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@TinyGiant See no difference to my normal conversations :]
^^^ That one is even better
@Rizier123 Seems like conversations that happen on this site.
lol yeah somehow some conversations on SO are like this.
12:25 AM
@Rizier123 They make sense to a certain point, then it all goes to hell.
Well "we stupid humans" programmed it, so what else to expected ? :D
@TinyGiant Why is this move semantics question closed exactly?
Which one what now?
Q: What are move semantics?

dicroceI just finished listening to the Software Engineering radio podcast interview with Scott Meyers regarding C++0x. Most of the new features made sense to me, and I am actually excited about C++0x now, with the exception of one. I still don't get move semantics... What are they exactly?

12:30 AM
Because the user says they read a book and don't understand what was said there, "Could you please rephrase the book in a manner which I can understand?"
If you read an entire book on a topic, and still have 0 understanding of the topic, we are unlikely to be able to help you.
Plus, the answer is another book all on its own
Which would mean that the question is obviously too broad.
@TinyGiant Gotta love the stream of consciousness tags... they help. so. much.
12:37 AM
@Mogsdad I love that eh.
I gotta say, a tag like has got to have so much crap.
alright, gotta run again, take it easy
My fav is when the same words are the title, content and tags.
@durron597 Oh that's why, lol.
^^^^ dafuq?
@TinyGiant Really? I got updated automagically.
12:39 AM
You realize that you wrote that message ?
@Rizier123 I was dafuq-ing the title of the question
@Mogsdad yeah once a day tampermonkey will do it all on its own
@durron597 I was just wondering whether to edit the wiki to say "If you think you need this tag on your question, don't hit submit just yet. Instead, ask yourself whether you need this kind of public embarrassment. Maybe you should just admit that you don't know s*it about programming, and find another hobby. Knitting, perhaps."
^^^ agree
1:02 AM
@mogs you busy?
@TinyGiant No. Whatcha got?
I want to test a condition
You need to edit a post that I'm editing
So I can get the banners
1:05 AM
Now to find a question worth editing
AH. Unfortunately, just did one.
K go ahead whenver you're ready
Awesome, thanks
1:09 AM
Hmm. Should have taken R out of title.
@TinyGiant - I did not notice the post was updated with other answers and i submitted mine. Anyway since the answer is similar to another one posted before me, I will delete this answer. :) Thank you for spotting that. — Dinesh Chitlangia 44 secs ago
Lol, when does that actually happen?
I'm not getting the orange banner for some reason, just the grey one lol
Oh well, next time you're editing a post and the orange banner shows above, grab a selector off of it for me.
Oh, there we go
1:17 AM
@TinyGiant Whatchatalkinaboutwillis?
When editing a question, if you exit the cv-pls menu is gone.
I need to detect click events on all editing exit points and re-append the menu
Ah, hadn't noticed.
BTW, a 21K user made the "R" edit that I didn't. And I will wager that he's from the US.
@Mogsdad correct!
Now. Your weight, in kilos....
1:20 AM
Haha got me there. Do I just divide by 2?
Yeah, that's roughly it =)
It was the edit of "which" to "That". In Canadian English, either is OK. Although I've been seeing it move more and more towards "that".
@Mogsdad You's a cannuck?
The rule I learned as a copy editor (at an American newspaper) is that you can only use "which" if it follows a comma.
