an error from a parking machine
@Kyll Oh? I have to revert some down votes then ... but you're still ugly ...
@rene Haha, ouch
11:17 AM
@PetterFriberg Whut
This is some gross misuse of german
An unholy union of german and english keywords
@PetterFriberg your first ticket has as null value in its rest price. Basically you're screwed ...
ok thanks
@rene no
@PetterFriberg "DoFirstTicketRemainingPriceNotNull"
I have this strange error in a parking machine (Austrians), it never activates the POS
What is a First ticket?
11:19 AM
I do not know what thet mean by first, probably the parking ticket
Full error is
CGfB::DoErsteKarteRestpreisNotNull() Timeout for 1st payment NOT started
@PetterFriberg Ahh
Thats more clear
The function is a function that runs while the remaining price on the current(first) ticket isn't paid yet (reduced to null)[Null = 0 in German language]
It probably wants you to set a timeout
so that after x seconds of not paying, the machine assumes the customer is gone
@Magisch Thanks, well there are 1000 machines running with same dll, (they sent me log since terminal does not activate... I do not set timeout I only command payment terminal, when they like it to turn it on). So probably there is a problem in the configuration of the payment macchine.
Most likely
hence lets just pass this back to the Austrians ; )
But that is some real awful function naming for whoever made this
11:25 AM
yeah no Kyll : )
and heck all in german... you should see the mess. thats one out of 1000
java.lang.KyllNotFoundException: Source code contains insufficient mentions of "Kyll"
Is this question really appropiate for Stack Overflow? I'd have thought CS.SE would be a better fit but then I don't know about FPGAs...
@cybermonkey seems a good fit for Stack Overflow.
11:30 AM
Plop Ashish
@cybermonkey I see code/program, so yes
@cybermonkey It may very well be possible that CS.SE would be a better fit. I've not used that site, so I don't know. But it is a programming question, so it is fine on SO. Unfortunately, the overlap between topicness of the sites sometimes means that people will post questions on a site that is not necessarily the optimal one but as I recall we do not close because of this.
everything he ^ says ...
11:42 AM
Plop Nathan, how are you doing? I hope all the rocketing and bloodshed didn't get to your head
Plop @NathanOliver!
11:53 AM
@theB I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
theB passed a audit!
oh look at that closey is running
Is closey all better?
Nobody knows. Ask @Yam
@Clo alive
@Magisch I'm not dead yet!
@Yam die
11:57 AM
@Closey status
SOCVR Chatbot, running at Sam's Backup Server, version d2070ce5 on master, running for 2 days, 17 hours, 28 minutes, and 35 seconds (tracking latency 2349ms).
@Magisch You must be a room owner or moderator to kill me. Please contact your local Sam for further assistance.
It is running in Sam's closet
@Kyll I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
11:58 AM
Kyll passed an audit!
Ah, there we go
theB passed a audit!
@rene There's a small issue with the CV queue shortcut script. I know how to fix it technically, but I don't know where I'd place the small line to get the fix
OK? And .... ?
12:02 PM
@Kyll - are you talking about selecting a custom off topic reason?
@Kyll I'm not sure you want rene to tell you where to put it ;)
that ^
And I'd need some help in knowing where to put it.
put it in the script
Basically, for some reason, the ' key (4 on an Azerty keyboard) is also the shortcut for "Quick-find (link-only)" on Firefox
So it just needs a preventDefault
Issue is, you have handlers in cascade which don't return any info on whether they actually used the key or not
So how can I know if I should preventDefault or not?
12:06 PM
@rene what do you think of the scaffolded code that VS does for controller and views using EF in mvc?
@Yam Still unclear
@Yvette I used it ... once? and then always build it by hand
@rene yes, but why?
do you take your EF code out of the controller and put it in a separate class?
12:09 PM
how do you find this affects the scalability of projects?
and why
@Yvette it affects separation of concerns. It might help in scalability if that gets added as an aftermath.
@rene Uh, never mind. This weird shortcut behaviour actually short-circuits DOM events. Guess I'll just configure Firefox to stop being stoopid.
@Kyll It has that option? ;)
I do nothing, problem solved
12:14 PM
@NathanOliver It haz all deh options
@theB You've reviewed 40 posts today (of which 3 were audits), thanks! The time between your first and last review today was 21 minutes and 31 seconds, averaging to a review every 32 seconds.
@Yam still trash
.... I actually need to use an add-on to change the shortcuts -_-
12:26 PM
Is the main site slow for anyone else?
nope (italy)
12:45 PM
> No. Ever wonder why people arn't logging in anymore??
Pretty sure it ain't happening, but yeah okay
@Kyll The close list dipped 0.01%. Didn't you notice?
meeh probably spam, but we could remove the link and maybe flag as VLQ
Link has nothing to do with the question or answer
well it has a sitemap.... but ... ok
12:58 PM
@PetterFriberg It is a very poor answer and undisclosed affiliation so I went with spam.
@NathanOliver hmm "like i have generated", and profile it states who he is....

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