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4:21 AM
Good Morning
good morning
Good Morning !!!
@Stark you are flagged :p
LOL @ Flags
4:36 AM
mera hak chheen liya isne :P
abhi k bhi 4 message flag hai :D
mass flag hai lol
ha ha
yeh Good Morning flag ho gaya?
4:53 AM
yesterday 4 messages
hello kabira
bhai kaise ho
Good Noon
and stark also
nothing new from Apple
@Stark n @Shubhank bade log reply bhi nahi karte hai hai ab
5:10 AM
@TeknoFreek hello ;iugsdicuigigI^(*YIGH&IU
finally what
try catch
and @Stark is back
5:18 AM
wow, if i flag u, you;ll get blocked?
Daya pata karo aakhir hume flag kiya kisne? :P @all
@TeknoFreek wants to try please flag her
@TeknoFreek offcourse and vice-versa
5:19 AM
rajat i'll flag u sabse pehle
ha ha
ab kaun hua flag?
5:19 AM
Rajat :p
@TeknoFreek yaar ab tum hinata mat bano
mein hi bacha tha
is flag ki goonj sunai degi :P
look how come he didnt get blocked? :P
it takes some time..
5:20 AM
@all why, hinata used to flag u a lot?
flag must be valid by 5 chat moderators
dukhti nas pe khanjar bhok diya yaar :(
5:21 AM
pyaar me aise ladai hote rahte the dubey ke hinata ke saath..:P
lagta hai abhi validate nahi hua hai
by the way @TeknoFreek how are you
DJ ne invalid maar diya
rajat im not talking to u
@Stark yaar vo bhi kya din the, vo pyar se ek flag maarti, gujjus chidh k valid maar dete hai msg kuch bhi ho
blocked for 5 hours :P
5:23 AM
hahah lollll
why @TeknoFreek what did i do?
@all rofl
yaar kl hi ki thi profile pic change SO pe, abhi tk update nhi hui chat section me
fucking flaggers
@all ha ha
i am also flagged :D
5:24 AM
sab ki buri nazar iss room pe hi hai..
maine nai kiya ! promise!
@Rajat i dont remember, i just remember that i wasnt talking :p
@Shubhank tu bhi :P
lets celebrate the flag day lol :D
ha ha
tab tekno bachi hai sirf flag hone se..:P
jhanda me danda bhi hota hai we will celebrate flag other is celebrate danda :P
5:27 AM
no dont flag me :/
@TeknoFreek noboby is flagging you..chill..
15 flags withstanding
ok :D
tekno is flagged too :p
morning guys, tons of flags are being raised from this room, so it would be better if you guys chat in English rather than in Hindi or other language!
5:28 AM
abhi hua?
hawwwh !!! who did ?? im sure @Rajat did :@
speak in english bitches :p
and enjoy the flags
no i didn't do that @TeknoFreek
why would i do that
@Prabuddha i have to ask you one thing..
5:29 AM
@Rajat you did, you did, you did.
@Shubhank you have not came on SO to enjoy flag day here so please make a note for that else moderators will come in picture!
If someone doesn’t know english s/he has to learn english prior to development?
@Prabuddha well i have power to moderate the flags
@Prabuddha did you found flagged messages as offensive or spam?
so i can enjoy flag day :D
5:30 AM
@Shubhank If you have the power then use it wisely!
@Stark go ahead!
I already asked..
1 min ago, by Stark
If someone doesn’t know english s/he has to learn english prior to development?
@Rajat you guys are chatting in Hindi which is against SO rules, so its obvious that someone can flag!
in Smart Developers' Lab, 17 hours ago, by ChrisF
@Prabuddha Please stick to English as much as possible in chat rooms. If it's brought to my (or any other SO mod's) attention that you're using Hindi in here again the room will be frozen. Keep it up and it will be deleted.
i am not aware of new rules is it so
5:32 AM
@Stark take that answer!
Yo dubey is back :D
5:50 AM
@Prabuddha It seem there is problem with Hindi language only, because I seen some of room which also not into English language.
6:04 AM
@Shubhank whatsup
@Stark good mrng bro how are you?
good you didnt say whatsapp :p
It's seem beta 5 is last one. When will Apple permit upload iOS8 app?
I don't remember about iOS7 last year
when invite announcement
they will be launching iPhone/iPad so testing will be more this time i guess
Custom keyboard include many sub bundle identifier, maybe new way to upload
lol throw your phone away @Shubhank its a garbage :P
6:10 AM
i was blocked for half an hour. @Rajat
i didn't do that
@Rajat let me enjoy tille iPhone 6 comes out :P
u did !
no i swear to
@TeknoFreek i didn't do it
i am not that psycho
i have lot of work to do :P
u did. -_- liar liar.
6:15 AM
rajat pants on fire ? :p
I plan to buy an iPhone 5S last year, but still wait for IP6 this year :D
Maybe will buy iPhone 7
@TeknoFreek hit the music girl
i'll flag u again
posted on August 28, 2014 by Johann

