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12:20 AM
Q: Let's be smarter when rolling back in the grace-period

DeduplicatorCurrently, edits by the same user are rolled into the previous revision if none of these conditions apply: The previous revision was created 5 minutes or more in the past A comment has been added to the post since the previous revision by anyone other than the editor. An answer has been added t...

12:50 AM
@TinyGiant Which install link should I use? (The one I have is loading 1.0.)
@Mogsdad: Could you help me with the test, as durron left?
@Deduplicator What test is that?
@Deduplicator Ah, this
@Deduplicator Done
@Mogsdad Well, I got the ping...
1:01 AM
@Deduplicator So, even when nothing is changed, the author gets notified.
@Deduplicator When did you get the ping? Was it at the end of the grace period, or immediately after I made the initial edit?
1:37 AM
@Mogsdad Must be immediately. Shall we retry and I keep away from all but chat completely until 5 minutes after you report completion?
@Deduplicator Sure. I think it's worth knowing for the sake of your meta question.
@Deduplicator Initial edit has been made.
@Deduplicator [Edit removed during grace period]
Now waiting a bit...
I can hear the Jeopardy theme...
@TinyGiant Found just one problem.
@Mogsdad No, still got the ping.
Ok, but after the grace period expired. That leaves a window during which it could be suppressed. That's worth adding to your meta question.
2:09 AM
@Mogsdad Done. Though they might decide to implement one but not the other...
@Deduplicator Or neither! But here's hoping...
An unfortunate decision to edit this non-answer cleared all progress in getting it removed. Could somebody please flag as NAA (I already have before the edit so I can't flag again). stackoverflow.com/a/32039973/3093387
@Mogsdad wtf? why would that 11k rep dude edit it? seriously, he had to know that wasnt an answer and we dont like it when people polish turds
@cimmanon agreed -- pretty frustrating.
2:21 AM
@cimmanon ? Whatchatalkinboutwillis?
@Mogsdad whoops, replied to the wrong one ><
@cimmanon Ah, figured out which one you meant. I bet the guy who answered it runs away and never comes back, after having his question publicly called a 'turd'.
meh, well it wasnt an answer :p
3:02 AM
@josilber boom
3:20 AM
Q: Clarifying bounty auto-award-mechanics in the help-center

DeduplicatorCurrently, there are three pages in the help-center mentioning how bounties are auto-awarded. Imho, all three would benefit from some rewording: Reputation & Moderation > What is a bounty? How can I start one? It currently reads: How is a bounty awarded? The bounty period lasts 7 days....

