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7:28 AM
@Shaggy hi
how r u ?
can you use full form in this room please. :)
i am fine.
you ?
I am fine also
having 1 issue
do you read cocos2d apress book ?
k. tell
7:30 AM
there is first game of aliens and spider but not full book
check this code
This working properly .. but when Eggaray.count == 0 Ihave to initeggs again
suppose only 1 egg is remaining and if do not catch that egg it will move all the time and initeggs won't call
because of condition I made
if I do like if (eggarray.count == 1) {[self initEggs];}
it also works but the last egg won't go in collide condition
total 9 eggs are there in eggarry
what should I do ?
you have any idea
where will the last egg move all the time ?
egg is dropping from top of the screen
and suppose I catch all the eggs only 1 is remaining
its y pos gets decremented per update ?
7:37 AM
and it keeps moving untill eggarray.count =0
so add another condition to check if either egg collided or goes below screen -> add to deleteArray
let me try
hai any one having idea about handling the uimenucontroller in uitextview
am customize the uimenuitems.. i want show this items only
but in it shown the copy and select All items also .. i can't remove those items from the menu list.
subclass UITextView and then limit the options in it
A: How disable Copy, Cut, Select, Select All in UITextView

rpetrichThe easiest way to disable pasteboard operations is to create a subclass of UITextView that overrides the canPerformAction:withSender: method to return NO for actions that you don't want to allow: - (BOOL)canPerformAction:(SEL)action withSender:(id)sender { if (action == @selector(paste:)) ...