@josilber So your edit should have been a comma? (eh?)
@Mogsdad yeah, would have been an equally valid edit
1:27 AM
@Mogsdad Where abouts?
Ottawa. Grew up in the middle, though, near Winnipeg.
Ahhhh. Cool. I'm a hurtin Albertan.
Originally from the land of Bring Cash
@TinyGiant Which of the two inhabitable cities are you from?
1:30 AM
Not one of the inhabitable ones
Hoodoos and dinosaurs...
That's the one
Went on a tourist "Dig" there as a 7-yr-old. Almost brained my brother with a pick. Good times.
Lolz, sounds like something that would happen here.
But only if you were sleeping with your cousin at the same time.
1:33 AM
I'm not from Saskatchewan.
1:51 AM
Hi Friend! Do you have Delete Votes that you want to spend? Does the continued existence of crap questions keep you awake at night? Well then I have the solution for you! This query contains a batch of related questions that are candidates for delete votes. If you get them to within 1 vote of deletion, they can be left for the crowd.
Good night, all. I've got to get up for hockey at 5 tomorrow, and I've burned through all my votes.
@Mogsdad Have a good night
@Mogsdad Spent 11 deletes.
Thanks both
2:28 AM
Well, the script now re-appends itself to the post menu after editing a post.
3:35 AM
anyone here?
kind of
(Please ping me once it's reopened)
@nhahtdh voted to reopen. can you leave closed both of those?
ah, the first one is done.
Voted on the second one. I don't understand why OP (or re-openers) think this is a special case -- asking to locate off-site resources is off-topic...
3:43 AM
@josilber exactly
oh well, reopened.
@josilber Can you vote to close? I can't again.
Hmm, probably would prefer to bring up on meta -- I don't like getting into close/reopen battles. Clearly there is some disagreement here.
@josilber Okay, I respect that.
4:26 AM
@TinyGiant There is no point in closing those question which receives good answers
I'm not sure what you want to achieve by doing so
I agree that the question is terrible, but the answer (to me) seems to cover the topic quite well, it might as well be the canonical question about the topic
If it were badly answered, or if I see a similar question without the answer, I'd agree to close the question to prevent more low quality stuffs.
@nhahtdh I thought we were supposed to close off-topic questions regardless of popularity/quality of current answers but to only delete when there's no useful content.
@josilber This ^^ has been told to me by several moderators @nhahtdh
@durron597 The thing is that this question is not off-topic
But also that we care a lot more about new questions than old questions
4:34 AM
It's totally on-topic, just that it's too broad
The question is not editable.
However, I'd say it's grandfather-ed to canonical question status because of the answers
@durron597 I'd invite you to look at some of the questions asking for URL regex, or canonical questions
oh, are we talking about the move semantics question?
They are terrible questions by SO standard, but the content is what keeps them open
Yeah, I was on the fence about that one.
I thought we were talking about the birthday music in r question.
4:36 AM
Oh, I thought we were taking about the "find my source code question"
and the java 8 source code question.
@durron597 I'd say that one has no lasting value
Or as long as Java is still in use
@nhahtdh which question are you saying is on-topic?
@nhahtdh The delete vote on it is mine (the birthday r question)
Q: What are move semantics?

