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5:00 PM
that ^^^^
@NisseEngström is(closed === yesterday) = true
@durron597 Woah I thought you guys cv-ed it in two seconds x)
we do
Depending on how many of us are active in the room at the time.
5:01 PM
at least 7 members visited that question to do some damage to that post...
Copy-pasted from wrong tab...
on its way to closure...
Makes things so much easier.
Question. Are there any other kind of Lawful Good militia like this room around SO?
5:03 PM
I'm sure there are pockets of lawful good around the site.
I wouldn't necessarily say that everyone in this room is always Lawful good
We're usually Lawful, depending on your interpretation of the word in context...
@Kyll Most sites only have one really active chatroom anyways.
@durron597 How are you liking the new version?
@TinyGiant It's good, I can type quickly all I want now
Q: Why does this question have such a weird edit history?

durron597http://stackoverflow.com/posts/2923424/revisions This question has 6 "post closed" notifications and one reopen notification. How is this possible and why did it happen? The first close notification is four people, then the same four plus a fifth, then the same five plus a sixth, etc. all the w...

5:11 PM
@durron597 I guess that is why JS promises have been invented...
Rofl a troll edit from a 20k
stackoverflow.com/posts/42294/revisions Community is over-protective
@TinyGiant Today this question from a 180k diamond lizard user would be closed because no MCVE
Aaand you're going to mess the history again
mess with ALL the history!
ALL OF ITZ!!!!one
"We need to close it again" has three upvotes but the question only has two CVs, lol.
5:18 PM
I have a doubt, are questions asking for code explanations on-topic? What about questions asking for the explanation of one specific part of a snippet?
@Kyll can it be answered in a paragraph or 2?
@Kyll It's really, really easy for that to be too broad.
But, it can be on topic if the question is well written, and the OP at least hazards a guess; and they must specify what the entire snippet is supposed to do.
@Kyll On-topic? needs context of the question. Downvoteable? Definitely. Answerable? You shouldn't. If you do? Probably nothing will happen.
@NathanOliver Well, if it can then it's probably a dup (explaining JS's bind or stuff like that)
5:21 PM
@TinyGiant It's not necessarily downvoteable on it's face. But it often is.
How does this code work usually implies a lack of a minimal understanding of the language. OTH if it is a complicated algorithm, then it's something else.
I think any complicated algorithm "how does this algorithm work" would be far too broad.
Unless supplied with the input and expected output.
@Kyll Please userscript?
5:24 PM
@durron597 There is such a thing?
@Kyll Look at the top pin.
@durron597 So, so shiny.
ctrl+shift+a opens the reason dialog, enter the reason and press enter. You can add different rooms to the list and switching the room saves that setting.
The usage info needs updates.
Most of it is no longer relevant.
5:28 PM
Do you preventDefault on the Ctrl+Shift+a event?
Opens my add-ons manager on Firefox dev edition
That is intentional although we are more interested in your password manager... All scripts published here are safe and we can be trusted... whOhHahahahahhaha...
@durron597 I'm crawling through the code to see if I can change that
@Kyll I guess you can modify it yourself, but it should be configurable.
It's at the end
5:32 PM
Thing is, I don't mind the actual shortcut and don't care about opening my addons manager
I'll throw it in now. I haven't had a situation where that was necessary. Thanks for the edge case
I'm getting frustrated because I can't see the event handling code o_o
@TinyGiant np, glad I could help a bit
@Kyll I updated the current version, you'll have to reinstall. I don't want to push an update just for that.
@Kyll code you're looking for is directly at the bottom of the script.
It's not horribly well organized at the moment, but that will come.
5:36 PM
@TinyGiant Was looking at the wrong script. I have too many scripts installed.
@Deduplicator You should probably make a separate post about what tasks are made more difficult. "Please fix the edit history of bugged questions"
^^^ That
@durron597 Yes. Will need some time for that though.
Confirmed, if(e.ctrlKey && e.shiftKey && e.which === 65) { e.preventDefault(); combo = true; } works like a charm
5:38 PM
Awesome eh? Way more informative.
Ah, fail
't' is not 'tool'
It's "too broad"
There's nothing for 'tool-request' or 'external resource'
May I spam your github?
5:42 PM
there actually isn't one for "tool, resource, library"... I guess there could be.
Nope. The list is open for debate. And that feature is going to evolve in the future. As for right now, if you edit the reasons object at the top of the script, you can set whatever presets you want. Just make sure to save them in a text file, because an update will overwrite it.
But yeah, we should have a better list.
@Kyll You can totally submit pull requests.
I was thinking about an issue because I'm lazy
It would be nice to have a UI for changing the short close reasons too
5:44 PM
But I'll try putting some of me codez in that
@Kyll Just don't migrate the whole thing to meteor mmmkay?
@durron597 Yes, that is part of the future evolution
@durron597 Pfrt.
var reasons = {
    't': 'too broad',
    'u': 'unclear',
    'p': 'pob',
    'd': 'duplicate',
    'm': 'no mcve',
    'r': 'no repro',
    's': 'superuser',
    'f': 'serverfault',
    get: function(r) { return r.length === 1 && this[r] ? this[r] : r; }
That is the part you're looking for.
5:46 PM
Too broad should be b I think, then tool could be t
I do not understand the length === 1 limitation. Why?
Because it is looking at the raw input of the text field. If the value is only 1 character long, and that character exists as a property
I understood that, but why limiting to one character?
I suppose I could just remove that, then it would free you up to have longer short reasons.
Like "crap" for "low quality"
5:49 PM
But, as the short reasons are all only one character, I figured we don't need to search if the string is longer than any possible properties
