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1:22 AM
@durron597 I can't believe you had 13 votes with that egregious grammatical error! ;)
@Closey starting
@Mogsdad By the power of the Vote! Review!
1:45 AM
@Mogsdad thanks!
@durron597 np... rare opportunity!
passed javascript audit
Alright, I have to run. I may have been a little bit overzealous today, but hopefully I'll be able to get back on tonight and get a stable update going. If all goes well, I should be able to close all of the issues with the next update, as well as a couple new interesting features.
Thanks everyone for testing the script and letting me know what the issues are.
2:05 AM
passed r audit
Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 21 hours to continue reviewing.
@Mogsdad Thanks for reviewing! To see more information use the command last session stats.
@Closey last session stats
@Mogsdad Sorry, I don't understand that. Use commands for a list of commands.
@Mogsdad Your last completed review session ended 31 seconds ago and lasted 40 minutes and 27 seconds. You reviewed 40 items, averaging a review every 1 minute.
If you're looking for a place to use your close votes today, I'd love to have some folks burn through the Google Apps Script queue.
5 hours later…
7:27 AM
@gunr2171 @Mogsdad @durron597 Everything but the markdown in post titles should be fixed in the version currently in the pull request. Test it out and let me know if it solves the issues. Some pretty major changes, so I'm not going to push this update to everyone until I get some input.
I'm sure there are probably a couple things I missed.
@Rizier123 tagged php and c ... interesting, never realized the two languages are so close to each other....
@rene PHP is written in C
So far the good parts?
7:53 AM
so this just come up.
A guy asked a question and got a good answer but decided to ignore it because they didn't like the answerer. Instead, they decided to solve the issue using some other language
So what should we do with that question now?
Context is everything :]
Its quite alot of comments, some of them were deleted, but if you have patience, here you go
Q: R: selecting rows for zero value columns

Sira RMI have a dataframe in R and I need to eliminate all rows with value=0 in some given rows. Name Country Buy_pants Buy_shorts Buy_books Anna US 3 0 0 Peter CA 0 0 0 The outcome should be: Name Country Buy_pants Buy_shorts Buy_books Anna...

So the relevant comment from the OP is that
It is not because of that. I was feeling uncomfortable with this person's ways and anger so I just took it Java and did it there. I don't mind if he keeps his points. A valid answer surrounded by bad mood is not right. — Sira RM 11 mins ago
If all of the comments get removed then the question is still useful.
@TinyGiant yes maybe
maybe we should ask @JonClements to remove them
8:02 AM
You could, but he might tell you to flag a moderator so it can be handled naturally. I could be wrong though.
yes, but usually there arent many mods awake at this hour
I will flag though
No, there usually aren't
Just say that it could still be useful without the comments, the OP has stated that they no longer wish to pursue a solution in this format.
Removing the comments sounds like reasonable solution though. Thanks for the advice
No problem, glad I could help.
8:06 AM
Of course, if the comments are removed then it would be upvote-worthy again.
Or at least, not worthy of the downvote
@DavidArenburg Well it's hard to tell what all was going on before, since it seems like a few comments got deleted. But it seems like the guy who answered "requested to accept the answer" -> stackoverflow.com/questions/32072922/… You can inform OP about the feature, but OP doesn't have to accept an answer. So I think nothing should be done here, I mean the user already got some upV's. Maybe a comment clean up.
@Rizier123 yes, I know he did
I know akrun, and I spoke with him in private
he tends to ask people to accept his solutions and I always telling him to avoid it
but regardless of that, I just flagged to moderator to remove all the comments- both under the answer and the question
After that, we can forget about this whole think I guess
thanks for the advices guys
Anyways, I'm out for tonight. New bleeding edge version of the CV Request Generator in the bloody branch on github. Bugtesters welcome.
And this guy now tries to insult me too <sigh>
8:14 AM
@DavidArenburg where? I don't see an insult, or am I missing something?