3:37 AM
I think people downvote self-answered questions on purpose
@cimmanon @Mogsdad Is this a dupe? stackoverflow.com/review/reopen/9183441
@durron597 Not in my opinion
@Mogsdad Ok. Voting to reopen.
It might be worthwhile finding one that IS a duplicate... that's such a basic question I can't imagine it being asked just once. Here's one that dup in the other direction!
@Mogsdad boom
The rest only need one more or were already closed when I got to them.
3:51 AM
Also, I commented on that issue.
@Mogsdad I closed the last on all your above requests
@durron597 @TinyGiant Thanks guys.
@durron597 How does the readme.md look?
@Mogsdad No problem.
They look so good you just want to click them lol.
3:53 AM
@TinyGiant Really good, the only thing it's missing is installation instructions. Do you need to download both the version script and the base script or just the base?
I'll add that in.
Hmm... limited ref capability when using the script to request cv.
It doesn't ping?
4:01 AM
@TinyGiant (Assume this was ref to my comment re ref capability) I tried to include the :25120812 reference to durron's question about reopening. Since the tag gets put at the start of the line, that kind of reference doesn't work... so I had to quickly tidy it up in the room.
Not a bug, just limitation of chat.
Ahh, yes. It would be nice to have those anywhere. Once I have the modal set up, you'll be able to (but not required to) review the message and edit it before sending it.
Nighty-night. Don't stay up too late. There will still be crap posts tomorrow...
@TinyGiant Didn't you get permissions to do that yourself?
Yeah, just thought you might want to look over it.
@Mogs, I'll try to repro that issue in the morning, I'm off to bed.
@TinyGiant good night
4:58 AM
@durron597 voted on all of them
How's it working for you?
@TinyGiant thx
Thought you were going to bed ;)
Pretty good, obviously :)
Yeah, well... I have an idea for cross-site compatibility.
@TinyGiant I'd love to choose a reason in a single keystroke
like, ctrl+shift+a, t -> too broad
(without having to press enter)
ctrl+shift+a, p -> pob
Hmmmm... I don't know if I can listen to events in a prompt. I could set it up so that if only one letter is returned it will replace it with a preset reason though.
5:03 AM
Alright, list off your L = reasons
@TinyGiant could also do ctrl+shift+t, ctrl+shift+a, etc.
but I don't know which keystrokes are already taken by which browsers.
@durron597 I've been thinking about key combos for different requests (del,down,up,etc..) but the problem is that so many browsers have different reserved combo's, I'm going to have to research what the "safest" ones are.
Plus Stack Exchange's key combos.
Ideally t -> too broad, u -> unclear, p -> pob, d -> duplicate, m->mcve, r->no repro, s->superuser, f->serverfault
well, that's why I had my first suggestion. I don't know if you can listen to a two part keystroke
with no prompt
I can listen to any number of modifier keystrokes at a time, but I can't listen to anything in a prompt (AFAIK)
6:33 AM
Stuck in traffic for a couple of hours. Nice! I can get some reviewing done.
7:18 AM
@vaultah @uni @gunr @durron @mogs my bad, apparently @require rules don't update themselves. So, the updater functionality works, but the server version doesn't update. You'll have to manually update to the latest version where this is fixed.
@durron597 The latest version also has your short reasons. Relevant information in the readme.md
You can see a summary of all of the changes in the new version here. Excluding the updater issue, because I didn't find that bug until I changed the server version.
It should also work on any Stack Exchange site now.
7:53 AM
(+vlq answers)
8:03 AM
sprinkled flags and down votes ..
8:18 AM
@vaultah that accepted answer....
yeah :[
Hello feeds ....
Oh, awesome. We get a meta feed in here now?
Anyone in favor of putting custom-error-pages on our to do list?
8:26 AM
star away, if enough stars, I'll pin it
1 hour later…
9:34 AM
@rene Ahhh good find on the dupe - thanks for the message (was asleep at the time - so didn't responsd)
1 hour later…
10:58 AM
@durron597 i dont see how those arent duplicates.
11:55 AM
Good Morning
a quick question to the mothe queen @rene
is there a difference between "read access" and "no special access"? (I'm sure there is some, what is it?)
@DavidArenburg There is only a difference when a room is private.
People with read access can read private rooms.
@ProgramFOX yes, so what's the difference for a private room
But everyone can read private rooms
@DavidArenburg Nobody can read private rooms, only those with read access (or a higher access level) can.
@DavidArenburg I believe you are confusing private rooms with "gallery" rooms.
@ProgramFOX yes, probably
i didnt see an option to create a private room
12:05 PM
Private rooms can only be created by moderators because they are meant for moderation purposes.
@ProgramFOX k, thanks
though why do we have these options in other room sthough?
shouldnt they be masked?
Hmm... I don't know, actually.
Should this question be closed as a typo? stackoverflow.com/questions/32049015/…
I've been trying to decide whether or not it's salvageable with the pretty terrible answers it received (all lacking explanation)
@rene I am down for burninating it