you could change p to pob which would expand to primarily opinion based
and t to tb for too broad.
Split the string by the spaces, then replace each word with its matching properties value, if there is one.
@Kyll I suggested they be one character for less keystrokes.
I still like the one char thing.
5:52 PM
can you still use more than one if you don't remember the single character?
@NathanOliver Example?
Can I add more than one short-reason? For example 'm' and 'u'?
Not right now, that's what I was just thinking about.
@TinyGiant nvm
For testing, please use chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/68414/socvr-testing-facility. Then Zephyr won't pick it up
5:56 PM
I really wish I could hide that 10m banner
@TinyGiant didn't know that existed. I have added it to my list.
I mean I could open up developer tools myself, I'm a programmer
obviously I'm talking about the site providing me with an X to click on to hide it inherently
6:14 PM
@TylerH Don't tell me, you're one of those "real programmers", right?
The butterfly comic? clicks - Yeah that one. Dang it's good.
Ya can't beat xkcd.
6:28 PM
^^ lol, didn't know ">>>" is a bad keyword :)
me niether
@Rizier123 It's because you almost never want to triple quote stuff, and also it's not an operator iirc
6:50 PM
@durron597 Lolz,its so easy you can think about things like adding images.
@TinyGiant gotta remember the slash or it looks like one link
Man getting upvotes today is like pulling teeth
2 upvotes in 5 answers.
damn, I thought zephyr wouldn't pick it up
So it actually has to be markdown
7:06 PM
@durron597 said the man who just got the Guru badge
@DavidArenburg I'm trying to get 20k so I can stop answering terrible questions.
@DavidArenburg Actually I'm up 130 rep today but 50 of it was from that guru question ;)
I think reviewing should be rewarded with some rep points similar to editing, but different. But I couldn't come up with some good rules, yet.
@Rizier123 So we should reward all those robo-reviewers?
@Rizier123 You don't want people to game the system even more than they already do.
@TinyGiant No, that's why I wrote: good rules, means e.g. if you fail an audit you just lose all rep from the entire day or so...
7:13 PM
So when I fail an audit on a low quality post because a bunch of idiots upvoted garbage, I lose all rep for the day?
@durron597 As I also wrote similar to editing there should be some limits in terms of when you get rep, how much and a limit per day, ... But the thing is it shouldn't be primarily about rep, it should just help a little to attract more people to do reviews.
Well... you already get badges.
@Rizier123 You don't want people to just review.
You want people to do correct reviews.
@TinyGiant Yes that could happen. But if you do reviews because of the reputation that I would say: "Please just stop, don't do it only for reputation"
So I would only lose the reputation gained from reviewing? I think it would still add to the butt-hurt when you fail an audit and know you're right.
7:15 PM
@durron597 Yes exactly that's the point: You want people to do correct reviews. Because how can you tell if a review was good/bad? If you just say: "If 3 users clicked: "Looks OK", but you didn't is it then false" ? Maybe 3 idiots clicked: "Looks OK", but it is completely wrong...
....true for suggested-edits review ....
@TinyGiant Yes you would only lose the rep from reviewing. Maybe it will hurt a little, but in such a situation if the audit was wrong you could post a meta post.
Yeah, but failed audits don't get reversed even if they are wrong. You just have to live with it.
And downvoting / vtc-ing a post will have the exact same effect on its status in the audit system as posting on meta.
Not necessarily on the posts longevity on the site though.
7:19 PM
@TinyGiant yup. But already said: 1) It should be similar to the editing rep, so means you shouldn't get much rep from just reviewing. 2) You also shouldn't do reviews just for rep. Another reason not to give much rep for reviewing.
@rene @Rizier123 Thanks, it was a duplicate of an even worse -12 question.
@durron597 sorry was afk
@DavidArenburg no worries
I just wan't extra close votes. for every x close vote you get one bonus and somehow subtract votes from failed audits.
anyway, with the rate you gaining rep recently I wouldnt complain if I was you
After all, if getting 20K rep was that easy, we didnt have so few user on SO having it
@TinyGiant So it should give only a few rep points, just a way maybe to say: "Hey we recognize you and thank you that you do reviews".
@DavidArenburg It's funny, when I had 9k I didn't care at all about getting 10. But for some reason I want 20k a lot more
@durron597 uhh like
@durron597 yeas, deleting power are fun
I guess getting the extra delete vote every 1000 rep is nice
7:23 PM
The deleting possibilities with less than 20K are very limited
Ok, but even if it was 1 rep per review, that is 20 points for each queue, and 40 for the close vote queue. That's 160 points per day if you spend all of your review votes.
@DavidArenburg I get aggravated every time I go into the delete vote 10k tools page
I say 10 rep for completing one entire review session. this is once per day and not per queue
@durron597 hmm this query isnt working so well as these Qs are all deleted already
at least the once Ive checked
@NathanOliver But only if you spend all of your review votes, including h&i
7:26 PM
I agree that moderating the site should be more encouraged
especially closing dupes
@DavidArenburg Yeah it only updates once per week
For every dupe closed the closers should get 2 rep
try scrolling down to the -11 questions.
@TinyGiant Disagree. Bad incentive structure.
I mean, we work so hard to close dupes, without any reward while all the rep whores getting 10 upvotes on average for answering them
? Why not, if it gets reopened you lose your rep
7:27 PM
@TinyGiant Yeah that is why I said session. You have to do the max possible for the queue and then you get 10 rep. it is once per day and is not stacked with other review queues
Q: Award accepted answer reputation for finding duplicates verified by OP

