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8:00 PM
> Please ask How to Read.
I just failed a tricky review audit:
(which I disagree that it's NAA)
Someone flagged my comment on that maybe question.....
@bob damn
@JAL :(
8:01 PM
the worst
oh no!
that question should be closed
no mvce
yeah, that's why it was hard
sorry man
@Siguza Someone wants to send it to SF..?
8:02 PM
@bob What did you review it as?
I did look at the question, and I deduced the answer was acceptable
@TinyGiant 'Looks Ok' (or whatever 'Pass' is in NPQ)
Ahh, yeah I would tend to agree. Any 10k want to let me know if it was deleted by a mod?
but then if I tried to edit it, wouldn't I have failed anyway?
@JAL Code's in comment?
@Kyll didn't even see that, it should be edited into the post
8:03 PM
@bob bummer
@Kyll Uh... what? Where did you read SF?
@Siguza On a close vote on that
@Kyll Aaah, SF = server fault... normally that stands for SourceForge... confused me
maybe I could get some mod to pull that answer out of the queue? it's horrible to review & will almost certainly result in a failed review audit every time
What's the best close reason for this? "We're not customer support for your favourite company?"
8:05 PM
@Bob @TinyGiant mod didn't touch it - see stackoverflow.com/review/low-quality-posts/9580641
Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 3 hours to continue reviewing.
@JAL Thanks for reviewing! To see more information use the command last session stats.
@JonClements yeah, but it's still an answer regardless.
@JonClements Well that sucks. That means that there is no clear reason for deletion, but it was deleted and became an audit.
Well - it got flagged as VLQ and the community agreed
8:08 PM
For those who like to watch Trainwrecks
"To Robert Cartaino..." grabs popcorn
> Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 3 hours to continue reviewing.
@Siguza Thanks for reviewing! To see more information use the command last session stats.
@Closey last session stats
@Siguza Your last completed review session ended 12 seconds ago and lasted 39 minutes and 11 seconds. You reviewed 40 items, averaging a review every 58 seconds.
8:09 PM
Woah, slow like never before today.
@durron597 lolz
Probably because I spent ~10 minutes writing this comment
worth it
@TinyGiant That's actually SPAM.
@Mogsdad How so?
8:12 PM
Well... yeah I guess.
It does technically fit the description of the spam flag to a T
@TinyGiant That, plus the links to it from (not-quite) answers to related questions. 1, 2
@PaulRoub @Mogsdad spammed the flags.
decisions, decisions...
8:17 PM
@Mogsdad Yeah I completely missed the link the first time round
@Siguza lol
The OP is the author of a piece of software. They published the software today. They wrote a blog post about it... and copied it to SO.
Score one for the good guys... it's been deleted.
Ugh, it doesn't one box MPSE comments?
@durron597 SO-wide !== SE-wide
@TinyGiant He's got two other posts that point to the now-closed SPAM question.
8:21 PM
5 mins ago, by Paul Roub
@TinyGiant That, plus the links to it from (not-quite) answers to related questions. 1, 2
@TinyGiant They renamed the company
@durron597 Not the domain
@durron597 Oh yeah, that's right, indecisive arses.
Whatever, I refuse to succumb to this additional confusion for no reason nonsense. Everyone reading that knows what is meant.
@TinyGiant In future, I'd appreciate all comments being held until I'm available to read them.
8:22 PM
@Mogsdad lol
later guys
Laterz yo.
@TinyGiant Yep
It's closed again by the way
For the third time...
At the same point, any question can be edited to be on-topic by writing a whole new question, so should we not close any questions?
8:27 PM
That would be a lot of effing work. (effing is a word?) Editing every question ever closed into an on-topic question.
8:43 PM
@TinyGiant Keyword: "slang"
who reopened?
@gunr2171 Yeah, but that's because it was only started being used in the 40's, by 2040 it will be a recognized word.
@JAL Did you see the meta post?
yeah going though it now
27 imaginary upvotes for Kyll
because meta, no rep on meta
8:46 PM
lol it already has a reopen vote
Q: What high-level approach should I use to improve performance when implementing long equations in C++?

LeftiI am developing some engineering simulations. This involves implementing some long equations such as this equation to calculate stress in a rubber like material: T = ( mu * ( pow(l1 * pow(l1 * l2 * l3, -0.1e1 / 0.3e1), a) * a * ( pow(l1 * l2 * l3, -0.1...

@JAL Well, I still haven't voted to close that question, so... I'll hold my vote ready
yeah same
@JAL that happened just now. It wasn't there a couple minutes ago.
It's gotten 13 downvotes, wow.
You see, there's this room, that downvotes all the things....
8:48 PM
@TinyGiant *14
There you go
@TinyGiant Must be us. Time to close up shop guys, the secret's out
@JAL Noooo.... couldn't be us.
8:50 PM
Lol, 15 downvotes now :P
high controversy topics on meta I just leave alone until they have time to cool off.
Like meta effect, but for chat... chat effect?
8:51 PM
Sep 26 at 22:02, by Tiny Giant
I flatly deny all allegations made against me under all circumstances.
@gunr2171 nopeinated
@Siguza Nopiniontated
@TinyGiant In a month, you'll have a quote of a quote of a quote of a quote of that.
@gunr2171 Hahahahaha, that game is awesome though
it is
8:53 PM
Still haven't got a copy though
though it's really dumb when you go to backstab someone and they manage to reverse it on you
because Amazon doesn't ship that to Switzerland
Sep 28 at 19:27, by gunr2171
yesterday, by Tiny Giant
I flatly deny all allegations made against me under all circumstances.
Amazon doesn't ship anything to Switzerland that you couldn't buy around the corner
8:54 PM
There, next time round I'll quote that one.
39 secs ago, by Tiny Giant
Sep 28 at 19:27, by gunr2171
yesterday, by Tiny Giant
I flatly deny all allegations made against me under all circumstances.
@Siguza don't you "boom" on me!
now you can quote me :P
Hey there ya go.
@gunr2171 So... I shouldn't vote to close you? You can't tell me what to do!
8:56 PM
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@hichris123 boom
A couple of people should get a hobby. A real one.

