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12:55 AM
@KevinBrown boom
1:27 AM
@durron597 @gunr2171 @rene any of you guys around?
Well, anyways, when you get this please take a look at this userscript. I've tested it (mostly) and it should work. Of course I'm not an RO here so I can't fully test it but by all rights it should work. I have it hardcoded to retrieve the past 100 chat messages, but this can be changed. I figure that you probably want to set it up as a command that can be run by a bot so I've left it rough.
Oh, I didn't mention, it is the script for archiving CV requests.
1:56 AM
We just tested it in The Burned Tag Monitor room works like a charm.
@TinyGiant Just following up, this one was approved
@KevinBrown Damn. Guess no one else saw it.
It now runs on context menu click. Right click -> (Tamper|Grease)monkey -> CV Request Archiver.
Only 7 questions left in
2:18 AM
I feel like this new question - stackoverflow.com/q/32792910/2930477 - is problematic. Opinions?
I feel like it's a duplicate
That would be nice
Could you imagine if we had this question for every property that can be prefixed? bleh.
Found one
@KevinBrown - good one :) I found so many similar questions for other properties. We should have a single question that covers all prefix questions. They all have the same basic answer of: "It depends"
@KevinBrown I put a del-vt on each of the 7.
2:42 AM
@Mogsdad 7 delete votes? I thought you were only given 5 per day
@KevinBrown I'm special... I have 12.
The actual number is rep-based.
Ah, good to know
I read 5 somewhere and assumed that was the same across the board
You get 5 at 10K, then one more per K, I think.
How many times can I vote to delete per day?

