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12:01 AM
Should I flag LOAs with VLQ flags?
@Sam yeah... I figured that part is useful, just not that that would be the only useful part
@AndrewL. what are LOAs?
@NobodyNada Link Only Answers
@AndrewL. NAA's
telling people where to find apples isn't a apple
Is there a difference between flagging as NAA and VLQ? Don't they both go to the same queue?
Thanks. Some guy asked an off-topic question asking for a recommendation. A person answered with a link so I flagged it.
12:06 AM
Seems to me like there's been a sudden influx of bad questions
you mean just now, or over time?
And a lot of rep-whores
No, just recently. A big spike
Every time I refresh on mobile, there is at least one with no code or an assignment, code with no explanation, or something off-topic
@AndrewL. Where?
Let's close them all!
12:34 AM
@Tunaki I have lots of pending flags, can you go to the low IQ review Q please? Now!! if he's asleep someone wake him up
does anyone remember Tunaki ordering us to review his flags?
@PraveenKumar Been working at it. Becomes second nature after a while to click the post then flag. Just look at some recent questions. Just now there was one on career advice
@AndrewL. Sure..
12:53 AM
@Machavity Eh, it's giving the question what it wants. Vote to delete the question instead.
@PraveenKumar did you want me to let you know when I finished the userscript? Can't remember ><
Can bin it then I guess
@JacobGray Yes... :)
@PraveenKumar Here is the current version, it is operable anyway :D github.com/Jacob-Gray/SE-Userscripts/blob/master/current/…
@JacobGray :)
12:59 AM
It'll notify you of new updates
Will try and let you know.
And... Forgot that the file had to end with user.js... github.com/Jacob-Gray/SE-Userscripts/blob/master/current/…
Is Closey alive?
Nope, she ded
1:17 AM
Did you guys see that durron was back on meta?
Bye everyone; I likely won't be here for a while (possibly a couple weeks)
@NobodyNada :(
I may get a chance to talk occasionally, but I'm not sure. I'm going on a trip to Spokane for the 4th.
Oh cool!
Well, have fun
I'll make lots of "nobody respects Undo" jokes in your honor
1:33 AM
the question is asking how to protect from lucky patcher and the answer is advertising lucky patcher and the link is to download lucky patcher, can we have some flags please
It's already gone though
it took me that long to write the blinking comment LOLOL
Also, I like your comment
"Welcome to Stack Overflow! This is spam, flag it as spam."
@QPaysTaxes hehehe yeh
I tired to get rid of it in my auto comments and it came back, so I've embraced the spam welcomer auto comment :D
IMO, question is too broad.
1:37 AM
@AlexanderO'Mara yes I agree
I'm looking at the starred posts in here and none match my meta post dedicated to blackmailing SE with an ultimatum that the OP would quit if my account wasn't suspended. :D
That's such a bad answer but it's technically not link-only
well hello @Undo we meet again whistling sounds of show down at the ok corral
Why does Firefox work but Skype doesn't?
Stupid airplane wifi
@QPaysTaxes well I'll get a declined flag. I thought it was a link only.. Use this, --> link
@Yvette It says "Here's why it doesn't work, see more info at [link]"
It's an answer, it's just a terrible one.
1:45 AM
well low Q then?
@QPaysTaxes Because Skype barely works to begin with?
grr skype
I thought VLQ was for things like "Welllllll if you the JSON grammar see for then you shall possible to know is bad a illegal, see [link]"
@AlexanderO'Mara True but my boyfriend doesn't wanna install Discord or... the other one, so I can't use them
Skype crashes very nearly every time my graphics card switches, plus randomly all the time.
I've never had Skype crash on me
Then again, I have integrated graphics and Windows
1:48 AM
No problems with Discord so far, and thankfully I just got off Skype completely.
2:10 AM
3:28 AM
For my alert userscript, should I notify about the cv-pls and smoke detector on the current chat page?
Or only new ones, since that could get really annoying
3:42 AM
Q: Should the [pipeline] be plugged

DijkgraafThere is tag pipeline that currently has 1180 questions. Q1. Does it describe the contents of the questions to which it is applied? and is it unambiguous? A1. It is being used for a variety of different pipelines. Jenkins Pipelines BizTalk Pipelines PHP/Ubuntu Go R Scrapy And that is just ...

