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3:12 AM
@mogsdad sorry about the repeat yesterday -- I bumped into the same question again and didn't realize I had reported it here (most mildly OT I just submit to the review queue)
2 hours later…
4:53 AM
Bother: I nominated a duplicate but then found a different question which is now a better duplicate after I added what I felt was the crucial and general answer ...
makes no sense for me to remove the duplicate vote but would appreciate if somebody could do a second nomination to the "better" duplicate
@tripleee - done :)
@misterManSam Thanks (-:
No worries, delete the other two comments of yours as well.
good idea, thanks for the tip
5:30 AM
So, that sandbox duplicate got re-opened for some reason: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/307039/formatting-sandbox It's now at -2. Guys, this is an exact duplicate of the meta SE sandbox, posted only so users don't have to register on SE. If a user is smart enough to look for a sandbox in the first place, then he's smart enough to register on SE and get that tiny amount of rep there. The registration requirement does not warrant a blatant copy-paste.
6:11 AM
heya @Kyll
Plop @JonClements
plop? huh!?
Is that weird?
Just how I say "hi"
@Cerbrus Haha, didn't expect it to reopen
Ah, work starts in 45 minutes... Still have to take a shower and shave. Won't make it. I don't care. They don't care. Freedom \o/
Do squirrels shave then?
@JonClements Where the armor should be to defend against sneaky puppy attacks
6:17 AM
Ahh see - that's what's going wrong... a cute squirrel - I think awww.... might chase it a bit, but then I'll just leave it alone... with the armour - it suggests you're tasty and you don't want to be eaten - hence - it's more of a challenge to do so!
@JonClements Got a spear in case you want to try anything new =D
It's kind of like Fetch! except in the face
Don't even try messin' with da puppy man! :p
6:30 AM
@Kyll new questions with 1 close / re-open vote will get enough traffic of people that blindly agree with the vote...
6:51 AM
@Cerbrus Heh. As I said it was just an experiment, I'll delete it in a few days if nothing else happens
Oooh, maybe I'll get the Peer Pressure badge? Is there such a thing on meta?
There should be
But iirc, you need to be at -3
IIRC yes, but it's already at -2
Hey Kyll, I understand the question is off topic, I have already flagged the question for moderator intervention to edit tags appropriately. — Sachin Krishna 1 min ago
Erm, no x)
@SmokeDetector That question has 2 answers posted by the OP as "edits" on his question. Those 2 should be flagged as "NAA" and deleted.
This comment is wrong in so many ways
6:58 AM
oh whoa, I accidentally looked at and it looks ... mostly OT. everything except the couple of actual programming questions? (Not a lot there.)
@SmokeDetector Edited
Is it only here that the flag/close dialogs take forever to load?
SO's slow for me too, at the moment. Got an error 523 just now
cv'd as broad
thx, guys. I`l written code review — Max Melnikov 26 secs ago
Who's to bet he won't take into account the "read their requirements" part?
@SmokeDetector edited
8:23 AM
@misterManSam Mrf...
1 hour later…
9:27 AM
Wild idea for the CV request: After the post data, a "last activity" thingy
1 hour later…
10:50 AM
I have around 10 delete votes to spare every day, but I'm not going to spend time around here. Feel free to ping me with a list of questions to delete.
11:32 AM
@cimmanon Needs one last
11:50 AM
Good morning
@cimmanon boom
12:02 PM
Plop @NathanOliver
1 hour later…
1:06 PM
@misterManSam "lacks basic understanding" close reason, how do i miss thee
@cimmanon - Yeah, that would be great. Why was it removed?
it was missused
'morning all
Plop @Mogsdad
1:24 PM
so my co worker has a tear-off calendar with different brain puzzles. Because I'm a programmer I made a program to solve it.
    * Tuesday, September 29, 2015
    * In this word ladder, go from TAME to WILD in four steps,
    * changing one letter at a time to form a common English word
    * at each step. We found three solutions
    * TAME
    * ----
    * ----
    * ----
    * WILD
that's one of the 3
(then again, I wouldn't consider "wile" a common english word)
1:28 PM
this seems to be a hot topic in some circles
Send it to the english SE?