@rene his last message if I'm the moderator and that I should mind own business ("manage your own questions")
@DavidArenburg I read it as: I'm free to manage my question as I like ....
yes, in other words "mind your business"
I assume a non-native speaker and I make similar mistakes in using your where I shoud use mine
maybe, I still think we meant that I should mind my own business, otherwise why did he ask if I'm a moderator. Anyway, I don't think this user/question worth any further attention/discussion :)
I hope the mods will remove the comments though
8:20 AM
yeah, that would settle it ...
@rene why arent you running for mod
Im sure you will be elected
because I wouldn't be good at it
why not?
you are a natural
Im probably going to remove half of the users/questions/answers on my tag though
So you cant get me anywhere near it
I only have a trackrecord here and I'm low on flags/edits and the other queues
oh common
8:24 AM
@DavidArenburg and with one mod with a Dutch heritage there is enough directness in the team I guess....
4 Steward badges and a marshal is more than probably all the candidates in the last elections
I think the most important indicator for a good mod is his participation on the Meta site
this is where your knowledge in SE structure is being tested
Just look at/count the answers on meta I provided that are not bugs/support questions. I'm not good enough in expressing what I think
And beyond that, nobody gets my sense of humor...
@rene iI have the same problem. I once asked someone to add his keyboard manufacturer as a tag too so he asked me how to do it
I advised some other guy to start using Excel instead of R so he was fully convinced
Im not good at this
I like the R -> Excel move, I'll keep that in mind
I hope you aren't serious regarding Excel — David Arenburg Aug 12 at 20:44
Someone flagged my Excel comment so it was removed
8:34 AM
All comments should end with a ;) in case anyone is offended by it ... ;)
@rene yes, but this won't be funny with a ;) at the end I guess...
Correct, not funny at all. Flagged it and I hope a moderator will clean-up ...
That is also not funny ^^
we need more ;)
@rene arg
Im not sharing my comments here anymore...
See, I told you you are a natural
Yeah, in 3 months someone is going over the transcript and flags the complete conversation, mod hands out chat bans to both of us ... now that would be fun ... ;)
@rene yes, at least my boss will be happy
8:47 AM
Glad I could be of help with that...
@rene yes, I think many people will be happy I will be banned from SO all together (including my wife)
Step away from the computer if your real-life becomes your second-life...
yes, easy to say
Or you stay where you are and just throw the computer away, both methods work :)
Yes, then I will have to pay 1K$ to my company and then just they will buy me a new one
9:05 AM
Colleagues of mine used to do that with the lease car when they wanted a new one...
sounds like a good idea
morning guys
9:20 AM
@JonClements oh good to have you here
need you for some massive destruction porposes
hmm. nvm
both the OP and the answerer deleted
rubber duck moderating - works brilliantly :p
I was leaving a massive comment ... too late ....
bluefeet put some stats up - be interesting to see what CRABOLO is planning on using them for... meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/276946/…
9:36 AM
self deleted
9:57 AM
Can someone swing a mjolnir on this question. The Op seems to agree.
stackoverflow.com/q/32088837/3933332 VTD, full opinion based question
@Rizier123 This is definitely snark worthy
10:43 AM
hm.. skin care is a bad keyword?
I need revise my English level- again
@DavidArenburg yes, used in many spam posts
@rene so maybe call it a spam then, no?
I though "bad keyword" is for juicy insults and stuff
yeah, but maybe my definition for "bad keyword" is flowed
@DavidArenburg initially it was, it is now more of a anything that was ever used in spam list
there probably is a revision where Tim Post is in that list
due to some hacker attack that kept posting rants (and more) targeting Tim.
I see
thanks for the link and good job with that bot
I wish I could also contribute, but I dont like Python
I made one PR but that only added a word to the list ...