dicroceI just finished listening to the Software Engineering radio podcast interview with Scott Meyers regarding C++0x. Most of the new features made sense to me, and I am actually excited about C++0x now, with the exception of one. I still don't get move semantics... What are they exactly?

Q: Where do I find the Java JDK Source code for JDK 1.8?

timboI have already seen the question Where to find Java JDK Source Code?, and it isn't helping me. I am trying to get the Oracle Java source code for JDK 1.8. It has been suggested that this question is off-topic. Please see the edit at the end of this question regarding this. According to Oracle'...

@josilber Note: You can follow my reply link for the context of my message
4:38 AM
Q: How can I play birthday music using R?

Feng TianI would like to play music using R. How can I accomplish this? Which music file format should I use as input? Are there any packages that I can use for this purpose?

@durron597 I'd say it should be kept closed
I'm erring about deletion, due to the answer
@nhahtdh the answer is really good, I agree.
How is this still not closed? stackoverflow.com/questions/32118100/…
Offensive flags all around!
4:54 AM
@josilber Trust me I did it.
@durron597 yup, that "answer" already has my delete vote -- only one more needed.
@josilber only 2300 rep to go for me
going to bed, good night
I would really love to have 90% of the questions in gone
Though that can only happen with the help (or abuse) of moderator power
5:57 AM
@nhahtdh Meh, if you say so. It's an extremely broad question, and I don't think a question should be judged by its answer or its votes when determining a close reason. That same question, if posted today, would be closed in a heartbeat. The question was brought to my attention and I reviewed it based on its merits. But, I have made my position clear and there is nothing more I can do about it.
That said, if it was edited by someone knowledgeable on the subject matter, it could be a different story.
@TinyGiant "I don't think a question should be judged by its answer or its votes when determining a close reason." The important thing to consider is: What is your ultimate goal in closing the question with detailed answers at the current state?
Well, if anything hopefully the question gets edited to be on-topic before reopening. The same as we ask of new users.
I think this case fall into the canonical question exception, due to the quality of the answer
Take this question for example: stackoverflow.com/questions/3577641/… It's a terrible question, but it is set up in order to provide a canonical Q&A for a common problem
> This is a General Reference question for the php tag
6:12 AM
Put a similar banner on the other then. If others in the community disagree, it will be removed.
If the community agrees, it will become canonical.
But, in its current state I believe that it should be judged on its merit alone
@TinyGiant It is already the case, it's tagged
I didn't see that.
Possibly to avoid this in the future a more clear banner should be applied.
6:16 AM
> This is a General Reference question for the c++ tag. However, this question is very broad; It should not be used as an example of a good question.
Then we could avoid the meta topics using questions like those as examples of why their extremely broad questions should be allowed.
@SmokeDetector edited
6:37 AM
morning all
7:01 AM
@durron597 hmm this is already on 3 reopen votes after yesterday stackoverflow.com/questions/31782580/…
7:31 AM
I just posted a comment, and it had an upvote the split second it was posted.
10:46 AM
10:59 AM
And I have an answer....cool site, that Stack Overflow
2 hours later…
12:48 PM
@Kitler voted
pew pew
1:43 PM
> I have read almost everyone 'solutions' of this problem but non of that works or I dont understand it. Anyone know what to do?? - 3 mins ago
> marked as duplicate by durron597 just now
1:53 PM
I wonder if there would be a smart way to send multiple cv-reqs without spamming the chat too much
Say, for example, while crawling my favourite tag I find 3, 4, 10 questions worth closing, and flag them all... How could I properly report them in the chat?
you might just want to flag them all and then tell us to focus on it in the queue
that would be the most efficient
Oh. That's actually a good idea.
assuming it's all the same tag
for the win? I don't want to be hit by a meteor!
1:57 PM
Meteor is JavaScript, you have your chances if you hoist yourself out!
yeah, looks ok
"Vraag uw gratis offerte aan"
"See our free offer now" mebbe?
@Kyll that will work
Anyway, not spam.
2:00 PM
@Kyll Get your free offer
so, I wonder how many people have added my guid to their profile
Your {thingy}?
A: Edit profile page for "10-million questions" event?

gunr2171If you type the hashtag on a single line in your About Me section it will render as a html header. Putting a space before the hash makes the symbol appear. You don't want this #This is what you want #You don't want this #This is what you want And for why Stack Exchange choose to use hashta...

also, my comment is up to 45 :)
First upvote was mine yesterday \o/
2:03 PM
@gunr2171 9 votes and a checkmark away from MSO guru
is it sad that it's easier for me to get guru on meta than main? I have 2 guru on meta already
and none on main
It's also easier to get reversal on meta than it is on main
I have 3 Good questions on meta, none on main =|
I don't ask that much though
@gunr2171 Has this guid any kind of deeper meaning?
none at all
just chose it a random from a site
2:19 PM
That's the thing about tag badges, too...
On meta, the hard requirement is # number of answers
On main, it's votes.
my co-worker just got a $5,000 graphics card put in his new computer
he's not using it for graphics
it's for machine learning / neural networks
I'm crying on the inside
vector math, whee!
Do such expensive cards even have video outputs?
I thought they were for stuff like hardcore rendering or super-advanced graphics
it has (I think) 4 minidisplay ports
2:27 PM
Do we send that to SU or just delete it? stackoverflow.com/questions/32142820/…
off-topic > general computer. terrible question and would not last a migration
@Mogsdad I'm not sure
@gunr2171 5 answers in first couple minutes, 6 now... that's a symptom of broad.
> Can anybody provide a proper use-case with an elaborate example of why this is done?
Smells like a broad question
@Mogsdad, want to see what the deleted answer on this is please?
@Mogsdad No one actually explains why programming to interfaces is a good idea
2:39 PM
Go for it generally speaking it worked fine for me. Taking into consideration that Windows 10 is new and still has a lot of kinks in it here and there regardless of hardware or architecture.

