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12:00 AM
Night all
just in time for votes eh
Looks like someone just says night, no problem, it's timezone's fault...
"Sam: Night all"
... 5 seconds later ...
"Kevin Guan: Morning"
12:06 AM
goddamn terminal
goddamn cat is snoring again
12:34 AM
@KevinGuan Probably a dupe of a dupe of a dupe... AABB testing questions are common
Oh, see that. What do you think about it?
Meh. Either too broad or the pseudo-code dupe.
Anyway, off to me bed. Good night!
Night (or morning)
@Closey commands
12:38 AM
Below is a list of commands for the Close Vote Chat Bot

    alive - A simple ping command to test if the bot is running.
    commands - Shows this list.
    help - Prints info about this software.
    running commands - Displays a list of all commands that the chat bot is currently running.
    status - Tests if the chatbot is alive and shows simple info about it.

    audit stats - Shows stats about your recorded audits.
    completed tags [min <#>] - Shows the latest tags that have been completed by multiple people.
Good, like the new version.
@KevinGuan I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
28 messages moved to Trash can
@TinyGiant didn't you found the problem with pressing enter on tag/title boxes?
@Braiam Not yet, I got distracted. I'll spend some more time on that tonight.
12:52 AM
Oh hi mister RO :D
oh no, the RO's back
Hmm...someone posted a same question on two different SE sites: stackoverflow.com/review/close/10456530
quickly @KevinGuan, hide the evidence
1:00 AM
@cybermonkey evidence ?
So, @Braiam, I've got it to stop running the fix event when you press enter in the tag field or the summary, but it is still doing it in the title field. I'm not quite sure why yet. I'll push what I have to the master. It isn't perfect yet, have to do some more on it.
@KevinGuan you know.. the body
@cybermonkey Oh, document.body.hidden = true. Okay I done.
I said that I'm learning js, very good.
Actually, it would be document.body.style.visibility = 'hidden' or document.body.style.display = 'none'
Ah, mine is more clear because someone wants me hidden the body :P
1:05 AM
Or, for backwards compatibility, (document.body || document.getElementsByClassName('body')[0]).style.visibility = 'hidden'
@TomZych I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
@TinyGiant Okay, still need learn more.
@TinyGiant double entendere, eh?
Yeah, that one.
did I miss anything?
I'm sure that such a feature (allowing re-upvoting of comments) would be an easy task to create in comparison to some of the other stuff (surely the table field in the database for it would be a true or false, not dissimilar to how post votes work)). — cybermonkey 1 min ago
1:10 AM
@TinyGiant s/Class/Tag/
Damnit, lol
Yeah, that one.
Python version: chatroom[41570]['messages'][27341624].text.replace('Class', 'Tag').
@Braiam I've updated my master.
TomZych passed a audit!
@TinyGiant err... that was easy, but why the other changes?
1:17 AM
What other changes?
Ahh, I overwrote mogs changes.
you weren't working on master were you ¬_¬?
I thought I was up to date, I was wrong.
git revert HEAD
1:22 AM
Err, I don't know what's going on. Now my version isn't up?...
I viewed the file at that time, now I'm stuck at that time.
@TinyGiant xkcd.com/1597
I don't have the command line set up, last time I did that i screwed some stuff up. This is why Mogsdad runs the git stuff.
So, for some reason the newest stuff I'm seeing is from four days ago.
1:26 AM
because you were writing on mogsdad branch... he's going to kill you :P
That's too funny.
Ok @Mogs, I'm dumb. I wrote over some of the recent changes in your branch.
git reset d834736b9b5ca85637162b4c6eec5f83360d7f77 && git push
then git checkout master
git add . && git push
run git diff and git status if you are not sure before push
I'll let mogsdad do that.
1:33 AM
Thanks though
sorry, there's a git stash before checkout and git stash apply just after it
nah, I just fixed the branch
Just figured how we can get comments cleaned up easier. Make leaving or upvoting a comment -1 reputation, when the comment is deleted, all reputation loss is reverted.
just in case someone needs this information some time later: What to do when I commited to the wrong branch and already pushed to a server?
git reset <previous commit>
git stash
git checkout <correct branch>
git stash apply
git push -a --force
pray nobody kills you or Linus knows your mail address
That last command doesn't seem like an actual command.... :P
The last one is the most important one!
1:42 AM
2:22 AM
@SmokeDetector why?
@TinyGiant Body - Position 227-241: support number
Ok, I have to run to the store. I'll be back in a bit.
2:56 AM
@Undo I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
3:07 AM
Kevin passed a audit!
