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1:00 PM
go to hell man :P :D
am done
[alert setValue:tblView forKey:@"accessoryView"];
when did this happen
just abhi
i solved my bug too
1:08 PM
now tell us the flaggers name :p
y y
30 mins ago, by Tekno Freek
just curious
@TeknoFreek okay, add me on those
:/ i dont even know ur name huh
name is not necessary to add :P
1:16 PM
-_- _- - _ - - _ -
lolz me too :P
im flagging
1:19 PM
which message?
let see who ban first
6 mins ago, by Tekno Freek
:/ i dont even know ur name huh
:@ i'l flag again u wait
this one, actually huh irritates me
1:20 PM
why huh why? :p
what is your chidh? is it thaka-thak?
whats thaka-thak? and why does "huh" irritate u?
it seems like you are making your face like below
1:24 PM
hahahahahha lol :D
its funny for you but irritates me
huh :p
huh huh huh @all , huh! :P
@TeknoFreek its leads me to come over there and giving peeth pe ek mukka
awh but u cant come over here so i can irritate u till u run away :P huh!!!
posted on August 28, 2014 by Johann

    Featured iPhone Development Resources,iOS Development Tutorials,Objective-C     Featured iPhone Development Resources,iOS Development Tutorials,Objective-C Earlier this year I mentioned an open source app personal movement tracking app in development called Theseus inspired by Google’s Latitude app. Here’s a nice step-by-step tutorial

