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5:00 PM
Why ?
Its your work to find it bcoz you are employer..:P
employees want holiday.
ha? tomorrow is sunday kya
someone said holiday?
no its friday
Tomorrow its ganesh chaturthi..
so, its holiday.
mushkil hi hai tekno ka
lucky stark
5:04 PM
are haaaaaan
NOS lol
have u given answer of post method ?
5:09 PM
sab note book nikal lo :)
aur jo thodey tech savy hain woh word pad khol lo :D
ha ha
read this..
now animals are getting more clever..;)
mera app kal tak perfectly work kar raha tha abhi work nai kr raha :/
i didnt change any code in my laptop
congrats, it works atleast for one day...:P
ha ha kaisa code tha yeh :D
Use and throw
5:12 PM
1 din use ho gaya
this is not fair
Good night
this week App of the week is awesome, download kar le..@Shubhank
5:13 PM
But you have lot of time man :p
lot of time yeah right
but downloading it doesn’t need enough time..
@Rajat already read it.
I have 5s Moto g / s5
they stopped the sell of MI3
5:16 PM
Kya kya bharoon :p
Fu :p
app of the week according to me only available in iTunes, so fill iPhone
rajat yeh nahi..
iska reply..
5:17 PM
I fill ed it
same to you..:P
gay lag rahe hain dono
With lot of effort and dedication
luv u mishra sir <3
5:17 PM
ha ha
Sab paani paaani hi gya
Client Said update to iOS 8
then enjoy iOS 8 :P
so much detailed info with you..:P
how to handle array exception ?
every time my application stopped
check array is not null..
5:19 PM
some swift user there ?
finally bye yaar, enjoy
Bye good night
@Stark there ?
if(![your_array isKindOfClass [NSNull class]])
Hi all
5:24 PM
NSNull ?
what the f is array exception btw :D
i forgt to mention it will handle only null exception :P
let me rephrase it --> it will handle null exception only in android :P
i am trying to release my app in the store which has a fb login integrated.. when i try creating an pain Facebook developer site .. i am not able to enter the iPad store id. Face book throws an error stating "unable to retrieve your id from iTunes connect".. any solution
5:27 PM
@ErumHannan you are accessing more than what you create
its out of bound
yes but how can i stop it ?
create the log and check
the number of objects and the data in it
practically if you have 5 array
number of objects are from 0 to 4
then it start from 0 to 4
@PiyushMishra rajat se nhi mile na ? :p
5:30 PM
check your mIndex
acha kiya
ha ha nahi
mIndex is working fine from 0 to 4 but when i increments it to 5 it crashed application
ha ha then why you are increasing it
are you getting the log i mean are you able to catch it
chalo gota goo i know you can solve it easily not a tough task to handle
b bye to all
party time
5:32 PM
enjoy :)
Party all night
i have define catch block but its failed before coming in catch block
aunty police bula lengi @PiyushMishra
Radical game completed ?
5:36 PM
Well.. it's complete in a way :)
Might try to put in some time over the weekend and add some different enemy behaviors
not getting much time during the week
Use some other placeholder I'd from other app albin joseph
What you working on then
main game, another app ..
I want to try a different arch for the game now.. wondering whether I should do that on a fresh game or change things in this itself. it will be almost like a rewrite
@radical hello
hi Abhi
how are you?
5:42 PM
good. How are you?
what are you working on these days, Shubhank?
am also good
ragging freshers
@ErumHannan hello
Rajat, lol
how is that going?
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5:42 PM
@ErumHannan how are you?
ask shubhank he will explain better :P
me fine and u ?
am also fine
seem online very rare
busy now a days?
me also fine thanx :P
5:44 PM
bool shoot = Input.GetButtonDown("Fire1");
    shoot |= Input.GetButtonDown("Fire2");
    // Careful: For Mac users, ctrl + arrow is a bad idea