3:44 AM
@Drew ah thanks Drew
I'm officially a fanatic today ;)
not sure about that Tiny :)
congrats, and Next badge 94/100 Fanatic :D
3:46 AM
@KevinGuan I'll see you on the dark side Luke
<-- 15/100
I was close to 100 before I moved and wasn't near a computer for a couple weeks.
However, you'll get that 3 months later.
that's funny, I only logged on today to get the badge, but there were those little red notifications, seductions to the dark side of the force :D (been watching a lot of star wars lately)
3:55 AM
Just flagged a comment as rude, deleted immediately.
BTW, Is this really a good question? stackoverflow.com/questions/184618
@KevinGuan A lot of those are actually about dealing with detection of bad words.
Yeah, that one.
IIRC there is an explanation of why some of those highly upvoted blatantly off-topic questions are still around (locked of course) somewhere in there.
Okay, so have fun. :P
Q: Should the Blank Space tag be removed?

penne12This tag, blank-space, doesn't actually describe anything, and is used for questions that are not related to each other. Is there any way to remove/lock it?

4:06 AM
See my comments there?
Yeah I know, just a note.
4:22 AM
@KevinGuan You've completed 40 CV review items today, thanks! The time between your first and last review today was 220 minutes, averaging to a review every 330.5 seconds.
is the next tag I'm focusing delete votes on for the legal cleanup
Why correct tagging is important on meta: this was [discussion] for a good while, then the tag was changed to [support], and 4 minutes after it was answered
4:43 AM
@Braiam Not only meta, on SO correct tagging is also important.
5:01 AM
@KevinGuan yeah, but many forgets how important is on meta too
Yeah, that one.
1 hour later…
6:16 AM
@Am_I_Helpful No, but it is a general computing question.
@Am_I_Helpful Also, migration is an imperfect system that leaves a mess behind. If you're going to migrate a question then please make sure it isn't just going to be closed on the target site. That question is little more than a rant, so it wouldn't be on-topic on meta anyway.
@TinyGiant You should better visit the question to know why is off-topic, OP wants a series of complete steps / tutorial to install the tool. It has to be off-topic.
@TinyGiant Let it better be closed on meta too then, but, it doesn't meet SO standard at all.
6:35 AM
don't close it as "SU" question... there's so much wrong with that
I say let his reason stick @Braiam. What happens is that it is not disclosed (if it is not the consensus)
A retract will mean no more voting of course for that voter
so @Braiam what is the close reason if there is one.
of course in your opinion
" It doesn't work. Can anyone ..." it is Unclear what doesn't work ?
6:50 AM
@Drew no, the "general computing" reason
I normally go from what's wrong with this in general, to what's wrong with this in our site context
@Am_I_Helpful We have a close reason for general computing questions, I didn't say it wasn't off-topic, I was saying that the reason you were using was wrong.
@Am_I_Helpful The problem is that when it gets closed there, it gets sent back here open and then locks the meta post. So then a mod is required to delete the whole migration mess and we still have to close it here again. The point is, if it isn't going to be a good question wherever you're thinking of sending it, it's best to just close it here and allow the automatic deletion script to do its job.
I for one would not shove it to Super User or whatever site. Not that I would begrudge someone that did. I just see that guy needs to vastly improve on what is not working.
It's not my fault that the close reason information for general computing recommends the user to go to SU. I'm going to close general computing questions for that reason whether they are a good fit for SU or not (because it is not actually migrated).
If 4 others do the same - it will migrate though
7:06 AM
we don't even know what isn't working. It could be a missing header file for a compiler.
The general computing one does? I thought that was only for the actual migration reason.
@JonClements Well that changes everything...
umm... mind you - it's 7am on a Sunday and I haven't had much sleep or enough cups of tea yet... I could be getting muddled up here
7:12 AM
Ahhh - I think you're right yeah... me not being awake :)
@TinyGiant Ohh! I was unaware of this. Thanks for letting me know. I'll take care from the next time.
@Drew The problem with closing it as unclear, is that clarifying it won't make the question on-topic. It will still be a general computing question, but the close reason will no longer apply.
So we don't cast any light on the issue by asking the guy, thus making Super User folk ponder what is it doing over here
7:16 AM
which just makes more people wasting their time...
Well, that is a short-coming of the system. It would probably be better on unix.stackexchange.com, but it would have to be clarified first.
we shot throw close delete those questions rather quick
for someone to say "clarifying it won't make the question on-topic" ... how do we know that
I don't know that
Because it is a question about installing software, that is fairly obvious.