10:50 AM
@rene enough to get into the contributors list though :)
I know how to become famous ;)
I feel like PRs a real pain though
in order to add a small letter you need to perform a whole bunch of unnecessary stuff IMO
So many times I just open and FR instead :)
@DavidArenburg I edited that one simply on github. So that PR never saw a test run before it went into production.... but an FR will work as well as enough contributors like to work on that
@DavidArenburg That's sacrilege! :)
@JonClements I was waiting for your response :)
11:06 AM
Good way to alienate a 6th of the mods :p
@JonClements :)
but I truly dislike Python though
this silly code intending, I mean, for real?
You can't run code chunks
you can't nicely view your data
though its only from a data analyst perspective, Im sure it is great for other stuff
7th most popular tag on SO after all...
@DavidArenburg not used ipython notebooks then?
@JonClements Im using PyCharm
and why on earth you can only install packages from cmd instead within Python shell itself??
11:11 AM
could argue the same with node, surely?
or installing C# components in VS etc...
With the old Python versions (before pip was imported) I think it took me a week to install pip until I gave up
In R it goes install.packages("blabla") and done
don't forget - quite often in Python land you're using virtual environments as well to isolate packages and versions
Anyway - nothing stopping you doing: import pip; pip.install(['install', 'xlrd']) or whatever
Anyway - I fear we're getting OT for the SOCVR - let's not annoy @rene (more than usual) :p
@JonClements I think she is also put her 2 cents here
I hear a lot about that "not to annoy rene" btw, Is she so fearsome?
Only fools would hold no fear? :p
@JonClements nough said :)
11:30 AM
@DavidArenburg Normally not, until people mistake my gender...
@rene hmm, not sure if serious or joking... :s
I always thought its a girls name but now I see its unisex
If written with two e at the end (Renee) it is considered to be the female version of René. Mine doesn't end with two e's in the virtual world nor in real-life for that matter.
we have a nice set on NAs in this one stackoverflow.com/questions/3762634/…
@rene I wonder if you should add "Coursera" to SmokeDetector too stackoverflow.com/questions/32094319/…
11:45 AM
@DavidArenburg is it spam?
@rene its not a spam, just 99% carbage
There is another bot in the making if I'm informed correctly that will focus on post quality and goes beyond spam detection. That bot can be fed with crap...
the current maintainers have a strict policy and scope for Smokey
it usually doenst survive long (on our tag at least)
I think the average vote count is -10 + delete within an hour
@rene yeah, OK
we actually discussed this extensively on Meta
11:59 AM
Good morning
heya @Nathan
@JonClements how's it going?
@JonClements you declined my flag?
The correct answer is of Gavin Simpson above though. This is just a misleading/incorrect answer that has no value for no one.
@David huh? Why you looking at me? :p
@DavidArenburg misleading/incorrect answer should be down voted into oblivion. mod's don't usually involve themselves with that.
12:07 PM
@NathanOliver though that mod upvoted that answer too
How do you know that?
but the answer is neither an answer, just some comment type "that worked" bs
@NathanOliver Id suspect as the flag was declined simultaneously with the upvote
though only speculations Id guess
link to the answer
A: Can install, but can't access, the pwr package in R

BrianIt's installed as "power" not "pwr". Problem solved..:)

that is a coincidence.
I think since it was the OP and they said they were able to fix it by using "power" instead of "pwr" it should be considered as an answer. It is poor but I don;t thinks mods would touch it from the discussions on meta I have seen about NAA's on poor quality answers
12:44 PM
reaches for kick button...
I mis-clicked, sorry
@rene Btw, I also think that your avatar is a bit feminine. No offence. Though it may cause some confusion
I think it's a flower, no offence.
12:57 PM
@DavidArenburg Yes, and I like to confuse so everything worked out perfectly so far ;)
@gunr2171 blurry flower ...
Offence noted...
@rene See you even behave like a woman :) (feminist rage incoming)
Yeah, I have enough examples of that in my repertoire ...
self burn?
:ahem: If you're looking for a place to use your close votes today, I'd love to have some folks burn through the Google Apps Script queue.