@Shaggy thanks it is working as I want
some times this warning CCScheduler#scheduleSelector. Selector already scheduled. Updating interval from: 1.0000 to 1.0000
is coming
7:50 AM
that's probably due to some animation not being completed fully..hard to debug.
ok this can be ignorable?
ok..i read wrong..
warning is ignorable. but issue is you are calling scheduleUpdate on the layer
when already the update selector has been scheduled before..
so it is only updating the time you pass for the current running selector
not recreating all the necessary stuff to initialize the process of scheduling
it is coming for initeggs
7:55 AM
great suggestion @Shaggy
thanks lot
How much experience do you have in cocos2d @Shaggy
6 month
i have helped you on your game..i will now want 5 promo codes for your app to download it for free :)
he he
this app will be free :P
8:15 AM
you senior dev in your company ?
kitno pe atyachaar krti ho ?
jayda nahi
thoda hi karti hu
you have to submit reports of devs under you ?
8:25 AM
@Shaggy @iProgrammer Hi!! any idea about position locking of buttons in scrollview??
try to think of any other way to solve your issue. items can't be locked in scrollview
@Shaggy tnx..
any idea from your side??
@Ios10 why you active on more than one profiles ?
isn't it a mess ?
@json moving UIButton when scroll is not a good way.
why you add ?? @json .. make you look childish ( and this is probably third time i am saying you to use proper words)
simple one question mark is enough
8:32 AM
:) I reserve the other for sell.
No one give good price now.
lol..make a stall where you sell your profiles :P
@json Just remove the button from scrollView, add it as subview as self.view when scrolling
Then you can bring it back. Simplest way.
then i have to make a lot of views...@Ios10
I don't know about your App. Lock mean keep it not scrolling with others?
Auto bring them out and in maybe good way @json
@Ios10 you are correct..i also need the same thing..Lock mean keep it not scrolling with others.
8:53 AM
@json I try something like you with UIPageControl before but not work. So I must bring UIPageControl outside UIScrollView. Just information.
9:28 AM
@Ios10 k..tnx..then how it works for you..
OK @json Overlay it on UIScrollView by bringSubviewToFront.
9:53 AM
I'm Gonna to join my brother Arjun in kerlara chat room..:P
yaha pr koi bat hi nhi kr raha mera sath!
How to delete my room? I just create for test?
yo99u can't delete..remove yourself from owner..and it will get lost in few days
:) That's good! I keep it.
@Ios10 can you understand the language of Arjun ?
10:05 AM
No! Only English! @BobApple
@Ios10 enthoru elima , ithrakk veno ? thats my brother language but Don't know its meaning..:P
:) Tôi không biết nữa. That's our language.
@Ios10 k..tnx a lot..i am going to try that..
looks very difficult!
like Arjun language
what did you write @Ios10 ?
10:14 AM
@json NP. I'm Sang, your old friend.:)
Tôi không biết nữa = I don't know.
hahaha:) again give your introduction:)
why you confusing people?
:) Don't know.
And why you leave your room for me!
:) You'll be owner of that room.
10:20 AM
Our language come from Portugese @BobApple .Not relate to Arjun.
can you use full form in this room please. :) can you read this comment ?@Ios10
after reading this comment now it looks difficult for me to stay here for long time what you think?
Full form? English?
I'm using full form! But sometime with mistake. :)
yes you will survive but for me its very difficult :)
stop this nonsense discussion
yaha nhi tikoge to kahi nhi tikoge
OK! Boss!
You can move to recycle bin!
10:28 AM
Any advice for using UITextRang and UITextPositon. @Shaggy
I spent 2 days, but still not understand.
don't know.. what you want to do ?
I want to get position of text to use for this method: - (void)replaceRange:(UITextRange *)range withText:(NSString *)text;
Inside UIInput protocol
UITextInput protocol.
check this source code to check UITextRange code
Thanks! I'm dealing with it.
-10rep ,User was removed . Where it come from? room or flag?
10:39 AM
some one who up voted probably is removed
OK. Thanks!
11:04 AM
this is a great rom i made.. no one enters.. i can easily sleep in between :)
11:25 AM
Just the first day Boss!
Lot of people need your help and they will be here.
yeah..i wanted me to take rest..
now i will get few days rest :P
:) take your time to make awesome App. iOS tutorial App on iPhone/iPad and Mac(my idea)
@Ios10 if u remember in afternoon i asked you about locking..
plz if u know link to any tutorial..let me know to guide me ..
@json Tell me about your requirement.
You make a collection of UIButton?
And why some UIButton must lock.
i have a scroll view with buttons on it..
11:33 AM
I can suggest another way.
buttons have images on it..
if a user likes an image..he can lock an image..
thats all i need..
now suggest me how to achieve this??
Why don't you move that image to favorite views?
k...i can do this...
but how??
11:37 AM
You can lock it in the Dock Panel like SpringBoard homeScreen.
Drag and drop to favorite place.
@Ios10 thats a nice idea..but i have never done it,struggling how to do it??
Do you know how to drag UIButton?
@Ios10 i dont know..but i will search over google..
Search on
type touch
i am getting a lot of files..
11:42 AM
Simplest for you to understand how to move a UIView.
after this??
Make another UIView outsite UIScrollView.
When move to this UIView.frame, just removeFromSuperView and AddSubViews
HM launcher is great
But it's so difficult for you to understand. I'll spent more time to trace code.
11:47 AM
My App 90% similar to SpringBoard. But I can't share it, in my customer App.
I will help if you have any problem.
thats great...thanks a lot..
More sample here:
Just search springboard, you have many code.
You can choose one.
but i just discussed with my project manager..he said he didnt want this..he want there should be button iver image by clicking that button image should get locked at their position...
tnx ..a lot..for sharing ur knowledge..
Can you help me in locking at his own place??
When button click, remove it from SupperView(UIScrollView) and as it as subview of self.view. [self.view bringSubviewToFront:aClickButton]
You need to translate origin to self.view.
That's very easy
for you its easy..but i am struggling to get it..
11:54 AM
k..i am going to try it...let you know whether i succeed or not in this..
OK. You'll pass yourself.
lets see..
thanks a lot for guiding me..
I have question @json
What will you layout after lock a UIButton and scroll other Button over it?
again the images only..
12:09 PM
Above or below the lock Button?
above the lock button..
which says that this image has been locked
Hic. Do you clear color of your UIScrollView?
Don't need to bring your UIButton front of UIScrollView. Because it will overlay other button.
12:13 PM
That's all your need. You'll finish it in a few minutes.
what you are saying few minutes..
@Ios10 you alone there?
i am struggling since last week...
Think simple think @json.
Important thing that how customer feel about your App.
but sometimes simple can't be simple..
for me..
12:17 PM
I don't think so. You're a good beginner.
@BobApple Not alone. You not leave.
tnx..but i dont believe..
yes i love your room beacuse there is no limmitations..:P
You can make JSON question or request there if you want.
But i have questions about games..:P
Check the title of this room @BobApple Cocos2d: best place for games question. :)
12:23 PM
Yeah i know thats why i am here!
@Ios10 any tutorial or piece of code u know that helps me out???
OK. @json I'll try and sent to you. Please wait!
12:36 PM
@Ios10 are u going send me the code??
Please wait! I'm making.
12:57 PM
@Ios10 friend have you done it or still doing?? Sorry i am asking this because my office time is over and just waiting for your reply....
Still try. I finish bring it to self.view. Just modify position.
Back home and you have code tomorrow. Or can wait 10 minute later.
k..i will wait for 10 minutes more..@Ios10
1:13 PM
Finish! Uploading
I work for you today.
tnx a lot...@Ios10
How much do you pay for this code?
I have it!
how much you want??
1:17 PM
thats not fair:(
$1/ line code!
Why not fair @BobApple
plz..share the office is closed..i am alone sitting like a ghost..plz..
we will discuss it tomorrow..
because help must be free :(
1:19 PM
@Ios10 tnx a lot...
You're welcome @json.
really tnx..a lot...friend..from last a week..i am trying to do this...
see u tomorrow..have to talk a lot...
but for now sorry to say bye bye..
See you tomorrow @json. Think the simple think!
k..bye bye..
@BobApple I just a helper. So slowly to solve my problem. Why that?
1:28 PM
what is your problem?
you can solve your own problem !
Can understand how to use UITextRange, UITextPosition but don't know how to ask now.
Can't understand
Also happy when can help 1 person today. Better than yesterday.
I try with my code now.
when you help others it means you helped your self..:)
you will.. keep trying :)
So keep it up:)
2:15 PM
I want to use iAd in two viewcontroller. But only one display. Can you help
@Shaggy AppAspect tell me he can't post message to chat room? What's the problem?
his net connection might have problem
ad might not have loaded in second Viewcontroller @iOSbeginner
I ad 2 iAd, transition from master to detail.
So how can I fix it? I want to display iAd went go from master to detail ViewController.
2:25 PM
how do you add in 2nd view ?
Same as masterView. Just alloc, init and addSubView to self.view.
did you add delegate methods for it and check which are called /
Some Errors! I don't understand.
Just test on simulator.
can you tell what error it shows ?
I've test again but nothing show.
Sometime it show, sometime not.
2:31 PM
if ads loads/does not load it is communicated in delegate methods.
yes..iAd does not show everytime
Current no banner in detailView
if ad available from backbend it will show
300 messages on first day of the room not bad
The masterView always show. Can I bring it to detailView?
Hi @AppAspect! Try some message?
I mean only bring iAD
2:47 PM
can't bring
each ad is different
Any suggestion? If customer go to second View, I'll get nothing.
3:15 PM
Shaggy have Dinner. He eat a lot yesterday.
3:39 PM
show the code. how you add iAd in second view @iOSbeginner
hi all
I would like to enlarge a UIView which is a subview of another UIViewcontroller.There is enlarge button available to do this. So is there any way ? is it fine using CGAffineTransformScale ?
or any other way to achieve the same ?
why not set its frame to be larger ?
CGAffine will just scale it but not keep the image quality
will make it pixelated.
Hi @Ramshad You Rep increase very fast.
Very happy when meet you here.
Q: How to replace Text in UITextInput?