At 10,000 reputation, you can cast 5 delete votes per day. An additional vote is granted per 1000 reputation, to a maximum of 30 delete votes per day.
2 hours later…
4:26 AM
A burnination request with 30ish closed questions remaining. Would any 10k user be interested in voting to delete them?
2 hours later…
6:35 AM
@ace I dv:ed most of them -- a couple were not as stellarly bad as tgecrest. Still require more delete votes.
7:08 AM
@TinyGiant I'm now, I'll review that script, discuss my findings with gunr and durron and let you know the outcome.
what does "Manually reported answer" mean?
@ace That means that someone here or in the tavern on the meta found a spam answer that wasn't detected by Smokey
By using the !!/report command all rooms the have smokey reports get the link posted.
@ace I have delete voted on this selection
8:14 AM
@Pang Yeah, we pinged @hichris123 about it but he had to shutdown his server. Maybe I should try to create a replacement for that...
8:39 AM
@Pang Until we get that fixed somehow you might want to try this sede query
Alright, thanks. I enjoy watching that graph so much. Really miss it.
I try to validate the correctness of my sede query and if that is correct I'll start a scraping job to get the updated results added
2 hours later…
10:59 AM
@NisseEngström I already voted on that one...
11:23 AM
@cybermonkey reject the edit as well...
11:35 AM
It's sad how, every day, I manage to post a close request here before even entering the chat...
@rene didn't see the edit as I'm not 10K, and the question's been removed
mind providing a screenshot?
11:57 AM
@cybermonkey This post has been deleted; no edit suggestions are available
@Mogsdad really?
@JonClements So is that a bug? I can see the edit (1) link on the closed question, but I get that "nope" message when I click it.
Weird... I click edit and can see it...
12:12 PM
@Mogsdad Might well be by design - I don't actually know...
@Mogsdad my most recent self-deleted post is here are you able to click edit on that?
heya @Nisse
@JonClements and not only can I click it....
I've just seen
12:28 PM
I guess this counts as an exploit and now I'm doomed?
Yes... you must make me a nice cup of tea in repentance :)
@rene brews a cup of mint tea for @rene
Hands over tea to @jon
your sins are now resolved my child... peace be with you (or some stuff like that)
Oh... just remembered (again) - any new room rules to have a goosey at?
12:31 PM
wow.. tnx... never thought all my sins would ever be resolved...
And all you had to do was ask a bot in a chatroom to make Jon a cup of tea!
@JonClements here is my draft but Durron wanted to rewrite it to combine it with the current faq.
Looks good to me
Ok, tnx
@Pang I did some digging in that data and in the end had to write a support request on MSE to get the data results explained...
@JonClements Yep. But that lets me edit it. The other was a link to review outstanding edits.
12:47 PM
Umm... well, I guess since the post is deleted there's no need to review it
... and now that the edit review for that question is complete, it's just a normal edit link, and it works.
@JonClements What would have happened if the suggested edit had been approved?
The same as a full edit
If there's a work flow there that can lead to re-opening, then the pending-edit link on the closed question should work.
Sure - it's not the closure - it's the deletion
Generally if something gets deleted - it should be forgotten about - reviewing it in any sense apart to undelete in case of something weird, is pretty pointless...
@cimmanon seems broad to me, last one seems opinion based. You can advice that user to ask one question at a time, while showing an actual issue with code and markup.
1:39 PM
The formatting of the is screwed on the user name..?
@Kyll yeah, should be trimmed...
@rene Testing in the Facility
that girl broke markdown ^^
It seems there's a special character after Natalie
is that actually a space?
1:49 PM
Actually no
I've checked the user's profile
Didn't see anything weird
Browser trimmed the thing
There might be some kind of space
Regular space though
there is definitely something, it is selectable
[test ](google.com)
regular space right there
It is indeed a regular space
Which is weird
Because when I try to input one in my profile
It gets trimmed
1:52 PM
@Kyll Same happens in the Sandbox
looks like a chat-only bug
or maybe comments are affected...?
comments are affected too
Anyone feeling like reporting it?
So how did this user manage to get a regular space at the end of its username?
I totally feel like doing a meta post over a single whitespace
even better: data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/revision/368552/475114 outputs 32, ascii for space
@Kyll Good question, because crafted XHR doesn't work either. Maybe it's their FB username?
I am afraid if I bring this up on Meta some stupids will find fit to downvote some of his/her posts
@Kyll Well, don't make the user the primary topic of the post
it actually shouldn't even matter
2:02 PM
How can I explain this then?
"There's a user with a normal whitespace at the end of his/her username, how it is possible?"
there are 11046 cases
@rene Great query! Now we can make a Meta question without pointing fingers
Or pointing eleven thousand fingers
@Siguza fixed, tnx for keeping an eye on me ....
@Kyll the honors is yours
Also lol, the link you posted is being nofollow'ed
2:08 PM
Why does @Siguza query return only the usernames but I see all data with @rene query?
@Kyll See the , * in rene's query on line 1?
@Siguza Haha, actually I didn't. Need to clean my screen
I added that to see if it was only for new accounts or other patterns
@rene @Kyll But hey, there are also users with space at the beginning
true, might need fixing as well
2:15 PM
Ok, here's a version with spaces at beginning and end, and with a link to each user's profile: data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/revision/368567/475136/…
Does your query catch usernames with more than one untrimmed whitespace?
@Kyll % should match whitespace too
so "<space>%" should be a superset of "<space><space>%"
jesus christ
(Love this edit. When the system works too well)
Maybe the rest of the testing should go somewhere else...
2:23 PM
Maybe move all this?
yeah, probably
hold on, I'll move some stuff
Turns out SEDE treats weird characters as spaces: data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/edit/368571
@Siguza likes this bug?
2:35 PM
@rene Oh, so you can ping the entire mob? ^^
@rene Lol, nice one
@rene Lol, try searching for the user "ᔕᖺᘎᕊ"
@Siguza fixed with a collation
> [Some users](https://data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/368578) appear to have untrimmed display names.
> How can this be possible? Try as I might in my profile page my username stays trimmed.
Is this enough?
Also what the hell is wrong with the formatting again
Formatting is also broken in quotes
2:45 PM
@Kyll No, you need to expand a bit that it interfers with comment replying (assuming that is true)
> Untrimmed display names might become an issue in comment formatting and in chat.
And just ask if this might lead to other problems where users might not be aware of. Updating is best done by a dev, running a script.
Something like "Could this lead to further issues users might not be aware of?"
@Kyll That is it, or stronger: already has become an issue
@Kyll yep
@rene Ok, so Zak has 11.7k rep, and nobody noticed that he has a space at the end of his name... ok.
2:49 PM
@Siguza at the end it is maybe less of an issue, at least in @-replies in comments
@rene yeah, ok
@tripleee post closed
@rene did you get a chance to check out the script?
@TinyGiant no, not yet ... let me do that now
More than anything it shows you the process needed for however you write your bot.
2:56 PM
Q: Users with untrimmed display names

KyllSome users1 appear to have untrimmed display names. Untrimmed display names might become an issue in comment formatting, and in chat we have already experienced some markdown issues with it. Could this lead to further issues users might not be aware of? 1: Collation because of this.

