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12:00 PM
@Kyll smokey said it was your fault
2 more close-votes please
And that typo question got upvoted... damn
@Cerbrus exactly my point before. already voted
Now +4 and -2.
the interesting thing is the === and == operators
didn't know that about type checking
12:01 PM
Just 1 more close-vote
@Tunaki you been on the low q q?
@Cerbrus Done.
@Cerbrus In the PHP tag we have a good dupe for it: stackoverflow.com/q/2063480/3933332 :)
@MrsEd I'm down to 30 flags for toda, so been busy flagging yeah
12:03 PM
@Tunaki I rarely use that many flags.. I prob should be cruising the site more
@Rizier123 nice q
There's 4 downvotes and 4 upvotes on that answer, will the author get these two badges this time?
@KevinGuan nope, it depends on the score
so no badge
I'm leaving the answer well alone. It is correct.
Oh, that one.
12:06 PM
Hm, I can almost delete-vote that question
I've not voted either way
Answer is deleted anyway
@Cerbrus you look very wolfish tonight ;)
This afternoon*
This morning*
ah 11 pm here, what time there?
@Tunaki Why?
it's an edit of an obvious question in a answer
should be flagged
12:07 PM
Looks like a good edit to me
@DavidG it's an answer
The edit is good
@DavidG I agree, it improves it, although it's minor
Doesn't mean the answer shouldn't be flagged
12:08 PM
but if I flag it, it'll be disputed when the edit is approved
I'd check, but I can't open it now.
it's a question
oh no it's an answer with an edit revision that says question lol
Lunchtime, laters peeps!
I try not to approve edits on lq posts
12:09 PM
@DavidG later, enjoy!
what do you think about a question about a typo in a 3rd party's readme, i highly doubt this question is going to help anyone: stackoverflow.com/questions/34126175/…
About that edit, as @Cerbrus said, the edit is good, despite the answer is bad. However this edit only fixed the format, it doesn't let this real question become an answer. So flag that answer as NAA is still fine.
Approve edit, flag post
@Tunaki What do you think about what I said?
12:11 PM
I don't see the point in editing non-answers
the flag is disputed if you flag it
and it gives more work to reviewers
for nothing, since it's going to be deleted anyway
@cimmanon probably not, I just don't know anything about it, but for a typo in the docs, it could be closed or answered
And, the user who proposed the edit is happy, +2 rep and probably will do it another time
cycle continues
@Cerbrus I usually skip edits like that, I don't reject them if they're good, but don't approve them if the post is really bad and no amount of editing will help
Is ping him OK here?
@KevinGuan no
12:14 PM
@MrsEd why not? we ping users here all the time
@cimmanon I didn't think we brought users into here about editing?
private room
suggested editing
However, I'll not edit if a post like that, but I'll not reject a edit if it's really good like that. I'll create a private room and ping him then talk about this.
room created, waiting for his reply now.
12:24 PM
thanx for reply but they are old one and m afraid but few question m not familiar with them but can see other users are giving downvote means they are not useful at all, then what to do? isn't there any way to close them so they won't lead to wrong way to others? — Leo the lion 2 mins ago
What is dis i don even
Beginning of a spam: 1 2. Agree?
I'm keeping a tab, if there's a third post, I'm flagging
multiple duplicate answers from user linking to personal github repo stackoverflow.com/a/34133112/3956566
we now edit answers too here?
is that about my post above @easwee?
@Tunaki Smells like spam
12:35 PM
@Cerbrus it does but not smelly enough to me for now
Already flagged.
@MrsEd yes
It doesn't really answered the question, and there's only link in his answer. Which is enough.
And there's two of them
OK, flagged
12:36 PM
@easwee did I ask anyone to edit it? It was the same as Tunaki's links above, is there a reason you singled me out?
Also that user is is Member since today.
Ah the third just arrived
Oh, that one is 30 seconds old