1:32 PM
@TeknoFreek why I can't come, and I am waiting for 7:30 to leave office
@Rufus take me to your home, I didn't get sewaiyaan yet you bhookhar robin
Even poison is costly now a days, so right now program is postponed :P
@Rufus Man, today there will be rain of blasting sound in your washroom whenever you reach at your home
be aware , good luck
@TeknoFreek again? you will be punished
1:44 PM
ice bucket challenge for tekno
huh! :P
crab bucket, lizard bucket
snake bucket for u. huh!
and frog bucket for kabira
How can I put azgar in bucket :P
1:47 PM
chintu chintu snakes bhi hote hain....earthworm types
frog are cute
like cut the ropes wale
i dont play cut the rope i dunno
@TeknoFreek earthworm pe to practical kr maara hai, usse kya darna
acha wait,
bees !!
1:49 PM
honeybees are our good friends, you didn't see movies :P if you don't hurt her, they will not hurt you
when u stuff them up in a bucket they're gonna be hurt and angry
one thing that scares me too much is Tekno Freak, I can't accept challenge if bucket is full of tekno
means you are so fat :P
no. even the slimmest adult wont fit in a bucket
1:53 PM
manish got flagged
manish got flaggged..
lets carry on this huh competition on whatsapp
its time to leave
who's manish
for which message
@TeknoFreek hahaa
@all ispe
i flagged two of his messages. but not more. honest.
1:54 PM
@TeknoFreek you don't know manish
its u i got it
Any one know drag and drop onclicklistener.. i am using Longclick listener right now but it take long time to know that you can drop by long click
@Shubhank kispe
@TeknoFreek you really flagged me?
nope i didnt flag this one !!!!
oh my god, why this one?
1:56 PM
swear i didnt
@TeknoFreek which one you did
remove inverted comma from nsmutablearray?
one was woh smlieys wala, and one was "lets see who gets bannned first" @all
NSMutableArray *names=@[@"nithin", @"biju", @"george", @"thomson"];
kya baat ha pehli search utha k chep di
1:57 PM
@SaadChaudhry I can't do more than this
bhai to mat kero na aap :P
sorry bro :(
arrey dubey g sorry kahe bol rahe ho?
2:01 PM
@all bye dubey g :*
2:03 PM
hello franki
@SaadChaudhry what are inverted commas ?
just show current input vs required outpute
I want to run search based on these results
but it expect values without commas?
php side pa bolun remove kerna ko?
any of you have worked with OpenCV?
@Shubhank ?
2:10 PM
it isnt a json array
show the json array you have finally
@Franki i guess no one here currently with open cv
@Shubhank OK thanks it was just for a consultation (:
you can ask saad or radical for a simple query
@Rajat sir ji
how come you are talking in hindi :P
app rejected 3 time sir ji :p
let me check the status again
still in review
2:27 PM
@Franki, I have used it little bit
@radical the specifics of what you're busy? I am creating a system that can handle the traffic
@radical if you have any idea about it ..
@Shubhank have u used admob in unity?
for ios app
Franki, I could help you with brainstorming, but won't be able to give specific tips :/ "handle the traffic" is pretty vague though.
@cam, you have write access, welcome
@iAnum not admob
some other sdk
@radical to handle the traffic I mean:
- Identify the car
-Count cars that have passed
-Count the current car
2:34 PM
@Shubhank ok :(
@radical I have already developed some code, to locate the car I find the rectangles. Then check if height is less than the width of the rectangle, it is most likely a car
for fixed cameras (which is your case, i guess) it shouldn't be difficult
there will be good material on the net for this. it's an old problem
width/height.. how would you find that? w/h of the bounding box? but that would depend on the angle that your camera is wrt to the road
see that link, it has good info
@radical it depends on the angle of placement .. that's because it is not very precise.... I'm see the link thanks !!
background subtraction, then blob detection, then check if it crosses a line. this would catch other moving objects too, but you could add other stuff to eliminate the ones that might not be vehicles
hm height/width could also be estimated.. with some trig
mmm wait
2:47 PM
i have a problem
@radical imagesup.net/?di=914092372698 this is a screen application
screen application? screenshot of the application?
yes xD
can i have a listview inside each item of a listview that opens up when on a particular gesture on an item for example on swiping an item......
2:51 PM
Today was a great day for all of us...:P
your camera won't be at an elevation?
@Stark yeah we got flagged left n right all day :p
I win the race with maximum flags...;)
this is the location where you work, unfortunately I can not put myself in the street
congrats you're the flagger's biggest enemy :p
2:53 PM
how come i don’t know, today is the first time i came to know him..:P
who is he
the problem is that all the code that is located in c ++, I'm implementing in java
it will be a different problem trying to detect vehicles through a window and fence and other obstructions and vehicles moving slowly and that close, IIUC
whoa.....but who is he
OpenCV has java bindings, you could use those. Or you could have your code in C++, have some top level functions(in C++) that you call from your java code (using JNI)
2:55 PM
the one and only who flag all of us, and shubhank and manish dubey already told his name to you..@TeknoFreek
Stark, lol who was that?
they didnt temme the name ! u tell now
@radical if you think about it, however I in a roundabout machines I can see both side from the front .. however, should not be a problem, since I work with rectangles .. do not you think?
@Shubhank please will you name it or want me to name it ?
come on now tell us the name and delete immediately....
2:56 PM
radical you didn’t here at that time, otherwise you may also get some flags..
you missed the chance.
Franki, so, what are you counting exactly? Moving cars? fast moving cars? parked cars? or just any car in the scene at a given time?
Stark, hehe okk!
Franki, read up on those various techniques .. the haar classifier, BS etc
2:59 PM
maine kab naam btaya
manish took his name
mine was diff
tell us
ha ha
batao na
batao ni toh i'l start flagging u :p
tekno don’t write in hindi, he might be reading transcript to flag you..
@radical I'm counting the cars that pass over the road .. as you can see in the screenshot has been identified and a framed
@radical OK, I downloaded the code of the first link and I'm having a look
3:02 PM