    Featured iPhone Development Resources,iOS Programming Tools And Utilities,Objective-C     Featured iPhone Development Resources,iOS Programming Tools And Utilities,Objective-C I’ve mentioned a number of Xcode plugins, and early last year I mentioned a plugin for color coding your debugging console text that helps to distinguish what youR

dont do it otherwise you will be banned from SO :P @TeknoFreek
6:21 AM
hey everyone,
has anyone used Parse (https://parse.com) o send and receive notification from iOS device ???
@user1404672 and @SecondRikudo you have write access
yes thanks
What's up with all the flags guys?
@SecondRikudo its over, scroll up and read the history.
6:24 AM
we don't know somebody is flagging us randomly
@Rufus It's not over, there are 18 flags total pending on those two messages
Any body know how to show map in one language like hebrew...
@user1404672 Define "map"
Google map?
@user1404672 your question is not clear
6:25 AM
@SecondRikudo again I request you to read chat history.
hey everyone,
has anyone used Parse (parse.com) o send and receive notification from iOS device ???
nope @iCodeAtApple
Anyone else ?
whats the problem you are facing? @iCodeAtApple
6:27 AM
@SecondRikudo thanks but without can we do this like use of LOCALE..
@user1404672 ...?
@Rajat : Please if you could refer this ... I've mentioned the silly issue there itself
@SecondRikudo people are banned right now
Q: Detect the Airplay devices programmatically iOS?

rahul rajI would like to know how to list down the available airplay devices. After doing a lot of research i found that we need to use Bonjour for the same. We will be able to use MPVolumeView but i need to integrate some other functionality using the same. I was able to get the device name of the connec...

they will not be able to talk for another hour
6:29 AM
4 min only :p
@Shubhank You still have a post with flags pending :P
@PiyushMishra hey buddy how are you
You're not out of the woods just yet.
@Rajat : Did you refer it ?
6:29 AM
but 30 min fban
lucky guy @Shubhank ;)
who cares :D
@Shubhank @Stark @Rajat @radical @PiyushMishra @all Good Noon Friends
good afternoon ishwar
6:30 AM
i am fine rajat what about you?
hi ishwar
Shubhank become a famous kid :)
who is celebrating flag day :D
welcome, piyush, happy flag day!
every one
6:32 AM
i am good mishra sir
ha ha sir :/
i guess no one have work
you can appoint me as your junior rajat
it feels that your a mathematics teacher mishra sir
6:33 AM
hi everyone
@Prabuddha are you there?
Good! At least I'm not feel sleepy today
hi @HimanshuJoshi, happy flag day
@HimanshuJoshi : have you use Push Notifications fro Parse
Thank you guys and gals to flag my message.
6:34 AM
@Stark wake up buddy :P
@iShwar Good afternoon..
@NitinGohel where are you sir?
@SecondRikudo have to ask something if you permit?
@all wrong room
6:35 AM
hi any one know about detecting airplay devices
@123 sorry?
@SerCna you have write access
New Rule: Ignore chat typo, else you will auto flag and auto ban :P @all
@rahulraj read this..
Q: Is there any notification for detecting airplay in Objective c?

sankar sivaI am using MPVolumeView for showing Airplay icon and it works fine. But I need to show an animation when Airplay network comes, and hide that animation when airplay network hides. Is there a notification that will let me know when Airplay starts and ends?