I would like your opinion on this. At the end of the question the OP has anther question that is a different subject from the question but is related to the code they posted. shoud that be edited out since it is a different question? stackoverflow.com/questions/32096076/…
1:10 PM
@NathanOliver I would leave a comment and explain that a new question is needed for that
@gunr2171 What are you using to make those awesome gifs
@durron597 what he said.
@NathanOliver is there java in that question?
Maybe I missed it but otherwise you might try to retag within the grace period...
1:26 PM
@rene Where do you see Java?
in the tags...
I'll chock it up to
30 mins ago, by rene
@DavidArenburg Yes, and I like to confuse so everything worked out perfectly so far ;)
fine ;)
Ha! the guy changed from "what should I do?" to some vogue explanation and second flagged denied stackoverflow.com/posts/32094380/revisions
My flagging foo isnt working today
If the question "doesn't have to do with programming!" then it's OT here. — David Arenburg 21 secs ago
+1 +1000000 I mean, duh?
1:33 PM
Is this question off-topic (too broad)? How to deal with software patents
It gained 4 upvotes in 15 minutes, it was at 2 upvotes about 5 mins ago
@KevinBrown I would say so, yes.
I almost think it should be added to the burnation. I also think we should get rid of
@NathanOliver It's on the list, that's why I found it
Ah. nvm me
@NathanOliver not sure if we can get rid of all patents ... some are implemented...
1:39 PM
I must admit (sadly) that about 90% of question on and are OT
@DavidArenburg With only 13k questions, that sounds like a lost cause
But it seem that when they are combined with some language tag ( or ) they sometimes better
@KevinBrown yes, and its hard to distinguish sometimes if OT or not
Though doesnt seem to have anything with programming at all
@DavidArenburg if I advice superuser here would that make sense?
@rene I guess
though the question isnt very clear
That is true
I upvoted the comment and dv-ed the question
let me cv as well
1:44 PM
I still think its better they asked in Meta than dumping this on SO
But I have no experience with such politics. Im installing everything I want anywhere I want and then blame someone else if its a mole or a virus
@rene Just realized that was on Meta, didn't occur to me before
@KevinBrown Did you know that there is a whole SE site devoted to killing software patents? askpatents.com
@durron597, recordit.co
and @Mogsdad ^
Q: Can we have magic comments that link to help center of the site we're recommending?

durron597I love using magic links for referring someone to a more appropriate stack. However, if I'm recommending that someone check out another Stack, often times I want to give them a direct link to their help center, rather than the main page. This is especially true when I'm suggesting that someone mi...

@gunr2171 :-O
1:58 PM
@gunr2171 nice
2:22 PM
I have the feeling I don't understand meta, specially as indicated by this. What am I missing?
@rene You are right, that user is wrong.
I have a deja vu and I was corrected before by someone that said the same as that user... let me find it
:sigh: When a comment becomes regret... stackoverflow.com/questions/32070420/…
2:42 PM
@Mogsdad This is what you get for not VTCing and moving on...
2:59 PM
comment from answerer after I recommend to delete a link only answer:
His question asked for links to help his learning of php. Therefore, the link was the answer needed. — mfisher91 4 mins ago
@SmokeDetector why?
@NathanOliver Body - Position 60-72: freetrial.co
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it is about using and configuring a third party service. We can't be your favorite company's customer service. — gunr2171 13 secs ago
Am I correct that we disabled all feeds now? @gunr2171 @durron597 ?
there was only one feed, which I removed
and if we add any more back, we should make them inline
Ok, I ask because of:
Q: Is it time to [wrap] it up?

CoryKramerThe wrap tag is not useful, and isn't specific enough so it means different things in different contexts. The current wiki for wrap is Cover, enclose, fit around something (object, tag ...) That is the definition of the word "wrap" and has nothing (specifically) to do with any particular p...