aăâI use UITextInput in customView: MyCode: @property (strong,nonatomic) id<UITextInput> textInput; After typing some chars, I want to go back 4 chars and replace text at this position (replace any to T).Current curs...

3:50 PM
Thanks for your answer on my question!
But I still don't understand how to make UITextRange.
Sorry! interrupt your problem.
@Shaggy Is there any problem in my code?
what does ^^ output ?
Nothing out!
I don't know.
[self.iADbanner setDelegate:self];
add this line too
@aăâ: what is ur issue..tell me in detail..
4:03 PM
It's so new for me @Ramshad
I want to get the position of any Chars in textView (with UITextInput) and replace only this Chars
I try some with UITextRange, but don't know how to go to the position I want and replace it.
@Shaggy Thanks so much!
Everything OK now.
@aăâ:Im little busy today :) will post the answer on tomorrow..
OK. Thanks @Ramshad
That's great information for me today.
@iOSbeginner you are welcome
Hi @BobApple Welcome back!
4:17 PM
Today I see you join so many room. Are you a room tester?
for just fun!
but now i am here only!
How about other room? Is it fun?
was so borning:(
:) No, it's very fun. I see you shift parallel with your brother. But don't understand each other.
4:23 PM
hahaha well when i join his room he leave the room:)
Hi, do you know where this path can be found: /var/mobile/Applications/039220F0-229D-1015-B4A1-C429OI9633D9/Documents/-1.pdf
where is /var directory
You mean the your document folder in App bundle? @Malloc
cd "~/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/"
open .
Then you will see it.
Then you will see it.
cd Library/Application\ Support/iPhone\ Simulator/
4:30 PM
@Malloc same person helping you from two accounts.. you are very lucky :P
Typing mistake!
@Shaggy I am :p
@Ios10 under that path I got this (after ls): 5.0 5.1 6.0 6.1 User
@Malloc Just go to the path which the simulator you use.
in your App
@Ios10 I am using iPad not the simulator indeed :)
and the path is the following: /var/mobile/Applications/039220F0-229D-1015-B4A1-C429OI9633D9/Documents/-1.pdf
you can't access the folder then without jailbreak
4:36 PM
@Shaggy hmmm, interesting
Oh! Sorry. I think simulator. @Malloc
@Ios10 No worries, thanx a lot for your help guys
Yes, no App open folder like in Android .
Is that right?
Copy doc by iTunes only.
5:07 PM
Q: Enlarging UIView with Animation

RamshadI would like to Enlarge UIView which is a subview of another UIViewController. Currently the UIView placed on the right bottom side of UIViewController. What my Enlarge button do is, it will enlarge the UIView and UIView will fill on above the UIViewController. Here is my code, UIViewControll...

i have already told to enlarge the frame of the view.
My Bed Time! Good Night @Shaggy @BobApple @Shaggy
good night
Good Night!
Good night!
6:04 PM
Bed time! good night!
good night

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