4:13 AM
@tripleee we should clean the email tag
@Braiam uh, sounds ambitious (-:
wow, that was quick!
4:29 AM
@NathanOliver Ha! Like I don't end up in the top spot most of the time =p
right behind Madara
4:51 AM
Is there a close reason for "What you're asking is impossible"?
@RyanBemrose no, that's an answer
^^ - true that
5:21 AM
@ρяσѕρєяK Don't forget to [tag:cv-pls] for our bots
@Kyll ok, next time i will do
Is it possible to dup to a SuperUser question. Probably no.
5:38 AM
@RyanBemrose Nope, cross-site dupes are not a thing
Plop Ashish
I'm feeling really weird on a windows laptop...
5:56 AM
Ew =p
6:06 AM
Plop @Mag!
How is this a Known-Bad audit for the LQP queue?
@Magisch screenshot? cannot see post as it is deleted
6:24 AM
@Magisch that looks like a bad audit to me. Why did you click to delete?
because it was an audit
@Magisch ?? I mean to say that would you vote to delete if it wasn't an audit?
@AshishAhujaツ No
I would have "Looked OK" that, but I don't deliberately fail audits
@Magisch I also think that that is a bad audit. But we can't do anything about it can we?
It was self deleted by owner, maybe these shouldn't be audits?
I'll ask a meta about it
6:27 AM
@Magisch alright
@Magisch looks like, based on the comment, that the user was mobbed by posting spam.
Why does it even become an audit though
its self deleted
@Magisch I think they don't care about self-deletion or not, the -2 and probably no upvotes makes it eligible
If you don't spot this audit based on surrounding details, this one is unpassable
How do you spot audits before answering? I can often tell if I click through to the post page, but I don't feel like it's worth doing that on every review.
6:41 AM
You get a sense for audits after reviewing a couple thousand posts
Or you can use @rene 's cheat code
@Magisch Yes, I can imagine that would be so.
I'm not even sure what the penalty is for failing an audit, beyond the personal shame of having to click that sanctimonious "I understand" button.
@RyanBemrose If you fail too many in a certain time frame, you get review banned temporarily
And the review ban increments in time once you get banned multiple times, and after a full month without getting review banned, the ban clock resets
6:58 AM
Q: How To Make an AutoBuy Script For FlashSales

ASrock StudioThese Days in India Most Of The Products Sold By The E-Commerce Websites are Through Flash Sales. Flash Sales - A mode of selling online Where We have To Get register For the Specific Product and Be Online Before The sale Date and hit The Buy Now Button as soon as the Timer Reaches 0. But Tru...