3:12 PM
21 hours ago, by gunr2171
I like them just to keep an eye on new ones, so we are at least informed.
thank you @NathanOliver, if figured your script would be much faster than I could do
No problem. I figured I would edit the last part as well considering
oh, drats, missed that
Unfortunately the script doesn't work on all caps in the question body but I understand why.
programmers.se mob landed on that question....
3:23 PM
@rene I'm in the programmers.se mob ;)
@durron597 I don't dare to recommend programmers.se ... ;)
@rene Until recently it was my #2 rep site; I'm currently in 6th place in CV reviews over there all time
I answered a question once there and that was migrated to SO after they found out...
3:32 PM
Not sure if to feel sorry for them or totally annihilate stackoverflow.com/questions/32099827/…
I feel sorry for these guys
can't close vote, send help!
Sorry for the pings @DavidArenburg, just hit me that edits should trigger a new ping
@rene haha... yeah... wasn't suggesting you do more re-tagging :p
3:35 PM
@KevinBrown yeah, was just saying that..
@SmokeDetector uhhh black magic
@JonClements You never know, so I better ask...
3:48 PM
I'm having dinner with a colleague, I don't expect to be around for the event @gunr2171 @durron597
@close Starting
@rene Good luck!
@rene kk make sure to hit obviously.
I'm actually on the request from @Mogsdad for
I'll switch to when I run out
@rene I don't think you will run out, apps script has 11000 questions.
loading takes for ever so I'm sure there is an end to this
error occurred...
I've done 8
@durron597 but not so many in the queue : data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/352302
source had only one
@Closey next 3 tags
4:03 PM
Refreshing the tag listing. Please wait...
@rene The next 3 tags are: 134, 131, 93
@rene okay i'll work on that later if I have time
@durron597 Thanks for the heads-up!
passed c++ audit
why are we in Read-only mode
Just noticed that as well
4:12 PM
aand back
I flagged this as NAA, got declined - a moderator reviewed your flag, but found no evidence to support it. Seemed like a slam-dunk to me... the poster asked a question, then provided irrelevant advice to use http instead of https. Anyway... probably a dup.
We are aware of the brief read-only banner and are looking into the trigger now.
@Mogsdad how many votes would it take to delete that badboy? 3?
@Mogsdad Looks like a comment
4:23 PM
i dont remember if i flagged that one or not, but i certainly downvoted it
@cimmanon It's dead now, thx. (One more time, the community says the mod is wrong.)
ugh.. this is killing me trying to review
@Mogsdad so vote to delete or will the roomba get it?
@cimmanon Question isn't closed, just the NAA got deleted.
@Mogsdad it looks like the answer is still there to me, its just washed out due to low votes
@SmokeDetector 2 minutes, -11 and dropping
gone now
stackoverflow.com/q/32101296/3933332 lol, at least I got my edit done
man I really need to get to 10k.
@NathanOliver You need to write some "real" answers :]
4:57 PM
@NathanOliver don't let durron hear that
@gunr2171 why is that?
+1 for self-imposed pun
Jul 28 at 19:02, by durron597
@Kyll Ask @gunr2171 I bully him all the time to get more rep and he's a room owner :-P
5:13 PM
@gunr2171 man I really need to get to 20k.
stop using actionscript 3
it's not a good language
@NathanOliver Want to race? Me to 20k you to 10k? You have a 200 rep head start.
@durron597 going by your rep graph you will get there faster than I will. BTW hitting rep capped 8 times in the last month is nice
@NathanOliver I had over 7 * 200 = 1400 rep last week
I think I'm losing steam again, though.
I was hoping a contest could inspire me
5:38 PM
@durron597 What would be the stakes? bragging rights?
@durron597 ><((("> <")))><
sweet I just got a Mjölnir reversed
Wow... you must be true of heart and worthy to do such a thing! :p
Isn't that mjolnir can only be lifted by something or something in the Marvel universe?
@JonClements Only by one who is worthy.
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