Another alternative is to keep whatever OS your Dell shipped with and run a Windows 10 VM to test it out. Microsoft Azure allows you to do this. Follow the link for free 1-month trial demo (Yeah its free).
ok, thanks
@Mogsdad boom
@Sandeep Luckily I wrote an article on the same. Used same Class names :) codeinventions.blogspot.in/2014/10/…sᴜʀᴇsʜ ᴀᴛᴛᴀ 38 mins ago
@durron597 Curious... does that username have legible unicode characters in it? Today I'm forced to work on an ancient XP machine, and I'm just seeing squares.
not anywhere near enough rep on programmers to vote :(
@Mogsdad link to profile, if it still exists?
@Mogsdad semi-legible, yes
I'm assuming you are referring to this user
2:42 PM
oh, that one
yeah, I see it in Chrome W7 (works correctly)
@Mogsdad Yeah, it does.
Hmm. Spend time downloading fonts, or carry on regardless... Decisions, decisions. Conference call in 15 minutes, about a topic I don't care about. Maybe an opportunity then!
oops, sorry guys, I forgot to update the chat room...
@gunr2171 Don't worry, I'll get it.
2:46 PM
If you need to test something out you can try it here: chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/68414/socvr-testing-facility
I should just start writing shorter, less complete answers.
Even if I'm faster with FGITW with my longer answer, it won't get more votes many times.
@enderland ... change "public" to "publish" in that post. And if I had enough rep on Programmer's, I'd vtc that with extreme prejudice!
yeah Im having a moment playing with this script as you can see...
no problems
2:59 PM
@enderland How do you like the script?
Hey @gunr, you can edit pinned posts can you not?
@LynnCrumbling \o
@TinyGiant no, we can't
only mods
Oh ok, I it must have been a feature request then.
3:02 PM
Wasn't there just a feature-request on meta for that functionality?
let me find that...
Q: Give room owners the ability to edit their own old chat messages

durron597It seems strange to me that a diamond on any site (not just chat rooms for their site) can edit the old messages of anyone in any chat room, yet room owners can't edit their old messages in rooms they own after the expiration period. Currently, Programmers.SE is in the middle of a tag cleanup an...

@rene I'm still interested in having you take a look at that PDF Mime type question, but haven't been at my workstation the last 3 days to work with it.
@LynnCrumbling And it pops up with a little lego jedi on the left side.
Lolz, the request even came from here.
@TinyGiant No it didn't, that request is from before I was in this room every day
3:04 PM
@durron597 Imagine that.
I requested it when I was mucking with the Programmers pins every day
I already upvoted it :-/
Oh, well.
Click the links at the end of the second paragraph :-P
Never noticed this FR and didn't know I would be super happy if implemented... — rene 2 days ago
yes you would be, don't you lie...
3:07 PM
@gunr2171 That sentence is a little bit difficult to parse.
Answer is a NAA flag on that one too.
@TinyGiant (I never noticed the feature request) and (I wasn't aware that [based on the previous comment] I would feel "super happy" because of it)
@LynnCrumbling OK ... no worries...
@durron597 (because I don't know) but it's about classes, not interfaces?
Is it ok to edit a question so all the formulae are images? this
3:11 PM
@gunr2171 It's got so, so many reasons to be closed
1. Too broad
@gunr2171 really? ... OK, if you say so ....
2. Request for examples, a.k.a. polling question
@Mogsdad Assuming that they had mathjax as the alt text, why not? (I realize that those didn't)
3. He doesn't understand his own question. No one cares about programming to an abstract class
like, he's talking about an OOP principle that only applies to interfaces
@KevinBrown But they don't, each is the default text
3:12 PM
@durron597 ah, ok, that was what I wanted to know (the reason why the duplicate applies)
The fact that it's a class, not an interface, makes no difference in this discussion. Note that most of the answers are talking about interfaces. It's not important to do Animal animal = new Dog() if Animal is a class. Also, requests for examples are off topic on Stack Overflow because they can't be answered properly - everyone can come up with a different example. — durron597 7 secs ago
@Mogsdad Not a difficult fix, done
@KevinBrown Although it's still off topic, asking for offsite resource. KILL IT!
... And in general, a more searchable way to add formulas is meta.stackexchange.com/a/76905/206345
@Mogsdad So aside from removing the MathJax $s and using Google Charts, did I miss anything?
@KevinBrown Nope, good edit. It's the question that sucks.
3:19 PM
Yeah, I realized after submitting the edit that I was polishing a turd
Though it is getting reopen votes for some reason
@durron597 Could I get some comment upvotes so it doesn't get buried please?
@KevinBrown It was in the reopen queue.
I clicked "leave closed".
@TinyGiant now that I undestand it, I like it :)
@gunr2171 only Stack Overflow mods, my diamond elsewhere doesn't let me do anything here...
@enderland We would still love for you to help us with your 50 CVs
Q: how to view an image source files

user2692997guys just need some information on viewing source files for images what i mean is the same way a website or software is made up of various different file types neatly arranged in a folder how do i get to the folder that contains all the source files for an image or video so something like this i...