Oooo this is a good English question
yeah, I don't see how they are the same word
1:31 PM
wame is questionable though: dictionary.reference.com/browse/wame
using your feminine wiles is normally where I see wile
I prefer the Oxford, gentlemen - oed.com/view/Entry/…
I'm pretty sure the only time it's used on SO when it's misspelled stackoverflow.com/search?q=%22+wile+%22
@misterManSam Posted it? =p
@Kyll - If it doesn't exist in the morning, I'll have to :)
1:33 PM
Any Ruby enthusiasts in the crowd?
c# for life
@Mogsdad - I put rubies on rings
need any tips?
TAME -> WAME -> WALE -> WILE (again!) -> WILD
@misterManSam If they're relevant to , yes!
@Tunaki wame is not a common English word
1:36 PM
>form a common English word

This seems very subjective
@NathanOliver it's in the Oxford!
<3 oxford
8 mins ago, by gunr2171
(then again, I wouldn't consider "wile" a common english word)
just because it is there does not make it common.
1:37 PM
(I have to admit I did not know this word before looking it up)
@gunr2171 - So where is this program then? I'm not one for brain teasers ;)
and the solutions it comes up with are:


EnumSolutions could be loop-itized, but oh well
Any other solution without wile?
not that I know of
and the answers above match the puzzle's answers
1:42 PM
One too many step no?
@Cerbrus one word to many
tame -> lame -> meld -> weld -> wild
What's "meld"?
you are reordering letters, is that allowed?
1:43 PM
@Tunaki Nope
I would say it goes against the spirit of the problem as it says change only one letter at a time
@Tunaki non-English speakers are allowed to cheat, no?
@rene Then my solution is fine as well :D
@rene hum. I have all those words in my word list, odd it didn't get it
oh wait, what's the change between "lame" and "meld"?
@Cerbrus we get all the points ....
1:45 PM
@gunr2171 he is reording the letters
I don't think you can do that
I just did...
my program does not account for cheating
It better does with me around
1:46 PM
@gunr2171 What you don't work for VW?
tame -> /[a-z]{4}/ -> wild
@Mogsdad but can you parse that with HTML?
@gunr2171 On the right engine, yes.
tame -> magi -> chap -> pens -> wild
1:49 PM
+1 totally legit solution
Can you reverse a letter for free? m -> w
tame -> alternative rock -> wild (as in "wild aggressive sound, a true alternative record")
What about the same thing except in a Wikithon? Tame -> ? -> Wild (well, one of the disambiguation to another)
Might be too easy
[Citation Needed]
@Cerbrus Nice.
tame -> mate -> team -> meat -> tame ? wait I'm lost
man, I can already tell the amount of work done today is going to be low
2:00 PM
Is this what a cache miss looks like in real life?
What the hell are you guys going on about?
36 mins ago, by gunr2171
    * Tuesday, September 29, 2015
    * In this word ladder, go from TAME to WILD in four steps,
    * changing one letter at a time to form a common English word
    * at each step. We found three solutions
    * TAME
    * ----
    * ----
    * ----
    * WILD
and then it devolved from there....
Devolved indeed appears to be the appropriate word :)
its all @gunr2171's fault.
2:02 PM
I ADMIT NOTHING! But I will be leaving now, got to work in the other building here
What is the logic behind "!!/blame" only working in the tavern?
Ask @ProgramFOX but it is probably for ... reasons ...
No idea, I didn't implement it :P
!!/blame @undo
Whatever, it does make sense to enable it here so I'll just do that.
2:07 PM
2:23 PM
@durron597 avoiding the urge to comment "Noob!"
@gunr2171 I was asked this in a recent interview.
Aha, the websocket was dead, it rejoined the room.
@ProgramFOX It's ProgramFOX's fault.
@josilber ^
2:28 PM
@josilber It's ProgramFOX's fault.
Haha what a beautiful thing -- thanks!
you're welcome!
@NathanOliver It's ProgramFOX's fault.
2:38 PM
You never know when you hit the jackpot with an answer but it seems I did on Super User...
@durron597 Surely we don't need to cv-pls meta questions?