I would not blame any of you for marking this as spam. My god it's almost indistinguishable from actual spam
I'm back
@BoltClock That
Actually I would probably flag that as spam. Maybe. Idk
Guten tag herr closers \o
175 is hexadecimal AF
@Yvette Yes ma'am.
Hiya o/
7:11 AM
Plop @Tuna!
@Yam not for the better
@Yam no reason to re-open
Oh BoltClock was here
@Kyll and is still here..
7:27 AM
@Kyll yep, and they one-boxed >:-(
@rene Yeah, I made a note that freakish pyro diamonds can actually one-box
And they didn't even water rene
Oh the humanity
@BoltClock please keep in mind we have a no one-box policy in this room, specially if they are questions on main that might or might not need moderation.
I took the risk ....
Goodbye all ...
7:32 AM
@rene and got kicked... :D
Oops... 3 sec difference
@Madara Hey, think you could take on BoltClock as pyro? I would pay to see that.
@Kyll rip my ping
Wait, Pyro vs Pyro? It'd just end in dancing or high fives or something
@BoltClock Madara plays Demoknight, or should I say Demoking with his freakish skillz
I can barely survive encountering him once he's popped a few heads in pubs
Yeah I'm not terrific against Demoknights
This spam isn't still nuked!
It is a record for SO kind of
7:39 AM
@AshishAhujaツ We sometimes saw years-old spam
@Kyll on SO?
@BoltClock Oh yeah, Singapore. This would make things difficult.
@Kyll That is only because the community thinks it is not spam. I am talking about the clear spam like the "SAP ONLINE TRAINING".
@Kyll Didn't stop me from reflect killing a froyotech member in a US Valve server...
@BoltClock what happened to your old gravatar?
7:42 AM
@AshishAhujaツ this is my old gravatar
@BoltClock huh? I clearly remember you had another one some time ago
Yeah that was newer. This is older
@AshishAhujaツ You can't ninja a gravatar, remember.
This gravatar is like 4 years old now
@BoltClock oh alright
7:44 AM
And Hiya @Bolt @Ash @ren @Kyl \o/
Nohiya @Kay
@Kyll probably not
@Mad \o
@MadaraUchiha that flag ಠ_ಠ
A good pyro is the perfect counter to my demoman
7:45 AM
@MadaraUchiha come'on. Do it!
Good pyros are pretty much immortal
@BoltClock can't see , mobile
What game are you guys even talking about
Hey mad
@Magisch TF2
@MadaraUchiha Btw Are you playing Overwatch on european servers?
I am, yes
We should play together sometime :o
What level are you?
@MadaraUchiha alive
7:50 AM
@Kyll I can stream the many deaths of me for you to revel in
@Magisch he was killed in the pyro vs pyro battle :(
Am now
@Magisch 43~45
@MadaraUchiha I'm 53
I generally only play at weekends because that's when I have access to my better PC
But I suppose you're still way better then me
7:53 AM
@BoltClock I'd rather be the Scout puncturing you, or the medic unfairly pocketing you =p
@Kyll rip your ping
@BoltClock I've got optic fibre, maybe it will handle it
Well, I guess it's not going to be a problem if you go Scout
@Kyll I don't actually know if we've added each other but add me, same user
Sure, let me just boot Steam
gently pushes the discussion towards the ministry
8:01 AM
@MadaraUchiha I wondered when rene would, I guess he is afraid of fire
y'all gonna get rene'd for this don't worry :(
Also in case we need the new acronym: is it getting Bolt'd or Clock'd ?
@kayess Rainbowed as per the pyro's theme
Either that or Incinerated
@Tunaki what took you so long hands on hips
@BoltClock hello don't see you in here often
I'm in the middle of creating a billion ViewModels, no lie
8:07 AM
@Yvette woowoo howdy \o, what's the use case of billion viewmodels?
@Pet \o
@kayess well maybe a zillion
Gone soon... ☺
Does mean anything in CS / programming?
@Kyll the tag wiki talks about rule engines, i.e. some sort of inference framework
8:13 AM
Oh, right. Duh.
the actual questions seem to be all over the place, though
@tripleee May need a clean-up yeah
I'm back
@Yvette so what's the use case behind that move ?
@kayess it's a joke :D
8:23 AM
@Yvette I want tech details not jokes :-o
@kayess so sorry bows head in shame
@Yvette Sorry ma'am.
I can kick the ones not welcoming me.
@Tunaki I have 28 waiting review mister
8:26 AM
@Tunaki oops You are most welcome here @Tuna :)
@Tuna is pinching a fit again
@AshishAhujaツ :)
@Magisch Repost alert!
@Magisch All dem star baits
I want some stars!
@Yvette post some jokes, get some stars
8:30 AM
@Yvette You're hitting NATO?
@Tunaki Bring it on :)
@Tunaki I may be keeps cards close to chest