4:04 PM
any idea why a mod would reopen this question without any proof that its not a duplicate? stackoverflow.com/questions/32142228/…
@cimmanon I Leave Closed reviewed that one.
Write a meta post.
i am also confused as to how the OP voted to reopen the question, they didnt edit it after i closed it and they dont have enough rep for voting to open
@cimmanon Custom mod flag, probably
There was a flag on the post being somewhat forceful about explaining why it wasn't a dupe
@JonClements can you paraphrase their reasoning as to why it is not a dupe?
4:10 PM
The proposed answer in that question will not work in a rails app in production environment. I do not appreciate your tone or attitude. As mentioned before your action was not helpful. Thank you — Jax 25 secs ago
What the heck does rails have to do with whether the CSS is correct?
@cimmanon errr... basically its doesn't address their issue and isn't RoR related - probably the best I can summarise it as
@durron597 I think they're under the impression that it's a rails issue, even though it probably isn't
So because the duplicate doesn't mention rails, they don't think it's a solution
so what do?
Downvote (if it's a bad question) and walk away?
its not going to help anyone because all of the content is in images
4:13 PM
First of all, the mod flag should have been declined with:
> declined - flags should only be used to make moderators aware of content that requires their intervention
Alternatively, give an answer pointing out the invalid CSS property and work backwards from there
Second, the question is awful because there's no code, just images.
Can we just all vote to close it as no mcve
well the mod in question is an expert in RoR (gold badge), it was entirely within their right to reopen it the same as any other contributor
but they shouldnt have reopened it without verifying that the question is not a duplicate first
@cimmanon Duplicate is not the only valid close reason on that question. That is why it should remain closed.
fair enough
if youre familiar with css, you might get a giggle out of all of the terrible answers on this question i found while dupe hunting: stackoverflow.com/questions/16450534/…
4:20 PM
@cimmanon Given the recent comments on there, I'm guessing that must have been bumped into a HTML/CSS room?
@KevinBrown yeah :p
@cimmanon That's also either too broad/no mcve
5:02 PM
@TinyGiant et. al. - please think twice before you close things like this:
Q: What is a smart pointer and when should I use one?

Alex ReynoldsWhat is a smart pointer and when should I use one?

Note that there are well over 100 linked questions, including chains of duplicates.
The answer has been kept reasonably up-to-date.
C++ programming leans heavily on this sort of... convention... for getting anything done in a way that isn't crazy or full of trip wires for other programmers; it is fairly critical that folks who aren't familiar with it have a decent path to learning.
yes, not involved!
that was my first thought
My second thought was: that's usually why I don't close 100k+ view questions
Q: Why do we have a c++-faq tag?

Madara UchihaI know better than most the need for canonical questions asked daily by newbs and newcomers and the need to keep an organized list of these types of question, but is it really necessary to introduce a meta tag for it? c++-faq currently has 129 questions, out of which, 128 is also tagged c++. Th...

huh... Why was that migrated with no answer?
seems a waste.
because it's about SO, not MSE?
and seems to be the same time that the split happened
yeah, probably got nabbed in a search
5:44 PM
Q: How can I play birthday music using R?

Feng TianI would like to play music using R. How can I accomplish this? Which music file format should I use as input? Are there any packages that I can use for this purpose?

Oh, you're probably gone, your last message was 33 minutes ago
@TinyGiant Were you going after questions? I just noticed the move semantics one is also tagged that.
argh. wtf is with the new captcha on meta?
"we cant tell if you are human so fail this photo identification a few times and then we will give you some text to paste into a textarea with no way to submit it"
@cimmanon Are you logged in?
@durron597 yes
@cimmanon Weird, what are you trying to do that gives you a captcha
@durron597 write a question :p
5:54 PM
@cimmanon Have you tried the audio version?
@KevinBrown nah, i keep my audio off
i ended up manually inserting a submit button into the dom
I used to have constant issues with the noCaptcha and used to have to use the audio version quite often
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