@KevinBrown i dont think it is a typo, looks more like a legitimate case of "i have no idea what i am doing"
and its such a simple problem that even the lowreps can answer it
12:20 PM
12:36 PM
@TinyGiant, userscipt is looking good so far!
I'm saying no
in The SO Tavern (Free Snacks), 2 mins ago, by Francesco
@gunr2171 "Since I do not know the Bukkit API. I do not know how to cancel the task."
12:44 PM
in The SO Tavern (Free Snacks), 2 mins ago, by Francesco
^ Since that, the sentence before can be a comment.
well, first of all, those 3 answers all suck
that's a given
Anyway, can anyone please flag as very low quality? I couldn't because I've already flagged that post.
But not an answer would be more appropriate.
@Francesco it is an answer. it might be a poor answer but it still is an answer. down votes are the way to handle those
@Francesco It did suggest a solution - cancel the task or it will execute.
There's nothing "very low quality" about it.
12:49 PM
should this question be closed? stackoverflow.com/questions/32013840/…
(uses highly inappropriate tags, too)
@cimmanon It seems to be about a build tool.
@Unihedron no, its asking "how should i do stuff?"
the fact that theyre using bower is irrelevant
Well, if it's specific, it's on topic; otherwise it's not
I don't have expertise in the field to judge.
@cimmanon I think it should be "why doesn't it work". Question describes a problem that "isn't working" but there is not enough details to back it up.
seems too broad to me (borderline opinionated)
12:51 PM
Happy Monday All
I vtc'd.
oh right, I have to keep remembering you are shrimp now
@LynnCrumbling that's way to cheerful for a Monday.
For me, Monday's are fine. Tuesdays are the day where everything breaks.
12:53 PM
@DavidArenburg fair point but I think the reason is that @balpha didn't care so he didn't planned a timeslot to have those option removed for normal rooms...
@NathanOliver so far three members seem to agree with you, tnx
@rene I stared it to show my support
I couldn't let what you wrote be correct ;P
I'm used to stuff I write to be incorrect...
@NathanOliver I'm about to get my coffee. Which is probably the highlight of my day. So let's go with that.
1:05 PM
@Kyll I went with Too Broad on that one, it's all over the place.
@durron597 thanks for posting that user script. That will come in handy.
Just don't flood this room with cv-pls requests (that goes for everyone)
@gunr2171 Wasn't that the goal of the room?
> We don't want to become a close vote posse. Every user should handle the review based on their own opinion/knowledge, choosing leave open, close, edit or skip when appropiate. Concentrating attention on a question in the context of whether or not to close a question, severely biases attention toward closing the question.1
Yes, if you need to bring certain posts to attention, that's fine. But don't flood the room with it. I hate being told how to vote.
(that paragraph comes from the faq for the record)
This room is solely for the weekly close events and discussion(s) about reviewing.
1:18 PM
^ From room description.
Yes, a good level of cv requests are fine, I just don't want to show up and have someone post 10 at a time
if the transcript is 50% cv requests, we're doing something wrong
@JonClements What should we do with the other 21 legal-related tags that haven't yet been burninated?
@Closey alive
@gunr2171 I don't want to go on the cart!
With regard to the : Take for example @Unihedron He is active in a low traffic tag. Crap questions take for ever to accumulate enough votes to get closed, while crap attracts other crap. Posting a cv-pls for that kind of stuff is OK.
1:32 PM
@NathanOliver don't thank me, thank @TinyGiant he did all the work
You might stumble upon users that reference other crap questions as good examples. cv-pls are fine to get rid of those examples quickly. In burnination request special focus is OK for , beyond that use the standard moderation tools and let the community as a whole decide.
that went fast
yep, under 1 minute
To add onto what rene said: Spamming cv-pls requests makes other requests that are more important be buried and hard to reach. Therefore, they should be used as measures when letting it sit to get the attention and possibly salvation doesn't work.
1:38 PM
my two cents: look and see if people are having a conversation in the room
if the room is somewhat dead, go ahead and post cv-pls
but don't be rude to others talking
You mean chatting...? I heard of that, might try it someday ;)
Ok, let me see if I can reformulate some of those in the wiki
1:52 PM
@rene I'm also active on a few low-traffic tags, and that's where most of my come from. Being able to call in a few markers to expedite cleanup there is a HUGE benefit, and is kinda my pay-back for the efforts I put in here. Doing those review activities when the room is quiet (such as last night), will appear like "10 at a time" (quoting @gunr2171, although I only posted 7-ish ;^) ).
@durron597 boom
@KevinBrown thx
That was a strange edit given their lack of Django questions/answers
@Mogsdad last night i sent 12, and the only people here were me and Tiny Giant, except he claimed he had gone to bed ;)
@Mogsdad sure, we seem to be mitigating an issue that didn't spiral out-of-control yet. I only try to back one of the other RO
1:58 PM