Franki, oh.. the elevated part is the road and you are only counting cars on that road? And not the cars parked below that or passing through the lower road?
ok ok :p
@Shubhank the eagrness is like this..:P
Franki, get the code working for your case in C++ itself. once it does, then you can figure out how to integrate it with java etc
if so, then the training would be different in this case.
3:04 PM
@radical my application in a few words locates rectangles with the area that I fixed and height less than the width ... that's all ..
Franki, sure. I'm asking what you want to do though. If I understand correctly, then this view is perpendicular to elevated road(A). And there is a road(B) at the level of the room where you have the camera. So, are you trying to track the cars on road A or B?
IMHO, the reason A case is different is because it's a profile view(not an issue though) and you can see only the top half (or less) of the vehicle. so, the training would be different.. and you could probably use other techniques
@radical the final project will have as reference a single carriageway road and a single ..
can you give an example picture of the view that your camera will see in the "final project"?
yes wait
keep in mind that I'm only somebody interested in the subject, and not an expert :p
3:08 PM
@radical @Stark @Shubhank @TeknoFreek hello
@radical this is what I need to develop in Android: youtube.com/watch?v=z1Cvn3_4yGo
Franki, exactly. IMHO, this is not the same as the case that you are showing in your screenshot!
@radical haha thank you anyway, I like to hear opinions and advice .. then I put them together and develop ideas!
the height width thing would be pretty brittle and wouldn't work in the final case
for the final case, the link that I had given earlier tells you a decent way to do it
@TeknoFreek hi
3:12 PM
but anyhow, that's my uninformed opinion :)
@radical it would work .. I'll explain why: the application (on the screen placed vertically for testing) in reality is designed and works in horizontal
hello unity
how are you stark
@007 sorry today i replied late in the morning..because i was banned..
good, what about you..
@radical it's a mess, I know! ahaha
3:15 PM
I'm not saying that it cannot be done. I'm just saying that the same algo (non-brittle one :p) might not easily work! Here you see only the top of the car, your classifier won't be able to detect them.. you could use BS+blob tracking, but then you will probably have trouble ignoring other moving objects(like cyclists).. etc etc
anyhow.. i'm not speaking from experience or lot of knowledge, so, I should shut up! :)
@radical no, you're absolutely right! the code is not effective, however now I look at the source code you gave me in the link. Maybe I have some idea!
yah i can understand
@TeknoFreek hi
Franki, cool! Do read up on the related algos too. These things are not usually one size fits all. If you understand how they work, then you will be able to figure out the best match for your case. just my 2c :)
stark can yu suggest pls
hey @iAnum
Franki, and good luck :)
3:20 PM
@007 hello
@radical OK, thank you very much for the advice! I'll keep you updated on the progress in the future :) Anyway pleasure Franco, I'm Italian :)
this is so weird Im placing a uibutton in a webview but the selector of the button is not getting call
Franco, cool. I'll look forward to the updates ;)
@UnityBeginner i can’t suggest something so quickly, have to think about this..
will yu tell something tommorow?
3:24 PM
have to think as i said..
why don’t you ask radical or shubhank about this..
@NorthBlast why in a webview
@Shubhank is what Im using to display a html file which contains some privacy policy
but I just want to place on top of it which Im doing an ok button
and perform an action
the button and everything is showing how I want but the selector is not getting call at all when I pressed the button
this is what I have for it
    [self.saveBtn addTarget:self action:@selector(saveBtnPressed) forControlEvents:UIControlEventTouchUpInside];
why Webview
why not A View having webview and button
3:28 PM
oh sorry
thats actually how it is
I have a viewcontroller which has a webview and then Im adding this button to my view
not the webview
but still Im having the problem I just said
@Shubhank konsi json bhai
3:52 PM
You would.be using Json to send data to server ?
bhai wo to dictionary mil rahi ha
Northblast - try debugging the frames
If button is cantered is it clickable or is user interaction enabled
Dictionary server side saad ?
I decided to go another way.. Im just creating my own view and webview for this matter.. I was using a viewcontroller that it was designed for webviews but I dont wanna spend the whole day finding the problem lol
I debugged it already
Anybody here ever work with Reflection in Objective C?
better to just ask your question
4:00 PM
@Shubhank response
Yaar explain in detail
4:31 PM
bhai kal entry test ha PU ka :/ uski prep kerna laga hun
kuch nahi parha hua :(
PU = pakistan university ?
PU is Punjab University
or shubhank bhai kya haal hai?
you ?
am fine
@PiyushMishra english is not so tough..:P
you can talk..
4:46 PM
ha ha
ha ha
English doesn’t give feel that you are talking to someone close..
hmm we are not goras you know :D
but they force to become..:P
4:48 PM
only tekno is gori ;)
see you used one non-english word....flag him somebody :P
inki maka saki naka proud to be indian khul ke hindi mey baat karo
don’t know about gori but she is chodi..:P
whats chodi
4:49 PM
@Shubhank now Mishra ji in form..;)
@TeknoFreek girl
kaun si lang use kar rahe ho stark hindi bola hai :D
bohot dino k baad mishra g form me dikh rhe :p
ha ha
Chhori ?
haa yaar
4:51 PM
ha ha
very funny
so tekno what you are doing in now days?
but don't ask the same question to me :P
so piyush what are you doing now a days?
4:53 PM
i asked first
jungli billi :p
tab to main Don banoonga..:P
ha ha
Don ko jungli billi pasand thi..;)
Dedicated to all corporate guys :

Ek boss apne employee se bola - ek din aisa aayega
ki khane ko kuch nahi hoga, pine ko pani nahi hoga, sara petrol khatm ho jayega, log ek dusre ke dushman ban jayenge, dunia me hahakar mach jayega...

One Employee - "Sir, uss din bhi office Aana hai kya"???
4:54 PM
ha ha
abhi us din office mat jana
ni jaunga
ha ha i think i am the only one here who type so much ha ha you can search it ;)
google bhi sab se jyada tum hi type krte ho bhai
jab se english bolne ko aaya, kuch bol hi nahi rahe the tum..:P
4:57 PM
@Shubhank @TeknoFreek tomorrow holiday?

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