@Mogsdad perhaps
...still, I had to +1 Servy's comment for the smile factor.
@Mogsdad I'll move it to the graveyard when it gets closed
I'm thinking of crafting a tag burnination post related to a bunch of related tags. I think they're all pretty weak, but maybe one or two should survive. Any thoughts? (Ruby-specific?)
3:02 PM
@Mogsdad On the tag burnination front... I'm very curious what everybody thinks of: .
@durron597 boom
To me, it's mostly off topic questions... people asking about how to back up dbs..
or.. restore them.
@PaulRoub Oh dear...
3:06 PM
@LynnCrumbling Certainly a majority of off-topic questions at first glance. I could see it being a relevant programming topic, though. The wiki could be clarified to focus on database backups as they pertain to programming, ie code to perform backups or interact with them. Otherwise, questions should be tagged with the relevant database tag. E.g. ms-sql
I love it
@Tpojka you don't have knowledge of this latest cms thus you can not understand this question means you are a beginner and i want to consult from an expert. — Ravi Sharma Sep 17 at 8:34
^ closed.
sd ignore- edited
3:38 PM
well they got rid of the badge progress from the achievement drop down
We've put this experiment on pause for the moment, and may or not relaunch it (thus the status-review tag). But if we do bring this from the dead, we'll be modifying the design so it isn't quite so intrusive. If you have any other design or functionality suggestions for this feature, let us know. — samthebrand ♦ 12 mins ago
3:50 PM
inb4 Yes, I gave teh codez
There is some users that fail to make sense with words. I tell a user to edit info into his question rather than in comments, he says "That is something easy for someone who knows Meteor" and does not edit anything
^ walk away
@Kyll /facepalm, walk away.
Ticking that box is becoming a reflex. Should watch this.
@durron597 That was a good answer... honest, and responsible. I'm a little surprised that it garnered so many downvotes.
4:05 PM
@LynnCrumbling the messenger must be punished, didnt you know?
@LynnCrumbling never say sorry .... -1 from me ... ;)
@cimmanon Well, I guess what confuses me is that a downvote in meta effectively represents disagreement. So, are we to read that those people disagree with the effort that he made to "come clean"? Or is this just spite disagreement, in the form of disagreeing with anything and everything he says :)
disagree with all the things...
@rene hah. I mean.. ultimately.. it isn't @durron597's responsibility to make sure that the rest of us behave. He never forced anyone to downvote. In that regard, giving the answer a -1 as "don't apologize" seems merited :)
@cimmanon pew pew
4:11 PM
@LynnCrumbling Actually, I think it is my responsibility to do whatever I can to ensure y'all behave
Oh.. that reminds me... this needs to be closed:
As @gunr2171 says, with great power comes spiderwebs or something like that
I asked for this responsibility when I asked for Room Owner.
@durron597 Got me chuckling. Good luck with that!
@Kyll ha. Well, it's my responsibility to try
@durron597 And our responsibility to make it trying.
4:13 PM
@PaulRoub You mean "worth trying"? Because that'd be a cool thing to say
Oh wait
'that a pun?
@Kyll trying == difficult
Dang it. I have to work on my englishz
@NathanOliver I'll start from here
That was just a reference for you. I am not actually saying you need to learn more english. hard is English to master.
4:16 PM
Well, saying it I am ^^
damn now I want a Yoda emoji
If you link to the chat room from the request, and don't start #4 until the first three steps are completed... That shouldn't be a problem. — Shog9 ♦ 2 mins ago
4:37 PM
This should be a comment. Actually, no, without a link to said code it shouldn't even appear on the site. — Bartek Banachewicz 5 hours ago
@NathanOliver that guy posted 4 answers ><
Some people just can't get out of the forum mentality.
Hey guys, sorry I haven't been more active in here. Been busy with a new job.
Congrats on the new job
4:43 PM
@JAL Since when is work more important than SO? jk. congrats.
@JAL What, this job isn't good enough for you?
SO moderation is a full time job
if only it paid the bills
I figured ConEd would accept Bitcoin before imaginary internet points
@JonClements is there any explanation as to why my flags were declined on this answer? it isnt even the same language
@cimmanon If I had to guess it's still an answer, albeit an incorrect one.