@gunr2171 For the record, I would never tell you how to vote. I might "request that a bad post be examined", but if you disagree I fully expect you to tell me
Yeah, I don't think we're too far off the room charter - it's worthwhile having a process check once in a while. I was just expunging my own guilt.
Heck, @rene and I openly disagreed on meta this weekend. No big deal, we're still buds :)
@durron597 That's not what I heard.... 8)
The pls in cv-pls stands for please. It will never be a demand to follow the vote. If we feel this rooms becomes a second cv-queue we're doing it wrong.
@rene I agree 100%
@Mogsdad Well we did have to have an epic battle to the almost-death first like this one: youtube.com/watch?v=AphxyjrH4SE
2:02 PM
@durron597 disagreeing on flags, specially NAA and LQ is easy.... ;)
@rene indeed
@durron597 No problem. I'll thank him when he gets on.
@Mogsdad one other option that might work is close voting a bunch 30 minutes or so before an event and then have the other members filter on your low traffic tag. during the event. Your recent cv-ed question should turn-up and with enough of us probably get closed. We could use this adjacent to burninate and the regular tags we handle.
@gunr2171 @durron597 thoughts? ^^^^
@rene That's a good idea
@rene I'll try to spend my CVs on this morning
@Unihedron would that ^^^^ work for you as well?
2:10 PM
I spent 12 of them last night
@rene Good idea!
@rene As someone who regularly flags ahead of events, I agree that doing that is typically more effective than using when you have a significant number of questions
If I'm around before an event, I'll do that ;)
@rene I like that idea!
@durron597 OK, I'll filter on that tonight
@KevinBrown tnx, I'll use that in the write up around cv-pls
2:14 PM
I'd like to hear opinions on this question in the "Edit" search. It's been highly viewed & voted, as have several of its many answers, so obviously it's been valuable to people with enough rep to upvote. IMO though, it's a tool request, or too broad - the fact that there are 6 open answers reflects that. What to do?
@Mogsdad "Best way" usually screams POB to me, and given that a few of the answers don't use external plugins I would say it could be rewritten to not be a resource request
@durron597 boom, that had one accept on it
@KevinBrown That seems to be the best way forward and doesn't invalidate the current answers
@KevinBrown can't correct a spelling error when it's a class name ;)
@durron597 Better response would have been a comment to author... which I've added. If they really wanted that class name, so be it.
@NathanOliver I am not a great fan of I looked at every question but none of all those questions are referenced. To me it reads as a external resource request...
@rene ty. looks like somone added
> This topic has been explored in a number of books and articles and is much too broad for this forum. It can also lead to opinions about the topic. There is a reason that the C++ Committee made the change so suggest you read up on the literature.
I went with that one.
yeah, I never try to guess what the seasoned c++ community says about these questions.
@Mogsdad Definitely better
3:08 PM
@TinyGiant Another possible install issue w/ request script. Or the script is checking whether it's me? This time, FF + GM. Installs fine, but does not appear to run on questions. No errors in console. Have uninstalled / reinstalled script. And GM.
3:22 PM
@durron597 They both should get a review ban for that.
@SmokeDetector Need 2 more reject votes on bad edit. [reject-pls]
@gunr2171 Awesome
@Mogsdad I haven't tested any of it on firefox yet, I assumed that it would work for firefox because the gm/tm functions share the same names. I'll load up firefox in a minute and try to repro the issue.
Stop protecting <protect> needs a punny name to be worth doing. As a parent of teenagers, though, all the puns that come to my mind are NSFW.
@Mogsdad You can also use [\[\]](//example.com) to produce []
3:38 PM
@Koitoer Revenge downvote for a wrong answer? You have fixed your answer, I removed downvote. Not spite. — durron597 16 secs ago
@Mogsdad It looks like GM injects the script before jQuery is loaded. I'll have to come up with a work-around
@TinyGiant stackoverflow.com/questions/12897446/greasemonkey-wait-for-page-to-load-before-e‌​xecuting-code-techniques?
Looks like a @require will do it.
I hate FGITW
that is all.
@Mogsdad I'm going to try the first solution, if that doesn't work then I'll @require jQuery, the only problem is that @require doesn't update, so you would never get a new version of jQuery
@TinyGiant I edited the script locally with just a @requires. That works.
I don't know whether it matters what version of jQuery is being used, unless the script relies on new features.
Of course, may slow loading, but could try to align with whatever version SO is using, and bump it up from time to time.
3:56 PM
I've pushed an update. It uses a the latest version, but retrieves it specifically by number instead of using the relative URL. This way whenever a new version comes out, I can just change the URL in the script and push another update.\
Lets see if everyone's auto updaters work
@TinyGiant How can I test if it worked?
It should ask you to update when viewing a question
Ok, you should get asked now
4:00 PM
@Mogsdad You have been ignored.
Thanks. Ignore this too.