durron597Consider the following theoretical situation: New user asks a question: Why does my program process a sorted array faster than an unsorted array? I see this question, I can: Vote to close as duplicate Answer the question with a link to the duplicate, with possibly a little bit of extra e...

Im getting real tired of it
@TinyGiant As already said from the start: I don't have any good rules yet. But somethings in my mind would be:
- If you do wrong reviews you lose all reviewing rep from the day
- You only get 2 rep or so for 20 reviews per day
- You get rep from reviewing only if you have 3k rep + or so
- You get rep only for 1k reviews or so, means in total you could make 2k rep from 3k -> 5k or so
i think on there maybe 4-5 people closing dupes, while all the rest rep whoring
Reopened on the grounds that the other question doesn't have the complete example that this does - we can definitely tell what's wrong here, and the other question doesn't make that clear. — Jon Skeet Aug 14 at 20:31
^^^ made me sad
7:29 PM
@DavidArenburg Exactly that is the point, but there needs to be some good rules, that we don't attract bad/robo reviewers only to get reputation
@durron597 had exactly the same experience with a very high rep user who eventually posted my comment as his answer
Not a duplicate. Reopen this, please. I also disagree with the make.names advice, but that’s incidental. @DavidArenburg If you recommend make.name, do so in an answer, please don’t mandate this as the only true answer by linking to an inappropriate duplicate and closing the question. — Konrad Rudolph Aug 16 at 11:37
I liked the "Please don"t mandate" when all he did in "his" answer is to mandate his own opinion
@Rizier123 yes, you have a point. Otherwise everything will get closed
@DavidArenburg Just agree to disagree. I get an ice cream from @ShadowWizard every time I agree to disagree. Works great, and I get a lot of ice cream...
I don't understand why this question is getting so many downvotes.
@rene yes, though not so good for you cholesterol I guess
YOLO? but maybe shorter...
7:36 PM
@DavidArenburg "But I know the answer to this question!! I want rep!!"
Thus, my MSE request.
@TinyGiant there are two types of people on SO. The kinds who think that we should make SO a kinder garden. And the adults which are trying to keep things professional. There are much more kids unfortunatly
@durron597 exactly
pure rep whoring
and he even admitted that he posted my comment as his answer
but that another topic - on how posting others comments as own answers (without attribution) is encouraged by the kinds on Meta
@DavidArenburg You're supposed to community wiki if you do that
In fact, you can probably custom mod flag for conversion to CW.
@durron597 there is no "supposed"
there is a meta thread suggesting that
but I saw a more recent thread that the highly upvoted/accepted answer basically said "I don't care, if he didn't post I will. His problem"
@DavidArenburg ""Sounds like you want to kill some kids (evil smiley here)""
@Rizier123 I holding a lot of grunge regarding the common behavior on SO, I'll admit
@DavidArenburg Well, this is the room to be in, to stem the tide against crap.
@durron597 yes, I also have my own room where we all ranting pretty much about everything too :)
is it worth trying to close this code dump question before someone answers it? stackoverflow.com/questions/32126888/…
@DavidArenburg Yeah, I like your room. Haven't been in there in awhile, too many things going on, too many rooms
@cimmanon voted.
7:46 PM
yeah, it R oriented so its boring for everyone else