    if (shoot)
      WeaponScript weapon = GetComponent<WeaponScript>();
      if (weapon != null)
        // false because the player is not an enemy
busy now?
Abhi, explain what you understand from that first :)
i think when we press ctrl
the value will come true in this
bool shoot = Input.GetButtonDown("Fire1");
5:48 PM
ok study this docs
there is no deep study required!
but do read.. ignore my comment
radical i am getting somuch puzzle its 4th tutorial n this much highlevel code is applied
@Shubhank yes
5:50 PM
Mithilesh Kumar Srivastava, better known as Natwarlal (1912-2009), was a noted Indian con man known for having repeatedly "sold" the Taj Mahal, the Red Fort, and the Rashtrapati Bhavan and also the Parliament House of India along with its 545 sitting members. He was a living-legend in his lifetime and a legend even after his death. == Early life == He was born in Bangra village in Siwan district of Bihar, by profession he was a lawyer before he turned into a conman. == Modus Operandi == He had duped hundreds of people of crores of rupees and used more than 50 aliases to disguise himself. He was...
is the tutorial is fast or my understanding is slow?
@Muki soja :p
@ErumHannan busy?
yup quiz app bna rhi hun
kuch muje b seekha diya kro
5:53 PM
kia itna kuch tu ata hae apko
now yu also started
kia ?
Bas so hi raha hu...neend aa jaye bas @Shubhank
now tell when you are going to teach something regarding interview
or any topic that yu feel is imp
hehehe my interview ends ab servlets ka ek interview hoga
wo bta dungi
ek help krogae meri
5:54 PM
why yu will work on servlets n jsp
web enterprise app k lye use hoote hain
life time hae
i know that servlets are use to make webprojects
i worked on that
so yur interviews are over
means yu got job in new company?
Erum, stick to english please :p
will u help me in quiz app
yes i made a quiz app 1 month ago
but yr i am a guy who believe in short n easy method
because i am not a good programmer n am a very big lazy person
@Shubhank where are you?
@radical are you in mood of teaching unity?
5:59 PM
here only
because i couldnot get better tutorials than the info yu will give
Abhi, I keep telling you.. nobody will teach you! you need to learn on your own. You will get help with learning and understanding though
not getting good material i.e easy to understand
ok lemme search n study
what happened to that method that you were trying to understand?
you are almost done with the tutorial, finish it!
so firstly do i must complete that tut series?
6:01 PM
Read the code, explain which part you didn't understand, and then ask Shubhank about that!
shubhank bhai bde log he dont help me
Gud night @Shubhank....
i have too much stuff to do
night night @Muki..
@AlbinJoseph are you still there ?
that's fair
Abhi, then you will have to try to understand it on your own. play around with the code, look at the docs for the function that you are looking at etc.
ok radical i try
n thanks for yur valuable help
6:07 PM
i am trying alot to learn this, but not getting success
ok i continue searching n studying
Shubhank, 'Wolf among us'.. worth buying then?
6:24 PM
How much is it on steam
yeah.. you can go for it if you like the mystery genre
radical I completed that tutorial
why why
word game completed ?
6:29 PM
that was completed 2 days ago
@Shubhank pls help to me in learning unity
pls suggest what must i study
from where i must study?
shubhank bhai have you watched the tutorial series of new boston ?
where is the game
i might have watched..cant remember
which one, the word search?
great. understood that code?
submitted to boss @Shubhank
6:33 PM
if you are done with it, then try adding other stuff to it
I meant the code from that Unity tutorial
radical that is bit confusing
its tough for a beginner to understnd
sorry but i am bit confused with those tutorial
then you aren't done with them yet
the last tutorial is not fully clear to me
can somone help me if user has not give answer of any MCQ's and press next for next question so how can i check this condition that user has selected any radio button or not
6:35 PM
no point in trying to find more advanced ones then
bool shoot = Input.GetButtonDown("Fire1");
    shoot |= Input.GetButtonDown("Fire2");
    // Careful: For Mac users, ctrl + arrow is a bad idea