SOCVR Testing Facility

Testing lab for the SO Close Vote Reviewers (with all their bo...
That's where I test the script.
@TinyGiant If there's a general problem, OK. But FYI updating not working for FF/GM.
4:01 PM
@Unihedron leave open, probably. meh.
@TinyGiant Thx
@Mogsdad Not updating in FF? Is it updating in chrome for you?
@TinyGiant I want to say thanks for the CV request user script. it will be used.
@NathanOliver You're welcome. It started off as a boorkmarklet from durron, then gunr made a userscript out of it, then I... modified it ;)
4:07 PM
@Mogsdad Ugh, firefox isn't properly loading the version information.
@TinyGiant My bookmarklet was stolen from some MSE post somewhere.
with a very slight change to add [tag:cv-pls] at the front
Parts of my version have been shamelessly stolen from all over stack exchange.
It was in a post about how to put better links in comments (with markdown) instead of the raw ugly link
4:09 PM
Great artists steal
@durron597 Ahhh.
@TylerH Every single one
@TinyGiant I haven't verified on Chrome, and don't have the setup here. (I use chrome at home.) Has someone else confirmed?
I'm back for a bit, reading through past stuff
It updates for me in chrome, it just took a bit for it to update the version number.
4:14 PM
@Mogsdad I just got asked to update on chrome
But I would love if someone else could confirm that it updates in chrome for them.
as soon as I went to a post, and it looks like it did update
Awesome. It should be version 1.4.1 in TM
ugh, all of my userscript have basicly the same name, hard to tell them apart
4:15 PM
@TinyGiant I did a refresh and I got a popup sating the script needed to update. I clicked okay and It redirected me to the user script update
Awesome, chrome is updating!
Now to get firefox to follow suit.
@rene This sounds good to me.
@TinyGiant Firefox doesn't follow suit. It leads. (TM) (&copy) (patent pending)
You could say I have a way with words...
4:20 PM
@TylerH is that the MLG montage of the corporate world?
the bit in parentheses, yes probably
@TylerH So far it is leading in the wrong direction.
Repetitive Crap You'll Pay $60 For (TM)
When you get home, play this: gameoftheyear420blazeit.com
It's literally the best thing ever
I'm not surprised that my work has that site blocked
with a name like that I bet its contents are dubious
4:22 PM
It's a game developed in 7 days during the "7 day FPS challenge", it's actually a very functional game.
but, makes fun of MLG the whole way
Q: Coin change-all possible solutions

user1974903Assume that in India, the currency is made up of coins only, and there are five coins in general circulation.2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p .Write an efficient C/C++ program for this? .

Looks like a new strain of Gimme th. Coedeitis. Quarantine advised. — Quentin 52 secs ago
Give me the code itis
in non-Latin latin forma
like most strains of diseases
It seems the close window doesn't have formatting, so I didn't see the italics
but that's funny.
any way we could add to smokey something that searchers for Write an * program for this??
4:26 PM
(cc @ProgramFOX)
Outside the scope, it's meant for spam/abuse.
that ^^^^
and smokey isn't only for SO
np. just wasn't sure
Wasn't the initial goal of bringing Smokey here so we could create SO-specific rules and push them to this room?
(Not saying that I agree with the proposed filter, just that I have no idea what the current goal of having Smokey here is)
So I'm looking through Smokey's issues to find that quote i'm looking for, and I found this: github.com/Charcoal-SE/SmokeDetector/issues/19
4:29 PM
@NathanOliver You could rip the source code, host it on your own box, call it Crapey, and have it report such questions in a chat room of your choice...
@gunr2171 That was some random troll, we think -- we have no idea who it is.
that's what I figured
wasn't that guy also spamming meta or the Tavern at the same time?
@NathanOliver found what I was looking for: github.com/Charcoal-SE/SmokeDetector/issues/…
(undo's comment and below)
@gunr2171 A homework question by someone attending some certification factory in Elbonia. Doesn't know English well enough to read the SO guidelines, but is learning how to ask for specific code on SO. In about 3 months, will "graduate" and be part of the Elbonian Contract Programming Corps. Your employer will call your whole team into a room some day soon, and tell you, "We've found this great team in Elbonia, and are transferring all our SW dev to them. Here's your severance. Bu-bye."
You'll find yourself with tons of time on your hands, which is good... because you'll be able to snipe the "Givez me teh codez" questions to build up your rep, providing the code for your Elbonian replacements to sell to your former employer. That's a win-win, right there!
4:35 PM
I don't let you near any CEO ... they would all buy that ....
Why pay the programmer, when you can pay someone less to get code from the programmer for free?
I can't pay my rent with IIP
There seem to be respectable sites that offer bitcoins for IIP....
You can convert the IIP to cupcakes and then barter with your landlord with the cupcakes
@mogs. Ok, should be fixed in the latest version. Update, then push the version number back (there's only one now, not two) and see if it asks for an update.
4:47 PM
The latest version shouldn't have a delay in updating on chrome either
Everyone get asked to update?
I didn't.
Oh, of course!
I installed the new one on my home computer but not my work one.
4:56 PM
Also, if anyone wants to do some testing on other Stack Exchange sites, that would be much appreciated
@TinyGiant Yes, it prompt for update with FF+GM.
Awesome. Now onto custom dialogs
@TinyGiant I see you added // @require https://code.jquery.com/jquery-2.1.4.min.js. SO is currently using 1.7.1.

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