@JonClements well hello there J
Greetings :)
hides from puppy
Hiya :)
@AshishAhujaツ nup too lazy, came in here to use up all my close votes and abuse Tunaki
8:33 AM
@Yvette abuse @Tunaki? Well you'll get kicked then...
ehhh, I think I did ok
yikes! a one box
@BoltClock Was your monitor on?
Dang, that medic was credit to team
@Kyll He wasn't always a medic
The medic and heavy actually switched roles
either way
8:52 AM
@Yam na
@Tunaki Holly smoke that dupe, SO need to have purposed it while typing title on questions.... need to test
well you get a lot of similare questions, but the problem is that a lot is not java.. SO should really improve this part...
tags help
Yeah but you input tags after writing the question... to late
9:12 AM
no idea
@Yvette , @QPaysTaxes - FYI - stackoverflow.com/questions/38078367/…
9:34 AM
My recent cv pls is not valid anymore
@Tuna can you delete it
@kayess gone
I'm going to Italy for a week, so get ready to be kay'd :p
You should totally visit petter
your welcome, to pass by my house, I can offer ya some nice wine
9:35 AM
(don't drink the wine)
cough poison cough
then beer... or some orange juice : )
@kayess Looks fine for me.
@PetterFriberg Wow - that's a potty mouth user :)
@JonClements Yeah he was hitting a lot of regex : )
Since Tuna and Kyll are sleeping needed some help..
9:45 AM
@JonClements Screenshot plz?
What did the user comment?
@kayess Yep. Also did an POB CV on it
@PetterFriberg LoL. Seriously?
Scored top on everything Regex:true NaiveBayes:1.00 Open NLP:1.00 !
@TimCastelijns TY!
@PraveenKumar the comments don't need to be repeated :)
9:46 AM
@JonClements :'( :'( Once? :P
BTW, I have imported some lot comments to AutoReviewComment addon via the import/export tab saved it, but it looses them after browser restart. What do I miss here?
@PraveenKumar They where not very inventive, you did not miss much the usual swear words in sequence
@PetterFriberg I am filling up my swear DB! :P
well the usual ones... nothing new...
@kayess Sorry no idea. I always type out my comments like a dumbass
9:55 AM
@JonClements I see user suspended, when we see a lot of them on same post is it better to raise custom mod flag or we just go ahead flagging them all?
I know Kyll have been raising a few...
@TimCastelijns Thanks, trying out a way to see if it works loading from remote jsonp
Are questions that cannot be answered because info is missing closeable?
I see a lot of question like it. please don't downvote it. — mostafa8026 1 min ago
How do we educate OP in case?
@PetterFriberg Good question. In cases where it doesn't get nuked from the regex stuff - we'll see and handle the flag in the mod queue. What can happen is where they get auto-nuked, users may flag and get rid of the comment that they see unaware that's not the only comment. So, I guess if you want to and you've noticed it's not a one-off, then raise an "other" flag so we're aware and can also check the user's history (including deleted comments) to see if anything needs doing.
@kayess Tell him that other similar questions escaping closure does not mean that his Q is not off topic, and that it's not about having patience. Even though someone might answer the Q, fact is that it does not belong on SO
10:03 AM
Ok thanks
And that he is welcome to point us to those other questions so we might close those as well
And that he should not ask people to refrain from downvoting his question
@kayess you will handle it?
@kayess Comment and be comprehensive I guess.
meh? why?
10:11 AM
Oh yeah, known spam on Metasmoke (metasmoke.erwaysoftware.com/…)
just edit out link?
It's spam, go for the nuke
And nuked
@kayess For what it's worth, remember to insist on the fact that duplicating posts across the network is not well-seen at all and that OP should tailor their post to each community. Copy/pastes are so annoying =/
@Kyll First of all, why should they spam?
10:13 AM
@PraveenKumar What?
@Kyll Main intention for them is to push the links inside the SO site... Why? They should ****in clearly know that spam is not tolerated even at a simple level. Still they do ****.
I'm only here for 5 minutes
Plop @durron597!
10:15 AM
dem 5 best minutsh of teh day
@Kyll What's DURRON? Mind plopping me?
I'm only here because y'all were naughty and deleted a question that should have been saved
Aw, were we now?
@durron597 which one?
10:16 AM
Q: Can we rescue the information in this question somehow?

