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12:32 AM
posted on August 29, 2014 by Johann

    Featured iPhone Development Resources,iOS Development Tutorials,Swift     Featured iPhone Development Resources,iOS Development Tutorials,Swift I’ve mentioned a few tutorials on larding the Swift language, most recently an in-depth guide on using Swift arrays, and a tutorial on Swift basics through the creation of a falling blocks game. Her

2 hours later…
2:47 AM
Good Morning! :)
3:36 AM
Good Morning..
@Stark farewell flag holiday :P
How are you?
Very well! And you ? :P
Good thanks..
and what about little sang?
He's good! smile and naughty all day :)
3:41 AM
share some pics if possible any day.
he is cute.. :)
@123 your flappy guy is back to iTunes..:P
4:07 AM
I don't know what happen which the world :D
swing, fly and can't control :P
and up to the top :))
ha ha
i am not able to score even 1..:P
4:33 AM
good morning
all how are you bro?
I am theek
How is your Tabiyat? ;)
It is achi now
Follow new niyam and kanoon of SO..
4:43 AM
Good Morning!!!
I hamesha follow
gd mrng @everyone
Good Morning..
@Muki change your name otherwise someone may flag you..:P
wats wrong in my name@Stark
Its sounds like hindi name..;)
and they want english names..:P
4:49 AM
I was with english name a month ago, called BcGujjus
they didn't like
now your name is in english all
yeah, that's why i put this name
now all gujjus bc
@Muki change your name to muki cruise or muki dicaprio..:P
lol all
4:51 AM
iam also thinking to change my name muki to Mak
yeah good one..
Hi Stark
hello himanshu..
you too change your name..
how can we say that delegate is a 2 way communication of object?
why should I change my name?
read above discussion with muki..
4:54 AM
1 min ago, by Himanshu Joshi
how can we say that delegate is a 2 way communication of object?
object A calls object B to perform an action, once the action is complete object A should know that B has completed the task and take necessary action. This is achieved with the help of delegates.
so delegates are two way communication.
Got it?
@Rajat sir ji kaise hai?
i m good you say
sab aapki kripa hai sir ji..:P
jitni english aati thi kal se le ke aaj tak bol gaya, ab kaise english me baat karoo ..:P
4:58 AM
koi nahi chod de engllish
i will call my teacher..;)
@all please sikhao me english..:P
how object A should know that B has completed the task?
B has to inform that..
how ?
or when to use it
or you say B has to communicate with A that i have done my job..
5:00 AM
by some return value?
yeah in some cases, and it depends upon the scenario too..
can you provide some examples?
B will notify A through the delegate methods.
aaj puri english mere se bulwa le, kal se chup rahoonga..:P @HimanshuJoshi
    [myLabel setText:@"Process Completed"];
ye implementation h protocol method ka
ye kaise respond back kr rha h
its delegate method and it responds back after updating label..
that the UILabel value has changed now..
5:09 AM
huh, same you can achieve via notification also
then what is difference
@Stark listen desi kalakaar album by honey singh, you can learn a lot english and in rap style too :P
@HimanshuJoshi i am not able to explain it english right now, as my english speaking quota has finished for the day..
baad me hindi me bataoonga..:P
@abdimuna you got write access, welcome..
@all rofl
good morning
lol, okay, why everyone is talking in English?
5:17 AM
people i have a problem
read yesterday’s transcript @HimanshuJoshi
Today is Friday, so enjoy friday, weekend is 8 hrs far only :P
@TeknoFreek Good Morning Tik Tik :P
himanshu was absent yesterday? :P
good morning stark
haaha,, yes
5:18 AM
what does this thing mean
org.json.JSONException: No value for items
paste this line on google, google will tell you..:P
values are missing for the keys
which key
read this one please.. @TeknoFreek
A: org.json.JSONException: No value for item

TCAProblem is in this line JSONArray Jarray = object.getJSONArray(mystr); Where mystr={"username":"sara"}{"username":"john"} (the data from input stream) So here you are trying to access a JSON Array with index mystr from JSONObject object Which technically never exist so it is giving the ...