The boom train

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Methinks that one of the reopen voters on that controversial question may have been named tyler.
8:58 PM
> and f*** you to whoever voted me down.
This guy is telling it like it is
and I'm out!
Oh, @JAL, Kyll and I are doing TF2 tomorrow at 5:30p EST, want to join?
Oh maybe, I'm usually still at work around then but I'll try to join you guys as soon as i get home
ok, no problem
and my girlfriend is coming back from vacation tomorrow night so not sure how much video game time i'll have haha
I still have a few more CVs if you guys need anything
@TinyGiant as in TylerH, the guy who likes helping help vampires?
9:06 PM
@cimmanon Could be, could be.
we have one that continues to visit the html/css room thanks to him. the guy reads a single article on mdn and throws up his hands "i dont understand" and asks his trivial answers there >.>
Lol, I can see how that would get annoying.
9:22 PM
Title unlocked: Rule lawyer
Someone posts something that users enjoy reading about, both the problem and possible approaches. Rule lawyer appears, complaining that it's off topic in meta. Valid interesting question gets closed, and probably deleted in a few weeks time. Thanks rule lawyers! — Dropped.on.Caprica 13 mins ago
Really tempted to post this as a retort:
> I enjoy reading (and watching) pornography. Does that mean that questions about pornography are on-topic for StackOverflow?
@JAL You rule-34ing man
@JAL only if she is programming at the same time :p
I should post that and you guys should post those as comments
should i?
9:25 PM
it's probably going to get flagged anyways
You could probably do that with something less offensive... like food.
And now I'm hungry. THANKS @Siguza.
@Kyll Well there's a simply and straightforward solution to that: EAT!
It really is quite a simple question. Are you able to help? Or are you just here to troll? Have you used webpack before? — alexrogins 20 mins ago
^ apparently i am a troll :p
@cimmanon Need a lawyer?
9:28 PM
@Kyll do i need one?
@cimmanon We're speaking Rule lawyer here
i see. its probably a duplicate, though
If he didn't before, at least now TylerH must have voted to reopen the mother of disagreement
The internet would be so much less complicated without all the users.
Woohoo starry night!
9:42 PM
Hmmmmmmm... I do have to say though, Nathan Oliver's post changed my opinion on that...
@Siguza It could be used as a good target. Doesn't mean it has to stay open...
Apparently !< isn't real.
And the further it goes the more it seems some people are seeing a lot of value in the question that isn't present. The question started off as "what tools or techniques can I use", which is too broad by any standard and can be seen as a tool req. Then it slid to "high-level" approaches, which is eeeeh maybe fine but still very broad. Apparently there is a big need in to get one good reference post for this kind of cases and it has somewhat been forced onto this one.
Now TylerH replaced "should" with "can" probably to deter off easy close voters
@Kyll But... it feels wrong to have a "target" question closed... that would be like closing What does this RegEx mean?
@Siguza Okay now if that was a community wiki to gather a vast range of extremely good approaches to that kind of issue then by all freaking means yes
9:50 PM
@Kyll Looks like it, but if there are people willing to edit an off-topic question into an on-topic one, I'm not gonna stand in the way.
@Kyll If only it was a community wiki...
A locked single-answer community wiki would be awesome
@TinyGiant And what is "!<" supposed to be? ">="?
@Kyll Agree.
Maybe we can get it done... would David Hammen lose the 625 rep from that post when making it a community wiki?
@Siguza Yeah, but I want !< ... !
What I can't get however is how everyone is throwing excellent suggestions without benchmarking, the OP is just saying "yeah it went faster".
@TinyGiant Inb4 Eiffel introduces ¬<
9:56 PM
Srsly though, Eiffel...
a_Argument_one /= Void
Because it couldn't have been =/=, at least
console.log(void(true)); <--- Cause that's a thing but !< isn't
([] == true) == (![] == true)
Off to Factorio
10:00 PM
Now, I would laugh if !!"no" was false, but then it would be to much like Python.
([] <= []) == true
([] < []) == false
([] == []) == false
Infinity < {} == false
Infinity > {} == false
Infinity <= {} == false
Infinity >= {} == false
Infinity == {} == false
I'm not even asking anymore...
10:15 PM
null <= undefined == false
null >= undefined == false
null == undefined == true
Still, nothing tops PHP's a < b < c < a
And that's why weak typing sucks.
You can't possibly sort [INF, [], (object)[]] in PHP... lol
i dont miss writing php at all
@cimmanon Well, it was really easy to get started with, because 2 lines of code were enough to give you results, and with 10 lines of code you could almost build an interactive website, but it's a toy. It was like the apples and melons that every mathematician got started with when learning what + and - are.
Anyway, I'm off for today. G'night to y'all.
honestly, though, if i had to choose between php+notmysql and notphp+mysql, i would pick php+notmysql
10:47 PM
I've never had a problem with mysql(i) that wasn't my fault.
11:01 PM
@Mogsdad I completely rewrote the sticky vote controls userscript, cause the old one sucked. github.com/Tiny-Giant/myuserscripts/blob/master/…
inb4 yes I know I haven't finished the other projects I've been meaning to work on yet.
Bye guys

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