Is it okay? Anything I should change?
Maybe add an example with links [test ](google.com)?
3:35 PM
^ bug? Questions by deleted users don't give the time
@KevinBrown That's a known bug
Originally it occurred on community wiki questions.
I haven't gotten around to fixing it yet.
I fixed the user name trimming, so I'll fix that before the next version push
@TinyGiant Gotcha, it's not a huge issue
Alright, that should finish off all of the downvotes that I've collected as well as all of
3:45 PM
I couldn't vote on 1 and 2 because out of delete votes ...
All boom
(on the delete ones)
@Mogsdad yep, bad edit.
is dead, now we move on to
huh? that's really a tag?
only 11 - easily sorted
3:52 PM
Yup, also exists
Your question is too broad. Although you say that you copied the code off there, it's still helpful to include the smallest possible code sample to produce the error. You could have copied it incorrectly. — cybermonkey just now
What should we do with Slang, Goldman Sachs' proprietary programming language? It has 43k views and a score of 51
@KevinBrown it's closed, nothing much to do with it..
You know when you have a horrible feeling you've forgotten to do something (and obviously can't remember what it was)...
The question is: "delete" or "retag"?
3:55 PM
@KevinBrown retag maybe, the question is useful and the activity proves that
Anyone know of a community wiki question off-hand?
@KevinBrown I would say retag but it might need a notice to signal historical significance
@TinyGiant look through the top voted questions
Q: Reference - What does this regex mean?

HamZaWhat is this? This is a collection of common Q&A. This is also a Community Wiki, so everyone is invited to participate in maintaining it. Why is this? regex is suffering from give me ze code type of questions and poor answers with no explanation. This reference is meant to provide links to qua...

@cybermonkey The question was heavily linked on HN/social media when it was first created
4:01 PM
@Siguza Thanks
Anyway, I need to run
how much rep do I need to edit community wiki questions?
just a 100 I think
you've got well other enough rep to edit a CW anyway
@KevinBrown take this out for a spin. Let me know if there are any other issues. If anyone else wants to test it before I push the update, that would be appreciated.
4:15 PM
@rene was that the script?
Hmm, I tought I was only watching how the script would respond...
Obviously it works..
It only currently scans the past 100 messages.
Yeah I saw that
You can change that, I've had it check up to 1000 accurately.
4:17 PM
@KevinBrown boom - all three gone and available for the graveyard
Haven't tried more than that.
5:28 PM
This isn't a good question, is it?
I would say no
@Closey starting
@rene Good luck!
Mainly because it is so much about programming
@ArtjomB. I think it should be migrated to super user.
^ agree
5:31 PM
Good, because I failed an audit. Shakes head because of bounty question upvoters
passed ios audit
@Closey next 10 tags
Refreshing the tag listing. Please wait...
@rene The next 10 tags are: 1337, 1336, 1335, 1334, 1333, 1332, 1331, 123, 109, 107
> Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 6 hours to continue reviewing.
@rene Thanks for reviewing! To see more information use the command last session stats.
@Closey last session stats
5:40 PM
@rene Your last completed review session ended 15 seconds ago and lasted 11 minutes and 2 seconds. You reviewed 40 items, averaging a review every 16 seconds.
@rene it looks like the max amount you can request from /chats/{id}/events is 500 messages
But I can start off at the ending point of the last request.
I've got it set up now to work in any room that you're a room owner in, and prompt for the number of messages to check. But then I figured out that I can select from a certain point instead of before now.
5:54 PM
It asks you for the room at a bad time though, because if you don't remember the id off hand you have to cancel the request to get the number.
6:41 PM
@rene updated the userscript. It asks for everything up front now.
6:55 PM
@TinyGiant ok, that works. I think I rather have a list that is shown at the end, or a dialog: send 17 messages: OK/Cancel. Just in case the script goes bezerk...
Yeah, could do that.
7:08 PM
@rene updated.
7:23 PM
The perfect IP block, just DDOS the spammer.
If only Stack Echange subscribed to such techniques.
7:50 PM
@Closey starting
@josilber By the power of the Vote! Review!
passed c# review
passed xml review
8:07 PM
@rene.... there may be a problem with @run-at context-menu that I didn't see before hand. It will also run on any pages that you opened from this page.
So it may be best to just turn it into a bot.
Maybe have it run once a day before UTC midnight and tell it to start from the beginning of the day.
To save the most space in the transcript.
passed c audit
Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 3 hours to continue reviewing.
@josilber Thanks for reviewing! To see more information use the command last session stats.
8:14 PM
@Closey last session stats
@josilber Your last completed review session ended 7 seconds ago and lasted 23 minutes and 42 seconds. You reviewed 40 items, averaging a review every 35 seconds.
8:38 PM
ill deface your face — Jonny Shwa 1 hour ago
^ Took him a while to think about it :p
8:52 PM
I am tempted to answer this question as it is about a fairly basic decision to make (continuously push updates to the client or send data only once). This could become somewhat canonical as I have seen quite a few other questions revolving around this matter. However I am not sure if a question about that kind of decision-making is on-topic?
I could easily make up and edit in some code to fit the question as the description is pretty clear.
9:05 PM
@Unihedron boom
@Kyll That would be a deviation from intent, no?
@TinyGiant How so?
Well, unless the question is still "How do I do X?" in the end.
I could be misunderstanding.
@TinyGiant The question is kinda "how do I trick X to do stuff because it won't seem to do it natively" while the actual answer is "use Y"
9:11 PM
I would first start by asking the user for their code before making up your own though...
@TinyGiant I could also do that ^^
And trying to use X instead of Y is a fairly common issue
Well then by all means, if the user actually supplies some code and it is a common issue and there are no previous questions with the same answer, go ahead.
I have failed to find duplicates
9:13 PM
Then it seems reasonable.
[help/mcve] is not a thing?
###[Q] Way too much code
You seem to have posted a lot more code that what is actually necessary to understand and reproduce your issue. This makes your issue harder to find and could discourage users who may otherwise help you. Please try to isolate your issue to reduce the amount of code you have posted, you can then [edit] your question accordingly. See how to create a [mcve].
What do you think of this?
@Kyll Questions about debugging on Stack Overflow require a [mcve]. The code that you have posted is not minimal. Please [edit] your question to ensure that the code **in your question** is **Minimal** (only the code necessary to reproduce), **Complete** (all of the code necessary to reproduce) and **Verifiable** (we should be able to reproduce the issue using only the code in your question, nothing less and nothing more). As it is your question is off topic for Stack Overflow.
@TinyGiant Way sexier
9:24 PM
I like to remove the human touch on these kinds of comments. If the user thinks it is an auto-generated comment, they tend not to argue.
As much...
Well that was a quick green tick
@MaximillianLaumeister Needs one more.
9:29 PM
A: How do I publish a piece of data and then stop reacting to it?