6:37 AM
@Stark What?
No, I have nothing to ask.
thanks for being kind.
Why only hindi is banned from Stackoverflow?
I can give you many links people chatting in other languages than hindi, why not someone taking care of that?
@Stark this only detect the airplay device which is already connected. I would like to get all the devices on the network
@Stark lolz even chat moderator also who having 10+
in IOS Developer Family, 16 mins ago, by Nitin Gohel
@Leena vactor images editing ke liye mac me koinsa S/w
ok..let me check @rahulraj
6:39 AM
k @Stark
lol vactor
and Mr dubey is back
I am going to ask this question on Meta stackoverflow too..
6:40 AM
@Stark don't do this, otherwise i will flag you
if there is someone (moderator who knows hindi) i have to ask what offensive i have said..
@Stark I care.
English is the only language allowed on Stack Overflow.
@Stark chill bro someone is jelous of you :P
then someone has to notify you if s/he found someone talking in other language?
@Stark No
It's not allowed to speak in any other language.
Because it's impossible to moderate.
We currently don't have Hindi speaking moderators active in chat.
And I suspect that we won't have until Stack Overflow in Hindi (which is a proposal on Area51) opens.
6:44 AM
It means we have to search for non-english language talk and flag that conversation, is it?
@Stark Nope.
@Stark bro we should be great thankful to moderators for this new rule. At least now we will enjoy more fun and entertainment in someone's english chat.
then how someone can flag our messages that is not offensive?
@Stark :D
ta ta raaaaaa
6:45 AM
today i got banned thrice ..
because i said my friend to book a ticket..
@Stark Ata yahol lehagid bevadaut she'lo kilalti otha ahshav?
That translates to "Can you say for sure that I wasn't swearing at you right now?"
and friend was me :P
Does problem with Hindi chat or Hindi offensive chat? whats the basic moto to not allow user to chat in hindi?
@Rufus The problem is with non-English chat.
non-English chat is impossible to moderate.
Not without dedicated mods who speak the language, which we don't have.
@SecondRikudo then what about local anguage like gujrati chat
6:47 AM
@all I haven't seen flags from there.
@Rufus Stackoverflow chats are publicly listed on search engines, say you write something and user lands up here finding that keyword, he won't get a thing what you guys are discussing, eventually he will leave, so whenever you discuss any issue or any general thing, keep an habit of writing in English, it will not only help the user to whom you are explaining but will be helpful to future visitors as well
But if you suspect that there's an activity there that might be offensive, flag it.
I hope that makes sense
@SecondRikudo yeah because there are 4+ person who have 10+ repo , they invalid flag when it appears
@all Look, I didn't make up the rules.
English is the only language allowed on Stack Overflow, that is a fact.
6:48 AM
@Stark keep quiet :p
You don't see questions in Hindi or in Hebrew on the main site, right?
@Mr.Alien you are moderator, and from mumbai..do you find any hindi chat offensive here?
flag hindi day and night :p
see it rhymes
@Stark @Mr.Alien is not a moderator on Stack Overflow. So he doesn't have absolute moderator powers here
(Notice he doesn't have a blue name)
@SecondRikudo okay, And one more question I hope there is no rule to prevent copying transcript messages from other room and paste it here. Will I get ban for this?
6:49 AM
Any one can translate on google translator before flagging :P
but he can see the flagged messgaes..
@all There isn't, as far as I am aware.
@Stark am a mod but on other site, also, I don't find it offensive, I may reject the flag, but if foreigners don't get your language and they will flag it
@SecondRikudo Thanks.
@Mr.Alien Thanks a lot..
6:50 AM
@all However, be sure to not plagiarise, that is, don't take someone else's words and say them as your own
@Mr.Alien Good point and I normally do tech chat in English only but sometime when I do casual chat I prefer my local language then whats the issue?
If you copy someone else's code/message, be sure to make it clear that it's a quoted message.
@Rufus Because this is an English chat.
@PiyushMishra sir ji