4:46 PM
@cimmanon I thought answers in the wrong language still count as answers
@cimmanon what @JAL said - a downvote and a delete vote would be more appropriate
That tag-wiki edit rejection request has two approve votes and just my rejection vote.
@TinyGiant needs one more reject
Boom, thanks durron
4:50 PM
@Rizier123 I am
@TinyGiant yw
Looks like one of the reviewers just approved a bunch of tag-wiki edits
@durron597 boom
Man what do you even do, you can't flag a tag wiki. You could erase it but that might get rejected for vandalism if people don't know.
4:54 PM
@SmokeDetector ignore- edited
@durron597 Leave a link to the original review and the copied content in the edit comment
there is a typo as well @NathanOliver
@JAL could you please link to the question, rather than one of the answers?
@cimmanon I think that was as reference for the breeding ground part
@TinyGiant boom
4:56 PM
@rene I think that might have been on purpose as "question" is blcklisted
Nope that was just an accident, that answer was in the review queue
@Siguza thanks
@durron597 Flag one of the posts using that tag for mod attention and explain the situation?
Oh right I have 20k, I can just BOOM it.
I always forget about that power.
4:57 PM
Umm.. one sec - having a look
@NathanOliver well.... maybe link the OP to How to write a good title...
Does no one look at the tag wiki suggested edits? They just approve them all?
Ugh, I have to put something in the excerpt on that one.
It is kind of suspicious having a bunch in a row for one user. I've never gotten that many one after the other.
@NathanOliver left a link for the OP
5:00 PM
@rene thanks. had to many windows open to get to it yet.
@Siguza So we can do a Switzerland chat now ;)
A: Make it easier to prevent new questions being added in a tag

Shog9There are two big concerns that need to be addressed here, IMHO: Folks propose a lot of really terrible burninate requests. "I don't know what this word means, you should burn it" type of stuff. Those need to get weeded out. Also, Hans and Ian both mention the problem of folks wanting to burn t...

@Mogsdad That's already pinned.
@approxiblue No
5:02 PM
@Rizier123 Yaaay. throws confetti
@durron597 Just sayin'... Until I see "status-planned" on code-smell, I'm done.
@Mogsdad agreed
Cool. I like the outcome, btw.
> Sorry, but burning isn't gonna help;
loool, I'd be all in for that though! xD
5:04 PM
Then you would have to burn all the web tags.
@Siguza Do you come from central Switzerland?
@Rizier123 Nope, east. Zürich.
brb, dinner
@TinyGiant burned.
@durron597 Thanks
Have to reboot to see if I can get this bluetooth adapter working, brb
5:13 PM
That request got implemented after the request on here:
Hurray for the capital P!
Just 1 more :-)
@Kyll ...and it turns out there are also tags for and !
yay capitalism \o/
@Mogsdad Not on meta, apparently
5:18 PM
@Kyll I see what you did there.
@Cerbrus No... but those questions tweaked me to search SO tags related to my earlier comment about various "case" tags.
Heh, apparently that other question being closed as duplicate of mine, doesn't remove the flag on mine that suggests it's a duplicate of that other one.
Super User? It's about calling a function and accessing dev tools, but it's still "what's the Chrome command line syntax to...?" stackoverflow.com/questions/32872239/…
This feels like a tool/software req: stackoverflow.com/q/21893401/656243
@LynnCrumbling Also smells like one
5:41 PM
@rene around?
@JAL boom
who's the author of the cv-plz userscript?
@NathanOliver ty ty
it's saying the room URL for this room is invalid, but it isn't
was the script disabled?
5:49 PM
@cybermonkey Why did you put the room url in the reason box?
@TinyGiant see above messages
Were you trying to type the reason into the url box?
was trying to submit the cv-plz request as normal, but it told me 'Room URL is invalid'
seems to be working now
reject that edit too while you're at it on @cimmanon's question
someone's trying to salvage that question
5:58 PM
well they cant. even if they copied the codepen over, it would still be way too much f-ing code.

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