KyllThe pub/sub pattern as it is implemented in Meteor is all about reactive data updates. In your case that would mean if the author or last update date of an article changes then users would see this change immediately reflected on their home page. However you want to send data once and not update...

I'm running some tests against the X solution
9:46 PM
There. The X solution is great in one case, added to my answer
@Kyll Boom
@TinyGiant ty. Asking for edit rejection is not okay around here I think?
Yeah, it's fine
Well, it will get approved then. o_o
You can ask for damn near anything (except NaA)
9:58 PM
Ah, okay
Whether or not it happens is another story.
Cause I want one...
Then, is the edit on this a decent, approvable one?
@Kyll Boom
@TinyGiant Hahaha. I'm always hesitating to short-circuit the review process like that
10:02 PM
I did nothing of the sort.
I flatly deny all allegations made against me under all circumstances.
Thanks, it feels so warm and cuddly like a kitten :) — Tiny Giant 6 mins ago
11:01 PM
@KevinBrown Out of votes for today -- sorry!
11:29 PM
What do folks here think about this question: stackoverflow.com/q/32786018/3093387 ? It seems like a clear-cut tool request to me, but one of the members of the R community (Dirk) was arguing that one could present objective measures (e.g. number of packages available) to argue how good a linux distro is for R programming. Thoughts? It's already gone through one close -> reopen round.
@josilber Belongs on unix.se
Unfortunately, unless we cheat, we can't migrate it to unix.se
I guess I was just asking if we should close as tool
So yeah, recommendation, because there are so god damn many linux distros it really is a recommendation question.
And there are so many that there can't possibly be one that is better than any of the rest for that thing
11:35 PM
Right, good. This was how I was thinking about it. OK, I will vtc as tool request.
OK, off for a bit. Bye all
@Dirk, but how are you going to select one from the 804 linux distributions as the veritable best R distribution? There is nothing objective about that, the only result will be the one that in your opinion best fits, but someone else is going to have a different opinion, and the person after him will have another. How is asking for a Linux distribution recommendation any different than a tool, book, library or application recommendation? — Tiny Giant 35 secs ago
Hmm, see chatbots here...
11:50 PM
There are a couple
Ah, whatever. Figure that I would bring this user to your attention for near-pointless tag edits.
@Zizouz212 Wow, there are some very pointless edits there. Thanks for bringing it up.
I raised a custom mod flag too, but I found a meta post signalling to tell the peeps that live pop in around here
Could possibly have been one of mine.
Yes, it is one of yours
A: Found someone making large number of tag edits

Tiny GiantEdits made in this manner are not acceptable by users without the editing privilege earned at 2k reputation. If it requires up to five users to review an edit, the edit should fix at least most of the issues with the post. We have no issue with users suggesting edits to posts, but they must be me...

11:55 PM
ugh, someone came along afterwards and made more stupid edits: stackoverflow.com/posts/32802713/revisions (hint: code markup is not for acronyms)
I go crazy for those stupid sorts of edits...
Hey, the infamous Callum is there too!
11:56 PM
Ah, he's there :)
And I got myself into the room somehow... -_-

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