    if (shoot)
      WeaponScript weapon = GetComponent<WeaponScript>();
      if (weapon != null)
        // false because the player is not an enemy
this is the code igot meaning of 1 st line
that when we press button it will give value true
i haven't got meaning of 2nd line n i think its tough for a beginner to understand 2nd line
isn't it?
you haven't seen the |= operator in Java?
!= i saw this
it means not equal
|| is for or
6:39 PM
read that in digital electronics
3 mins ago, by radical
you haven't seen the |= operator in Java?
it's available in java also
yes i read in the book complete refrence
anyway, so, it ORs the values
6:42 PM
i got
anyone can discuss my issue pls
here shoot is a bool, so, .. just one bit (in essence), so it is ORing the value returned by the Fire1 and Fire2
but at that i felt this is of no use so i haven't paid more attention on this
true | true ==> true
true | false ==> true
sorry didn't get
6:44 PM
read up on bitwise operators later. for now, that line is saying that shoot should be true if either Fire1 or Fire2 was true
so, if any of those buttons was pressed, then shoot will be true
hm you haven't worked with C#?
@ErumHannan what is yur query?
6:47 PM
that might be a problem especially if you just don't try to look up and learn what the code means :/ It's similar to Java, but you do need to be proactive in trying to learn here.. :|
Erum, that should be a simple thing in the api, did you look at the docs for the class for those radio buttons?
yes looking
always see the docs :)
whatever works :p
@radical thats why i am looking for tuts with the help of which i can start from first step
6:49 PM
posted on August 28, 2014 by Johann

    Featured iPhone Development Resources,iOS Development Libraries,Objective-C,Open Source iOS Libraries And Tools     Featured iPhone Development Resources,iOS Development Libraries,Objective-C,Open Source iOS Libraries And Tools Some time ago I mentioned the WebViewJavascriptBridge for easy communication with Objective-C code from a UIWebView from

Abhi, I don't know how to help you
he haha
@all d fuck.. where are pics from shimla :p
shubhank are you using adblocker?
Abhi, don't be discouraged, but I'm at a loss
6:54 PM
I'm the wrong person to ask about the "correct" tutorials :/
radical pls dont say this, you are the one who helped me alot
@Shubhank you are missing those
I forgot to upload it on fb
due to xicom pressure
xicom pressure lol
@Shubhank is it paid?
6:56 PM
@UnityBeginner hahaha
or free
now what happen?
free free free
i am frustrated with the ad problem on chrome
watched any movie ?
not getting time to watch
6:59 PM
Abhi, understand that nobody else will be teaching you. Or if you can find somebody, then great. Otherwise, you need to learn yourself and put in the effort yourself. We can only guide you a bit, or help clear some doubts etc. but the effort has to come from your side! anyhow :)
you are right
i'll try self
that is my understanding. you could think differently. that is why I keep pointing you at shubhank, that maybe he does it differently and he could guide you. dunno!
but don't wait till you get some advice! the onus for learning or for your development is on you, not on us. we are just being nice ;)
'nuff said!
for me toh radical said
ok radical thanks bro for guiding
good night
@radical @Shubhank @ErumHannan
7:06 PM
good night
too much talking
it may be time to unpack "god of war" collection, over the weekend!
the few ones from the starting ?
7:14 PM
these are the older PS2 ones, remastered for PS3
I haven't played those
1 and 2
radical, by the way, you were right before
ah, great :)
btw, I'm playing a bit with iOS
anyone knows why a static Label don't show the text
or why If I set the placeholder
it show me the same text as a value?
7:27 PM
@tehAnswer textfield and label are two different things
explore them. both have diff purpose
yeah, of course i know that.
I mean I have a little trouble with this.
what ?
define static label
7:29 PM
labels also dont have placeholders
yes, I mean you are getting it wrong.
there are two different problems
aw shit, when I edited I removed TextField
hahaha, sorry guys my fault.
hey @Shubhank @radical @UnityBeginner @iShwar see this for some giggles facebook.com/…
heh this one was good
I'm subscribed to their channel
giggles kya hota hai
@Shubhank means some hehehe :P
@radical Yo ^
7:35 PM
watching it again :p
yr android app ka koi idea dydo. mey time waste krne k bajaye kuch kam krlnge :(
i wish i could work with iOS at my home too
hehehe :p
make a ebook reader
ok. phr tm ose use krogy? :P
see you tomorrow
ok bye tc @Shubhank :)
2 hours later…
9:58 PM
hello :D

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