what about for pirates?
@gunr2171 rrrrrrrrrrrrrr
@cimmanon uno mas
@DavidArenburg this is why i stopped participating on CR. there are too many people there who think awarding As for effort is a good thing
@cimmanon yeah, SO is no different IMO
@DavidArenburg yes, but if you read meta, youll see that most people dont think A's for effort is a good thing
its the polar opposite on CR.
7:50 PM
@cimmanon for questions or for answers (on CR)?
I don't like CR because the moderators are TOO active.
The community needs to breathe a little, IMO.
@cimmanon What's A's for effort?
@Closey alive
@rene I'm alive and kicking!
They never have a CV queue because the moderators are always emptying it.
Which means they train the community they don't have to do any of their own moderation, which means they don't.
there was this guy who got himself temporarily banned on SO so he brought his toys over to CR and the community response was "oh, he just needs to be taught the rules"
7:52 PM
@cimmanon boom
most of the comments he made were rude and a mod deleted them, so there is no record of it
@DavidArenburg the whole "there is no losers, only winners" and "as long as you tried, youre still a winner" mentality
@cimmanon See where 200_success just closed this unilaterally?
which is fine when you are 5
@cimmanon I do believe that trying is important though
A- for effort
7:53 PM
If someone didnt succeed although he tried is perfectly fine IMO
I most hate the givemethecodez guys
can burn them alive if I could
@durron597 nope. anyway, i am done over there so i am trying not to care about it >.>
or the guys who never heard about Google
@DavidArenburg seconded.
@DavidArenburg askers or answerers?
@durron597 askers mostly
7:55 PM
@Closey refresh tags
Refreshing the tag listing. Please wait...
@gunr2171 Tag data has been refreshed.
how does this have an upvote?
A: using strcpy_s for TCHAR pointer (Microsoft Specific)

wudimei.comTCHAR *path = new TCHAR[256]; _stprintf(path,_T("size:%d"),_countof( *path)); error C2784: 'char (*__countof_helper(_CountofType (&)[_SizeOfArray]))[_SizeOfArray]' : could not deduce template argument for '_CountofType (&)[_SizeOfArray]' from 'TCHAR'

@NathanOliver downvoted.
@NathanOliver I bet the OP is the sort who just upvotes anyone who answers his question.
I could only hope it was the OP
@Closey start event
8:00 PM
9,470 need review
1,526 reviews today
2,762,370 reviews all-time
The tags to work on are: , , .
@Closey starting
@NathanOliver May the Vote be with you!
@Closey starting
@Closey starting
8:00 PM
@gunr2171 Watch out for audits!
@rene Watch out for audits!
original response...
@Closey starting
@josilber May the Vote be with you! Note: You had 338 open sessions. I have closed them.
maybe it's new users?
idk anymore
passed python audit
8:05 PM
I just added 22 questions to the cv queue
they might not be in yet.
well crap
said unclear
passed javascript audit
@gunr2171 that was the same audit I had
@gunr2171 It's because bounty.
Only reason it has so many votes.
Still, easiest way to sniff out an audit is to look at the date of the question. If it's 3 weeks old, it's an audit.
you guys want to see probably the worst question asked in the last month having 50 upvotes?
8:09 PM
Id bet you will all fail the audit
and you know why?
because SO posted it on fb!
the wors question ever asked
and you telling me CR is worse than SO
Q: How can I play birthday music using R?

Feng TianI would like to play music using R. How can I accomplish this? Which music file format should I use as input? Are there any packages that I can use for this purpose?