@all yes
kaise ho shubhank ji :D
6:51 AM
If you wish to engage in casual chat (or any chat) in languages other than English, try IRC.
@SecondRikudo basically people taking this flag system as to take revenge..for one or another purpose..
@Stark Revenge for what?
Revenge implies that you did the same to them at an earlier stage.
mey space nahi dhundh paa rha baat karne ka bhaut badey badey log english mey chat kar rahe hain :D
the same applies here too..
@Rufus yes, yesterday we had a talk with mods and they said that any language other that english if flagged they will take care of the flags and take action accordingly!
6:52 AM
yup.. we have to talk in english now :p
@SecondRikudo I read your yesterday entire conversion in smart developer and you people are speechless against rlemon argue.
@Stark leave it bro
@PiyushMishra We're literally speaking about how you shouldn't speak in Hindi in Stack Overflow's chat.
@Rufus No, we just took it to a different room.
@Shubhank our room is famous :P
@Rufus sure, no issue, but you can prefer local language in personal 1v1 chat, this room is one of the most active room on SO, so it will piss off any user if he reads chat which he cannot understand, its like writing japanese in english which you cannot translate and you won't get wtf is going on in this public room, it will result in user leaving your room...
ask another question instead, how is that useful to stackoverflow if you chat in your local language :)
6:53 AM
@Rufus there was no argument it was wrong to speak in non-English on chat, there was an argument about how to handle the situation (i.e. via normal flags, or mod only flags).
if you are on stackoverflow for long time some people just started not liking you..Second rikudo
this site is intended to target general public online... so if you are really looking to help you should chat in English
@SecondRikudo i am more comfortable in my mother tongue, i hope you also have the same
@Stark I will sound my opinions, and I will enforce the rules, even if it makes people not like me.
@Rufus yeah, same with me, so I created a casual chat room for me & my mates a long back :P
6:54 AM
@Prabuddha so we can flag too?
@PiyushMishra Yes, but I don't speak Hebrew in chat, even if I can, and even if there are people who would understand me.
what happened to the project with the game @PiyushMishra
@SecondRikudo hey, i am not talking about you, i am talikng about the guys who flagged me..
@Stark And yet you mentioned me by name..? Never mind :P
6:55 AM
@SecondRikudo programming is not an english language if someone have problem in programming and can't explain in english in that case you are saying he should not discuss
seriousally i was not talking about you..
@Stark yes sure if you find any language that is non-english you guys can flag it!
going round and round :p
@PiyushMishra That is correct. Not on Stack Overflow.
i will die laughing
6:56 AM
ha ha
we can talk in english.. lets just keep at it
When Stack Overflow in <Insert your language here> comes out, you can ask questions and answer them in <Insert your language here>
@SecondRikudo No, just copy and paste as it is.
Until then, please stick to English.
@Prabuddha the room where you spend most of the time from last 2 days, people there talking in non-english language, whats your take on that?
6:57 AM
@all Depends on what it is.
i prefer to ban on stack if they have this kind of thinking :D
Plagiarism is considered bad.
@PiyushMishra Like I said, I don't speak in Hebrew, even though it could be more comfortable for me.
@Mr.Alien humm..
This is an English site and it has rules.
@Prabuddha so you are here and I hope you are following new So rule that chat in english only.
6:58 AM
If you don't care for following them, then yes, you will be banned.
@Stark already discussed with mods, from now they will also try to talk in english :P
@all yes ofcourse ;)
then why they came here to flag our messages?
@Prabuddha try to talk lolz, send them to learn eglish first.
@Stark who came and who flagged? are you aware of the flaggers? :P
@all It english not eglish :P
@SecondRikudo @Mr.Alien Thanks a lot for your time, we will try maintain the rules of Stackoverflow..

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