JSON is keyvalue pair
5:20 AM
i didnt change that line
no but, only jatt
hi all
no u see, the problem is that
there is this
only this that what is the problem?
explain your issue...:P
5:22 AM
:(((( wohi im thinking how to explain
Think today, come with your issue tomorrow..;)
it was working perfectly, i only added a couple of more http requests and now im gettting this error, see?
solved! yay :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
congrats but how?
no idea. i restored the backup and did the changes again.
tum aur tumhare issues..:P
Yo Yo @Shubhank wassup dude?
@all listening honey singh, dekh asar bhi ho raha hai..:P
5:32 AM
i hate honey singh
I also hate him..
but you said you're listening to him :p
but dubey suggest me to learn english i have to hear to honey singh..
23 mins ago, by all
@Stark listen desi kalakaar album by honey singh, you can learn a lot english and in rap style too :P
ew lol :p
@TeknoFreek hello igdiugi*(^IUYIy986iugh98696*&*IUTY^
5:38 AM
@all be careful they'll flag u :P
@TeknoFreek yesterday it was you
all ki aadat hai flag hone ki..:P
@all no i flagged u only later on woh bhi bata ke and woh bhi only two msgs and not the others
how sweet of you :p
shubhank, >< >< huh
5:42 AM
rajat it yours?
jey baat.. congrats
3 baar reject hone ke baad live hui hai :P
5:43 AM
ha ha
tomorrow will be party at shubhank office
yo i am ready
congrats !!!
Again time this behaviour, so touch to my finger print you chick!
So big cheek, you cheek, red-red cheek!
5:46 AM
@all hahhahahahhahhhaha :D ye ek video me tha na
now stand up :P
movie dialog
@all yes
Phas gye re obama english coaching class :P
5:49 AM
very good morning all friends
@TeknoFreek hahaha
good morning Khem
@Shubhank hamare apps link se tera business chalta hai, hume royality income milni chahiye be :P
3 times reject disqualified app hai meri list me :p
5:55 AM
mera scene to aisa nhi hai, no rejection option
@Stark hai kya
Listen Dafter Ki Girl by Honey Singh and dedicate to Tekno
6:00 AM
let me listen it first..;)
listen and then dedicate
no thank you, no need to -_-
Thumps Up :P @all
@TeknoFreek do you know daftar?
no i dont i told u i hate honey singh ><
6:02 AM
lol, uske yaha hi izaat hua hai ye lafz
ha ha
@TeknoFreek Daftar means office, BTW you hate honey sing we will dedicate sonu nigam’s song..:P
sonu nigam special, jaikara sherawali ka dedicated to Tekno by Stark
6:04 AM
@all Dedicate “Abhi mujh me kahi” from “Agnipath” to tekno ...:P
i'll seriously flag u
Flag hone se darr nahi lagta madam, darr lagta hai block hone se..:P
@Stark Don't tease too much, she will left this room :P
Its teasing, Hrithik sing this song for his sister..i told you to do so..
it means i am teasing you not her..:P
@Stark you bastard, I will dedicate choliya k huk raja ji to you :P
6:07 AM
i flagged two messages of each of u,. now please behave
@all rofl
Tekno flag some more.. please
@TeknoFreek too much flagging to us will resulted into revoking your write access here :P
Now the people is using Flag as Atom bomb and me and dubey as nagasaki and hiroshima..:P
@all leave it, she want us to ignore her..:P
@Rajat how much money have made from that app?
ok i flagged some more :p
Thank you..
@user3819810 you got write access, welcome.
6:12 AM
Hello. Any expert of GCM?
co. has earned money i have earned thullu :P @Stark
ha ha
i am not asking about that, there one user seems to be earned 600 $, i guess that was you.
@user3819810 what the issue
in that case i would have earned 50k $
6:16 AM
posted on August 29, 2014 by Johann

    Featured iPhone Development Resources,iOS UI Controls,iPad,iPhone,Objective-C     Featured iPhone Development Resources,iOS UI Controls,iPad,iPhone,Objective-C I’ve mentioned a few date picker components and a few months ago mentioned an open source project providing a nice reproduction iOS 7 ipad calendar app. Here’s an open source c

@all how to make sure message deliver or no to device. default json return have same response. whether delivered or no
@user3819810 If I am not wrong they have some constant regarding this
this is it:
for both case
Q: Send a text message from GCM Intent Service and display delivery report in notification.

Piyush SardanaI am trying to send a text message from GCM Intent Service. This is the code I am using, but it breaks and gives me following exception, can you tell me what I am doing wrong. @Override protected void onHandleIntent(Intent intent) { Bundle extras = intent.getExtras(); Google...

i have another problem :(

"Could not execute method of activity"
6:26 AM
code copy paste problem
app has black background
without putting attention how a single line of code works in example
client sends background image with rounded corners
in black color :/
clients future is black :P
if you dont have any work
where is duggu :p
6:30 AM
duggu busy with CES and having some cold
aaa ccchhhiiii
@duggu where the hell are you man
he didn't know about new rules
@123 announcement !! :D
what is networkOnMainThreadException
hehe..still no update on Xcode for upload iOS8 app
@TeknoFreek you are performing network operation on main thread
use asynctask or handler
@Rajat Raja natwarlal looks promising :)
@Stark tomorrow torrent planning
6:37 AM
ha ha
sometimes go to theatre too..:P
lol, its not in my fitrat :P
learn from me @all
i watch every bakwaas movie in hall :P
first 2 lines are repeated thrice..:P
@Rajat this is first step to enjoy upcoming married life.. I am enjoying live-in relationship :P donwload from torrent, lights off, open vlc , add speakers thats it.
advantage is you can skip boring songs, reverse and forward also :P
6:49 AM
really yaar, its sounds too odd..if your wife introduces you..he is my husband..:P
looks like meet my dog tommy..:P
@Rajat you are on the way to it, all is sliding very fast on it..i hope i will not enter this phase of my life too soon..:P
Even Dubey
i mentioned it rufus..
all is sliding very fast on it.
6:52 AM
after 2 minutes blah blah blah blah and hey sweeetu, please bring full bucket popcorn and 2 large coke ,:P
and now a days there are many types of popcorns available..
you know i don’t like this popcorn, how should i know you have to tell me..:P
exactly, if you came back with another flavour which she dont like, you will not get permission to touch upto interval
@all torrent hi thik hai tere liye..:P
i agree..
bol lo, saamne to bolne ka mauka milta nahi hai..:P
btw in my case when torrent is on 92%, I goes to market to purchase coke and Active popcorn, she cook it and enjoy.
6:55 AM
@Stark it doesn't matter she is here or not, coz she dont like to watch movie in theater if and only if its not animated :P
mine case is the second one, i have to remember which popcorn she likes, otherwise you are finish..:P
@all sudhar ja nahi to gujar ja
@Rufus write a program to reverse string and take your name as input :P
6:58 AM
@Rajat tension mat le, woh automatic ho jaayega shaadi ke baad..:P
@all and the output is?
and change S to G..:P
develop iOS by Java :P
@Rajat present sir

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