@DavidArenburg Wow. Downvoted.
@DavidArenburg eww. DV'ed
@durron597 and it is after an edit
you should see the original one
It got reopened once?
What an embarassment.
by SO kids
the all mighty mob
Id bet you ALL would fail that audit
8:12 PM
Isn't hadley RStudio employee?
@durron597 yes he is
@DavidArenburg Reopened by three gold badges and two silvers.
@durron597 hmm two of them are constants in my room
even more embarrasing
I wonder how many people will get pissed if we will delete it :]
There are no items for you to review, matching the filter "unclear what you're asking, too broad, primarily opinion-based; [source] [google-apps-script]"
> Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 3 hours to continue reviewing.
8:16 PM
@rene I don't seem to have the start of your review session on record. I might have not been running when you started, or some error happened.
@Closey last session stats
@rene Your last completed review session ended 14 minutes and 45 seconds ago and lasted 49 seconds. However, the number of reviewed items has not been set. Use the command last session edit count <new count> to set the new value.
@DavidArenburg do it! I'm out today but I'll vote tomorrow.
You have no more close votes today; come back in 3 hours.
@NathanOliver I don't seem to have the start of your review session on record. I might have not been running when you started, or some error happened.
8:18 PM
@Closey last session stats
@NathanOliver Your last completed review session ended 16 minutes and 50 seconds ago and lasted 1 minute and 8 seconds. However, the number of reviewed items has not been set. Use the command last session edit count <new count> to set the new value.
bon appetite! Share with everyone here ;)
later guys
@ShadowWizard tnx ;)
@durron597 I wouldnt dare
8:20 PM
@NathanOliver later
Afterall, Nicks answer has 150 upvotes...
@DavidArenburg Why not?
@durron597 I guess the answer is helpful and he put a lot of effort in it
My main grunge is against the asker and SO for posting it on fb
but its not Nick fault I guess
Q: Please don't post answers on obviously off topic / bad questions!

YannisCheck out these two recent questions: http://programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/129497/looking-for-advice-about-my-employment-salary-situation (now deleted) java developer interview questions regarding sql? The text of the first question has been replaced by the OP to "Please delete tha...

@durron597 Yes thought you'll say something like that, but still. I feel its unfair for him. I don't know. I need a second opinion here
8:24 PM
passed html audit
@Sam real programmers still use win95
Nope, butterflies
passed "database" audit
only 5 more, must, power, through...
> Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 3 hours to continue reviewing.
@gunr2171 I don't seem to have the start of your review session on record. I might have not been running when you started, or some error happened.
8:34 PM
this is going to be a record long time I bet
@Closey last session stats
@gunr2171 Your last completed review session ended 32 minutes and 55 seconds ago and lasted 50 seconds. However, the number of reviewed items has not been set. Use the command last session edit count <new count> to set the new value.
oh yeah, it messed everyone up...
well, the world will never know that I took forever
I should look into mongoDB, might be better than postgresql on linux
@gunr2171 que?
Better for what purpose?
Q: When would someone use MongoDB (or similar) over a Relational DBMS?

user6791Im a bit confused......the whole NoSQL and such. When would you choose to use something like MongoDB over something like Oracle or MYSQL? I dont really understand....the "difference" as far as usage goes between them. From my Understanding NoSQL type databases aren't meant to replace RDMS......b...

8:40 PM
I don't like how postgresql works. the syntax (like you need to have double quotes) is harder to use than ms sql
plus, my roommate raves about mongoDB, so I might as well give it a try
just use an ORM
@gunr2171 Use MySQLi
NHibernate, ADO, Lightspeed, etc.
There are so many good ORMs there's really no reason anymore to write much sql on your own.
I was using entity framework with ms sql, I really just need something similar for postgresql
Plus, ORMs ensure no sql injection.
8:42 PM
@durron597 yeah, working on it....
it would be a good idea
but don't worry, I'm not doing sql injection
sql injection isn't for you, it's for other people to hack you :-p
Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 3 hours to continue reviewing.
@josilber Thanks for reviewing! To see more information use the command last session stats.
@Closey last session stats
8:49 PM
@josilber Your last completed review session ended 9 seconds ago and lasted 47 minutes and 46 seconds. You reviewed 40 items, averaging a review every 1 minute and 11 seconds.
i'm out, cya!
@SmokeDetector ignore- edited
My tooltip hovers aren't working anymore on xkcd images. weird.
@TylerH I thought grandmas only use win95.

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