7:18 AM
you want that to be obvious, because it bolsters your argument
don't worry, we (5 users) discussed how should we deal with it meta.stackoverflow.com/q/297849/792066
@Braiam Well... I don't think that question is entirely on-topic either.
and we are back to square one > meta.stackoverflow.com/q/297849/792066
@Braiam Same link as previous
I know
7:23 AM
The first two comments under the question are my sentiment entirely.
It sucks that the close reason mentions another SE site at all, but there's nothing that I can do about it. Until the devs decide to fix it, the system is broken.
I would rather just close the question as "Questions about general computing hardware and software are off-topic for Stack Overflow unless they directly involve tools used primarily for programming."
Hmm...what does this user-script do? Looks very useless if others can't see that icon : stackapps.com/questions/6704/…
> The "application" is divided into two parts - a UserScript installed by each client and a server written in Go that coordinates everything.
you need others to see the magic...
that's like those quest that force you to go with party members...
7:29 AM
So if others don't use this User-Script, then it's useless.
Ugh. Why is this on my front-page?
This question is great, I'd upvote it. But it's sad that OP didn't post what has he tried in his question: stackoverflow.com/questions/34115047/….
But that isn't required.
I think so, but not everyone think that isn't required.
The whole "you need to show us what you've tried" thing isn't actually a close reason.
7:43 AM
All you need for those questions is sample input and intended output.
Otherwise, 90% of the open, highly upvoted questions on the site should be closed.
Not showing research is a reason to downvote, but not a reason to close vote.
Hmm...As far as I know, guys don't like homework questions and other questions which the OP didn't try anything, they say that these are too broad questions. Sometimes I also close them as too broad, but if the question is interesting, I'll leave open it.
Amusingly, this was the original intent of the old "minimal understanding" OT reason... Too many cooks spoiled the broth on that one. Still, worth being wary of the problems suffered there - clearly-written "how do I do X using Y?" questions are pretty useful, even if they don't contain code. — Shog9 ♦ Oct 17 '14 at 2:10
However, If a question is asking for How can I do xxxx. Then I'd say it's too broad. But if it's asking for How can I get xxxx, and it's very clear what's the OP need, then I'd leave open it.
7:51 AM
@TinyGiant Yeah, that one.
:P I'll try to answer that question, later. (Actually I'm still working on it, don't know how to do that in a simple way).
So How can I do 1+1 is too broad, but How can I get 1+1 is ok
^^ That
"How do I write an operating system?" is a much broader topic than "How do I turn an array like this into an array like that?"
Get 1+1? Or Get the result of 1+1?
7:55 AM
@KevinGuan so then it depends on xxx, versus the verb they are using
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
As long as enough information is provided to solve the problem, and it doesn't take a book to solve it, you can't just close it because you don't like it or you don't think the OP put enough effort in.
I was using your verbs Kev
@Drew That's fine.
@TinyGiant So what about some homework questions? These questions are very clear :P
If it is a requirement dump then no.
7:58 AM
If they show effort, even prefacing the question with 10) Given the ....
If you have to layout the requirements in a list format in order to organize them properly, it's too broad.
ok by me
Other homework questions are on-topic.
But it is you responsibility to provide them with highly advanced code, so they have to explain it to their teacher.
Got it. Thanks :)
8:00 AM
Thus failing the assignment when they fail to explain how the overly elegant solution actually works :)
yes, only use octal in HW questions
You want to iterate a list and search for that? Ok, we're going to use bitshifting.
We only supply bytecode
Anyways, it just turned sunday here. I'll be back in approximately 8 hrs.
8:03 AM
Okay, sleep well.
8:17 AM
And it's Sunday 16:17 here
evening all
Just afternoon :P
@KevinGuan where are you?
ah China, we are only a few hours aparrt
@Closey next 3 tags
8:23 AM
Refreshing the tag listing. Please wait...
@MrsEd The next 3 tags are: 139, 70, 65
ok, so when do these tags update. what day of week?
Where are you? :)
@MrsEd Hmm...Monday.
@KevinGuan Australia :)
Oh, is there summer now? :P
8:25 AM
yes, I love summer
Southern hemishpere and near the beginning of world time
almost -10 C here, very very cold.
I couldn't cope with that.. and it's going to get colder
how to you keep warm?
@MrsEd I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
8:31 AM
@MrsEd Hmm...lots of ways, clothes, air conditioning, fireplace, etc, etc, etc.
yeh I was thinking more about type of heating. lol I figured clothes would be one way hahahahaha
I'm so tired, when I first came into the room there was a question about website not displaying in safari and I was thinking what, maybe they don't have reception when they're on safari thinking like African Safari with animals etc
When did you first come into this room? :)
when I said good evening :)
8:39 AM
Not that, I mean the first time :P
MrsEd passed an audit!