durron597This question was deleted: Can I dynamically call a LGPL/GPL software in my closed-source application? I agree that it is off topic for SO, there is no denying that. However, it is linked to in the Programmers.SE Legal Question FAQ. Can we rescue the question in some way please? There are a co...

@durron597 one-box alert!
it's already undeleted but doing so un-burninated
are one-boxes banned in here now?
@durron597 Not for everyone, I've been told
@durron597 yup.
@Kyll not for whom?
@AshishAhujaツ well my name is in italics, i think i'll be okay
10:17 AM
@durron597 oh. You're an RO. Totally missed that.
@durron597 nah you're allowed 1 per day
anyway i just wanted to ask that you not re-delete the question / start a deletion war over it please
@durron597 Meh, this needs an histo-lock then
@durron597 We don't do that
wasn't my intent but i wanted to give y'all a heads up
Aw come on
10:18 AM
however since is now un-burninated
@TheLostMind do you think it's off topic?
someone may want to edit it
To what? ? =p
beats me
one of the reasons i took my sabbatical was my sheer fatigue over tags in historically locked questions and burnination
Haven't seen you in months and you come at us all bossy and meany =p
10:20 AM
because this sort of issue and lack of traction with SE staff just made me grumpy and i didn't like being grumpy
@durron597 but you can't dictate to people how to vote, we are individuals, we don't act as a swarm
who says i'm dictating anything?
I think it's hopelessly off topic
asking != dictating
3 mins ago, by durron597
anyway i just wanted to ask that you not re-delete the question / start a deletion war over it please
10:21 AM
your votes are yours, that's the first and second rule of fight club SOCVR
42 secs ago, by durron597
asking != dictating
@durron597 I understand you not wanting the room to make an issue out of it.
if you disagree with me and want to do it anyway go right ahead
meh, I have no votes left and I tend to vote on things that may have a chance on being deleted
so, yeah, wanted to make sure people in this room saw that meta thread and make the request for minimal drama over it
and if we have a placeholder tag these days for questions like that to use instead of please change it
yeh, but posting in here is a double edged sword, it's like for sure to be noticed now, but then you may well be beating us to the post
10:23 AM
that's all. heading to bed, g'night all!
@Yvette as if rene doesn't have a machine that reads him MSO posts in his sleep
it was going to get noticed anyway
@durron597 quite correct
Night Durron!
I don't know what to retag it with
10:25 AM
@Kyll please lead by example, I'm watching you closely or @Tim
@kayess Can't atm
@kayess ok Ill take over the case
@TimCastelijns Nice, thanks! I'll keep on watching you
okido stalker
has anyone suggested a on meta? to keep posts that are off topic, for historical sugnificance only?
10:30 AM
Ill close the curtains tonight for sure
@Yvette You got 2k rep in few weeks :o
She got awarded some bounties
Q: Can we have a historical-significance tag?

YvetteReferring to this question Can we rescue the information in this question somehow? that had only a burninated tag and needed to be edited to have a currently active tag, it got me thinking. We have questions that remain on the site for historical significance, that are now off-topic. There are ...

@AshishAhujaツ My old SO account from a few years ago was associated with this new account
So it went up overnight
Plus as @TimCastelijns said I did get a bounty thanks to @MadaraUchiha
@Yvette oh okay
ok back to work and will prob find my question is a dupe
10:46 AM
@TimCastelijns done
@TJ remove

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