@KevinGuan hahahaha I told you I was tired.. not sure few days?
I've a keen interest in the queues, so finding this room was like a dream come true (yes I have a narrow life lol)
:P I found this room because Tiny...ah, that's a long story...
@MrsEd I stumbled into a good pgp page igolder.com/pgp/encryption
8:43 AM
Actually not so long, just I asked a question on meta, Tiny answered it and told me this room.
@KevinGuan listen, I am the Queen of asking bad questions on meta, so it's much better for me to be here (in fact they locked me up into it :) )
@Drew It's clear
I need a roadmap first, I am old
@MrsEd Yeah, here's funny and useful :P
@Drew hahahahaha I like, the you have to pay for shipping and what the left over gold will be used for
8:47 AM
@Drew Actually you can encrypt your message on your local machine via gpg, and post the encrypted data on any paste site.
well it is nice for quickly sharing public keys side of PKI
without command line and all those gyrations
@Drew how old's old?
not really but I feel like it sometimes
I think anything that brings you to > half a century starts to become impressive
Hmm...just started a bounty on a question (again, use 50 rep buy a badge), the answer I think didn't really answered the question, but it got 2 upvotes now. stackoverflow.com/questions/34050113/…
8:50 AM
I gotta go wash my daughter's hair.. she has a broken wrist.. if anyone remembers our sharing of gory painful stories aka SOGGY
@KevinGuan you have 7 days.. I comment if the answer is wrong in situations like that. If you need to post your own answer (even though you can't get the bounty) it's good to have the correct answer there
ok bbl
@MrsEd Yeah :D, I'll go to comment a comment.
self-dupe guy couldnt wait 15 min
8:57 AM
Ah @Kevin you are here :) The bounty question is a straight dupe :/
Actually 50 (rep) isn't a big number for me, because I can get 100 or more rep if I'm lucky, 50 or less if I'm no luck.
9:13 AM
@KevinGuan Added answer :)
@BhargavRao Oh, I'm here. Commented :)
Really, didn't find the document.
It is a dupe of 3 other questions. I had learned bout this a month ago from those answers :)
@KevinGuan you have typo(s) in your comment
@BhargavRao Really? Which is the best? So let's close that question as dupe.
@Drew Huh? Where?
Yeah, these explanations are I want, don't know if this is OP wants or not.
Yeah, these explanations are what I want, don't know if this is what the OP wants or not.
9:17 AM
@KevinGuan I've read that on SO a month back. frantically searches history.
@Drew Ah, fine. Never mind about that.
@BhargavRao Good luck :)
Once I find, I'll hammer the question :D
I am yet to find a question that isn't a dupe
:P Okay
9:23 AM
a serious question
9:35 AM
Upvoted because that Right Way™ : stackoverflow.com/questions/34115892
@BhargavRao Wow, checked the edit, it's so goooooood :P
Thanks :)
> You may award your bounty in 22 hours. <-- not my fault :(
@KevinGuan It's Drew's fault.
@KevinGuan Nope, never ever hurry on a bounty. You may get way better answers that make you feel bad later.
Oh, @Drew see, that's your fault.
9:38 AM
@BhargavRao So please don't let that happen, keeping improve your answer :)
@Drew that needs one more
@KevinGuan Lol, if I did not have exams tomo, I would have added source codes for min and it's internal working and so on :D
@KevinGuan A post after 2 years of no contribution on SO! :O
9:41 AM
@BhargavRao good luck :)
@KevinGuan leave it till it finishes, that way it gets more views and more votes ;)
@MrsEd Fine :)
@BhargavRao :P
rude comments on stackoverflow.com/questions/34115874 yay or nay
> Kevin started a bounty
Bhargav has answered it
Now everyone is happy
Because someone used 50 rep buy a badge again
9:45 AM
So you've become a investor!
:P Yeah, that one.
Perhaps @Closey can tell when I will become an investor
@Closey When will I become an investor?
@Drew vtc'd as too broad.
i was that way first, then was like whatever. Just close it, so I followed
Oh, you can be an investor now if you go to start a bounty :)
the close vote reason on that one won't help anyone
9:51 AM
@KevinGuan I am waiting for 20k, after which I will follow the path of Madara :)
You only need 2k now, good luck ;)
@KevinGuan Kevin, we really need a poetry close review queue :)
hello Kyll
9:53 AM
@MrsEd Yeah :P
@KevinGuan Thanks
Plop Kyll.
(I wanted to tell Kyll plop, but it sounded like kill plop)
I once found this room,
it had no gloom,
it had plenty of bots
and that's all I gots
@MrsEd gloom boom
cheeky squirrel (are you a squirrel?)
Spearrel, m'am.
9:56 AM
ah of course ;)
3 mins ago, by MrsEd
@KevinGuan Kevin, we really need a poetry close review queue :)
got a job starting tomorrow, has some interesting android bits 'cited
Congrats :)
Wow a poetry session
Here's my take,
> To close the CVQ I asked for a mop, All that I got was @Kyll's plop, plop, plop
I feel pinged.
That's the best I can do :P
10:01 AM
how'd ya find that one, hangin out under socialengine ?!
> Ain't they ever finding out,
> What the bots and me are plotting on this chat,
> Through Plop and spear with no doubt,
> Our word is: Sorry, I don't understand that.
@Drew found that usin 10k tools. :)
Dem prime numbers length
10:04 AM
ah I will need to use them more
Tunaki would have spotted it earlier :P
what is the angle on finding em
@Kyll I'll ask Sam that change Sorry, I don't understand that to Plop or Yeah, that one. :P
i still don't understand what plop means (in the context of this room)
10:05 AM
I kinda like being confused though
> Plop (n) - To plop
^ From dictionary
@BhargavRao hahaha I know that.. but I dnt get what the plop noise is supposed to be doing, like it's random
@MrsEd The Plop is the rallying call of Spearrels all around the world. Use by and with Spearrels, it strengthen the spirit and the body and the soul and the nut and the spear. Used against humans it corrupts their empty inner selves and slowly yet irremediably grow them fur, give them helmet, a weapon, and an unholy craving for nuts.
Whoever chose plop is a mastermind. From far it looks like php, which is umm.. random
@Kyll now that makes total sense thanks "D
10:08 AM
@MrsEd Ya welcome.
@BhargavRao hahaha
@BhargavRao Y'know what they say: Far from the eyes, in your face.
Hmm...about this question (I'm trying to solve the problem with OP in chat room). Now I think he can get more help on Server Fault. So maybe move this question to Server Fault? Despite it's a bounty question? (And looks like maybe my suggestion can works). stackoverflow.com/questions/29977261/…
I don't think it suits for SF. :/
10:17 AM
@BhargavRao Well, OP doesn't have enough permission to write a file, and he doesn't want to change the directory's permission to 777. Finally my suggestion is login as root and run chown -R apache:apache /var/www/cgi-bin/...why it doesn't suit for Server Fault?
Gimme a sec. I'm looking at the convo in the chat.
@MrsEd It looks like you've finished reviewing & . Is that right?
@Closey yes
@MrsEd Ok, I've marked it as a completed tag.
do I need to reply to this last remark?
10:21 AM
@KevinGuan I am still confused. I guess I will leave it to the others to decide.
TomZych passed an audit!
@BhargavRao Okay fine, however I'll go to post an answer of that question (then I can get my 50 rep back and get another 50 rep), and looks like OP's problem solved now.
@KevinGuan If the issue was solved in the chatroom. Include the relevant transcripts in your answer.
Yeah, I know :)
Guess I will go and study now. Bye all.
10:34 AM
Java/logic problem again, if anyone fancies helping out: chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/19132/java-and-android-era
@MrsEd Nope
@Sam cheers and hi morning
@Sam Plop, you lazy one
@Sam Plop, you lazy one
10:47 AM
MrsEd passed an audit!
the guys self-answered and said cannot re-produce
Plop, you crazy guys.
^^ and upvoted.
What about this? Looks just no [mcve], but I think it can be improved via editing. stackoverflow.com/questions/34116496/…
@TomZych You've completed 40 CV review items today, thanks! The time between your first and last review today was 585 minutes, averaging to a review every 878 seconds.
10:51 AM
@MrsEd You've completed 40 CV review items today, thanks! The time between your first and last review today was 145 minutes, averaging to a review every 217.9 seconds.
@Drew I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
Closey's getting a good work out I see.
We should have a review competition - first to 50 in the CV queue today wins? <g>
Mod competition then :p
if you promise no audits, I am all for Leave Open !
10:55 AM
Jon vs. Madara vs. Jos
@Sam Spoil sport
@JonClements Looks like I'll win, the UTC new day is 8 AM here. :)
@JonClements But us mere mortals can't compare to the powers of a ninja puppy.

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